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Lincoln County

Surname Registry Index
Last updated 31 Aug 2005

Surname posting is current as of  28 July 2016.
If you sent a surname to be posted before the posting date above, but it does not yet appear, then I don't have the info on it.  Please resend the info for posting.

To register your Lincoln County Surname, please follow these instructions:  Send an email to the County Coordinator. Include the words, "Lincoln Co. MO Add Surnames" in the subject of your message.  The message itself should contain only the surnames you want listed, your name and email address.  You may include your postal address if you choose.  Please don't include any other information in this message. This page is updated about every 14 days and new or changed registrations are made at that time.

Names submitted to this page should be either known or suspected to have links to Lincoln County.    

Due to its large file size,
the Surname Registry page has been split into 6 pages.

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You may want to checkout the site for MISSOURI SURNAMES .  Their registry is general to all of Missouri and is **not** specific to Lincoln County.  However, you may see some surnames that are familiar to you, related to your research, and link up with others working on the same names.

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