Welty Smith Family History July 2005

125 year summary


The parents and their siblings are in bold italics. Their children are in bold face.

The grandparents are underlined.


3 Jan. 1849 Margret Ann Rinaman, born, in Baltimore, Maryland. See the James S. Wilson

family event log for details on her family

23 July 1849 Welty Smith, born in Lincoln County, Missouri. See the William Smith Sr family

event log for details on his family.

1849 Cholera causes a few deaths in the county.


10 May 1856 Margret A. Rinaman and her family arrive in Lincoln Co. Mo.


1860 Welty is 11 years old.

1862? The corn Welty and Britton picked and cribbed is taken by Federal troops.


1865 1866 A mild form of Cholera is in the county. No deaths are reported.


1 Mar 1870 Welty Smith marries Margret Ann Rinaman, Lincoln Co. Mo.

Married at Peter Rinaman's home, the log cabin? Welty is 20 yrs. old.

10 June 1870 The census shows they began married life living with his parents.

15 June 1870 The census shows they are living with her parents. Welty and Margret

have managed to get counted twice. They are apparently moving back

and forth between their parents places. They will raise a family of eleven

children, eight sons and three daughters.

There will be one set of twins, a girl and a boy.

28 Dec. 1870 William Peter Smith born, Lincoln Co.

10 May 1872 Burton Lee Smith born, Lincoln Co.

1873 A Cholera epidemic kills at least 26 people in the county.

16 Mar 1874 The families of Welty Smith, Artilla Smith Rinaman, and Druscilla

Smith Slavens go to Kansas to homestead. The wagons have a

Kansas or Bust" sign painted on them. Artilla's son Frank, and

daughter Annie, about 1 and 3 years old respectively make the trip.

18 May 1874 Mary Ella Smith is born in Kansas. Her obituary says she was

born in Troy, so the date of trip to Kansas may be off a year.

7 Nov 1874 The families of Welty, Artilla, and Druscilla, arrive back in

Lincoln Co. The sign on the wagon says "Busted" All the

crops they had planted were eaten by grasshoppers.


1875 Welty rents Lincoln Co. Coal Company land to farm. It lies SW

of the William Smith Sr home place, and N of the John Carwell farm.

The children will go to Perkins school. Perkins school, No. 3 according

to the 1878 land map, is on land owned by Waddy and Perkins.

The school sits just beyond the SW corner of the William Smith Sr. farm.

It is not known when it was founded. Welty and siblings may have

gone to school there. Artilla's children will almost certainly go there.

. In later years, i.e. 1916 to 1924, Elbert's children, Lillian Francis and

Elberta Kinion, and Will Rinaman's children will make up most of the class.

10 Feb 1876 Orion Russell "Orie" Smith born, Lincoln Co.

7 Feb. 1877 Welty brings John Wilson, Margrets uncle, home for three days of nursing.

John will die of consumption, (tuberculosis) in July 1877.

11 Feb 1877 Welty takes John Wilson to his home in West Prarie. Welty will later bill

John's estate for $7.00 for driving John around, and $6.00 for three days of nursing.

2 July 1877 Welty's father, William Smith Sr. dies. Lincoln Co. Mo.

16 Feb 1878 Oswell "Ossie" "Ozzie" Bredell Smith born, Lincoln Co. Mo

19 Dec 1879 Verner Conrad Smith born, Lincoln Co. Mo.


1880 Welty is 31 years old.

1 June 1880 Welty's wife Margret has gotten listed twice in the census again.

Her dad has told the census taker she's 19 and living at home.

15 Nov 1881 First snow; snow will stay on the ground until 10 March 1882. Butchered meat

stays frozen all winter.

2 Feb 1882 Welty buys wheat from the Barlows.

5 Feb 1882 Some of Welty's boys are sent to stay at the Barlows, because momma is

having another baby.

8 Feb 1882 Theron Welty Smith born, Lincoln Co.

10 Feb 1882 The Barlows come to see the new baby.

12 Mar 1882 The Barlows visit the Welty Smith family. It's Sunday.

2 May 1882 The first train on the St Louis and Hannibal Railroad makes a run from

Troy to Hannibal

8 July 1882 Start of a drought that will last until the end of Sept.

End of Sept. 1882 The drought is broken by a three day rain, that causes a great flood, ruining

what's left of the crops. Bridges on the Short Line are washed out.

15 Oct 1882 Welty takes his family to visit the Barlows on a Sunday.

9 Feb 1884 Harvey Elbert Smith and his twin Nannie Ethel born, Lincoln Co.


22 Oct 1886 Britton Smith and family, have come down from Audrain, Co.

to visit Welty and Artilla and his mother. "Gabriel"

5 Nov 1886 Welty is in Troy buying ten pair of boots for his sons, and himself,

He also picks up a pair of shoes for his wife. "Gabriel"

24 Apr 1887 Amos Herbert Smith is born, Lincoln Co. Mo.

23 Mar 1889 Leola Folsom "Falsie" Smith born, Lincoln Co Mo. The name

Folsom was given in honor of President Cleveland's wife.

1889 William P. Smith graduates from high school, the Troy Christian

Institute, originally the Lincoln Academy.


1890 William P. Smith is reading medicine with Doctor D.W.Tice. He will also

read with Dr S.R. McKay in Troy. His basic education was in the public schools

of the county, and the Troy High School. He will get his Medical education at

the Beaumont Medical College in St Louis.

Welty is 41 years old. Margaret has joined the Methodist church. Orion is

playing a game called "Old Sow" at school which is like Polo

without the horses.

11 May 1890 Lydia Carwell, Orion's future wife, receives a "catechism" certificate from the

Zoar Chapel at Indian Camp, Lincoln County, Mo. It is printed in German.

24 Oct 1890 K. H. Shaper moves his sawmill to John Carwells, to saw wood,

for the addition Welty Smith wants to build on his house this fall.

Troy Free Press, by "Gabriel" Weltys pen name? "Gabriel" sure liked

to blow his own horn. Linns Mill or Slavens Chapel items.

1891 Elbert and Nannie Ethel have started school. Its very crowded and

Elbert has to share a desk. He plays hand games with his seat mate, which

the teacher interprets as fighting. Both get whippings.

1892 Burton begins alternating between teaching school and going to school.

He has gone to County and Troy public schools. He will attend Buchanan

College, Kirksville Normal, and the University of Missouri, as his

teaching allows. This will continue through 1898. He won the gold

medal in the essay contest his freshman year at Buchanan College.

This makes him suspect as the author of at least some of the Gabriel articles.

5 Feb 1892 Welty's mother Mary "Polly" Welty Smith dies. Lincoln Co. Mo.

15 Apr 1892 Dr William P. Smith removes a bead from his little sisters ear. "Gabriel"

Note that Gabriel has granted his son his medical degree a year early.

20 Mar 1893 Welty buys two shares, for $20, at the subscription meeting for Buchanan

College, which will be the new High School. Artilla's husband Joseph buys

one share for $10.

June 1893 William P. "Uncle Doctor" Smith graduates from the Beaumont Medical College

in St Louis. A second source called this the Missouri Medical College in St Louis.

Welty goes down for the graduation ceremony at the old Beaumont Medical College

Sounds like the institution had a name change while he was there.

21 July 1893 The summer session of the Lincoln County Institute, held for teacher training

has begun. It is on the site of the old Troy Grammer School, and may be in

the same building. Amos Rinaman is on the Board. Students include Burton L.

Smith, J. F. Rinaman, and Wm Howell.

1894? At some point in their youth all the boys except Ossie study telegraphy.

Theron and Verner, will work as telegraphers. The jobs will be

with the railroad.

5 Jan 1894 Welty sells ten mules to men from Bowling Green and makes $700.

Troy Free Press "Gabriel" Same issue; Welty Smith and

John Carwell returned from Arkansas. Had a pleasant trip, but

were not favorably impressed with all the mountains.

12 Jan 1894 Dr William P. Smith serves on a board at Mexico, to pick a cadet to

send to West Point. "Gabriel" Troy Free Press

17 Jan 1894 Orion buys the textbook "American Mental Arithmetic for his class at

Buchanan College.

2 Feb 1894 Welty and Artilla have been to West Prairie to celebrate Peter

Rinaman's, 79th birthday. Twenty nine descendants were present.

Troy Free Press

9 Feb 1894 Welty visits Audrain, Co. to see Britton and Columbus and check

out the possibilities of buying a farm. Miss Annie Rinaman

is visiting Miss Ella Smith at Welty's farm. Troy Free Press.

16 Feb 1894 Welty rides his famous white horse "Charley" about 30 miles through

snow drifts coming back from Audrain County. He started six miles

N of Wellsville at 8 o'clock, and was home by 4. Troy Free Press

12 Oct 1894 Welty is back from visiting Britton and Columbus in Audrain, Co.

He took Amos and Folsom "Folsa" with him. Troy Free Press.

1894 Welty will found his home place at about this time,

on land a little further E, and due S of his fathers farm. The children

will now be educated, through the 8th grade, at Hammond School,

a one room log cabin schoolhouse. The school, No 2, in the 1878 atlas,

is just over a mile SSE of the home place. Verner's children, Vernette

Carwell and Merrill Welty will also attend this school

26 Oct 1894 Orion is attending Buchanan College in Troy. Riding his horse to

school each day. Troy Free Press. This is probably the first year

the school is open. One of his jobs during his teen age years was

to take grain to the Hanni steam mill to be ground, about 4 miles from

home. The mill once stood on the Harvey farm which Orion will later

buy, and make his home place. The mill was moved to Troy, in 1869,

and renamed the Hanni mill. It took 16 yoke of oxen

to haul the steam boiler to Troy. A second job was to take his

grandmother, Sophia Wilson Rinaman to mass at the Catholic Church

in Millwood, in the wagon, on the weekends he spent at their farm.

23 Nov 1894 Burton and a buddy have spent the weekend in Wright City.

Both were very favorably impressed with the young ladies.

Linns Mill news, Troy Free Press.

On the same date is an item listing Ossie, Verner,

Theron, and Elbert Smith, Fred, George, and Henry Carwell,

and others as members of the "Coon Creek Possum Hunters"

On Saturday night this group, fortified with tobacco, and corn

cob pipes, set out in search of wild animals. Someone follows

and throws sticks at them a few times. Thinking this to be

the possums after them the boys are all home before their folks

have gone to bed. "Gabriel"

21 Dec 1894 The mud is so deep Orion is walking to school each day to give his

. horse a rest. "Gabriel"

28 Dec 1894 Orion, Burton, Frank and Will Rinaman, Artilla's sons and a

friend go rabbit hunting. The one rabbit they saw took six shots

and three good dogs to do in. "Gabriel"

1895 Uncle Doctor is the County Coroner. He will hold the post till 1899.

1 Feb 1895 Burton and J.F. Rinaman, "Artilla's son "get cold sleighing. They get to

a good fire before they freeze. "Gabriel" Troy Free Press.

22 Mar 1895 Welty sells five fine hogs. Burton is about to close his school in

the Brown district for the year. Artilla and family visit Welty and

family on Sunday. "Gabriel" Troy Free Press

24 May 1895 Burton, Orion, and Frank and Will Rinaman, and a friend go fishing in

Cuivre River. Its to high, so they explore Howell's cave, crawling back

to a room they call "bear track", where family names dating back into

the 1700's are inscribed on the walls. "Gabriel" Troy Free Press

28 Jun 1895 Burton is teaching at Schroer School, Orion at Elmore School near

Hawk Point. The schools have staged two spelling contests.

Burton's students win both matches. Troy Free Press.

8 Nov 1985 Welty has trouble with his potatoes. He kicks a hill and two bushels

escape before he can get them under control. Troy Free Press

6 Dec 1895 Schroer school forms a debating society. Burton is apparently still

the teacher. Burton and J.F. Rinaman, Artilla's son attend the Teachers

Association meeting, at Mexico Mo, during the Christmas break.

Troy Free Press

1896 Burton is taking the "Teachers Course" at the University of Missouri,

presumably during the summer. U. of Missouri archive data.

1896? Orion is teaching at Schoer School.

17 June 1896 Dr William P. Smith marries Eugenia Allen, Troy, Mo. Eugenia

is the first person to graduate from Buchanan College, having

arrived in Troy with three years of schooling in Virginia, and

finishing in Troy, the first year Buchanan College opens. Another source says

15 June. Uncle Doctor is a active Democrat, and a member of Troy Lodge

No. 34, A.F.& A. M., of which he is a junior warden, and also a member of Troy

R. A. Chapter No. 85.

14 Aug 1896 Dr William P. Smith becomes a partner in the Bragg Drug Store,

with E. H. Thurman, and W. S. Bragg. His Doctors office is situated over the

drug store on Main Street. Troy Free Press.

17 Nov 1896 Burton is teaching school at Silex. He has 28 kids, another teacher has 32,

and one of his is a incorrigible boy. He's going to try one more time with him,

then he's either out of school or he's going to maul the stuffing out of him. He's

checked with the schools directors, and they say go ahead, and if he can't handle him,

they can. He says he saw Uncle Bill?, and he was coming to Welty's, Sunday.

William Rinaman. Peter and Prof. Baker have been to see him.

Uncle Dr? or Peter Rinaman? The Welty Smith family dog is named Wolf. He's

worried that his brothers have destroyed his fiddle. Silex has a creamery that he has

visited twice. This is his first year at Silex.

1897 Burton is an instructor at Buchanan College.

1897,98? Burton takes special courses at the Normal School at Kirksville, Mo.

probably during the summers. Troy Free Press, 10 March 1899 item.

3 Sept 1897 Burton was appointed a County School Commissioner, on 21 August,

and says he will enter Buchanan College in the fall, and stay until

he finishes. Buchanan College News, and Troy Free Press.

He is called Professor Smith and is a member of the Senior Class

at Buchanan, and of the State Teachers Assn. The Peoples Version

October 21, 1898, No 8.

3 Sept 1897 Dr William P. Smith is a practicing physician, surgeon, and Coroner

in Troy. Troy Free Press. He has a cow skin, he uses as a lap warmer,

when out making calls in the winter.

29 Oct 1897 Peter and Sophia Rinaman, Margret's parents, of West Prairie, Mo.,

are visiting their children, Welty's wife and Artilla's husband.

Troy Free Press.

1898 Burton attends Buchanan College in Troy. He apparently is

teaching some classes. This is probably when the family starts

calling him Professor.

Verner attends Buchanan College for several years. He will teach in the

Lincoln Co. school system for a few years. He will work in

the telegraph office at Troy, and at Hannibal for several years.

31 Aug 1898 Orion has broken his left collarbone, in what he says was an

unavoidable accident. He and Lydia Carwell decide they won't try

to go to the county fair. Orion expects to be in shape to teach school,

when it starts.

Sept 1898 Orion asks Lydia Carwell to marry him. They will keep their engagement

secret for over two years, but the families guess what's going on.


10 Mar 1899 Burton runs for a seat on the County School Commission.

Troy Free Press.

20 Mar 1899 Orion is finishing up a school year. He has been to visit his

Uncle Joseph Rinaman, and is planning on going to the

wedding of Annie Rinaman, his double cousin, and Robert Brown.

2 May 1899 Burton loses the election. He is still attending Buchanan College.

He will teach at Whiteside next year. "Gabriel".

22 Mar 1899 Orion is courting Lydia Carwell. Many letters are exchanged.

Lydia's sister, Anna, has discovered boys. It will be awhile before

Verner convinces her, he's the one.

24 Mar 1899 The Troy Free Press reports that they have printed sale bills for

Welty Smith and John Carwell. For sale: a jack, and their fine horse

"Great Western" one of the best bred animals in the county. The animals

can be seen at the John Carwell farm. Dr William P. Smith amputated

Mr Dougherty's foot, at the County farm. It had been badly frozen.

. Troy Free Press

28 July 1899 Dr William P. Smith and wife attend church at Slavens Chapel. "Gabriel"

Welty and Joe Slavens are leaders in the Southern Episcopal Methodist

Church at Slavens Chapel. It is said that Welty Smith could deliver the

most articulate prayer of anyone in the history of the church. "A Harvest of

Memories", a history of the Hawk Point area.

14 Sept 1899 Orion and Amos Rinaman go fishing in Cuivre River. They are seining.

On the second pull they get 40 lbs of fish. Orion takes the biggest one,

11 lbs, home to Peter Rinaman. Peter's memory is going and he calls

Orion the teacher, and doesn't realize he's his grandson.

18 Sep 1899 Burton and Orion buy two calves from Sophia Rinaman for $30.

Sophia doesn't want to wean the calves because the signs aren't right.

Orion insists, but the way the calves act convinces him Sophia is right.

Orion is staying with Peter, Sophia, and Laura Rinaman,

during the week, while he teaches.

29 Sep 1899 Orion is teaching at Schroer. He has 29 students. "Gabriel"

6 Oct 1899 Welty is sowing rye and timothy. "Gabriel"

20 Oct 1899 "Ozzie" "Ossie" is working for William Rinaman near Olney. "Gabriel"

The Whiteside Literary Society is reorganized. Burton is vice

president. The question for debate "Resolved that the United States

was justified in fighting the Filipinos" Burton is one of two on the

negative side. The Society meets every Friday night. "Gabriel"

23 Oct 1899 Orion makes a date with Lydia Carwell to go to the debate.

Orion is on a committee to draft a constitution for the debating society.

3 Nov 1899 Last week's debate did not turn out very well, so the Society met

Saturday, and adopted a constitution and by laws, that they hope

will be obeyed. "Gabriel" Troy Free Press

8 Dec 1899 The Union Hall Debating Society is meeting. The champions are

Orion Smith for the affirmative, John McCain for the negative.

The topic; Resolved that Washington deserves more credit for

defending America, than Columbus does for discovering it.

Welty and Margret are off to Olney for the second marriage of Margret's

brother, William H. Rinaman, to Miss Williams of Olney. Troy Free Press.

28 Dec 1899 There has been another debate and Orion is not happy with the result.

Dec 1899 The most disastrous decline in the history of the New York Stock

Exchange hits. The effect on the family is unknown.


1900 Welty is 51 years old. Buchanan College, a private high school in Troy, has 100

students enrolled.

16 Feb. 1900 Theron copies, or writes a poem for school. Orion ends up with it.

11 May 1900 Ossie and Burton are both near Renfrow, Grant County, Oklahoma,

Territory. This is just south of the Kansas line, near the middle of the state.

They are working for different bosses and get together on Sundays.

Verner is studying at the Institute, getting ready to teach. Verner, Orion, and

Burton will all teach in Lincoln County schools the next term. Burton plans to

bring Orion a horned toad. He has already salted down a horned toad, wants

a centipede, a tarantula, and a rattlesnake. He's apparently driving a team, and

plowing corn. He's been offered another job in the fields at $1.50 a day. He

warns his brothers to be careful in the river, and to take care of his gun.

11 Sep 1900 Mary Ella is talking to Lydia about Orion. They go to church together.

24 Sep 1900 Orion is teaching school. Based on his letters, it appears that he is

teaching at school #2, which based on the landowners name in 1860, would

be Palmer school. Palmer School was 6 miles north of Hawk Point.

School # 4 is about the same distance away to the NE,

so the identification is not positive. He is boarding at his grandparents

Peter and Sophia Rinaman's house. Laura Rinaman is also

at home. Peter has become senile and doesn't know Orion.

Ossie takes Mamie Early and Rozella Giles to church.

Welty's wife, Margret talks with Lydia at church. Theron has been

to see Otha Giles, but she went to church with her dad.

2 Oct 1900 Welty, Margret, and Mary Ella are going to visit the Rinamans,

to pick up some calves and visit Orion.

8 Oct 1900 Ossie has been to church with the Carwells. One of the Carwell

neighbors has had a hand cut off in the corn shredder.

16 Oct 1900 Orion has visited his uncle Joseph Rinaman, and compared notes

with Florence Rinaman, who is also teaching.

21 Oct 1900 Ossie is at the Carwells, wanting to take Anna to church in Hawk Point.

The Carwells and Smiths are going to help each other pick the corn crop.

The Smith corn is described as being on the river, so Welty has either

rented or bought some presently unidentified land in the Cuivre River bottoms

north of the William Smith Sr home place.

Welty visits the Carwells in the evening.

22 Oct 1900 Theron , Elbert and Amos, are at the Carwells, to help pick corn.

28 Oct 1900 Orion is supposed to act as a clerk at the upcoming election. He plans

to let Ossie have the job, as he needs money. Ossie has brought up

some hay. They go fishing, but catch nothing. Out of curiosity,

Orion goes to the Catholic church service at Millwood. He gets invited to

a dance at the church, by one of his students. Orion says he

does not dance, being a good Methodist.

18 Nov 1900 Orion is visited by Verner, Cora, and Mabel Rinaman, at Peter Rinaman's.

They spend the night. Cora and Mabel are William H. Rinaman's

daughters, and Peter's granddaughters. Mabel is sick.

20 Nov 1900 Fred Carwell, Lydia's brother, writes Orion to tell him Lydia is very

sick with congestive chills. Uncle Doctor is treating her.

27 Nov 1900 Mary Ella comes to check on Lydia. She brings the news that Troy

beat Bowling Green in football 27 to 6. Elbert apparently played.

Orion, Theron, Nannie Ethel, and George and Anna Carwell go to

Troy for the game, which is the last of the year.

28 Nov 1900 Most of the Carwells have gone to prayer meeting at John East's home.

3 Dec 1900 Orion goes to visit Verner, who is teaching and living with the William

Rinaman family, 9 miles from Orion's school. He spends the night with them.

William Rinaman is believed to be living near Silex, but may be at Olney.

10 Dec 1900 Mary Ella has been at the Carwell house helping Lydia with a quilt.

11 Dec 1900 Theron, Nannie Ethel, George and Anna Carwell, and Will and Ada Rinaman,

have all been to church. Welty has been down at the Carwells.

16 Dec 1900 Peter Rinaman dies about 8 in the morning. Orion has been helping,

and has just left the house to get Peter's son Amos, when it happens.

21 Dec 1900 Folsa's letter to Dear Old Santa. "I want some candy, peanuts, and an orange,

a little stove, abc book, and some little things to cook in, and some

firecrackers, a ring, a pretty doll dress, a bracelet, a stick pin with a little

horn on it, and a good story book." The boy Folsa will marry, Eddie Bohmer,

"wants some candy, and some peanuts, and some reasons, and some orenge

and a slate pencil and a square lead pencil" He has a sister Mattie.

Elbert's letter: "Dear Santa Claus, I want you to bring me a football.

I. will close. Your little friend."

Ethyl's letter. Dear Santa Claus, "I will write you a few lines to let you know

what I want for Christmas. I want you to bring me some candy, some

peanuts, a pair of rubbers, and a bunch of firecrackers. Your little friend."

Elbert and Ethel, the twins, are 16, Folsa is 11. Elbert is on the football team

at Buchanan College, he plays either quarterback or guard. This is more

Smith humor showing up. Ethel is taking music lessons and becomes

quite proficient. Troy Free Press, Dec 21, 1900, Vol23, No 27.

Also contains a nice picture of Dr W.P. Smith. The Bragg and Smith Drug Store

ad lists dolls, toys, books, albums, brushes, solar and cuff boxes, glove and

hankerchief boxes, jewel cases, puff boxes, handle pens fountain pens, cigar cutters,

Archirena boards, Crokinole boards, medallions, and baby sets,

31 Dec 1900 Lydia and Anna Carwell, walk to Welty's to help Mary Ella quilt.

Ossie is visiting Orion at the Rhinamans, but goes to bed early.

Orion sits up by himself, writing to Lydia, and vows to give up tobacco.

Ossie and Orion belong to the Woodsmen lodge.

1901 Verner Smith is teaching at Duncan School.

There are three Rinamans in his class of 26.

2 Jan 1901 Welty, Mary Ella, and Nannie Ethel attend the prayer meeting

at the Carwells.

6 Jan 1901 Ossie has come to spend a week at the Rhinaman's with Orion. Orion

spends Sunday morning while the Rhinaman's are at mass, comparing

the Catholic bible with his, and checking out the Catholic mass book.

14 Jan 1901 Orion has proposed to Lydia Carwell, and she's accepted. He's

teaching so they can only get together on weekends, if the weathers

not to bad. Uncle Doctor is treating the neighbors for colds and pneumonia.

19 Jan 1901 Verner and Cora Rinaman stop by the Peter Rhinaman's to visit Orion.

20 Jan 1901 Welty drops by the Carwell house to check on Lydia, and pass on news

about Orion. One of the neighbors has died of pneumonia. Orion taps

two sugar maples and drinks the sap.

1901 Welty collects the entire family, puts them in their Sunday best, and

takes them to town for a family portrait. Someone insists the family dog

should be in the picture. Since Burton is holding the dog, he is the

prime suspect. All the group pictures of the family include the dog.

The photo is printed in The People's Version,

. Dec 1902, Jan1902 issue.

30 Jan1901 Verner invites Orion to visit. Verner is living at William Rinaman's.

and teaching school nearby.

7 Feb 1901 Orion is planning on talking to Lydia's parents about getting married.

Lydia wants to listen.

12 Feb 1901 Lydia Carwell has been to town to buy the material for her wedding dress.

She also got a pretty hat, gloves and shoes. Lydia's letters during the

courting are full of religious activity, her brother Fred is a local preacher,

reports of sickness, Lydia has been sick much of the time, and

comments on Anna's activities. There is some older sister disapproval

evident in some of the comments.

13 Feb 1901 Burton has invited Orion and Verner to visit him. He wants to show off his

school. Burton is teaching, at Whiteside. Burton says if they come he'll

furnish the cigars, to celebrate Orion's coming marriage. Burton indicates this

is the last year he'll teach in Lincoln County. Orion informs the Rinamans that

he is marrying Lydia. They are not surprised.

10 Mar 1901 Orion R. Smith marries Lydia Wilhelmina Carwell, at the Carwell home,

Lincoln Co. Mary Ella is a witness. They buy the old Harvey place 3 miles

N of Troy. The 1860 census shows that the place had a slave cabin.

Orion raises hybrid seed corn, early in his farming career to sell for seed.

Lincoln County is hit by drought.

Sept 1901 Verner is teaching at Palmer school.

2 Dec 1901 Orion and Lydia have a son, Henry Welty Smith. Uncle Doctor will deliver

their three babies. Orion brings "Aunt Catherine", a black lady out to stay, and

help Lydia out with Henry.

7 Jan 1902 Carrie Carwell has written Lydia, asking how her little nephew, Henry is doing.

She says Adeline thought Henry looked awful ugly when he made a mouth like

he was going to whistle. Welty Smith has told John Carwell that Henry is

getting awfully fat. Carrie wants to visit them again.

Sept 1902 Orion is teaching at Carter Hall School, just north of his farm.

3 Dec 1902 Anna Carwell is going to Central Wesleyan College, in Warrenton, as is

her brother Fred. She writes Lydia that although she dates, she'll

"keep all my heart for some little farmer nearer home".

This sounds like Verner. She's started wearing glasses,

because she has crossed eyes, and has trouble practicing

the piano without them.

3 Dec 1903 Orion and Lydia have a daughter, Marguerite Mabel Smith.

1904? Theron is teaching in the Lincoln Co. School System. He will go to

St Louis and work as a telegraph operator for a while, before returning

to Lincoln County to farm. Elbert begins teaching in the Lincoln Co

schools. He will teach nine years.

10 Feb 1904 Orion and Lydia get a invitation to the wedding of William England Smith to

Estelle Mae Paris. This is Christopher Columbus Smith's son.

The invitation is from Perry, Mo.

30 Dec 1904 "Prof." Burton L. Smith contributes a long article to the Troy Free

Press, about his life in the Indian Service, in Pipestone Minnesota. He

is very proud of the work the government is doing to help the Indians

adjust to modern life. He becomes a Superintendent of Indian Schools

during his career. He also appears to have been assigned to the White

Earth Indian Reservation in Minnesota, during this time.


22 Feb 1905 Burton L. Smith marries Anna C. Lynch. Welty Smith Bible.

Spring 1905 Someone in the family has been given a scholarship pin by Buchanan College.

Amos is 18, and other of his effects came into Orion's possession, so it

was probably his.

6 Sept 1905 Oswald B. Smith marries Lillie Lampley. They established a

home on a farm near Troy. After 1913 he moves to St Louis, and works

for the U.S. Government at a munitions plant. At some point he

. may have engaged in the candy business. Ossie is the only brother

that did not teach school.

27 Dec 1905 Orion and Lydia continue their tradition of having December babies. They have

a new daughter, Alma Smith.

1906? Harvey Elbert Smith is teaching in the Lincoln Co. School system.

He is known to have taught at Duncan School. His last three years

of teaching he was the Principal at the Hawk Point School. Then

he turned to farming.

23 June 1906 Commencement is held at the Riggs Institute, a Indian School at Flandreau, South

Dakota. A number of visitors from the Pipestone reservation attend the graduation

and baseball games that occurred during commencement. Burton is apparently

one of the visitors as he sends a copy of the schools paper, "The Weekly Review"


1906? Orion Smith serves on the Carter Hall School Board.

The school was located about a mile north of the farm.

Orion's last year of teaching was at this school. Both of his daughters

will later teach at this school.

26 Dec 1906 Verner C. Smith marries Anna "Annie" C. Carwell, Lydia's sister,

Lincoln Co. Mo. He will buy a 93 acre farm on Welty's west boundary.

By 1926 he has added 80 acres to his holdings. Annie is an accomplished

musician, and will teach piano in her home. Nannie Ethel is also

teaching piano at Welty's.

1907 There is panic in the stock market, and banks are threatened.

22 May 1907 Theron W. Smith marries Bessie Brumby. Theron is writing

Orion's children, and inviting them to come see him.

Feb 1908 Theron divorces Bessie.

May 1908 Theron's first child, James Ernest Smith is born. Theron questions his

paternity. Orion and Vernon think the boy is a Smith,

so they help the ex wife and child. This causes a rift between Theron,

and his brothers Orion and Verner.

May 1908 Amos graduates from Buchanan High School. He is 21. He will

teach for a while, then take a Civil Service Job in Washington D.C.

Corp of Engineers? He would like to go to the University of

Missouri, but doesn't have the money.

19 July 1908 Orion receives a book "God and Government" as a keepsake from

John H. Carwell's estate, i.e. his father-in-laws library.

19 Jan 1909 Harvey E. Smith is teaching in or near Hawk Point. He writes Orion,

who he obviously thinks is good at math, and challenges him to solve a set

of problems. He tells him to put on his best mathamatical clothes before

he tries them. They obviously have been trying to stump each other over the years.

17 Mar 1909 Oswald buys 97 acres 1 mile SW of the home place.

April 1909 Orion is sworn in as a Director of Carter Hall School.

Henry's attendance records call it Hall School after the Hall family.

By 1911 thru 1914, the paperwork sometimes says Hall School, or Hall-Carter

School. Apparently both the Hall and Carter families made significant land or

other donations, to make the school possible. At some unknown time it became

known as the Carter Hall School.

Fall 1909 Burton has moved to Riverside California to teach at the Sherman Institute

for Indians.

7 Nov 1909 Harvey E. Smith marries Hattie H. Kinion, Lincoln Co. Mo.

He will buy 80 acres 1/2 mile NW of the Home place and farm.

1 Dec 1909 Orion has entered Corn in the Missouri Corn Growers show at Troy.

His entry scores 87 points.


1910 Welty and his wife are 61 years old. Ellie, Theron, Nannie Ethyl, Amos, and Folsa

are still living at home. Theron is running the farm, Nannie Ethyl is

teaching music in the home, and Amos is teaching school.

Jan 1910 Orion has sent corn to the State Corn Show at the University of Missouri. It is

sponsored by the Missouri Corn Growers Association, in conjunction with the

College of Agriculture at the U. of Missouri.

26 Apr 1910 Orion has hired a black man, Louis Campbell, age 54, to help out with

the planting. The family is still living in the old Harvey house, so I don't

know where they have given Louis a place to stay. He may be coming out from

town each day.

May-June 1910 Burton sends home two copies of "The Sherman Bulletin" a publication of the

Sherman Institute for Indians, in Riverside, California. They are dated 25 May,

and 1 June. In the 25 May issue, it appears the Smith family entertained two young

lady teachers at Sunday dinner. It also appears that the whole family, and the Institute

Supervisor and others were entertained the next Sunday, at Dinner by two young

lady teachers. Mrs B. L. Smith helps give a young lady a kitchen shower. In the

1 June issue Burton is revealed as "The Principal Teacher" and is visiting city schools.

He also goes to the Sherman Institutes farm, where all the students are buried who

died while attending school. He gives the Memorial Day address.

Aug 1910 Burton takes his children,Margaret Francis and Burton Lynch fishing at Sunset Beach,

Calif. and poses with a string of small fish.

4 Apr 1911 Orion is elected Chairman of the Carter Hall School Board. This continues

a long association of Orion, with the descendants of Leannah Smith Creech,

and the Bohmer family, which Folsa will marry into. They supply

several teachers and many of the officials for Carter Hall School.

12 Apr 1911 Burton is working for the Department of the Interior, United States

Indian Service, Sherman Institute. His letterhead lists him as

Principal Teacher. He talks about maybe going trout fishing with another

superintendent in southern California, during vacation. He invites Orion

and family to visit.

2 May 1911 Burton is thinking about transferring to Chilocco, Oklahoma. He

doesn't think he will bring the family home to Mo. on vacation. To far and

to expensive. They would have to spend half the vacation traveling.

He is getting ready for Commencement Exercises. He sounds as though

he may be the school superintendent.

5 May 1911 Mary Ella announces by letter to Orion that she and Dick Bennett

are going to take the train to Bellflower on Sunday the 7th, and get

married. They will come home on the afternoon train, and go to his home.

They don't want any "to do at all". She would like Orion and family,

to come see them Sunday night. Nannie Ethel and Folsa will go to

Bellflower with them, so it will look better.

7 May 1911 Amos is in Ness City, Kansas. His letters will usually contain some

information about baseball or football.

7 May 1911 Mary Ella Smith marries Richard T. Bennett, at Bellflower, Mo.

This is his second marriage. He has three children from his

first marriage. They live 2 miles SSE of the home place.

Dec 1911 Dr W. P. Smith is elected Marshall at the Troy Masonic Lodge.

Orion is a 32nd degree Mason.

15 Dec 1911 Mary Ella's husband, Dick Bennett has announced he will run

for sheriff. He ran in 1907 and came in second. He is a farmer.

He will also serve as Troy's City Marshall for a time.

Fall 1911 Orion has entered the Lincoln County Fair. He has taken first in "Best White,

and Best Yellow" categories.

Jan 1912 Orion has entered his corn in the Ninth Annual, State Corn Show in Columbia.

It is sponsored by the Missouri State Corn Growers Association. He has won 6th

place in Class No.3, white Corn, northeast Section. He wins $2.00.

6 Mar 1912 Theron W. Smith marries Essie Mae Trail, Lincoln Co.

For part of their married life they live at Davis, Lincoln Co.

2 Apr 1912 Orion is elected Secretary, and Director of Carter Hall School

for three year term. Orion's children are walking the mile to school.

One very cold winter day Marguerite will get some toes frostbitten

from making this jaunt.

12 Aug 1912 Nannie Ethel Smith marries Earl Welsh, Lincoln Co.

9 July 1913 Nannie Ethel and Earl buy Oswald's farm 1 mile SW of the home place.

10 Aug 1913 Dr William P. Smith is president of the first Chautauqua

meeting held in Troy.

21 Feb 1913 Henry, Marguerite, and Alma, all receive certificates, for being "neither tardy

or absent" for five months, from the Hall-Carter School. It's Probably the end

of the 3rd quarter of school. Their teacher is G. H. Bohmer. They have been

receiving little certificates each month, but now get a big one.

1 Dec 1913? Orion enters the Lincoln County Corn Show. He takes a second

premium on his Byne County White, which scored 87. The winner had

score of 87 , and won a farm wagon. St Louis Globe Democrat.

1914 Orion brings in a sawmill, cuts wood off the farm, and stacks it to dry.

12-15 Jan 1914 Orion Smith takes 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 9th premium ribbons at the

Missouri State Corn Show, at Columbia.

14 Feb 1914 Leola Folsom Smith marries Edward Frank Bohmer, Lincoln Co.

They will farm 3 miles north of Troy, about a mile west of Orion.

28 Feb 1914 Orion is serving as Clerk and also as a Director for the Carter Hall

School Board.

28 July 1914 World War I begins.


5 March 1915 Henry, Orion's son, mails off his answer to a problem in "Wallaces Farmer".

The problem involves silage, and doing some calculations.

1915 Dick Bennett, Mary Ella's husband is Sheriff of Lincoln Co.

1915 Orion hires two carpenters and builds his new house. He also buys his

first car, a Chevrolet.

25 Dec 1915 Orion moves his family out of the pre Civil War, Harvey house, into

the new house. He will not tear down the Harvey house until after 1926.

The new house has a formal front room parlor, a bedroom living room

combination, which Orion and Lydia use, a bedroom for the girls,

and a dining room and a kitchen, downstairs. Upstairs is Henry's room,

a guest bedroom, and a attic room, which the girls use as a winter playroom.

There is a large front porch, and two screened side porches. A small

basement is also dug. Water is supplied to the stock by cisterns at the

barn and old house, which collect runoff from the roofs. This is

soft, so it is also used for washing clothes. Springs in the West

pasture provide drinking water, which must be carried to the house.

Spring 1915 Carter Hall School is out. Henry has completed the 6th grade. His averages for

the year are, Arithmetic 91, Grammer 74, U.S. History 93, Physiology 90,

Spelling 94, Writing 89, Reading 95, Geography 86. His deportment was good

for three quarters then dropped to a 75 in the final quarter. He is also graded on

feeding the stock, and providing fuel. Jessie Gladney was his teacher.

He was 12 years old.

Nov 1916 Amos writes home. His address, which may be his office, is 1016

17th St NW, Washington D.C. He has a Civil Service job. He has been

to New York. He's talking about going to cousin Pete's for Christmas.

28 Nov 1916 Margret, his mother, answers Amos's letter.

She says Elbert and Verner have been working putting in

a pipeline. They have each made $35 to $40.

1916 1918? Orion likes to take a dog to town with him, for some reason, when he goes.

He takes Carlow # 1, his big dog, into the blacksmiths shop to have a look

at Lathan Henki's dog. Lathan thinks his dog can whip Carlow, and they

go at it. Carlow won and had to be pulled off before he killed Henki's dog.

Orion later says that if Carlow had been losing he was going to take a

yoke and kill Henki's dog.

20 Dec 1916 The children are told that their mother Margret is near death. Amos comes

home from Washington D.C. and Burton comes home from California. Two

come home from St Louis.

23 Dec 1916 Welty's wife Margret A. Rinaman Smith dies. Lincoln Co. Mo.

25 Dec 1916 The funeral was held at 10:00 a.m at her home, with burial in the Troy cemetery,

at 12:30 on Christmas Day. Rev. Russell conducted the services..

Her eight sons acted as pallbearers. She has 16 grandchildren at this time.

1917 Orion is the first Secretary/Treasurer of the Lincoln Co. Farm Bureau.

He was a charter member of what was originally called the Farmers

Elevator and Supply Co.

3 Apr 1917 Orion is elected Chairman, and begins earning a salary of $7.50/year as

Clerk of the Carter Hall School. He serves through 3 May 1921.

He continuously serves in some capacity into the 1930's.

6 Apr 1917 The United States enters World War I, which has been going on

since August 1914.

Amos serves in WW I. Served in France. After the war he gets his

Civil Service job back with the government.

Ossie is working for a munitions plant in St. Louis during WWI.

Fall 1917 Orion's son Henry is going to Buchanan high School in Troy.

He rides his horse Blacky, the 3 miles to school each day. He leaves

him with Uncle Amos Rinaman, who lives next to the school, and also

eats his lunch with Uncle Amos. He does his homework after every

else has gone to bed. He finishes 2nd in his class. Blacky is moon eyed

and likes to shy at everything. This serves Henry well, when he is given

a similar horse, in the cavalry ROTC at MU.

1917 Timber wolves are reported to be killing livestock around Hawk Point.

1918? Mary Ella's husband, Dick Bennett runs for sheriff of Lincoln Co.

During his term, Orion's daughters, Marguerite, and Alma, would visit

Ella at the jail where she lived, and are allowed to take the meals to the

prisoners Aunt Ella is assisted at the jail by "Aunt Catherine",

a Negro lady, who also assisted Orion and his wife when Henry,

their first child was born.

Sept 11 1918 Orion writes home from Union Station in St Louis. The post card says,

"9:30 now, leave at 10:10. I am back at Union Station, about ready to leave for war.

Found Ossie's all right. Had fine visit with them. Edith sure gave me a big hug.

Ossie came back with me. By By, O. R. Smith" The post card is postmarked

12:30 A.M. Sept 12, 1918. Orion is 42 years old, sole support of a farm family.

Sept 12 1918 This is the date men registered for the draft who were born between 1872 and 1886.

There was also a call for men born between 1897 and 1900. Orion was born 10 Feb

1876. The registration lasted three days. After registering a draft lottery was held.

If your number came up, you got a chance to show good cause why you should

not be inducted. If that didn't impress them you were inducted. This registration

was probably being done at Jefferson Barracks, and the Army was probably running

several trains out from Union Station the night before. They probably put everybody

in the barracks till it was over. All men in the family between 18 and 45 would have

filled out a registration card during one of the three registration periods that were

held. A search of Ancestry.com for Orion's card failed. Orion either got lucky

in the lottery, or could prove he was the sole support of a farm family and got off.

I expect he was back home on the farm within four days.

11 Nov 1918 World War I is over.

20 Aug 1918 Welty attends Artilla's and Josephs 50th wedding anniversary celebration in Troy.

1918? Orion's wife offends Harvey's wife by refusing to pick up her new

baby, creating a rift between the two families, that the children ignore,

28 Dec 1918 Welty is visiting Burton and his family in Riverside California,

where Burton is teaching at the Sherman Institute Indian school.

On this day they take a side trip into Old Mexico. Burton is still there in 1921.

1919? Uncle Doctor's son Allen is at the University of Missouri, before

going to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He lives on

Mathews Street, in the second house on the left going north. The street is only

one block long. The author of this event log, Willard Smith Bacon, lived at

407 Mathews for the 1957 and 1958 school years. The second house on

the left sure sounds right, and as it only had two rooms to rent, it appears

I was right in Allen's footsteps.

28 Jun 1919 The Treaty of Versailles is signed, and WWI is officially over.

6 Oct 1919 Amos Herbert Smith is given a 32nd degree Masonic ring in Washington D.C.

Some of the inscription is in Latin? and other symbols.

V.E. 12th is also inscribed.


1920 Welty is 71 years old. Welty will begin to spend considerable time at

Elbert's home, which is nearby. Elbert's children, Lillian and Elberta,

are going to Perkins School with the children of William P. Rinaman,

Artilla Smith Rinaman's son. They live in William Smith Sr's log cabin,

as Artilla and Joseph have moved to Troy. The kids get together some,

particularly when its time to make molasses. If Elbert hasn't grown a cane

patch, he helps the Rinamans with theirs, and takes his pay in molasses.

March 1920 Orion's daughter, Alma, is awarded Stevenson's 'Treasure Island" as a

prize at the end of the school year, for the most credit marks in her class.

Her teacher is Edna Howell. Marguerite has finished 8th grade, at age 16.

All of her grades for the year were above 90. Her teacher was Marie Davis.

She lost a year because the right grade wasn't being taught, and grandpa wouldn't

let her skip a grade. So she repeated one. They always taught Grades 1,2,3,4,

but then would teach 5, and 7, one year, then 6, and 8 the next. I think she had

been sick the year before which put her off schedule.

1920 The Slavens Chapel Southern Episcopal Methodist Church is disbanded.

Fall 1920 Orion's daughter Marguerite, is a freshman at Buchanan High School.

One of the books she gets for English 9, Section 2, is "Ulysses Among

the Phaecians". Uncle Doctor's son Allen enters West Point.

6 Nov 1920 Amos Herbert Smith marries Edna Allison.

1921 Amos is visiting Niagara Falls. Delayed honeymoon?

12 Feb 1921 Allen writes Henry from West Point. Allen put the shot in High School and

suggests Henry try it. He wants to try Henry out wrestling when he gets home.

He is in his second year, and has had to learn how to dance. Now he's gotten

interested in girls, to Henry's amazement. Henry is still girl shy.

30 Mar 1921 Henry is invited to a DeMolay meeting at the Masonic Hall.

1 Sept 1921 Orion's daughter, Alma Smith gets a Certificate of Attainment that says she

has completed the eight elementary grades, and can enter high school.

25 Sept 1921 Allen writes Henry from West Point. On his way back to school from summer

vacation he stopped in Washington D.C. and saw Uncle Amos. He also visited

the Naval Academy. President Harding has visited the Point and Allen got

very close to him several times.

Fall 1921 Orion's daughter, Marguerite, is a sophomore at Buchanan High School.

One of her textbooks is "Types of the Short Story", price 50 cents.

13 Nov 1921 Allen writes Henry again from West Point. He has been to a football game

Army played at Yale. They went by boat. He will go to the Army-Navy game

in New York in two weeks. He's coming home for Christmas. He complements

his Aunt Lydia on her cooking.

Dec 1921 Orion's son Henry, enters the U of Missouri to study Agriculture.

The farm has a phone, on a party line.

23 Jan 1922 Amos has finished a course in accounting, during the fall, hoping to find

something more interesting to do than his Civil service job.

17 Feb 1922 Orion, Lydia and Alma visit Lydia's mother and sister

Johanna, and Carrie Carwell.

27 Feb 1922 Dr William P. Smith's son Allen, at West Point, advises Henry Smith

at M U to learn how to dance, or "he will always be just a little bit

behind the fellow who can."

Easter 1922 Allen has a first place in the 16# shot put, at 39'10", and second in

the broad jump at 10' 2" at a indoor track meet. He is on the track squad.

His Uncle Amos will visit him. Allen gets him a place to stay

in the barracks, and he eats with Allen in the mess.

12 Dec 1922 Verner's wife Anna, goes with her mother, Johannah Carwell, and

Minie, to visit her brother George, in White Cloud, Kansas.

28 Dec 1922 Welty writes his will. He leaves everthing equally to his children.

However he prohibits any of his estate from going to either of Theron's wifes,

or any children, if Theron should be dead.

8 Jan 1923 Mrs Louis Schaper has died. Vernette Smith is out of school with chicken pox.

Orion has butchered a hog.

22 Feb 1923 Orion is elected a Director of the newly formed Live Stock Shipping

Association of Troy. Orion has two hunting dogs, Sport and Frisky.

Frisky is a good squirrel dog that Uncle Doctor gave him.

There are 200 Peking ducks Marguerite and Alma are raising

to pay for boarding while at high school. They bring $212.20

when sold. The next year they raise Mallards. They have

trouble with Henry's bees, which sting the ducks. They have

to feed a stung duck sweet milk or it will die. Orion is feeding

them, and when he falls down in the duck pen he decides the girls

will go out of the duck business. Alma and her Lydia are partners

in the chicken business. Alma gets a brooder house, and

they raise chickens and collect eggs to sell. They sell 89

young chickens for $45.99. There are always a few guinea hens kept,

as they are as good as watchdogs. Orion has two work horses

Major, a Percheron, and Sam, two mules Jack and Kate,

a saddle horse Pied, and a cow Beaut, which is kept for milk.

Lydia churns butter, which the Catholic priest, Father Slaughtholder, in

Troy likes. He has a standing order for unsalted butter. Orion will raise

a calf each year for slaughter or sale. He keeps 8 sows, with many piglets,

which he fattens for sale. He is farming about 60 acres, mostly in

corn and wheat, with small patches of oats and rye. Orion's work day

begins at 4 am, and bedtime is at 9 pm. He would rest for an hour after

the noon meal. When there is a lot to do in the bottom, he and the

team will be down there early, waiting for daylight. There is a kitchen

garden, a potato patch, a watermelon patch, and a truck garden,

for tomatoes, beans, and anything else they want to plant.

He butchers his own hogs and cures his own meat. Lydia makes lots of

kraut. There is an orchard with peaches, pears, cherries, and apples.

Henry is raising bees, and making good money selling it to help

with college. There are grapevines, with wonderful Concord grapes.

Orion liked to pick up the arrowheads that were plowed out as

he walked behind the mules, on two of his fields, and accumulated

a large collection. His other hobby is hunting. Although the work is

never ending and hard, the food is wonderful, with a choice of 3 meats

for breakfast being standard. The bacon was home cured and thick sliced,

and the eggs were right out of the henhouse. When fried chicken was

on the table, it was every man for himself. I have been known to eat so

much that I couldn't handle any of the great dessert's.

14 Apr 1923 Orion is made Secretary of the LSSA of Troy.

1 June 1923 The East Missouri Power Company is organized, and electric lines begin

to show up in the countryside.

12 June 1923 Allen Welty Smith graduates from West Point.

9 Aug 1923 Amos write Henry, Orion's son a postcard from Riverside California.

He's been to the beach, and asks after Henry's dogs, Sport and Frisky.

He says he's going to Los Angeles the next day to look for work.

16 Sept 1923 The threshing machine has been at Orion's farm. Orion turns down a

invitation to visit with Rinaman relatives from Maryland, at Welty's house.

Welty has been away.

22 Sept 1923-17 Dec 1924 Henry corresponds with Clara A. Sykora, a high school classmate.

She works as a Ad manager at the Peoples Bank in Troy. Henry invites her to

Barn Warming at M.U. in 1923, but she's sick and can't go. He asks her to go again

in 1924. There is no indication that she does.

23 Sept 1923 Orion is expecting to be subpoenaed for jury duty in St Charles on 1 Oct.

28 Sept 1923 Orion and family are visiting Johanna Carwell, Lydia's mother, who is sick.

They bring Welty home for a few days. Verner and Uncle Ed Fredde want

Orion to help fan wheat. Ed Fredde is married to Carrie Carwell.

2 Oct 1923 Welty has gone home from Orion's, taking some of the honey,

Henry's bees produced.

7 Oct 1923 Orion takes the family to see Johanna Carwell. Henry Carwell is also visiting.

He will stop at Orion's farm to visit. Henry, Orion's son, is in the ROTC

cavalry unit, at the University of Missouri. He's been promoted.

Verner buys a new Chevrolet, and heads

for St Louis to see a Doctor and the air races. He misses

a turn on the way home, and backs into a ditch getting turned

around. Has to be pulled out. Hurrying to make up time he hits big rock

in the road, damaging the dust pan so bad he takes it off and throws it away.

Things are so bent up he can't work the clutch. He gets home without

using the clutch, and the next day takes it in and trades it in on a new one.

Oct 1923 Henry has gone to the Barn Warming dance at M U. Orion says he's been

expecting it. He wonders how Henry expects to dance, when he

knows nothing about it.

29 Oct 1923 Orion has to go to St Charles for jury duty. He doubts if he will live

through it, if the weather is good for corn picking. He has a good crop.

Uncle Dick Bennett the sheriff goes into St Charles and tells Orion

he won't have to come in for a couple of days, yet.

12 Nov 1923 Henry has a job ushering at M.U. (Movie theater?) He also tries out

for the M U football team, but soon decides its more than he can handle.

24 Nov 1923 Marguerite and Alma Smith perform as part of the glee club for

the Buchanan high School Carnival. In Geometry Marguerite got a S+,

Alma a S. In English they both got M-. Vernette got a S+ in Higher Algebra.

Marguerite is blindfolded and taken to the gym, and initiated into

the Girl Scouts. They will board with Aunt Ella ,at her house in town

for the first two years they are going to Buchanan High School. Then

they board with Mrs. Aydelotte.

11 Dec 1923 Orion and Lydia have both been subpoenaed for jury duty. Orion says if

he can't get Lydia released on medical grounds, "he will release her himself."

She doesn't have to go.

Dec 1923 Allen sends Henry a Christmas card from St Louis.

6 Jan 1924 Henry is in quarantine at MU.

8 Jan 1924 Either Ed Fredde or Ed Bohmer is coming to help Orion pick corn.

Orion is writing and sending out dividend checks for the Farmers Elevator

stock holders.

13 Jan 1924 Henry is out of quarantine and back in school. Orion begins a campaign

to get Theron named manager of the Farmers Elevator. He is obviously

back on good terms with Theron, but Lydia isn't.

20 Jan 1924 Although Orion wages a hot fight, Theron comes in second out of

three choices. Amos writes Orion. Amos has moved. His address

is 303 10th St, Huntington Beach, Calif.

26 Jan 1924 Orion is elected as a Director of the Troy Producers Shipping Association

. Just a new name for the LSSA. Orion has to walk the 3 miles

to town to the Shippers Meeting because the snow has made it to

slick to drive. Orion is encouraging Henry to take a job at Yellowstone

Park for $125/ month, if he gets a chance.

29 Jan 1924 Orion is butchering hogs. Orion tries to ship some of Henry's furs,

but so many licenses are required, and they cost to much, he gives up.

What he thinks isn't fit for prayer meeting. He says " all the fools are not

dead, with the greater preponderance being in the State Legislature."

6 Feb 1924 Henry has a part time job that requires him to work on Sunday.

Orion is not so sure about that. He believes in getting some well

deserved rest on Sunday. He doesn't want it to destroy Henry's

respect for the Sabbath. Orion's opinion of some religious leaders

is that "they have big mouths, are full of gas, and have very little

religion, and no Christianity."

19 Feb 1924 Orion is shopping for his first tractor. Lydia is going to vote for the first time.

1 Mar 1924 Verner has bought a radio, that you listen to with headphones. Orion

is going to a Directors meeting at the Farm Bureau.

5 Mar 1924 Orion is borrowing money to keep Henry in school, and will borrow

more to buy a tractor. Verner's radio will pick up anything east of

the Rocky mountains. Orion and Lydia visit Johanna Carwell.

24 Mar 1924 Verner and Anna picked up the St Patrick's Ball from M.U. on their radio.

Amos has gotten a raise, and been moved 300 miles NW of Los Angeles,

into the foothills of the Coast Range mountains.

1 Apr 1924 Verner takes Anna into St Louis for medical care.

27 Apr 1924 Orion has bought his first tractor, a Fordson, and is having a good time

trying it out. The dogs Sport and Frisky don't like it.

When Henry is home, he and Orion eat in shifts, so one of them

can be driving it at all times. The house of a neighbor, Ida

Page burns early in the morning, while she was out milking. The two

youngest children, a boy 5 and a girl 3 1/2, have burned to death. Orion,

not knowing it's happened, doesn't get there until afternoon. He helps

put the bodies in the coffins, the arms and legs were burned off, and

takes them to the cemetery in the spring wagon. A incubator for chicks

exploded causing the fire. He's very upset. Verner takes Henry to

the train, for M.U. but they almost miss it.

13 May 1924 Henry has been in Parker Hospital at M. U. for a while. Sounds like mumps.

He hopes to get out on the 13th. Wants to come home on the weekend,

but needs $15 to $20.

11 July 1924 Allen has been promoted to 1st Sergeant in the Cadet corp. He is in summer camp.

They sent his class on a two week trip to New York, by boat, where they visited a

Coast Guard Station on Fisens Island and got to fire the big guns.

20 Aug 1924 Welty buys 57 acres from Nannie and Earl Welsh. Nannie Ethel

and family will. soon move to Wisconsin.

12 Sept 1924 Amos is vacationing in Yosimite Valley, California. He sends Orion a postcard.

14 Sept 1924 Cuivre river has flooded some and stopped cars from crossing the ford for a day.

Orion has his Fordson tractor. Orion and Mr Schloeman have been working on

graveling the road. Orion and Mr Grof, and Mr Schloeman have all gotten together

and have been ringing their hogs. Orion is going to spend a couple of days helping

Uncle Jimmy Houston with his road. They have gone to town to see a Medicine

Show, which they didn't like.

18 Sept 1924 Johanna Carwell is staying with Orion and Lydia for a few days..

1924-25 school year. Alma and Marguerite are going to High School in Troy and are boarding

in town at Mrs Aydelotts. Henry is at M.U. He's selling a lot of honey, several

hundred pounds, both at Columbia and at home. His bank balance is running at

$10 to $20 for expenses, while at school.

28 Sept 1924 The Farmers Elevator in Troy burned on 22 Sept.. Orion is still a director and

he's worried that the insurance, $8,000., wouldn't be enough to rebuild. Johanna

Carwell has been staying with them, but has gone home. Verner and family have

been out to visit.

4 Oct 1924 Orion and "Frisky" get three squirrels.

11 Oct 1924 Fred Carwell and family have stopped by to have lunch and visit with Orion

and Lydia. Orion's sows had 31 pigs. 25 are still alive. He's planning on shipping

a load of hogs. Turtle and Crows restaurant in Troy has had a fire.

31 Oct 1924 Orion is talking about trapping muskrats when he's done with the corn picking.

There is still 295 pounds of honey to sell. It's going for 16 cents/lb, which will

give Henry $47.20 more for college. Amos Rinaman has had pneumonia.

Started out with Typhoid fever. Has been sick three weeks.

9 Nov 1924 The "Elevator" has burned in Troy. Verner and family have been out to Orion's

for a visit. The road west of Troy, by Verner's has been built and graveled.

Uncle Dr has apparently used some political influence getting it done. The location

of the new concrete road across Lincoln County is being debated. Sport and Frisky

have whipped Edgar Creech's and Schloeman's dogs Amos Rinaman has been sick

but is feeling better. Orion has 20 hogs ready to sell. Orion has bought tickets at

the Lyceum to see "Covered Wagon'. Lydia is fudging on going. Alma and

Marguerite have sold 106 ducks and made $116.64.

16 Nov 1924 Luther Brown found 4 bee trees in the east pasture. He and Orion have cut two

of them down. They got 100 lbs of honey from one tree and 15 lbs from the second.

Orion kept 40 lbs from the first tree to sell. Some of Orion's mail, if it doesn't

have his box number on it it ending up at Uncle Ossie's. They have been to the

Lyceum and to the picture show. Saw "Covered Wagon" and "Crossing the Platte".

Orion has sold 18 hogs. All his letters are signed "Homefolks"

23 Nov 1924 Mr Groff is helping Orion get the corn picked. Frisky and Sport have got a big

possum. Orion skins out the hide for Henry, who has made some money while in

high school, trapping and selling hides. Usually muskrat, but some coon and possum.

3 Dec 1924 Orion has been helping Scloeman and Grof take their hogs to market. He has helped

Schloeman butcher a hog, and has gotten the "scalds" so he can butcher one himself.

He thinks he will have 500 bushels of corn to sell. Henry has had a job washing

dishes at school to make money. He is trying to get another.

17 Dec 1924 Orion has butchered a hog. They have been out at the Kemper's visiting Lydia's

sister, and looking at a three year old unbroken horse that they want $60 for.

Orion doesn't buy it. Orion needs another horse to use with "Sam" a horse he

already has. He wants two good teams. Alma and Marguerite have both gotten

new wrist watches for $15 at Avery's. 15 jewel. Lydia's chickens are laying 46

eggs a day.

1923-1925 Ossie is boarding with his dad Welty. It looks like Welty charges him about

$180/year. Ossie is probably farming Welty's land on shares.

1925 Nannie Ethel Smith Welsh is living in Bloomington, Wisconsin.

6 Jan 1925 Elbert has been helping the Morrison's at their sawmill. The shaft bearing broke,

the saw came loose and killed Mrs Ruth Cropper Morrison.

15 Jan 1925 Johanna Carwell has given Orion a harmonica, apparently a family heirloom,

which he calls a harp. (french harp, or mouth organ) It is 8 inches long.

Elbert has spent the night at Orion's.

20 Jan 1925 Ice has been on the ground for 5 weeks. The longest stretch Orion can remember.

28 Jan 1925 Henry has ordered a second headset and other parts for Orion's radio in Columbia.

There is only one headset, so they have to take turns listening.

The surveyors have been looking at routes for the concrete road. Marguerite

and Alma have been in a play, "The Spinster Convention" at the Colonial theater.

Orion has sold the last of the girls ducks, and got the team shod. He's using them

to get wood. Orion sold some furs for $5.75.

30 Jan 1925 The second set of headphones came in and Orion has got them hooked up, so

he and Lydia can listen at the same time. The like the music, but Orion doesn't

like classical singing.

11 Feb 1925 Charles B. Claggett, a St Louis policeman, and very distantly related through first

Smith family, was shot and killed in St Louis. Orion knew him well and "ran some

with him in his younger days".

17 Feb 1925 Orion is ready to sell 5 hogs. His horses are Sam, Fillie, Old Major, and Blackie.

His cow is Old Beaut.

24 Feb 1925 Alma is going to a Sophmore-Junior party at Buchanan High School.

4 Mar 1925 Orion has the flue. Lester Schloeman has come up to help Lydia do the chores.

16 Mar 1925 Marguerite Smith visits Carter Hall School, to practice teach for two days.

She is a Senior in high School.

17 Mar 1925 Orion and Mr Grof are sawing wood. The Riggs bridge across Cuivre that

Orion uses to get to Troy has washed out. The Highway Department has told

Uncle Doctor that Highway 9 will be built next year. This will become Highway 61.

31 Mar 1925 There is surveying underway for a concrete road and bridge over

Cuiver River near Orion. Getting to town will get easier.

19 Apr 1925 Fred Carwell and Uncle Ed Fredde visit Orion's place.

26 Apr 1925 Orion and family visit Johanna Carwell.

8 May 1925 Uncle Doctor has been out in Orion's neighborhood, to see Aunt Jane?

His son Allen has graduated from West Point and has

orders to sail for the Hawaiian Islands, for a three year tour.

15 May 1925 Verner's son Vernette, and Orion's daughter Marguerite graduate

from Buchanan High School. Ruby Rinaman, and Dorothy Folsom Smith,

Oswald's daughter, are also in the class. Vernette will go on to Central Wesleyan

College in Warrenton, and after teaching three years to earn money,

Marguerite will follow.

21 May 1925 Orion is shopping for another horse or mule. He's looking at

one that costs $140. Old Major is on his last legs.

25 May 1925 Henry has an excused absence from M.U. for 5 days to help

Orion plant corn, and to take care of his apiary.

Aug 1925 Henry and his mother Lydia, go to White Cloud Kansas on the

train to visit the George H. Carwells.

31 Aug 1925 Marguerite begins her first year of teaching at Carter Hall School.

Her salary is $85.00/month.

12 Nov 1925 Alma visits Carter Hall School.

Dec 1925 Burton's Christmas card to Orion comes from Riverside, California.

7 Feb 1926 Amos has attended a family reunion, Christmas day, of a

distant relative, identified as grandpas (Welty?) first cousin. Since Amos

is in northern California, this may have been some of the

Cannon's or Presely's. Henry is taking boxing at M.U.

1926 Harvey Elbert Smith is living just NW of Welty's farm.

Welty visits a lot, helping his granddaughters Lillian and Elberta

with their chores, and teasing them by calling them boys.

If the chores get done early, they occasionally talk Hattie into.

driving them down to the Linn's Mill Crossing, on Coon Creek

to fish for sunfish. Welty goes to town with Hattie

to pick up the wheat sacks for threshing. On the way home with

the back seat of the Model T stuffed with wheat sacks, the left rear

wheel came off, stranding them for awhile, till Hattie walks to the

neighbors for help. Elbert tells Elberta, that the reason he is deaf

in his left ear, is because his mother, Margret, often boxed him on

that ear for being onery. Most of his brothers are also deaf in their

left ear for the same reason. Orion seems to have been one of the

lucky ones, who didn't end up with this problem.

1926 The record of the Troy Producers Shipping Association ends. Orion

has been a Director and Secretary for the entire period. Discussions

of turning the organization over to the Farm Bureau were held each

meeting. It appears to have happened about this time. In a typical

year the organization shipped 20 carloads of hogs, (2779 head), 4 carloads

of cattle, (241 head), and 14 mixed carloads that included 115 calves.

The value of the shipments that year was $59,062.14.

26 Feb 1926 Phillip Schaper is trying to sell Orion, Uncle Henry Schapers old

Chevrolet for $20. Only good for parts. Orion doesn't want it,

because he's about ready for a new one. The old Harvey house is

still standing on Orion's farm. Lydia has young chickens in it.

She also uses it as a wash house, and has a gasoline engine

driven washing machine. Henry has his honey separator there, and sells

honey in the comb, and in jars, with his own labels.

When its torn down, a utility building replaces it. Henry puts a small

windmill on the roof to generate enough electricity for a radio.

They have had a radio a couple of years, but it may have been

battery powered. The windmill may have originally

been put on the old Harvey house.

27 Feb 1926 Henry has been initiated into the Alpha Zeta honorary fraternity in agriculture, at MU.

28 Feb 1926 Henry has been in a boxing tournament at MU. He beat Gaspberry, then

lost to Bryan. He hurt his thumb in the process. Henry has sent Orion a cigar,

which he really enjoyed. Lydia is getting 124 eggs a day out of her chickens.

2 Mar 1926 Vernette is sharing tales of college at Central Wesleyan, with Henry

at the University of Missouri. It seems Vernette has busted a solid

mahogany piano stool at Fry's Drug store, and Verner is going to

make him pay for it. It doesn't look like he'll have any money to

date for awhile.

6 Mar 1926 Marguerite, Orion's daughter is teaching at Carter Hall School.

In the past week she has whipped 5 boys and pulled one girls hair.

Her sister Alma is going to teach with her the next week. Alma has

played a piano solo for the Literary Society. Henry is taking boxing

at the U of Mo. He's in the Alpha Gamma Sigma agricultural student

fraternity. A farm hand can be hired for $50 to $60/ month.

9 Mar 1926 Henry's been in a boxing tournament, and taken one in the nose.

Its been to wet to farm, and Orion's mule Jack is trying to tear the

barn down. Orion has promised him, he will remember it when work starts.

10 Mar 1926 The Hawk Point area votes in electricity.

14 Mar 1926 Marguerite has had to whip some boys in her class at Carter Hall. Alma has

taken the class for a day. Alma gets the German measles. The family dog is

Frisky. Henry has sold $9.30 worth of honey. Marguerite and Orion have been

listening to a old time fiddling, on the radio from, Hot Springs.

15 Mar 1926 3 Feb 1933 Henry conducts a long correspondence with J. Harold Long,

of Wellsville, a guy he's met at MU. They were in the same fraternity. J. H. Long

refers to Uncle Britton Smith, who he has apparently met.

18 Mar 1926 There has been a wreck on the Short Line Railroad near Troy. Orion still has the

Fordson tractor.

16 Apr 1926 The school year at Carter Hall is over. There were 32 students,

6 in 1st, 4 in 2nd, 2 in 3rd, 1 in 4rth, 8 in 5th, 11 in 7th grade.

Everyone got promoted, although 2 took final examinations from the School system.

Spring 1926 Alma Smith, Orion's daughter, graduates from Troy High School. She will go to

Central Weslyian College in Warrenton for 20 months, four semesters, until the

college closes it doors. She will finish her Bachelors Degree in Education at

Northeast Missouri Teachers College in Kirksville, August 9, 1940.

June 1926 Henry Smith, Orion's son graduates from the University of Missouri,

with a B.S. in Agriculture. He was a member of the Alpha Gamma Sigma,

ag fraternity, and Alpha Zeta, a Ag honorary Society. His uncle F.W.

Carwell sends him $1.00 as a graduation present.

He will farm with his dad for a few years, then

get a job with the Dept. of Agriculture. Until he retires he will return to

the farm most weekends, even from Kansas City, to work. Either during

college or this period, he will go to Kansas with Merrill, Verner's son,

at least once for the wheat harvest. After graduation he will buy a

motorcycle with a side car, and make at least two long cross country trips,

one of which was to see his Uncle Burton on the Indian

reservation in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He will also ride the motorcycle up Pikes Peak

in Colorado.

12 July 1926 Burton and family are on their way to Troy to visit.

Aug-Sept 1926 Burton has been transferred from California to the U. S. Indian School in Santa Fe,

New Mexico. He works for the Indian School Service of the Department of the


4 Sept 1926-9June 1928 Henry is corresponding with Burton's daughter Margaret "Mardy" Smith.

She is a senior at the Indian School.


6 Sept 1926 Marguerite begins her second year of teaching at Carter Hall school.

7 Nov 1926 Burton's Indian School has played a football game with a Sante Fe high school.

The coaches got into a fight, the girls fought with the Indians coaches wife, and

a boy from the high school team licked the referee

20 Nov 1926 Henry takes Alma, Marguerite, and Orion to the MU/Kansas football

game in Columbia.

22 Dec 1926 Burton's Christmas card to Orion comes from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

19261927 Marguerite Smith, Orion's daughter is hired to teach at Carter Hall School

for $90/month plus$5/month for janitor work. Salaries will drop to

$45/month during the depression.

29 April 1927 Carter Hall School is out. Marguerite had 30 students, in the 1, 2, 3, 4,

6 and 8th grades. Orion, Lydia, Alma and Henry all visit the school on the last day.

1927 1928 Alma is a freshman at Central Wesleyan College, in Warrenton.

Dates on a notebook where she is keeping track of her meals, and

collecting recipes. Probably an assignment in a Home Economics class.

The earliest entry is 5 Sept 1927.

3 June 1927 Burton's daughter, Margaret Francis is graduating from Santa Fe High School.

14 July 1927 Marguerite has been at summer school at Central Wesleyan College, in Warrenton.

She writes Alma a postcard, making arrangements to get home.

23 July 1927 Henry has registered with the Missouri State Board of Agriculture as a

Apiarist. (beekeeper) He has 14 colonies of bees. His Apiary # is 1419.

His certificate # is 1417.

15 Aug 1927 Burton, and his sons Burton and Robert Lee, have had to get up after midnight

and chase 10 cows back in the barn. The boys do it barefoot and get lots of stickers.

Tige the dog helped. They are also raising chickens.

5 Sept 1927 Marguerite begins her third year of teaching at Carter Hall School.

12 Sept 1927 Burton's daughter "Mardy" enters the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

Her brother Burton is also there. Her dad, Burton, has fallen down the back stairs

and hurt his hand and his head.

7 OCT 1927 Henry goes back to Columbia,to the 22nd Annual Barn Warming at M.U.

He has six girls on his dance card.

10 Oct 1927-7 Oct 1928 Henry is corresponding with Vaonia Hedrick who was also a student

at M.U. in Columbia. She was one of Henry's dates for Barn Warming.

Dec 1927 Burtons Christmas card to Orion and Lydia, comes from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

29 Dec 1927 Henry is best man at J. Harold Long's wedding to Oria Arline Hipps, at Wellsville, Mo.

Harold gets a wedding present from Clarence Cannon. Henry get the bridesmaids



Dec 1928 Verner and Anna send Orion and Lydia a Christmas card.

28 Dec 1928 Mardy has been in the hospital, but is home for the holidays. Burton has

gotten a new government car, a 1928 "Whipper".

16 Jan 1928 Mardy has been to one of her brother Burton's frat dances, and had a great time.

1928 Dr William P. Smith is the elected Representative to the State

Legislature from Lincoln County. At some point he has been a

County Health Commissioner, a Road Commissioner, and served on

the Troy Board of Education, and on the City Council.

11 Feb 1928 Allen Welty Smith marries Edith Vivian Shadinger in Honolulu, Hawaii at the

Central Union Church.

8 March 1928 Henry is still talking about the Barn Warming Dance at M.U.

28 April 1928 Carter Hall School is out. Marguerite had 16 students in 1,2,3,4,5

and 7th grade.


7 June 1928 Burton is busy getting a new building built for the boys at the Indian School, in

Santa Fe, New Mexico. Also under construction is a bakery, and a hospital.

Dec 1928 Burton's Christmas Card to Orion comes from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

1928 1929 Vernette Smith is a senior at Central Wesleyan College, in Warrenton,

and Marguerite Smith is a sophomore. Alma is not there. It is not clear

how Marguerite got to be a Sophomore, but it was probably by going to summer


Central Wesleyan College 1929 Yearbook.

Vernette has helped pay his way by waiting tables,

and the result was meeting his future wife.

9 Feb 1929 Marguerite send her dad, Orion, a birthday card from Central Weslyian.

26 Mar 1929 Marguerite will get a ride home from Warrenton, with "Red" Vernette,

for the weekend.

5 May 1929 Opal has written Henry asking about Alma and Marguerite's teaching. Opal

is a teacher. She is probably a second cousin, Opal Smith, who will marry a Ward.

10 May 1929 Marguerite sends Lydia a Mothers Day card from Central Wesleyian.

16 May 1929 Edith E. Smith Ossie's daughter, graduates from Buchanan High School.

1929? Burton retires from Civil service. Burton L. Smith's last

position had been on a Indian reservation in Santa Fe New Mexico, where

he was Superintendent of a Indian school. At some point in his career he

worked at a school in Shawnee, Kansas. He and his wife retire to

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

5 June 1929 Vernette C. Smith, Verner's son, graduates from Central Wesleyan College in


14 June 1929 Alma goes to a Student's Reunion at Central Wesleyan. Alfred S. Bacon signs

her book.

15 Aug 1929 Marguerite and Alma receive a invitation to attend the Commencement

Ceremony at Central Wesleyan College from Leona D. Strieker, class of 1930.

13 Sept 1929 Alma attends a Student's Reunion at Central Wesleyan.

Oct.1929 The stock market crashes.

21 Oct 1929 Ossie's girls, Dorothy and Edith are having a Halloween party, and have invited

Orion's family. They are having "presents, apples, pies, and tricks, and

fortunes stuck on little sticks."

1929 Someone in the family has taken a Blue Ribbon at the Lincoln County Fair.

Posssibly Henry for his honey.

26 Oct 1929 Amos marries Edna Mae Allison in Kansas City Mo.


1930 Welty is 81 years old. He spends time at various of his children's homes.

1930 Dr William P. Smith is elected to a second term in the State Legislature.

15 Jan 1930-Mar 1932 Henry is corresponding with Gladys "Peggy" Bacon at 5932 Julian Ave.

St Louis. She is Alfred Bacon's sister who has been dating Marguerite.

The family's have apparently gotten together as a result of Alfred and Marguerite

going to Central Wesleyan College. Henry has sent her a jar of honey. She is

still in high school.

3 Mar. 1930 Henry has sent Gladys a picture of himself, and wants one in return. She has

apparently been to the farm as she is asking about her pig "Aliwishi".

April 1930 Census Oswald and Verner Smith are living in the NW corner of Clark Township,

between brother Elbert, Welty, and the Carwell holdings. Verner is 50, his wife

Anna Carwell is 47. Their sons are Vernette C. age 22, and Merrill W. age 18.

Oswald B. is 52, his wife Lillie E. is 49. Their children are Dorothy F. age 23,

and Edith E. age 19. Harvey Elbert is 47, his wife Hattie H. is 39. Their

daughters Lillian F. age 19 and Elberta W. age 10 are with them Welty, age 80,

is living in Troy, with Dick Bennett age 70, and daughter Mary E. age 55.

Dr William P. Smith, age 59, is also in town, with wife Eugenia age 55.

Theron is in Millwood Township, probably in Davis. He is 48. His wife Essie H.

is 42. Orion R. is 3 miles north of town, age 54, wife Lydia is 54, Henry W.

is 28, Marguerite is 26, and Alma is 24. Folsom, age 41 lives near Orion, with

husband Edward J. Bohmer, age 40, and children, Robert A. age 12, Melvin E.

age 9, and daughter Virginia, age 2.

Summer 1930 Lincoln Co is hit by a major drought. The temperature is over

100 for 34 days. All the family farmers are in trouble.

16 July 1930 Henry is working in the wheat harvest for Miller Bros. out of Big Springs, Neb.

Merrill Smith is with him. they are on their motorcycles.

22 July 1930 Burton wants Henry to visit before he heads home. The Peoples Bank of Troy

has failed and been taken over by the Farmers and Merchants Bank.

Orion blames the failure on big loans to farmers trying to grow rice in Lincoln county.

31 July 1930 Henry is working in the wheat harvest for the Kalsen Brothers, out of Big Springs,

Nebraska. Marguerite has sent out 47 wedding invitations, and is worried Henry

won't get home for it. She has gotten wedding presents from Henry and

Ruth Carwell, Leona Carwell, and Celesta. Merrill Smith has been home, but

is leaving for camp.

2 Aug 1930 Henry is still in Big Springs Neb. Merrill has returned to Troy, then left for Des

Moines, Iowa. Marguerite is worried that it is going to rain on her wedding day.

Ruth Carwell has come down for the wedding. Uncle Amos Rinaman appears to

be a shoo in to get reelected.

3 Aug 1930 Marguerite Smith marries Alfred Stanley Bacon, who she met while at

Central Wesleyan College. The marriage is held in the front parlor at

Orion's house. All the Bacon family from St Louis, including Gladys attend.

Aunt Adeline Kemper has baked Angel food cakes, which are served with ice cream.

8 Aug 1930 Orion has sold 9 hogs. Amos Rinaman won the primary election. One of the

Bacon's told them Marguerites wedding was the "most beautiful home wedding

she ever saw".

1930 Theron's renounced son, James Ernest Smith becomes an Electrical

engineer. He will write acclaimed textbooks on electronics,

and have a distinguished career with Rockwell and RCA.

8 Sept 1930 Gladys Bacon is dating Eddie, who I believe she eventually marries.

She is bugging Henry about him.

22 Sept 1930 Apparently at the wedding celebration at the farm Henry and Gladys got to

singing a French song. She's all wrought up over being in a triangle with Henry

and Eddie. Her brother William Bacon is a junior at M.U. and has bought a Ford.

Her brother Victor Bacon is planning to marry Edna from Winfield.

11 Oct 1930 Gladys Bacon has had her class of Sunday School girls out for a weekend at a

church camp on the Meramac River. "Camp Friloha" Henry has called her.

He is back from one of his motorcycle trips west and send her a picture.

Henry and Alma are planning on going to Victor Bacon's wedding.

1 Nov 1930 Henry has pledged $100 to help build the Student Union at the University of

Missouri. They are wanting the money.

1931 Croquet is the game. The two courts are on the south side of Bonfils

Auditorium, next to Dr W. P. Smith's house. Dr Smith played regularly.

The Depression hits and all are affected. The Bank in Hawk Point

survives. One of the Troy banks will fail. Family members with

money on deposit there will lose most of it. It will not be over until1941.

The "concrete slab", highway 61 is being finished. Orion and the neighbors

want to build a road along the edge of the bottom to tie in with it.

They are blocked by Rome Harlan, who wants his cows to move freely

across the area the where road will be. Orion gets frustrated and says

he's going to go see Rome, roll up his sleeves and whip him. The

neighbors cool him off, and Rome eventually forces them to build

him a cattle underpass for the road.

13 Feb 1932 Professor Burton L. Smith dies in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. . His

body is returned to Troy for burial in the City Cemetery. One of his

photos has Doctor written on it. His degrees are currently unknown.

27 Feb 1932 Burton's wife Anna, buys a burial plot for him, in Joseph and

Artilla Rinaman's plot.

28 Feb 1932 Last letter Gladys Bacon writes Henry. Apparently at some time he took her

hunting for arrowheads in the corn field. She's about to get her drivers license.

1932 Orion is elected Clerk of Carter Hall School Board. Salary is $10/year.

10 April 1932 Dr William P. Smith's son Merrill, is on the USS Black Hawk, a destroyer

tender, at Shanghai, China, watching the Japanese bomb the Woasung Forts.

He has been in the city and seen the damage from bombing and artillery.

The ship had been in Manila, in the Philippines. The Japanese cease

the attack after the U.S. and other nations ships arrive.

The Japanese have been in Manchuria since the late 1920's.

They begin the complete takeover of Manchuria on 18 Sept 1931. They will

invade Shanghai in 1935. Merril has written Henry and is giving him a bad time

about a motorcycle accident Henry has had on a trip back from Laddonia, Mo..

Henry had a Harley Davidson, which has now been replaced by a Chevy coupe.

Merrill also had a motorcyle and took the trip west with Henry a year or two

earlier. They stopped at George Carwell's in Kansas. At some point in the trip

they chased jackrabbits with them.

23 Dec 1933 Henry has sent a Christmas card to Berenice Meyers in St. Louis.

3 April 1934 Last record of Orion serving as Secretary of Carter Hall School.

17 April 1934 Hildia Black has called out to the farm for Henry. Apparently Lydia answered

the phone and told her "it wasn't any of her business whether Henry was home or not"

Henry gets a letter wanting him to come see her. Lydia obviously disapproves

of forward girls.

5 Aug 1934 Welty Smith dies at his daughter, Mary Ella Smith Bennett's house,

in Troy, Lincoln Co. Mo. He is 85 years old.

10 Nov 1934 Henry is living in Flat River, Mo. Orion has been picking corn on Mrs Young's land.

Buster the dog, came in and pulled the window shade down on his back with

his tail the other morning. Made him yelp.

23 Nov 1934 George Carwell and wife, from Kansas, have been visiting Orion and Lydia.

The "shredder" has been at the farm.

4 Dec 1934 Henry is working at the County Relief Office in Crystal City, Mo. Orion has sold

16 hogs, a veal calf, and a white faced cow. Apparently

the corn is cut and put into shocks, then the process of getting the corn is called

shredding. Orion's car is in the shop. Schaper, the car dealer, lent him a car but

he took it back because the wheels shimmied so badly.

11 Dec 1934 Henry seems to have gotten married.

27 Dec 1934 Orion's dog Buster spends the nights in the old Harvey house, so it's still standing.

Orion's sow has had a litter of pigs. Sounds like 6 will make it.

13 Jan 1935 Tom and Adeline Kemper, and Johanna Carwell are coming to visit Orion

and Lydia. Johanna will stay a while. They are going to butcher a hog.

Lydia has gone east to see Marguerite recently. She is looking for a visit from

Henry and his new wife Myrtle the next Sunday.

18 Jan 1935 Henry is working at the Farm Bureau, at 7821 Forsythe, in Clayton, Mo.

8 Feb. 1935 Dr William P. Smith dies, Troy, Mo. A flue epidemic in Troy, put

two doctors in the hospital, a third left town because of a sick Mother.

"Uncle Doctor" was the sole physician in town for the week before he

collapsed. He died of a acute kidney infection after two weeks in a

St Louis hospital. The obituary says Amos is in Omaha, Neb.

4 Mar 1935 Henry lives at 9018 Bristol Ave. in Overland. Johannah Carwell is still at Orion's

and Lydia's. They are sowing oats. Lydia keeps promising to cook some guinnias

for Henry when he comes.

21 Mar 1935 Henry is living at 9018 Bristol Ave., Overland, Mo. He's been up to Columbia

to visit his buddy Harold Long, and get some advice concerning women.

13 Mar 1935 Henry's girl Myrtle, has been broadcasting on the radio. Orion's radio isn't working

so they miss it. Orion has sold some 22 more hogs. He gets $440. for them.

10 Apr 1935 Henry announces by letter, that he and Myrtle have gotten married.

21 Dec 1935 Orion invites Henry and Myrtle up for Christmas.

2 Oct 1935 Orion and Lydia are traveling. Lydia seems to be in Pennsylvania;

helping after the birth of Willard, to Marguerite. Orion and Alma have

gone to Kansas to visit the George Carwells. When they get home from

Kansas, Orion takes Alma to the movies in Troy, at the Blue Jay Theater.

She wins a $180 door prize. The crowd filled the theater, and overflowed

into the street, all the way to the Baptist Church. They gave Alma a rousing cheer.

15 Aug 1936 Ossie Smith leases 65 acres of the Welty Smith home place from

Orion, Verner, and Elbert. He has the right to live on the place

till 1 March 1937.

fall 1936 The drought finally ends. Six of the last seven years have been very hot, and

short on rain.

18 Oct 1936 Henry and Myrtle are apparently still together, but thinking about moving.

20 Dec 1936 Henry and Myrtle are in the process of getting divorced.

1936 A rift develops between the Verner Smith and Orion Smith families.

Orion's son Henry, has married and divorced a girl he met through

Verner's son. Henry's mother, Lydia, blames Verner's family for the disaster.

The children ignore the adults and remain friends. The problem seems

to be mainly between Lydia and Anna. They will eventually reconcile.

25 Mar 1937 The Welty Smith home place is sold. Elbert has sold his home

place and moved to Davis.

5 May 1937 Henry has been living at 7057 Stanford Ave. in University City, since Dec..

Orion has been in St Louis, buying baby chickens, but didn't stop by.

15 Aug 1937 Mrs. Amos H. Smith (Edna Allison) dies. Suicide. Amos will remarry.

10 Sept 1937 A final family reunion is held at the William Smith Sr. home place.

Ossie, Verner, Elbert, Falsie, and the descendants of many of the other

second family members attend.

Dec 1937 Amos is in Omaha Nebraska, working in the Engineering Division, of

the Corp of Engineers? They are dredging the Missouri River.

21 Jan 1938 Orion has sold 24 hogs. He got $477 for them. The Lincoln county Sheriff and

deputies have been out, wanting Henry's address. The Clayton sheriff called to

ask if Orion had Henry's license plates. Orion's puzzled, Henry has either

been in an accident or witnessed on.

7 Feb 1938 Henry has been broadcasting farm news on the radio. Orion heard him.

17 Feb 1938 Orion has sold the mare. Henry has been on the radio again. Buster the dog,

won't listen to him.

1939 Mrs. William P. Smith dies, Troy, Mo.

2 Apr 1938 Henry is living at 7057 Stanford, University City, Mo. He is responsible for

two counties. It is not clear whether he still works for the Farm Bureau or a

Federal Agency. His buddy, John Rogers, from Marshall, Mo. repays a loan

Henry made to him.

1 Sept 1939 World War II begins.


9 Aug 1940 Alma, Orion's daughter, receives her Batchelor of Science in Education

degree from the State Teachers College, in Kirksville, Missouri.

24 Aug 1940 Harvey Elbert Smith dies, Lincoln Co. Mo.

9 Nov 1940 Amos Smith marries Edna Jean Holland. They will move to Kansas City.

1941 Theron Smith is renting land and farming about a mile E of

Orion. The rift between the brothers does not prevent Orion from

taking his milk cow down to Theron's for breeding with his bull

once a year. Electricity reaches the farm. Orion buys the family a

refrigerator for Christmas. It ran for 50 years.

7 Dec 1941 The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. The United States has entered WWII.

Allen Smith, Uncle Doctors son, is stationed at Pearl Harbor during the

attack. He will retire after the war with the rank of Lt Col.

He was in the Signal Corp.

1942 Keithley opens the first limestone quarry on Orion's land.

Keithley ran the quarry for a while, then the Watson brothers took

over. Concrete Materials opened a second face for a few years.

Magruder Quarries currently is the operator. Orion had bought the

land the quarry opened on for back taxes. Eventually some of the

Harvey's from Texas showed up, wanting a share. Orion sent them

back to Texas without any satisfaction.

Aug 1942 Amos Herbert Smith dies. He is buried in Kansas City.

1942-43 Last year of operation for Carter Hall School. Alma Smith is the teacher.

She is still walking the mile to school each day from home.

Her students include the following descendants of Lee Annah Smith Creech.

Francis Mozier 5th grade, John Mozier 3rd grade, and Judy Mozier 1st grade.

Francis will go on to get a BA in History at the U. of Mo., John will get a Dr in

Veterinary Medicine from U. of Mo. and Judy will become President of Hechler

Hardware. Judy is also a Committee woman in the Republican Party in Missouri,

and a power in local politics and events. In the prior generation,

Henry Smith got a BS in Agriculture at the U. of Mo.,

Marguerite Smith a BS in Education at Washington U., and Alma Smith a BS

in Education from Kirksville. I'm certain many other students who got

their primary education at this school also went on to college and received

degrees. Not bad for a one room schoolhouse with one teacher.

7 May 1945 Germany surrenders.

2 Sept 1945 Japan surrenders. WW II is over.

1945-46 School year. Alma is teaching at Nelson School. I believe this was at Winfield.

Late 1940's Dr James Ernest Smith, Theron's rejected son comes back to Troy

and visits Verner. He has had a wonderful career developing computers.

3 July 1946 Mary Ella Smith Bennett dies, Troy, Mo. Nannie Ethyl and family are in

Troy, and visit Orion at the farm. The kids get their picture taken

with his mules, and they take home to Bloomington, Wisconsin, some of

his sorghum to make Christmas cookies with.

1947 Oswald Smith retires, and moves to Liege Mo.

2 Aug 1947 Mary Ella's husband Richard T. Bennett dies, Troy, Mo.

13 Apr 1949 Verner has a heart attack.

14 Apr 1949 Verner Conrad Smith dies, Lincoln Co. Ossie is living at Liege.


18 Jan 1950 Sam Lorton has an accident on Orion's farm.

5 Oct 1950 Sam Lorton has sued Orion and Robert W. Creech over the accident.

He wants $5,000. The nature of the accident, and the outcome of the

suit is unknown.

1951 Lydia and Anna, Orion and Verner's wife's have reconciled their differences.

Anna is living in Overland, and Orion is helping her with the decisions

about her farm in Lincoln Co.

1952 Nannie Ethel Smith Welsh is living in Bloomington, Wisconsin.

4 Feb 1952 Mrs. Orion R. Smith, (Lydia Carwell) dies. Lincoln Co.

21 Mar 1952 Orion Russell Smith dies, Lincoln Co. Mo.

Fall 1952 The rock Indian mound on Orion's farm is excavated by Dr's Virginia and

James B. Watson of Washington University, St Louis. Sixteen burials were

found, and others had been previously disturbed. A large ceremonial blade

of flint, 9 and inches long was found with a adult male. Title to the blade

was retained by the Smith Heirs, but possession remains with the Watsons.

Results of the excavation were published in The Missouri Archaelogist, Vol 19,

No3, Oct 1957. Willard gets to help a little on the edge of the mound.

14 Jan 1953 Mrs. Oswald Smith (Lillian Lampley) dies in Liege, Mo..

Oswald Smith moves to Bellflower, Lincoln Co.

13 Sept 1953 The second Rinaman reunion is underway at the Troy Fair Ground Park. The

descendants of Welty and Artilla attend. Nannie Ethyl Smith Welsh and family

are present from Wisconsin. Ossie Smith is present. He is living in Liege, Mo.

25 Nov 1953 Theron Welty Smith dies, Lincoln Co.

11 Sept 1954 Nannie Ethel Smith Welsh dies.

12 Sept 1954 The third Rinaman Reunion is held in Troy. Eighty eight descendants,

families and guests attend.

11 Sept 1955 The 4rth annual Reunion of the Rinaman family is held in Troy.

Sixty Nine family members, descended from the Welty Smith and

Artilla Smith Rinaman families attend. Oswald "Ossie" B. Smith of Bellflower

is present, as is Leola Folsom Smith Bohmer and her husband Ed.

15 Sept 1957 The 5th Rinaman Reunion is held at Troy. Eighty three attend.

21 Sept 1958 The 6th Rinaman Reunion is held at Troy. Ossie and Leola Folsom attend.

20 Sept 1959 The 7th Rinaman Reunion is held at Troy. Seventy Three attend.

Ossie and Leola Folsum are there.

1 July 1960 The eighth and apparently final Rinaman Reunion is held at Troy.

31 Jan 1961 Oswald "Ossie"Brandell Smith dies. Troy, Mo.

June 1961 Orion's daughters, Marguerite and Alma spend 29 days touring Alaska. It is a

Northeast Missouri Teachers College tour, for credit. They get to Point Barrow,

North of the Artic circle.

1962 Nannie Ethel's husband, Earl Welsh dies.

10 July 1963 Leola Folsom Smiths husband, Edward Bohmer dies Lincoln Co.


1967 Theron's rejected son, Dr James Ernest Smith, dies in West Newton, Mass.

He was a pioneer in computer technology, graduating from Jamestown

College, earning a Masters Degree in electrical engineering at Brooklyn

Polytechnic Institute, and was a graduate scholar at the California

Institute of Technology. He was given a Honorary degree of Doctor

of Science from Jamestown. He taught Electrical engineering at New

York University, and Communications engineering at the RCA Institutes.

He had 19 patents, and had published numerous technical articles and

books. He began his career as Research and Division head

at the Radio Corporation of America. He then moved to become the

Assistant Vice President and Director of Engineering at Raytheon Inc.

He then became Vice president of Electronic Data Processing at Honeywell Inc.

His career spanned the development of the first two generations of computers.


1971 Mrs. Vernon C. Smith (Annie Carwell) dies, Troy, Mo.

20 May 1972 Mrs. Harvey Elbert Smith (Hattie H. Kinon) dies, Lincoln Co.

She is buried with her husband in the Sulphur Lick Cem.

20 Sep 1973 Leola Folsom Smith Bohmer dies, Lincoln Co.


1 Nov 1975 Mrs. Theron W. Smith (Essie Mae Trail) dies in Ironton, Mo.

She is buried with her husband in the Sulphur Lick Cem.


The data in this log has been derived from material collected by Mrs. Patsy Creech,

Mrs. Alice Johnson, Mrs. Julia Hechler, Mrs. Lillian Martin, Mr. Stanley Bacon,

Mr. Verne Smith, and the author. This log was compiled by Willard Smith Bacon,

120 Beechwood Circle, Manchester Tn 37355, 931 728 7973, willbacon@charter.net