Lincoln County, Missouri
Register of Deaths, 1883
FHL #0973692, Item 4
Transcribed by Patricia SummersSmith

Note:  This transcription is from a microfilm copy of the original record. Most of the transcription is believed to be accurate, however some of the copy was difficult to read (?) or unreadable (xxxx).  Please note that the first column is not the death date, but is the date of the report. Death date appears in the 6th column.

No. Report
Name, Sex, Color Age /
Occupation Date of Death Hour Marital Status Nationality, Where born How long resided in state Place, 
Cause of death
Complication, Duration of, Duration of Disease Place and Date of Burial Under-
Physician returning certificate
1 Sept 12, 1883 John FLANNIGAN.
male, white
27-0-0 Farmer Aug. 14, 1883 5:20 Single American Life Old Monroe.
Traumatic Peritonetis produced by a knife wound in the left hypochondiriac region.
10 days
St. Paul,
Aug. 15, 1883
  J.J. McElwee, Chain of Rocks, Mo.
2 Sept 13, 1883 Earnest POLLARD.
male, white
1-6-22   Sept. 9, 1884 2pm   Smith Co., Mo.  
Old Monroe.
Brain complications,
5 days,
20 days.
Union Church, Sept. 10, 1883 None same
3   John JOHNSON.
male, white
47-5-0 Farmer Sept. 10, 1884 10am Married Irish
20 yrs Lincoln Co. Mo.
Congestion of the stomach & bowels,
Abt 5 hrs.,
16 days.
Union Church   same
4 Sept 18, 1883 Lucinda HILTON.
female, white
76-0-0   Sept. 9, 1884 7pm Single Indiana.
37 yrs Near Foley, Mo.
Relapse of Billious Fever
12 days Riffles Cemetery
(See Note 1 below)
B. Crawford J. A. Taylor, Foley, Mo.
5   Son of A. ANDERSON.
male, white
1-8-0   Sept. 12, 1884 1am --- Mo.
  Cap au Gris.
Typhoid & Enterocolitis
3 months   Winfield Mo. same
6 Oct 2, 1883 Lewis HAISLIP.
male, white
9-0-5   Oct. 2, 1883 7am   American.
Lincoln Co. Mo.
9 yrs Lincoln Co. Mo.
Typhoid Fever.
8 days,
12 days.
Union Church   J. J. McElwee, Chain of Rocks Mo.
7 Sept 24, 1883 Lillie Emmersen WILKINSON.
male, white [sic]
0-0-15   Sept. 20, 1883 xxx single American.
Lincoln Co. Mo.
15 days Monroe Tsp.
Primary cause malaria, immediate cause convulsion.
3 days
Monroe tsp.   L. Pendelton,
Moscow Mo.
8 Sept 27, 1883 Fritz SCHROER.
male, white
25-0-11 Blacksmith Sept. 21, 1883 xxx married American.
Lincoln Co. Mo
25 yrs Old Monroe.
Internal Hemorrahage caused by a pistol ball.
24 hours
Lutheran Church near Old Monroe   same
9 -- 18 -- Chs ADKIN.
male, white
7-0-0 Farmer Sept. 14, 1883 12pm single American.
  New Foley, Mo.
Abscess & inflamation xxx from horse.
14 days M.E. Church,
Sept. 15, 1883
Foley J. A. Taylor,
Foley, Mo.
10 -- 14 -- Mary WOHLMANN.
female, white
22-11-12 Farmer's wife Sept. 13, 1883 6pm married German.
12 yrs Monroe tsp.
Puerpiral Tepticarmia? primary cause - Exhaustion immediate cause
3 days Lutheran Church at Monroe, Sept. 14, 1883   L. Pendleton, Moscow Mo.
11 Oct 8, 1883 --- STOUT.
male, white
0-0-1   Oct. 1, 1883   single American.
Lincoln Co. Mo.
  New Richardson Mill, Bedford tsp., 
Premature birth, cause not known definitely, but surface a lack of vitality.
14 hrs In the neighbor- hood D. W. Kemper S. R. McKay,
Mackville Mo.
12 Oct 6, 1883 Lois PRESLEY.
male, white
40-0-0 Farmer Sept. 8, 1883   married Missourian. 40 yrs on Fosseys farm near Troy Mo.
Valvular disease heart, mitral insufficiency.
xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx,
2 months,
2 months
xxx xxxx Graveyard, Sept. 9, 1883 D. W. Kemper, Troy, Mo. S. R. McKay, Mackville Mo.
13 Oct 1, 1883 Ms Elizabeth PORTER.
female, white
46-0-0   Aug. 25, 1883 7am married American.
46 New Mackville, Mo.
several  years
Liberty Graveyard, Aug. 26, 1883 Wm Henry, Millwood same
14 Sept 10, 1883 --- TILLOTSON.
female, white
43-7-15 none Aug. 8, 1883   single American.
xxxx Mackville, Lincoln Co.
16 hours Don't know Wm Henry.
S. R. McVey
15 July 10, 1883 -- TOLES.
female, white
0-4-0 none July 3, 1883   single American.
xx Pleasant Hill.
3 weeks Mackville Mo.
Brain Fever
4 days nr Richardson Mill.
July 4, 1883
H. W. Kemper, Troy, Mo. same
16 Oct 5, 1883 Mary SITTEN.
female, white
1-0-8 none Oct. 5, 1883   single German. Life Monroe Tsp.
6 days Catholic Grounds.
Monroe Tsp.
  R.H.J. Talbott.
17 Oct 19, 1883 Alfrada JOHNSON.
female, mulatto
1-1-15 --- Oct. 17, 1883 3pm single Muxxxxx.
Troy, Mo.
Life Troy, Mo.
Cholera Infantum
3 & 4 weeks Troy, Mo.
Oct. 18, 1883
H.W. Kemper,
Troy, Mo.
R. L. Robinson.
Troy, Mo.
18 Oct 29, 1883 Minnie BUSH.
female, white
8-3-13 none Oct. 16, 1883 9am single German.
St. Louis, Mo.
Life Monroe Tsp.
Acute Idiopathic Meningitis
4 days Lutheran Church.
Oct 17, 1883
none L. Pendleton.
Moscow, Mo.
19 Oct 5, 1885 Sam'l BRIEGEMIAN.
male, white
39-0-0 Plasterer Oct. 5, 1883 6:39pm married German.   Foley, Mo.
Run over on railroad, cutting off both feet & making an xxx xxxx or punctured xxx in left lumbar region. 
Nervous shock & Internal Hemmorrhage,
2 hrs & 39 min
St. Louis.
Oct 6, 1883
  Geo. P. Knight.
Foley, Mo.
20 Oct 16 Martha TURNBULL.
female, white
20-8-12 House Keeper Oct. 5, 1883 4pm married W D
Lincoln Co. Mo.
Life Pueriperal peritonetis. 7 days Asbury.
Oct 6, 1883
Kemper, Troy, Mo Jas. Harlow, Argentville
21 Oct 22 Margaret A. HUMPHREY.
female, white
7-2-18 --- Oct. 3, 1883 11:30pm single American.
Lincoln Co. Mo.
Life Lincoln Co.
Pseudo membranous laryingitis direct cause supposed thickness of firm attachment of pseudo membrane which obstructed the entake of air.
3 days Fairview.
Oct. 4 1883
  W. L. Northcutt
22 Oct 24 Almeta CALLOWAY.
female, white
0-10-18 --- Oct. 22, 1883 5:30am single American.
Lincoln Co. Mo.
  Burr Oak Tsp.
Membranous Croup.
3 days Corinth Church.
Oct 23, 1883
J.. W. Palmer, Foley, Mo Geo P Knight
Foley, Mo
23 Nov. 14 ----,
female, white
17 hours   Oct. 20, 1883   single American.
Olney, Mo.
  Olney, Lincoln Co., Premature birth   Olney, Mo.
Oct. 21, 1883
E. Wells W. B. Devoult, Olney, Mo.
24 Nov. 17 Sarah WELLS.
female, white
3-2-10   Nov. 6, 1883 7am single American.
Lincoln Co. Mo.
Life Hurricane Tsp.
Membranous Croup
4 days Briscoe Graveyard, Nov. 7, 1883   G. W. Vaughan, New Hope, Mo.
25 Dec. 4 Martha M. TURNBULL.
female, white
0-0-19   Oct. 17, 1883 4am single American.
Lincoln Co. Mo.
Life Lincoln Co. Mo., Ulcerative Stomititis. 2 weeks Asbury Kemper, Troy, Mo Jas Harlow, Argentville
26 Dec 3 Martha Ann RAYBOURN.
female, white
31-7-25 Wife & mother Nov. 29, 1883 8pm married American.
28 yrs Near Dawson, Pneumonia involving right lung Enteretis with diarrhea previous to pneumonia,
2 weeks,
5 days
Oak Ridge Grave Yard, Nov. 30, 1883 Friends W.A. Hemphill, Elsberry
27 Dec 19, 1883 Eliza R. HENDRICKS.
female, white
72-1-26 Farmer's wife Oct. 22, 1883 2:20am married American.
Philadelphia, Penn.
44 yrs Lincoln Co.
Typhoid fever - Exhaustion from fever, diaraheal intestinal hemorahage.
Intestinal xxxx xxxxx.
4 days,
3 weeks
(unreadable on copy)   M.L. Northcutt, Fairview Mo.
28 Oct 12 Amizena POLLARD.
female, white
15-4-27 Farmer's daughter Oct. 9, 1883 6pm single American.
Lincoln Co. Mo.
Life Lincoln Co.
Typhoid malarial fever.
Congestion of the bowels.
18 hrs,
6 & 8 days.
    J.J. McEllwee
29 Dec. 4 Daniel NORTH.
male, white
14-7-13   Nov. 12, 1883 10am single American.
Lincoln Co. Mo.
Life New Elsberry.
Typhoid pneumonia.
about 20 days Oak Ridge.
Nov. 26, 1883
R.E. Black, Elsberry, Mo Bert J. Lee, Elsberry, Mo.
30 Sept. 24 Benjamin GLOVE.
male, white
23-0-0 Telegraph operator Sept. 23, 1883 8pm single U S
Troy, Mo.
23 yrs Troy, Mo.
Acute bronchitis
about 30 days Troy Cem.
Sept. 24, 1883
H.W. Kemper, Troy, Mo. J.A. Ward, Troy, Mo.
31 Dec. 19 Infant of Aylett SHULTS.
male, white
0-0-8   Dec. 3, 1883 6am single American.
Lincoln Co. Mo.
  Clark Tsp. Lincoln Co.
Primary cause cyanosis due to congenital deformity of the heart. Immediate cause not known
3 days
Dec. 3, 1883 none L. Pendleton.
Moscow, Mo.
32 Dec 22 Robt S. REEVES.
male, white
2-0-0   Nov. 2, 1883   single American.
Lincoln Co. Mo.
  Waverly Tsp.
10 or 12 days     R.C. Prewitt, Louisville, Mo.
33 Jany 1, 1884 Henry BROWNING. male, white 22-4-5 Farmer Nov. 18, 1883 5pm single German 18 yrs Clark Tsp.
Traumatic tetaneous caused from the wound of an ax.
4 days Ger. Meth. Church Fritz Wiehng J.W. Bourland, Wright City, Mo.
34 Jany 15 James Harrison HUBBARD.
male, white
47-11-25 Farmer Nov. 30, 1883 10:20pm married American.
Life Clk Tp.
Typhoid fever, immediate cause of death was brain congestion.
Congestion of brain,
24 hours,
7 days
Hubbards Cemetery   J.E. Pringle
35   Una Litta GUIDE.
female, white
0-6-3   Dec. 9, 1883   single American.
Lincoln Co. Mo.
Life Clark Tsp.
Double pneumonia.
8 days Lutheran Cemetery   J.E. Pringle
36 Jany 17 Mrs Francis BASTIN.
female, white
27-8-0 Farmer Dec. 16, 1883 10am married German.
St. Charles Co., Mo.
Life Monroe Tsp.
Typhoid malarial fever, immediate cause exhaustion.
Pneumonia with bronchitis,
3 weeks
Catholic Church.
Dec 1883
  L. Pendleton, Moscow, Mo
37 Jany 16 Anna D. CARR. female, white 17-9-0   Dec. 16, 1883 2:30am single U S.
Lincoln Co. Mo.
Life At J.D. Carrs,(?) Congestion of the brain. 4 days Taylor Cem.
Dec. 17, 1883
  G.W. Vaughan, New Hope, Mo.
38 Dec 20, 1883 Wm Milton HOWARD.
male, white
4-4-27   Dec 18, 1883 7pm single American.
Lincoln Co. Mo.
Life Near Elsberry.
Capillary Bronchitis
Nearly 2 wks.
About 4 days.
New Hope Cemetery   W. A. Hemphill, Elsberry, Mo.
39 Dec 31, 1883 Wm M. SIMPSON.
male, white
54-1-14 Farmer Dec. 26, 1883 8am married American.
35 yrs Consumption About 5 yrs Union Church   J. J. McElwee.
Chain or Rocks
40 Jany 15, 1884 Caroline EVERSMEYER. female, white 33-3 Housewife Dec 25, 1883   Married American.
Lincoln Co. Mo.
Life Clark Tsp.
About 6 months. German Methodist Church
Dec 30, 1883
Wright City, Mo J. W. Bernland,
Wright City, Mo.
41 Jany 8, 1884 Nellie WILKINSON. male, white 2-3-20 None Dec 27, 1883 10am single American.
Lincoln Co. Mo.
Life Monroe Tp.
Cerebral spinal memingitis, probably xxxx.  Died with convulsions
Hemiplegio? & strabisamus?
3 days
Monroe tsp.
Dec 30, 1883
  L. Pendleton, Moscow, Mo.
No. Report
Sex, Color
Age /
Occupation Date of Death Hour Marital Status Nationality, Where born How long resided in state Place, 
Cause of death
Complication, Duration of, Duration of Disease Place and Date of Burial Under-
Physician returning certificate

Note 1.  Cemetery records indicate that Lucinda HILTON is buried in Lost Valley Cemetery.

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