The Welty Chronically                                August 2003


500 Year History


Ancestral Data  Earliest direct ancestors are Bold, underlined, and 



           1500's  The Welty, Weldi, Waelti, Welti, family from which we

                       descend appears to originate in Switzerland, in the Canton

                       of Bern, the valle of Emmental.

                       Another group of Weltys was in the Canton of Zurich.

  early 1500's  The valley of Emmental becomes a hotbed of Anabaptist

                       heresy, following the teachings of Ulrich Zwingli.

                       Stoffel Waelti a peasant from Ruegsau, is brought

                       before the authorities for listening to Anabaptist sermons.


           1537    Bernhard Waelti, a peasant from Ruederswil, becomes a

                       Anabaptist martyr.

           1539    Margreth Waelti, a peasant woman from Ruederswil becomes

                       a martyr.


           1600's  The Bernese Anabaptists become followers of Menno Simon,

                      and become known as Mennonites.


    ca. 1655  Hans Heinrich Hunsacker is born.  He will marry Barbara

                   Neunlistin.  Their son Johannes Jacob Hunsacker b. ca. 1675,

                   will marry Margretha Buss.  Their child Hartman Hunsacker

                   b. ca. 1690, is the line we descend from.


           1664  Karl Ludwig, Elector of the Palatinate in Germany, allows the

                    immigration of a limited number of Swiss Mennonite families.


           1671  Persecution of the Mennonites in Switzerland becomes

                    intolerable, and several hundred leave for the Palatinate, in

                    Germany, arriving destitute.  The Palatinate has been

                    devastated by the 30 years war, 1618 – 1648, and workers are

                    needed to reclaim the land.  The Mennonites are forbade to

                    baptize or build churches.  Each family has to pay an annual fee

                    as "protection money."

           1672 Hans Welte, 30, wife dead, is in Spressum, (Spiesheim, a village

                    north of Alzey).  His protection money is 12 Reichsthaler. 

                   1672 census of Mennonites in the Palatinate. 

                   A Hans Welte was imprisoned in Bern, Switzerland, and flogged

                   for being an Anabaptist in this year.  It is probably the same man.

                   Peter Welte, 38, wife, 2 children, a third on the way, is living in

                   Weynum, (Weinheim, a village slightly west of Alzey)  His

                   protection money is 5 Reichsthaler.  1672 census of Menonites in

                   the Palatinate.  One of these two men is probably the father or

                   grandfather, of our ancestor Peter Welde, who will be born in



    ca. 1695  Peter Welde born- Central Europe.  Rodenbach,

                   the Palatinate, Germany.

           1696  Catherine, (Catharina) Hunsacker? born, probably in



           1717  Peter Welde marries Catherine, probably in Germany.


     ca. 1721  Gasper Roland, (Rowland) is born.  He will marry Mary


                    They will have eight children.  Joseph will be our connection

                    to the line.

          1724  A Peter (Velde) Welty, a Mennonite living at Rodenbach, a

                    village near Kaiserslautern, is probably our man.  He has an

                   entire livelihood of 50 florins/ year.


    Oct 1727  Peter and Catherine Welde arrive at Philadelphia, Penn. on the

                     "Friendship of Bristol", out of Rotterdam, Holland.  The name

                     is changed to Welty.  Peter is believed to be in Lancaster

                     County, Penn. from 1727 to 1732.  They will have 2 sons,

                     John and Abraham I, and 5 daughters.


      ca. 1730  John (Johannes) Welty, Abraham Welty I's brother, is born.

                     He will marry Eva Gochnauer, Jacob Gochnauer's daughter. 

                     They will have at least 13 children.

                     Gochnauer, sometimes (Cocghnower,

                     Cochenauer, Kegenower, Coughenour, Kochenhauer)

           1731  Mary Hunsucker, daughter of Hartman Hunsacker and Anna

                      Stirtz is born.  She has at least eight brothers and sisters. 

                      She will marry Gasper Roland, father of Joseph Roland.

                      A sister, Magdalena will marry a Gochenour.  Another

                      Elizabeth, will take Jacob Gochenour as a second husband.

           1732  Abraham Welty I is born, probably in Lancaster, County, Penn.

19 Jan 1733  Peter Welty receives a land warrant for 135 acres, in York

                    County, Pennsylvania.


26 Feb 1745  Peter Welty receives a second land warrant in York County,

                     Penn.  The land in the area is also claimed by Maryland,

                     causing a jurisdictional dispute.

        1740's  Gochnauer's are listed as among the first settlers of Page

                    County, Pa.


 ca. 1750       Joseph Roland is born.  He will marry Catherine Dobbin. 

                     He will father Mary Roland Welty, and five other children. 


30 June 1755 Peter Welty writes his will.  He gives his wife,30 pounds, his

                    house, 12 bushels of wheat, and 5 bushels of rye annually, a

                    hundredweight of pork, 2 cows, and "fouther toed" and 2

                    "yearders with fleece".  Abraham I, and John get 2 pieces of

                   land, which they have to pay the estate for.

            1755 Peter Welty, (Welde) dies in Mannheim Township, York

                    County, Penn, at about age 60.

22 Aug 1755 Peter Welty's will is proved.

23 Nov 1756 Abraham Welty I marries Maria (Mary) Magdalena

                     Gochnauer, Eva's sister, both daughters of Jacob Gochnauer.

                     The Welty brothers, John and Abraham, have married

                     Gochnauer sisters, Maria and Eva.

                    Abraham and Mary will have at least twelve children. 

                    Catherine, m. Jacob Crouse, Mary, m. John Hendricks,

                    David, m. Mary Brown, Jacob, m. Rachel, Fanny (Francis,

                    Frena), Peter, m. Elizabeth, Abraham II, and John.


           1760 Peter Welty, son of Abraham I, is born in York, Pennsylvania.

7 July 1761 Abraham I acquires two tracts of land, 195 &1/4 acre, and

                   59 acres in Shrewbury Township, York County, Penn.  These

                   tracts border land owned by his brothers in law, Abraham Beery,

                   and John Kochenauer. 

9 Sept 1763 Abraham I, living in Manchester Township, Penn. buys

                   180 acres in Manheim Township, York County, Penn. from

                   John Huntzacker and wife, for 450 pounds. At some point he

                   leaves the Mennonite religion and becomes a Dunker, i.e.

                   German Baptist.


         1766 Abraham I moves to a Dunker colony in Frederick County,


20 June 1766 Abraham I buys two tracts, "Good Spring", containing 100

                  acres, a draft of Great Pipe Creek, and "Small Hoope" containing

                  13.5 acres, in Frederick County, Maryland.  The seller is a

                  Dunkard minister, Gasper Roland and his wife Mary, whose

                  granddaughter, Mary, will marry Abraham II, son of Abraham I.

14 Nov 1768 Abraham I sells his land in York County, Penn, to Abraham

                  Beery, for 450 pounds.


1 Aug 1770 Abraham I, farmer, buys "Level Glade", in Frederick County,

                   Maryland, from Phillip Greenwood, Blacksmith for 840 pounds.

                   It has 114.25 acres, and is near a little valley that descends to

                   Little Pipe Creek.

20 Nov 1770 Abraham I sells "Good Spring" and "Small Hoope" in Fredrick

                    County, Maryland to Abraham Roland for 450 pounds.  He also

                    buys 8 acres of "Leonard's Range, on Sam's Creek, from Casper

                    Devilbiss for 32 pounds.

 1 June 1773  Abraham I buys 4 acres of "Deeps" from Adam Lemmon for 13

                   pounds, 10 shillings.  He also sells two tracts on Sam's Creek, to

                   Christian Haas, for 200 pounds.  These were 90 acres of "Level

                  Glade", and 10 acres of the "Deeps".

16 Nov 1773  Abraham Welty I sells "Level Glade", 87 acres,  and "Leonard

                  Range", 8 acres, and with other Dunkard

                  families, moves to Rowan County, North Carolina.

                  As part of the sale, (Mary) Magdalena Welty, Abraham I, wife

                  relinquishes her right of dower to land in Frederick County.

                  Maryland.  The sale brings in 1,700 pounds of Pennsylvania

                  money.  The sale includes buildings, merchant mills, grist mills,

                  and saw mills, so Abraham I was definitely a merchant and

                  mill owner. The buyers are Christian Haas and Henry Landis.


         1776 John Welty, son of Abraham I is born, probably in

                  North Carolina.

Aug 1777   Abraham Welty I, has settled on Dutchman's Creek near other

                  Dunkers, and some Quakers.  He first appears in the records of

                  Rowan County, North Carolina, at this time.  This area will later

                  become Davie County.

        1778   The Dutchman's Creek congregation is strictly pacifist. 

                  Abraham I signs a oath of allegiance to the Colonial Cause,

                  in Rowan County, and appears on that counties tax role.


Start of the Abraham Welty II Chronicle

Grandparents and great grandparents are in italics, Parents are in bold italics.  Children in Bold Type, grandchildren of Abraham II are underlined.


21 March 1780  Abraham I is claiming 640 acres of land near Bear Creek,

                    bordering land owned by Benjamin Bently.

           1780 Abraham Welty II is born, in Rowan County,

                    North Carolina.

           1782  Abraham I is helping a Dunkard, John Crouse, with a land

                    claim.  The pacifist dunkers are having trouble competing

                    for land.


      late 1786  The state orders the Rowan County sheriff, Hugh Torrence,

                      to seize two stills and three brass kettles from Abraham

                      Weatty.  They had belonged to John Latshaw, of Baltimore,

                      Maryland, who has been murdered.

             1787 Mary Roland is born, Rowan County, North Carolina..

10 April 1787  Abraham Welty I buys 393 acres on Bear Creek, from Daniel

                       Lewis for 40 pounds.

17 July 1787  Abraham Welty I writes his will, and signs his mark.

                      He leaves Mary two horses, three cows, her bed and bedding,

                      her clothes, his largest iron pot, a basin, two pewter plates, and

                      six spoons.  She also is left the land and plantation, as long as

                      she is a widow.  If she remarries, the land is to be sold, and she

                      will get a child's share.  Everything else is to immediately sold,

                      and split between the children, with his wife getting a child's

                      share.  He gives John Hendrick, the Dunkard minister? 100

                      acres, and rights to some other land.  The 80 pounds from this

                      deal is to be split equally between his wife and children.

before 6 Aug 1787  Abraham Welty I dies, in North Carolina.  Abraham II is

                     17 years old.  His brothers are Peter, Jacob, David, and John. 

                     His sisters are Fanny Welty Hendricks, Catherine Welty

                     Crouse, and Mary Welty Hendricks.  There may be other


 9 Aug 1787  The state of North Carolina grants the Abraham Welty I, estate,

                     63 acres in the fork of Dutchman and Cedar Creek. 

                     Grant # 1563.

24 Sept 1787  The heirs of Abraham Welty I, buy 520 acres on Bear Creek

                       for 500 pounds.

 2 Feb 1788  The heirs of Abraham Welty I sell 150 acres on Bear Creek for

                     200 pounds to John Roland.  They also sell 160 acres on Bear

                     Creek to Daniel Hendrix, for 200 pounds.


           1790  The census lists the Gasper, Joseph, and John Roland families

                     in Rowan County, North Carolina.  They own no slaves.

                     Gasper's family includes one son under 16, and two daughters. 

                     Joseph's family includes 1 son over 16, 1 son under 16,

                     4 daughters, and one apparently unrelated person.  There are no

                     Welty's listed, so the family apparently has moved on to

                     Kentucky.  Kentucky did not have a 1790 census.

26 Oct 1790 The heirs of Abraham Welty I, sell 78 acres to John Hendrix Jr,

                     for 95 pounds.

pre 16 Aug 1794  Abraham's brother, John (Joannes) Welty dies in

                    Mannheim Twnshp, York County, Penn.  He was an elder in the

                    Mennonite Church.


1795-1796  Mary Welty is listed on the tax rolls of Bourbon County,

                   Kentucky.  The family may be there until 1802.

          1799  Major Christopher Clark visits the town spring at what will

                    become Troy, Lincoln County Missouri, and finds a small

                    Indian village with their wigwams placed in a circle around the

                    spring.  These are reported to have been Sac and Fox.  The area

                    is officially the Province of Upper Louisiana,

                    and is commonly called New Spain.  Its capital is St Louis.


           1800  Spain cedes France the area that will later become Missouri.

3 May 1800  The heirs of Abraham Welty I, sell 241 acres on Buffalo Creek,

                     on the East side of Dutchman's Creek in Rowan County, North

                     Carolina, to Davis Sparks.

1800 Census Mary Welty and Joseph Roland are in Bourbon County

                    Kentucky, just north east of Lexington.  Peter Welty, Abraham's

                    brother is in Clark County, Kentucky, adjacent to Bourbon, and

                    to the South.  David Welty, another brother, is in Warren County

                    Kentucky, south east of Bowling Green.  Four other Weltys,

                    Jacob, Casper, John and Frederick are in Maryland.  Three more

                    George, John and fnu, are in Pennsylvania.  Some of these may

                     be relatives.

           1801  The first cabins are built at what will become Troy, Missouri.

                    During this year Joseph Roland and Abraham Welty II move to

                    Warren County Kentucky.

18 July 1801 Moses Bond is born in Spottslyvania county, Virginia.  

3 May 1802 Abraham Welty II marries Mary (Polly) Francis Rowland, in

                    Warren County, Kentucky.   She is the daughter of Joseph and

                    Catherine Roland, (Rowland).  Joseph is an ordained Dunkard

                    minister, and the son of Gasper and Mary Roland.  He is 22, she

                    is just 15.  Abraham and Mary will have ten children.  Zillah,

                     Elizabeth, Fanny, Mahala, Christina "Catherine",

                     Mary "Polly", Rosanna, Rachel, and two sons, R. Elisha,

                     and Joseph R.  The Rolands have obviously been moving with

                     the Dunkard community.  Abraham is the great grandson of

                     Hartman Hunsacker and Anna Stirtz.  Mary is their great



                    From this point on in this chronology Abraham Welty II,

                    will be referred to just as Abraham Welty.


 after 1802  John Welty, Abraham's brother dies in Kentucky.

         1803  Thomas Jefferson makes the Louisiana Purchase, and the

                   area that will become Missouri becomes part of the United

                   States.  Abraham appears on the Warren County Kentucky

                   tax rolls through 1818.

30 June 1803  Elizabeth "Betsy" Welty is born in Warren County?

                   Kentucky.  Another source says 20 June.

         1804  Frances Mary "Fanny" Welty is born in Warren County?



          1805  There are many settlements of the Sac and Fox within what

                    is now Lincoln County.  It is a favorite hunting ground for the

                    two tribes, which are primarily located in the Rock River

                    country of Illinois.  Black Hawk, who would later lead the

                    tribe to war, liked to drink and dance at Adam Zumwalts

                    distillery, at Zumwalts spring, (Big Springs Mills), near Flint

                    Hill, Lincoln County.  At this time he was quite friendly.

 4 Nov 1806  Abraham receives warrants for 200 acres on the Lick Fork of

                     Drakes Creek, and another for 33 acres, in Warren County,


28 July 1808  Sophia "Zillah" "Tolah" Welty is born in Warren County,



7 April, 1810  Mahala Welty is born in Franklin, Warren County,


1810 Census  Mary Welty, is living next to David Welty, son of Abraham I,

                      in Bourbon County, Kentucky.  He appears to have moved

                      back from Warren County.  Abraham's brother Peter is living

                      in Warren County, Kentucky.  Abraham is in Warren County,

                      living next door to his father in law, Joseph Roland.

                      Abraham's family consists of his wife and 4 daughters.  John

                      Roland is also living in the County.

 Late 1810-Early 1811  R. Elisha Welty is born in Warren County Kentucky.

3 (13) March 1812  Christina "Catherine" "Tene" Welty is born in

                     Warren County, Kentucky.  There are several birth dates, the

                     latest being 13 Nov. 1812.

12 June 1812 War with Great Britain and their Indian allies is declared by 

                    Congress.  Woods Fort is built at Troy, Stouts Fort near Auburn,

                    and Fort Howard was built near Cap-au Gris.  Five tribes

                    consider Lincoln County their hunting grounds.  Black Hawk

                   has  been commissioned a Brigadier General in the British

                   Army, and brings a war party into Lincoln County.  A number of

                    people are killed on both sides, and the fight ends up at the "sink

                    hole" near Black Hawk spring, near Fort Howard.  The Indians

                    are trapped in the sink hole till dark, then escape.  A number of

                    the Lincoln County Rangers will serve under Daniel Boone's

                   two sons, and a grandson, from St Charles County.  Col. Daniel

                   M. Boone, one of the sons, did most of the U. S. Government

                   surveys in Lincoln County. Daniel Boone has

                   been a judge for the Spaniards in this area, and has built a 

                   massive house designed as a fort.  The Pottowatomies massacre

                   a family near Clarksville.  A significant number of settlers and

                   Indians were killed in Lincoln county during the war.

         1813  Lt Zachary Taylor, who will one day become president, takes

                   command of Woods fort.  Daniel Boone reportedly also visits

                   the fort.  The Story of Troy, 140th Anniversary Program.

                   Joseph R.Welty, Abraham's son is born in Warren County,

                   Kentucky, in either 1815, 17, or 19.

         1814  The Treaty of Ghent brings the War of 1812 to an end.


 Feb 1816   Mary Welty is born in Warren County, Kentucky.

5 Jan 1818  Rosannah (Rose Anna) Welty is born in Warren County,

                   Kentucky.  Another source says the date is 15 Jan.

14 Dec 1818  Lincoln County, Mo. is formally named and established.

         1818   Elizabeth Welty marries Samuel Howell in Barren County

                    Kentucky.  Obituary.  He was born in Franklin Co. Georgia. 

                    Barren County is next to Warren County.  They will

                    immediately move to Allen County, Kentucky, which was

                    formed in 1815 from Warren and Barren Counties.. 

                    Their children are Abraham, Robert, Sarah A., and Mary, who

                    married and divorced Calvin Smith.  Samuel, and Warren, who

                    died in the Civil War, at Rock Hill, Mississippi, on 19 June

                   1862.  Rose Ann, and Logan, who served in the Civil War in

                   the 5th Iowa Cavalry, and survived Andersonville prison.

                   Allen, Moses, Benjamin, who appears to have died as a child in

                   Kentucky, and James Madison Howell, who will

                   die of wounds suffered  in the Civil War, on 6 Jan 1866.

28 Jan 1819  Simpson County, Kentucky is created from Warren County.

                    The Abraham Welty land is now in Peterburg Township,

                    Simpson County, Kentucky.  Abraham will appear on the

                    Simpson County tax rolls till 1825.


1 Jan 1820  Frances Mary "Fanny" Welty marries Heinrick "Thomas" East  

                   in Simpson County, Kentucky.  They will be the parent of 12 to

                   14 children, one of which will marry William Smith Jr.

         1820  Rachel Welty is born in Simpson County, Kentucky.

1820 Census  Abraham Welty is in Simpson County, Kentucky.  His family

                   consists of his wife, two sons, under 10, One is R. Elisha, who

                   has to be almost 10, and the other named Joseph R. . Three

                   daughters, between 10 and 16, and three daughters, between 16

                   and 26.  He owns no slaves.

24 April 1820  Authority is enacted to sell land in Missouri.

    April 1820  A John Welty, relationship unknown, is buying a town lot in

                     Monroe, i.e. Old Monroe.  N.W. Circuit Records p. 42, 1820.

1823- 1826  John and William S. Welty are paying taxes in St Charles

                   County, Mo.  Their relationship to Abraham is unknown.


         1825 Peter Welty, Abraham's brother dies in Simpson County,


1 Jan 1826  Zillah (Zilla) (Zella) Welty marries Moses Bond.  They will

                   have a daughter Elizabeth E.  Moses was farming in Stokes Co.

                   N. Carolina, in 1820.

April 1826  Samuel Howell and Elizabeth Welty Howell, move from Allen

                  County, Kentucky, to St Charles County, Missouri.  Samuel will

                   work initially as a storekeeper.  Part of Allen County is

                   fought over by Tennessee and Kentucky, and will eventually

                   become part of Sumner County, Tennessee.

28 May 1826 Abraham, acting as a ordained Dunkard Minister, witnesses a

                   certificate of Ordination to Isham Gibson.  He is a Bishop of the

                   Church of Brethern.  The certificate is also signed by Joseph

                   Rowland . (Roland).

June or late  1826  Abraham Welty moves his family to Lincoln County,

                    Missouri.  He is a farmer and a Dunkard Minister, i.e. German

                    Baptist.  They travel in covered wagons.

June 1826    Samuel and Elizabeth Welty Howell move to Lincoln County.

                    Samuel is suffering from the chills.  To get a cabin built he spent

                    his last half dollar on two gallons of whiskey, and gets a pig on

                    credit for a barbecue.  He promises to break flax to pay for it.

                    That was enough to treat the neighbors who helped raise the

                    cabin.  Corn is $.15/bushel, wheat $.30/bushel, bacon

                   $.015/pound, best horses, $30-40. best cows, $5-7. all mostly

                    used in barter deals.

20 Feb 1827 Thomas East, Fanny Welty's husband, files on 80 acres in

                     Lincoln County, Mo.  It is the E ½ SW of Sect. 17, T 49N,

                     R 1W.  This transaction and the others that followed,

                     apparently required travel to Palmyra Mo. some 65 miles N of

                     Troy, to the Land Office.  This means two or three days on the

                    road to get there, a day to do business, then two or three days to

                    get home.  Since it takes a week, they are picking times of the

                    year when they aren't busy, and several family members

                    go at a time in most cases.

9 Aug 1827  Mahala Welty marries David Presley Jr in Lincoln

                     County Mo.  They will have four sons, Anthony, Franklin,

                     Elias, and Ransom, and eight daughters, Rhoda, Mary, Almina,

                     Ellen, Melvina, Elizabeth, Mae P., and Barbara.  The story of

                     Barbara's tragic life with Sydney Smith is told in the William

                     Smith Sr Family History.  Another source says 5 Aug.

         1828    Joseph and Catherine Roland, Mary Roland Welty's parents,

                     move to Sangamon County, Illinois.

1 June 1829  David Presley, Mahala Welty's husband files for 80 acres in

                     Lincoln Co. Mo.  It is the E ½ NE of Sect. 21, T 49N, R 1W.

                     Abraham Welty also files on 80 acres of land in Lincoln Co.

                     Mo.  It is the W ½ SE of Sect. 21 T 49N, R 1W.  His wife will

                     sell this land to William Smith Sr, Mary's second husband

                     when her father dies.

1 July 1829  Samuel Howell, Elizabeth Welty's husband files on 80 acres

                     in Lincoln Co. Mo.  It is the E ½ NW of Sect. 20, T 49N,

                     R 1W.  He pays $1.25 per acre.

         1829    Samuel Howell, Elizabeth Welty's husband, encounters a

                     Indian at his deer hunting camp on the banks of the Mississippi. 

                     He has to show him his gun and his kill.  After a scary start,

                     they part on good terms.  History of Lincoln County 1888

          1829   Samuel Howell, Elizabeth Welty's husband, and friends,

                     encounters a Indian camp with a old man, old woman, and

                     young woman near the mouth of Cuivre River, on the

                     Mississippi.  They share some talk and dried venison and salt,

                     which Samuel doesn't like.  He thinks the young Indian woman

                     is the handsomest woman he ever saw.  She covers her head

                     with a deer skin to hide from them.  History of Lincoln

                     County 1888.  Samuel Howell was baptized unto the

                     Universalist Church in Troy during the year.  By 1837 this

                     church is know as the Dunkard Universalist Church.  Any

                     participation by Abraham Welty in this church is

                     undocumented, but probable.


          1830  Abraham and family are listed in the Lincoln County Missouri

                    Census.  His family consists of his wife, 1 son between 10 to 15,

                     probably Joseph, 1 son between 15 and 20, probably Elisha,

                    who believed to be 20, and an older unidentified man between  

                    70 and 80, perhaps a relative, and 4 daughters. 

                    They own no slaves.  Samuel Howell, Moses Bond and their

                    families are also listed.

1Sept 1831  Christina "Catherine" Welty marries Young Howell,

                     Samuel's brother, in Lincoln County, Missouri.  They are

                    married by her father Abraham.  Lincoln County Marriage

                    records.  They have 10 children, 7 boys, and 3 girls.

                    One of their sons, Francis Marion Howell will serve in

                    the 3rd Reg. Cavalry.                     

         1832  Samuel Howell, Elizabeth Welty's husband, and Thomas East,

                   Fanny Welty's husband are drafted into the army, from

                   Lincoln County, to fight in the Black Hawk war.  The fighting

                   is along the Mississippi River in Illinois and Wisconsin. 

                   Abraham Lincoln is also a veteran of this war.  History of

                   Lincoln County 1888.

1831-1832  Col. David Bradley, the agent for the Seneca Indians from Ohio,

                   camps with the whole tribe in Monroe township of Lincoln

                   County.  They are being moved to Indian Territory.  History of

                   Lincoln County, 1888.

15 Oct 1834 Moses Bond, Zillah Welty's husband files on 40 acres in

                    Lincoln Co. Mo.  It is the W ½ NW of Sect. 29, in T 49N, 1W.

                    It will later be part of the William Smith Sr homeplace.


           1835  The Lincoln Academy is chartered in Troy.

13 Oct 1835 Young Howell, Christina Welty's husband files on 80 acres in

                     Lincoln Co. Mo.  It is the W ½ SE of Sect 20, T 49N, R 1W.

                     On this same date David Presley, husband of Mahalia Welty,

                     files on 80 acres of land in Lincoln Co. Mo.  It is the W ½ of

                     Sect. 4, T 49N, R 1W.  Also on this date, Moses Bond, Zillah

                    Welty's husband files on 80 acres in Lincoln Co. Mo.  It is the

                     NENE part of Sect. 30, T 49N, R 1W.  It will later be part of

                     the William Smith Sr homeplace.

14 Oct 1835  David Presley, files on another 40 acres in Lincoln Co. Mo.  It

                      is the NWSE of Sect. 4, T 49N, R 2W.

21 Oct 1835  David Presley files on two more pieces of land in Lincoln Co.

                      Mo.  The first is 40 acres, the NESE of Sect 4, T 49N, R 2W. 

                      The second parcel is 40 acres, the SWSW of Sect. 3, T 49N,

                      R 1W.

15 Feb. 1836 Samuel Howell, Elizabeth Welty's husband files on 40 acres

                     in Lincoln Co. Mo.  It is the NWNW of Sect. 20, T 49N, R 1W.

20 Aug 1836  Abraham, Moses Bond and Samuel Howell sign legal

                      documents so the can handle Abraham's son, Joseph R.

                      Welty's estate.  He has died at an age between 16 and 21.

             1836  Moses Bond and wife Zillah now own 120 acres.  Abraham

                       owns 120, and is second owner on 80 acres under Francis

                       Parkers name.  Another 80 acres are in his sons Elisha and

                       Joseph R. names.  Joseph R. is a co-owner with Rosannah

                       Welty Early's family.

25 June 1836  Elisha files on 40 acres of land.  He is given a certificate of

                       entry on this date.  The transaction is not completed until 28

                       Aug 1838.

             1837  Universalist history states the Troy church was being revived

                       by Dunkard Universalists in this year.  Universalist services

                       have been reported in Troy as early as 1812, at Woods Fort.

                       It was the earliest Universalist church in Missouri.  Abraham  

                       Welty's association with this church is unknown.

31 May 1837  Abraham advertises the Joseph R. Welty land in the

                       paper.  It is to be sold in August.

     Aug 1837  Abraham buys Joseph's land for $80 from his estate.

2 Nov 1837  Young Howell, Christina Welty's husband, files on 40 acres

                      in Lincoln Co. Mo.  It is the SESE of Sect. 20, T 49N, R 1W.

                      Joseph R. Welty, Abraham's son, files on 40 acres of land in

                      Lincoln Co. Mo.  It is the NENE of Sect. 10, T 49N, R. 2W.

                     This must have been a action in progress before he died, which

                     Abraham completed.

22 Feb 1838  Rosannah Welty marries Charles Early, in Lincoln County,

                      Missouri.  They will have 11 children, 4 sons and 7 daughters.

                      One of the daughters Mahalia will marry back into the Welty

                      line when she marries James Madison Howell, the grandson of

                     Young Howell and Christina Catherine Welty.

 2 Aug 1838  Thomas East, Fanny Welty's husband files on 40 acres in

                      Lincoln County Mo.  It is the NWSW of Sect. 17, T 49N,

                      R 1W.  On this same date David Presley, Mahala Welty's

                      husband files on 160 acres in Lincoln Co. Mo.  It is the NW ¼

                      of section 10, T 49N, R 1W.  Moses Bond, Zillah Welty's

                      husband also files on 80 acres of Lincoln Co. Mo. land.  It is

                      the E ½ NW of Sect 29, T 49N, R 1W.  It will later be part of

                      the William Smith Sr homeplace.  Thomas East, Fanny

                      Welty's husband also files on 40 acres of land in Lincoln Co.

                      Mo.  It is the NW SW Sect. 17, T 49 N, R 1W.  This is

                      shorthand for the NW ¼ of the SW ¼ of Section 17. 

28 Aug 1838  Samuel Howell, Elizabeth Welty's husband files on 40 acres

                      in Lincoln Co. Mo.  It is the NWNE of Sect. 18, T 49N, R 1W.

                      Young Howell, Christina Welty's husband also files on 40

                     acres in Lincoln Co. Mo. on this date.  It is the NESE of Sect.

                     20, in T 49N, R 1W.  Abraham Welty also files on 40 acres of

                     land in Lincoln Co. Mo.  It is the SWSW of Sect. 21, T. 49N,

                     R. 1W.  His wife will also sell this piece to William Smith Sr at

                     a later date.  Elisha Welty, Abraham's son files on 40 acres in

                     Lincoln Co. Mo.  It is the SWNW of Sect. 21, T. 49N, R. 1W.

                     He is between 23 and 28  years old.   His signature is

                     recorded on the document.  The 1836 land map shows Elisha

                     owning this land, so the 1838 filing is apparently the final step

                     in a process that took several years to complete when acquiring

                     land.  All other land dates in this log should all reflect this final

                     acquisition date, rather than the date of first possession of their


30 Aug 1838 Rosannah Welty's husband Charles Early, files on 40 acres in

                      Lincoln County Mo.  NWSW Sect 35, T50N, R1W.

 1 April 1839  Thomas East, Fanny Welty's husband, files on 40 acres in

                      Lincoln Co. Mo.  It is the SWNE of Section 17, T 49N, R 1W.

21 July 1839  Mary Welty marries John Hamilton Trail, in Lincoln Co. Mo.

       ca. 1839  David Welty, Abraham's brother dies in Salem, Ohio.


1840 census  The Lincoln County census show Abraham's family as two

                     young men, one between 20 and 30, one between 30 and 40.

                     One is R. Elisha Welty, aged 30.  The other man is

                    James Thomas Johnson, a runaway, bond servant,

                    from Kentucky.  He was born in Kentucky, and ran away from

                    his bondage at age 14, which may have been in Adams County,

                    Illinois.  He crosses the Mississippi River when it is frozen.

                    Abraham also has two young women in the home, one in the 15

                    to 20 year range, one in the 20 to 30 range.  One is Rachel who

                    is 20 and will marry in November.  The other is Nancy Ann

                    Johnson, James Johnson's younger sister.  She was also

                   indentured and treated as a slave, in Adams Co. Ill.  Her

                   brother James after making his escape, comes back and rescues

                   her.  She will later go back and marry John E. Thomas  These

                  Johnson children had obviously know the Welty's during their

                  years in Kentucky.  The children’s father, John B. Johnson, had

                  been murdered, and to keep the farm, the family indentured the

                  two youngest children.  James brother Garret stayed and took care

                  of mother Rhonda, the farm, and sister Malissa.  Malissa fell in

                  love with (fnu) Petra, the son of the man who shot her father, and

                  ran away with him.  The family turned her photo to the wall,

                  showing they had disowned her. 

                    Abraham owns no slaves.  Samuel Howell, Young

                    Howell, Moses Bond, Thomas East, and David Presley Jr are all

                    listed.  This is the last time Elisha shows up in the records.

5 Nov 1840  Rachel Welty marries Joseph C. Hunter in Lincoln County,


Early 1840's  Samuel Howell, Elizabeth Welty's husband is called up by

                     the Missouri Militia to serve on the border with Iowa, in a

                     dispute over the location of the border. Congress settles the

                     issue without fighting breaking out.

12 Feb 1842  Abraham writes his will.  He gives all his estate to his wife

                     Mary, "Polly", and says she is to provide for his children.

                     Elisha is not given anything specifically.  He has some land.

                     A lot of relatives will begin heading out the Oregon Trail.  He

                      may have headed west with them.

    Mar 1842  Chancery Court of Lincoln County rules in favor of Mary

                     Welty Trail's divorce petition.  It is finalized during the next

                     session of the court.

7 April 1842  Abraham Welty has died in Lincoln County Missouri. 

                      On this date his will is probated. His grave has not been


    Feb 1844  Elisha has died.  The County Court appoints Moses Bond,

                    Administrator of his Estate.  He is ordered to sell to the highest

                    bidder, Elisha's 40 acres, on 29 April 1844.  There is some


28 Sept 1844  Elisha's land is sold at the courthouse to Richard H. Woolfolk.

                     Filed for the record 12 March 1845, Recorder of Deeds, Book

                     G, Page 192.

9 May 1844  James Thomas Johnson Jr marries Elizabeth Bond in Lincoln

                     Co. Mo.  She is the daughter of Moses Bond and Zillah Welty

                     Bond.  James is a run-a-way bond servant from Kentucky

                     who the Abraham Welty's have taken in.  Thomas and

                     Elizabeth will have five children, two of which die as infants.

                     In 1850 they go out the Oregon Trail.  Elizabeth dies on 11 May

                     1852 in Salem Oregon.  The family erects a tombstone in

                     Lincoln County, Mo. in her memory.  Following her wishes,

                     James returns to Lincoln County, Mo. via Panama, and New

                     York, City.  

                     Following the wishes of Elizabeth, on 17 Nov 1853,

                     he marries Sarah Ann East, the daughter of Thomas East and

                     Francis Welty East.  They will have eight children. 

                     The new family will move to California in 1864.

7 Mar 1844  William Smith Sr. marries Mary "Polly" Welty, in Lincoln

                     Co. Mo.  They will have seven children.  Welty, Britton, and

                     Columbus, and Cordelia, Artilla, Druscilla, and Phoenia. 

                     See the William Smith Sr. log for full details.

8 May 1844  William Smith Jr. marries Mary "Polly" East, daughter of

                     Heinrich Thomas East and Fanny Welty, in Lincoln County

                     Missouri.  They will have 11 children.  See the William Smith

                     Sr log for details on this marriage.


18 Feb 1848  Mahala Welty Presley writes Elizabeth Welty Howell.  The

                     letter is short and about family.

           1848  David Presley and Mahala Welty Presley leave Independence,

                     Missouri, where they have been living, and hit the Oregon Trail

                     for the far west.

 1 June 1848  Joseph C. Hunter, Rachel Welty's husband files for 40 acres

                      in Lincoln Co. Mo.  The land is 3SW of Sect. 18, T 49N,

                      R 1W.

13 Feb 1849  Sydney Smith marries Barbara Presley in Linn County,

                     Oregon.  They will have three daughters and a son.  See the

                     William Smith Sr log for details on this family.

22 Aug 1849  Zillah Welty Bond dies in Lincoln County, Missouri.

Prior to 1850  Rachel Welty Hunter dies in Lincoln County Missouri.


           1850  William Smith Sr and Mary Welty Smith buy their home

                     place from Moses Bond and his wife Zillah Welty Bond,

                     Mary's sister.

17 Feb 1850  Moses Bond, Zillah's husband, marries Sarah Price. 

                     Lincoln County marriage book.  She is the widow Mrs Sophia

                     Bruce.  It appears her maiden name was Sarah Sophia Price.

            1850  Mary Welty owns one female slave, age 19.  Rachel Welty

                     Hunter has died and her children, Mary E., Margaret, and John

                     W. Hunter are living with her.  There are no male Welty's listed

                     in the 1850 census of Lincoln County.

June 1850     Thomas East and wife Fanny Welty Smith, and family are

                     living four miles west of Troy.

    Oct 1850  A partially completed building on Main Street of Troy, now

                     part of Hechler's Hardware, is purchased by the Universalist

                     Society to be completed as a church.  The walls have been

                     standing since 1837.  It is finished in 1851, with the upper floor

                     becoming the Masonic Hall and Sons of Temperance meeting

                     place.  The minister preaches against slavery and the church is

                     dead by 1856.  Since Mary Welty owned slaves, it is unlikely

                     that she was interested in this church.

11 Dec 1850  Rachel Welty's husband Joseph C. Hunter remarries.  He

                      marries Elizabeth East, the sister of Mary East, William Smith

                      Jrs wife.

20 Feb 1851  Calvin Smith marries Mary Howell, daughter of Samuel

                      Howell and Elizabeth Welty Howell, in Lincoln County,

                     Missouri.  They will have one son.  See the William Smith Sr

                     log for details of this marriage.

            1851  Moses Bond's daughter Elizabeth and husband James Johnson,

                     with three children, head out the Oregon Trail for Oregon.

 1 Dec 1851  Charles Early, Rosannah Welty's husband files on 40 acres of

                     land.  It is the NWNE of Sect. 10, T 49N, R 2W, in Lincoln


11 May 1852  Moses Bond's daughter Elizabeth Johnson dies in Salem,

                      Oregon.  At his late wives behest, James Johnson packs up his

                     three children, and heads for Missouri, via the Panama Canal

                     and New York City, to marry Sarah Ann East, his wives 1st

                     cousin in Troy, Mo.

   1852-1853  Moses Bond has his three grandchildren living with him until

                     their dad, James Johnson, marries Sarah Ann East on 17 Nov

                     1853.  They will move to Adams or Pike Co ill. in 1862, then

                     head for California again in 1864, by horse team and wagon.


           1856  Fanny Welty East dies in Lincoln County, Missouri.

15 Nov 1857  Charles Early, Rosannah Welty's husband, dies in Lincoln

                     County, Missouri.  He is buried in the Sulphur Lick Cemetery.

20 May 1858  William Smith Sr, Mary's husband buys 199 acres from

                      Zillah's husband Moses Bond to add to the home place.  The

                      price is $1,300.00/


28 Jan 1860  William Smith Sr buys the final 80 acres of the home place from

                     Moses Bond.

           1860  Moses Bond, Zillah's husband, is Junior warden, of Troy

                     Masonic Lodge #34.  He is promoted to senior warden.

                     William Smith Jr. is a member.  Yearly report of the Masonic

                     Lodges of Missouri.

18 June 1860 Moses Bond, Zillah's husband, has lost his second wife. 

                     1860 census. The census also shows Mary Welty has a slave

                     cabin and 5 female slaves.

    Dec? 1860 Moses Bond marries the widow Zillah Powell.  They will have

                     a daughter Donna M., born 15 Aug 1861.  She will marry

                     Robert C. Brown.

12 April 1861  The civil war begins.

 9 Oct 1861  Mary "Polly" Welty writes her will.  Her slave, Julian, is set

                    free.  Julian's daughters, Emily, Niargarehla, Adelone, and

                    Barbara, are given one each to her daughters, Elizabeth Howell,

                    Rosanna Early, and Christina Howell, respectively.  For

                    Mary Welty Smith, who gets $5 only, "as a result of the

                    treatment she has received of late from her."  This section will

                    be dropped from a later version of the will.  Her grandson

                    Abraham Howell gets the slave Barbara.  She also makes

                    provision for the possibility her slaves may be emancipated

                    before she dies.  She also says that "In as much as my children

                    are all daughters" verifying that her sons have died.

3 July 1863  William Smith Jr. and Mary East Smith, arrive on Medicine

                    Creek, south east of Kirwin, Kansas.  They staked out a

                    homestead in Dorr township, in Smith County Kansas.  Other

                    Smiths, Easts, Kinions, and Claggerts were with them.

Christmas 1863  Richard East, Fanny Welty East's son, has been staying

                   with the William Smith Jr family, i.e. Mary "Polly" Welty

                   Smith, since he got mustered out of Co. C, 2nd Provisional

                   Enlisted Missouri Militia.

15 Oct 1864  Mary Welty's estate pays Daniel Howell $1.00 for cleaning out

                     her well.  This is a claim to her estate.

15 Oct-10 Dec 1864  Mary Welty dies in Lincoln county, Mo.  She is 77

                      years old.  She is buried in the Howell Cemetery, Tucker


10 Dec 1864  William Smith Jr takes Mary Welty's Negroes to Wright City

                      to be sold.  Mary's probate pays him $10.80 for doing this.


     Jan 1865  Missouri abolishes slavery within the state.

10 Feb 1865  Mary Welty's will is probated.  Probate will drag on until 1872.

26 May 1865  The Civil War is over.

1865 –1866    Cholera is present in the county.  The recent death of Mary

                      Welty may have been from her contaminated well.  Cholera is

                      waterborne disease.

          1868    Moses Bond has lost his third wife.  He marries the widow of

                      Col Wm Brunk.  Her name is Jane.


   Oct 1872  The probate of Mary Welty's estate is finished.

                    The estate, which included 40 acres of land is valued

                    at $1,026.00.  There are no disbursements to any descendents

                    named Welty, as the sons have died.


17 July 1877  David Presley Jr. Mahala's husband dies in Oregon.

14 Oct 1877  Joseph C. Hunter, Rachel Welty's husband dies, in Lincoln

                      County, Missouri.


16 April 1880  Squire Moses Bond, Zillah Welty's husband dies while

                       visiting with his son in law who is working cutting stalks in

                      a field at Moses's home, 5 miles west of Troy, Lincoln County,

                      Missouri.  The son in law leaves the field for water, and returns

                      to find he has died.  Obit.  The son in law would have been

                      Robert C. Brown.  Tombstones for him have been found in the

                      Troy City Cemetery, next to his daughter Donna and her

                      husband Robert C. Brown, and the Brunk Cemetery.

                      Both have the same information. 

20 April 1880  Moses Bond is buried with Masonic honors by the Troy lodge.  He was a past Master.

5 May 1882  Samuel Howell, Elizabeth Welty Howell's husband dies in

                     Lincoln County, Mo.  He is buried in the Howell Tucker


            1882  The St Louis and Hannibal Railroad reaches Troy.


           1886  Mahala Welty Presley is living in Salem, Marion County

                     Oregon, with her husband David.

24 Jan 1887  Rosannah Welty Early dies in Lincoln County, Missouri.

                     Another source says the date is 24 June.

22 Jan 1888 Elizabeth Welty Howell dies in Lincoln County, Missouri.

                    She is buried in the Howell Tucker Cemetery.


5 Feb 1892 Mary Welty Smith dies in Lincoln Co. Mo.  She is buried with

                   husband William, in the Slavens Chapel Cemetery.

18 Feb 1893  Christina Catherine Welty Howell dies in Lincoln County

                     Missouri.  She is buried in the Howell Tucker Cemetery. 

                     Also listed as Hunter Cemetery.  Tombstone data.

23 Feb 1893  Mary East Smith, William Smith Jr's wife dies in Lincoln Co.


            1894  Buchanan College is founded in Troy.


28 Jun 1898  Professor W. F. Welty, formerly principal of the Olney Institute,

                    at Olney, Lincoln County, Mo, is currently President of the

                    college at Siloam Springs Arkansas.  He has married Emily

                    Gaylord, of Sandoval, Ill.  Troy Free Press.  His relationship to

                   Abraham is unknown.

7 April, (July?) 1898  Mahala Welty Presley dies in Jefferson, Marion

                     County, Oregon.  Another source says 1 April.


          1908  William Smith Jr, husband of Mary "Polly" East Smith dies near

                     Winfield, Lincoln Co. Mo.  Obituary


The data in this event log was acquired and shared by numerous cousins and friends.  The primary contributors were cousins Mrs. Patsy Brown Creech, and Mr. Kirby Ross.  Mrs. Audrey Kinion identified and supplied a major source of Welty data.  Mr. George Giles has contributed time and items to the chronicle.  To all other contributors, my sincere thanks.  This log was compiled by Willard Smith Bacon, 120 Beechwood Circle, Manchester, Tn. 37355.  phone 931 728 7973,, or baconwillard  Any factual errors are my responsibility.  Copyrighted by Willard S. Bacon 2002.  All rights reserved.