Tombstone Photo Pages of Lincoln County, Missouri
Mitchell-Reynolds-Reed Cemetery
Located on Leo Hardy Road, (Co. Rd. 311), Eolia, Missouri

Photos have been submitted by Lincoln County researchers. 

[Note] = Photos, transcriptions and annotations submitted by Sara McBeth and Sandie & George Eisenbath.

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1. BARTON, Emma J. (nee Reed), wife of John E. Barton -- d. February 6, 1885  age 21 years, 10 months and 1 day.  'Weep not for me my husband, nor mourn the change that death has wrought, my soul is now in a happy sphere, where my body is laid'

 2. BROWN, Peter -- died July 28, 1858, age 34 years, 7 days.
NOTE:  Peter Alexander Brown was the son of Andrew Anderson Brown and Mary Kay Duncan Brown.  He as born July 21, 1824 and died July 28, 1858.  He married Ellen L. Mitchell, daughter of John Tarply Mitchell and Polly Cotton Reed  Mitchell.

 3. BROWN, Victory A. -- daughter of Peter & Ellen Mitchell Brown, died February 9, 1853, age 19 days.  

 4. MITCHELL, Amanda Jane, (nee Davis) -- wife of A. G. Mitchell  b. Dec. 11, 1814 - d. May 4, 1859.   NOTE:  Amanda Jane Davis married Albert Gregory Mitchell, son of John Tarply Mitchell and Polly Cotton Reed Mitchell.  Albert married again after Amanda's death. 

 5. MITCHELL, Frances E., (nee Mitchell) -- wife of John H. Mitchell  d. August 31, 1865,  age 36 years.  NOTE:  Frances E. (Ellen) Mitchell was the daughter of John Tarply Mitchell and Polly Cotton Reed Mitchell.  She was born circa June, 1829.  She married John H. Mitchell.  John H. Mitchell was the son of William M. Mitchell and Sally Reed Mitchell.  Sally was a daughter of Henry Reed and Elizabeth Gregory Reed and a sister to Polly Cotton Reed Mitchell. 

 6. MITCHELL, Polly Cotton (nee Reed) -- wife of John Tarply Mitchell, d. July 21, 1881, age 95 years, 21 days 

 7. MITCHELL, John Tarply -- d. October 8, 1865,  age 82 years, 2 months and 2 days.  
NOTE:  John Tarply Mitchell was the son of John Mitchell and Miss __?__ Sisson Mitchell.  John Tarply was born Aug. 6, 1783 and died Oct. 8th, 1865.   He served in the War of 1812. He married Polly Cotton Reed, daughter of Henry Reed and Elizabeth Gregory Reed, on Dec. 26, 1807 in Amherst Co., VA. 

 8. RANES, Angeline, (nee Atkins) wife of A. M. RANES (Raines),  d. October 15, 1850, age 21 years,  4 months and 16 days.  NOTE: First wife of Absolom Mitchell Raines.  Born May 30, 1838.  A. M. Raines is the son of Armstead and Elizabeth Maude Mitchell Raines.  

 9. REED, Ann M., wife of J. G. REED -- b. December 12, 1831, d. November 17, 1862  

10. REED, James P. --  b. October 19, 1856,  d. January 31, 1886  

11. REED, William H. --  no dates, age 28 years, 7 months and 1 day. 
NOTE: Son of James Gregory Reed and  Ann M. Reed.  Born circa 1848.  

12. REYNOLDS, George T. -- d. April 5, 1878, age 71 years, 4 months and 23 days.
NOTE:  George T. Reynolds was born Feb. 13-1804 in Bedford Co., VA.  He married Jane E. Mitchell, daughter of John Tarply Mitchell and Polly Cotton Reed Mitchell on Jan. 14, 1836 in Bedford Co., Va. He and Jane moved to Missouri circa 1846, along with Jane's parents ans siblings.  Jane E. Mitchell Reynolds died Feb. 24, 1901 and, according to a copy of a partial obituary, she is also buried in the Mitchell Cemetery.

13. REYNOLDS, George D. -- (son of George T. & Jane E. Reynolds) b. September 24, 1837,  d. January 22, 1891  

14. REYNOLDS, Infant son of Thomas and Laura REYNOLDS -- d. October 18, 1881, age 1 year and 1 day old.  

15. REYNOLDS, Jane E. (nee Mitchell) -- wife of George T. REYNOLDS,  no stone, but buried next to George T.,   b. November 25, 1815, d. February 24, 1901.  (No photo.)  

16. REYNOLDS, Louisa E. (nee Brown) -- wife of George D. REYNOLDS   On same spire shaped stone with George D. Reynolds, no dates.  

17. E. A. R. (only these initials on stone) -- name unknown.

Number of graves marked only with a stone…………….....................24 
15 adult females, 5 adult males, 1 girl baby, 1 boy baby and 2 small girls 

Graves without any markings………….7 containing 8 people 
2 adult males, 4 adult females, 1 mother and baby boy 


Documented May 28, 2003 by George & Sandie Barton Eisenbath


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