140 Years Of Smith History                                                             July 2004


Parents are shown in italics.  First family children are in boldface.  Second family

 children are underlined.


1700's             William Smith Sr's father immigrates from England.  William Smith Sr

                       is raised in North Carolina.  Charlie Smith stories, ie Britton's son.

                      Welty's family agrees that the male ancestor came from England.


        27 May 1799   William Smith Sr born. ----Tombstone--- Probably in North

                       Carolina—Most Census data, 1880 census, Welty, Leannah and William

                       Smith Jr say North Carolina.   Possibly in Virginia---one

                       Census, also Artilla’s obituary.


3 May 1802   Abraham Welty marries Mary Rowland, Warren Co. Ky.

                      This part of Warren Co. will later become Simpson Co.

                       He is 22.  She is 15.  They are in the Bourbon County census of 1800.


           1810   William Smith Sr is 11 years old.

  1812-1815   The United States is at war with England. "War of 1812"

                      There are no battles in North Carolina.  The effect on the

                       Smith family is unknown.


    Feb 1816   Mary Welty born in Simpson Co. Kentucky.


   1820   William Smith Sr 20 years old, Probable year of marriage,

                      North Carolina or Virginia.  Identity of his first wife is unknown.

                      1890 census listing for William Smith Jr says his father and

                      mother were both born in North Carolina.  1880 census for William Smith

                      Jr and LeAnnah also say North Carolina.

           1820   Bethany Smith born in Virginia.  1850 Hawkins Co. Tn.           

                      Census, dated 7 Sept.  Birthday must be between 1 Jan

                      and 7 Sept.    The 1820 Caswell Co. N. Carolina 

                      Census  lists William Smith Sr, wife and one female


8 Feb, 1823   William Smith Jr born, Caswell Co. N.C.   Tombstone and obituary.


           1825   Mary Ann Smith born, Caswell Co. N.C.   Tombstone

                      Settlers begin moving into Missouri.

 1826   Abraham Welty moves family from Simpson Co. Kentucky      

           to Lincoln Co. Mo. They travel in covered wagons and bring their slaves.

 5 Oct 1826   Leannah (Leanna) Smith born, Caswell Co. N.C.  Obituary

8 June 1828   Sidney Smith born, Caswell Co. N.C.  Tombstone.

           1829   William Smith Sr is 30 years old.

1 June 1829   Abraham Welty buys 80 acres from the government in Lincoln Co. Mo.

                      His wife will sell this land to William Smith Sr, after Abraham dies. This

                      land is probably where the cabin in the Smith cabin photo stood.


           1830   Calvin Smith born in Caswell Co. N.C.  1850

                      Census, Lincoln Co. Mo.  William Smith Sr is 31 years old.

                      If we have the correct 1830 census for Caswell County,

                      the family holds no slaves, and there is the possibility that another

                      son 5 to 10 years old will die shortly, that we have no record of.

           1832   Lincoln County has a outbreak of cholera.

           1834   Thomas Smith born in Caswell Co. N.C.  Thomas’s 

                      Confession. He says his mother dies when he is 9.  The 1860 census

                      lists his age as 25.  He was living with Sidney.

            1836   The Welty family owns land in Lincoln Co.

                       Moses Bond and Zilliah Welty Bond own 120 acres.  Abraham Welty

                       owns 120 acres.  He is listed as a second owner on 80 acres listed under

                       Francis Parker's name.  Another 40 acres is in his son Elisha Welty's name.

                       Joseph R. Welty is listed as co owner of 40 acres with Charles Early, the

                       husband of Rosannah Welty Early.  The other married daughters are

                       also in the county.

    Sept 1836   Azariah (Asia) A. Smith born in Caswell Co. N.C.   1850 census of

                       Lincoln Co. Mo.  There is disagreement in the records, some show

                       he was born in 1837.

  1837   Lorean (Laura Ann) Smith born in Caswell Co. N.C.  1850

             census of Lincoln Co. Mo.  Also known as Laura A. Smith.

 28 Aug 1838   Abraham Welty buys another 40 acres from the government,

                       in Lincoln Co. Mo. His wife will also sell this piece to William Smith

                       Sr in just a few years.

 21 Jul 1839   Mary Welty marries John H. Trail. Lincoln Co. Mo.                   


 1840   William Smith Sr is 41 years old.  The Smiths and

                       Appleberrys are not listed in the Hawkins Co. Tn.

                       Census.  Missouri is surrounded on the North and West by

                       Indian reservations.

          1840     Bethany is reported to have been married to John W. Appleberry

                       in Pittslyvania County, Virginia.  Audrey's Appleberry genealogy.

           1841    Azariah is born in Caswell Co. N. Carolina.  1880 census of Precinct 5,

                      Douglas Colorado.

Late 1841       The family leaves N.C. for Tenn.  All of the family except 

                       William Smith Sr and Jr will spend most of a year near Bulls Gap, Tenn.

                       Bulls Gap is at the southern tip of Hawkins County.  Thomas describes his

                       father "as a kind and indulgent man, who moved the family to Tennessee

                       for about a year then moved them on to Troy, Missouri."

                       Thomas's Confession

    Dec 1841    William Smith Sr and Jr leave East Tennessee for Lincoln County, Missouri.

           1842   William Smith Jr arrives in Lincoln Co. Mo.  Jan-Feb- Mar.  Obituary  

                      William Smith Sr almost certainly also arrives.   

Late 1842      Mrs. Smith dies in Tenn.  Charles W. Smith.  Based on Thomas's

                      confession, Mrs. Smith may have died very early in 1843.

                      Missouri is known as the Western Wilderness, to the people of Virginia,

                      and North Carolina.  The trip from East  Tennessee to Lincoln County,

                      Mo, should have taken 8 weeks or less by horse and wagon, based

                      on the time it took others, that have talked about the trip.

 7 Apr 1842   Abraham Welty dies. Lincoln Co. Mo.

                      Mary Welty Trail divorces her husband this year.

Spring 1842   The first wagon train leaves Independence, Missouri heading for Oregon.

    Fall 1842    William Smith Sr returns to East Tennessee for the rest of the family.

                      William Smith Jr may have stayed in Lincoln County.

    Dec 1842   William Smith Sr leaves East Tennessee with the rest of the family for

                      Lincoln County, Missouri.

 5 Feb 1843   Lee Annah Smith arrives in Lincoln Co. Mo.  All the small

                      children had apparently spent the year 1842 in Tenn. 

                      Thomas’s Confession.

                      1843 is the most probable year for Bethany’s marriage to John W.

                       Appleberry.  This occurred in Hawkins Co. Tn.  They will have

                      four children, William, Mary, Martha C., and Daniel R.  Only Martha

                      will marry and have children.  Six girls, and one son.

            1844   Bethany Smith Appleberry’s first child is born in Tn.

                       1850 census of Hawkins Co. Tn.

 7 Mar 1844   William Smith Sr marries Mary Welty

8 May 1844   William Smith Jr marries Mary East, Mary Welty's niece, Lincoln Co. Mo.

                      They will raise a family of eleven children.


27 Feb 1845   Mary Smith marries Lewis W. Cannon, Lincoln Co. Mo. 

                       They will have a family of eight children.

5 June 1845   Cordelia Smith born in Lincoln Co. Mo.  1850 Census,

                       Lincoln Co. Mo.

           1845   The "Slicker Wars" are climaxing.  Since 1843, horse

                       thieves have been whipped with hickory sticks, or ordered to

                       leave the county by a given date, or both. The penalty for refusing

                       to leave was either "slicking" or death, depending on the seriousness

                       of the case.  As many as 1200 stolen horses were taken to a sale barn

                       in St Louis in one year during this period.  The "slickers" were

                       also after counterfeiters who were operating in the county.

29 Dec 1845   The United States annexes Texas from Mexico.

 1846   Sidney, Thomas and Azariah head out the Oregon trail.  Savage

            bio.  Family lore says Azariah was a horse thief.  Maybe just the

                       youngest member of the gang.  They are 18, 12, and 9.    

                       They apparently don’t stay long in Oregon.  The "Slicker wars" are

                       winding down in Lincoln County.  There is a possibility the

                       Smith brothers got run out of the county by the "Slickers".

                        William Smith Jr and family are living about 4 miles NNW of Troy.

21 Jan 1846     Martha Caroline Appleberry is born to Bethany in Tennessee.

   April 1846   The United States and Mexico are at war.  No relatives are involved.

     July 1846   California declares itself a territory of the United States.

             1847   Sidney, and maybe Thomas and Azariah come back from Oregon.

                        The Mormons begin migrating to Utah, on a trail that parallels the

                        Oregon Trail.

13 Mar 1847   Artilla (Ida) Smith born in Lincoln Co. Mo.  1850 Census, 

                        Lincoln Co. Mo.    


14 Sept 1847   The United States captures Mexico City.

  2 Feb 1848   A peace treaty with Mexico is signed.  Texas, California, and New

                       Mexico are ceded to the United States.

 1 May 1848   Drucilla "Lucy" Smith born in Lincoln Co. Mo.  1850 Census.          

   1847 1848   Lewis and Mary Smith Cannon, and daughter Rachel, go to Marion

                      County, Oregon, on the Oregon Trail.

            1848   David Presley and Mahala Welty Presley, and children,

                       including Barbara, go to Oregon.

            1848   Sidney goes back to Oregon.  Given the family relationships, the

                       Cannon's, Presley's and Sidney, probably all traveled together.

                       Thomas and Azariah will either go back with him or go back in

                       1849 with Calvin.

 2 May 1848   Leannah Smith marries John Edward Creech, Lincoln Co. Mo.

            1848   Gold is discovered in California.

13 Feb 1849   Sidney Smith marries Barbara Presley in Linn Co.

                      Oregon, then goes on to California, leaving his wife with

                      the Presley's.  They will have four children.

 Spring 1849  The 49er gold rush is on, out the Oregon and Mormon Trails.

                      Cholera hits the travelers on the trails.

23 July 1849   Welty Smith born in Lincoln Co. Mo.  Tombstone.  See Welty Smith

                       Event log for his life story.

            1849   Calvin goes to California.  Charles W. Smith.

            1849   Cholera occurs in the county.  There are only a few isolated deaths.


 1850   William Smith Sr is 51 years old.  Census says he is 51.        

            and owns two female slaves, 38 and 2 years old.  Mary Welty

            only owns one slave, a female , aged 19.  Her daughter Rachel Welty

            Hunter has died, and her children, Mary E., Margaret, and John w. hunter,

            are living with her.

            Calvin, Thomas, and Azariah are home from Oregon.   Census.

  8 Apr  1850  Walton Perkins, of Troy, makes up a wagon train, heading for the gold

                       fields of California.  They plan to make it to Sacramento by September.             

                       Other wagon trains from Troy will form up, and a

                       few people will go to California by boat.  Most will return to Troy.

25 Aug 1850  Britton Smith born in Lincoln Co. Mo.   

            Late in the year Bethany dies in Hawkins Co. Tn. probably of.                                   

            childbirth complications.  Martha C. Adams statement. 

    Dec 1850   The Mary Smith Cannon family is in Marion Co. Oregon.

20 Feb 1851   Calvin marries Mary Howell, Lincoln Co. Mo.  They will have a

                       son.  Samuel Thomas Smith.

Spring 1852   Calvin leaves his family and heads west.  His wife is pregnant. 

                      She moves in with her dad, Samuel Howell.  Calvin has left her no

                      means of support.  Mary's divorce petition.  Thomas and Azariah

                      also go west.

26 Jun 1852   Sidney rejoins family in Oregon.

 1 Aug 1852   Sidney files for homestead in Marion Co. Oregon.

    Aug 1852   Calvin's son Samuel T. is born in Lincoln County, Mo. 

                      Mary Howell's divorce petition.

 7 Dec 1852   Christopher Columbus Smith is born, Lincoln Co. Mo.       

           1854  Thomas is in Oregon with Sidney, then goes to Calif.  He confesses to

                     "having an ungovernable desire to travel, moved to California, where I

                      formed friends amongst all classes of vicious and desperate men". 

                      Thomas's Confession                               

12 May 1854  William Smith Sr buys the first 60 acres of what will become the home

                      place.  The tract includes the Smith cabin.  The land is bought from

                      the Britton's and John Woolfolk.  The price is $600.00. 

                      William Smith Sr will name a son Britton.  The cabin, in later years,

                      consisted of a large downstairs room, with stairs in the SW corner leading

                      to a bedroom above for the children.  There may have been additional

                      partitions in the original version.  Lincoln County is hit by a drought.


29 Jan 1856  Mary Howell Smith files for divorce from Calvin.  He is said to be

                    a non resident of Missouri.  Notice of the divorce petition is to be published

                    in the Troy Gazette, for eight weeks.  L. C. C. C. R., Book E,

                    1855-1859, p.32.  The divorce petition is stored in the Recorders vault,

                    Sec. D, Box 29, Env. 16.

15 May 1856 The court makes a preliminary finding for Mary in the divorce case.

                     L.C. C. C. R., Book E, p. 56, 57.

 9 Oct 1856  Mary is divorced from Calvin.  Lincoln County Circuit Court Records,

                     Book E, p. 149, Lincoln Co. Mo.  Calvin was not present for the

                     proceedings.  Mary is awarded custody of their son.    

           1856  Lorean marries Matthew (Mathew) Crouch.  They are living in Clark

                     Township, at least 2 miles south of the homeplace. 

                      They will raise four children, the first of which will be named

                      Calvin Emery, b. 1857 and the second Cordelia b. 1859.

                      Sarah Catherine is third, b. 1862.

                      William Thomas is born in 1864.  

           1857   Lewis and Mary Smith Cannon move from Oregon to Sonoma Co.


1 June 1857   Phoenia "Fina" "Farnie" "Faunie" Smith, the last child of William Smith Sr

                      is born, Lincoln Co. Mo.

 1857-1859   A financial crisis occurs, ruining many small businessmen.

20 May 1858  William Smith Sr buys 100 acres from Moses Bond to add to the

                       home place.  The price is $1,300.00.

             1858  A gold rush occurs to the area of Pikes Peak Colorado.

24 Dec 1858  Giles, a slave, gets drunk with his owner, Simeon Thornhill, and stabs him

                      to death.

25 Dec 1858  Giles is arrested and put in jail in Troy.

   1 Jan 1859  James Calloway leads a group of men, who break down the jail door, take

                      him to the jail yard, and burn him at the stake.  Calloway, James Segrass,

                    and Samuel Carter, plead not guilty, when brought to trial, and the case is

                    dismissed by the circuit attorney.

28 Jan 1860   William Smith Sr buys the final 80 acres of the home place from

                       Moses Bond.

           1860   William Smith Sr is 61 years old. Calvin and Azariah are in California.  

            Yuba Co. California Census.  Thomas and Sidney are in Linn Co.

             Oregon. Census.  Thomas is in California part of the year. Thomas’s

             Confession.  The Lincoln Co. sheriff sells William Smith Jr's 80

             acres, which lie about 1 mile NE of the home place, to settle

             claims of some East relatives.

1860     The yearly report of the Masonic lodges of Missouri shows that

             Moses Bond starts as Junior Warden and then is promoted to

              Senior Warden of Troy Lodge, # 34.  William Smith Jr. is a member.

               Lincoln  County is hit by drought.

11 June 1860   The census taker records that all the second family children, have attended

                        school the past year.  William Smith Sr does not own any slaves.  Mary

                        Welty has a slave cabin, and 5 female slaves.  Their ages are, 27, 8, 6, 4,

                        and 2.  Their names are given when she write her will in Oct. 1861. 

                        William Smith Jr, and family, LeeAnnah and John Creech and family,

                        and Moses Bond are all living in Bedford township.  LeeAnnah is near

                       Old Alexandria.  Calvin's ex wife Mary and son Thomas S. are living

                       with her dad Samuel Howell.  1860 census.  The census taker in Hawkins

                       County Tenn. records that Mary Appleberry, Bethany's daughter is

                      working as a domestic for the John Phillips family in District 1.

 5 Jan 1861    The Missouri Senate introduces bills to arm the state militia, and to call

                      a state convention.

 March 1861   South Carolina secedes from the Union.

                       Missouri's governor, Clairborn Jackson, establishes a Home Guard

                       Brigade in each congressional district, under Br Generals.  He

                       tells the North and the South to "Stay out of Missouri and leave

                       us alone"

12 Apr 1861   The first shots of the Civil War are fired at Ft Sumter, S. Carolina.

    May 1861   Governor Jackson meets with Captain Lyon, of the federal army

                        in St Louis.  Captain Lyon orders the Home Guard units be

                        disbanded, or Federal troops will drive them off Missouri soil.

                        Jackson refuses.  Captain Lyon orders Gen Frost's command in

                        St Louis "be taken". 

10 May 1861   Gen Frosts command is taken without a shot, but civilians fire on the

                         federal troops.  Several civilians are killed.  This Battle of St Louis

                         brings the war to Missouri.

15 June 1861    Lt Burbridge is recruiting rebels for the Louisiana Company in Millwood.

      Mid 1861   Federal cavalry units from Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin are rushed to

                         Missouri to occupy county seats, and help the newly formed

                         Missouri Militia. Union troops shut down the pro south "States

                         Rights Gazette" of Troy.  Newspaper publishing

                        will not occur again in Troy until after the war.

24 July 1861    The Auburn Company of Home Guards, are Union forces operating in

                        Lincoln Co.  there may be other Home Guard units in the county also.

Summer 1861  Capts T. M. Carter and George Carter raise two companies for

                        the Confederate Army in Lincoln Co.  In Aug Capt James Reid

                        raises a Union Company for Col Fagg's Regiment, in Lincoln County.

30 Aug 1861   Mj Gen Fremont declares martial law in Mo. and issues an

                        unauthorized emancipation proclamation, freeing Mo. slaves, and

                        allowing confiscation of the property of southern supporters.

     Fall 1861   Col. Henderson brings Federal troops, and occupies Troy

                       for a short time.

 9 Oct. 1861   Mary Welty is writing her will.  She is giving her slaves to various

                      family members, and the rest is to be divided evenly.  She first writes a

                      version with the following in it.  "On account of the treatment that I have

                      of late received from Polly Smith (Mary), the wife of the said William

                      Smith, I leave the sum of five dollars only."  In the section dividing the

                      remainder of the estate she says "all my living children, with the exception

                      of Polly Smith, the wife of William Smith Senior, will have a equal share"

                      These references to Polly (Mary) are lined out before the will is recorded.  

                      The slaves are Julian, the mother, and four daughters, Emily, Niurgarehla,

                      Adelone, and Barbara.  The slaves are all sold before Mary Welty dies.

 2 Nov 1861   Lincoln rescinds Fremont's orders and replaces him with Gen Grant.

Fall 1861        Thomas is in Oregon.  He says "my life has always been a discontented and

                       miserable one; anxiety and melancholy have been my constant companions

                       for years.  He "roved through California, then moved to Oregon in 1861;

                       wanted to try the mines again, made an outfit and started to the Idaho mines

                       in the fall of 1861"  Thomas's Confession.  In Idaho he files gold mine

                       claims in Gander Gulch, Illinois Gulch, and Gal Currier.

           1861?  Early in the war William Smith Sr sells his slaves and invests

                       the money in Southern script.  This is a family tale that loses

                       credibility since he is not recorded as owning slaves in the 1860 census.

    Dec 1861   Gen John B. Henderson brings union troops to Lincoln Co. to

                       clean up a hotbed of Confederate activity.  He is reported to

                       have made a new county out of it.  He moves on to Mexico

                        the last week of Dec.

1861-1862       Logan Howell with the 5th Iowa Cavalry writes Mary "Polly" H. Howell,

                       Calvin's ex wife, from somewhere between Clarksville and Paducah,

                       Kentucky.  He tells Samuel Thomas, Calvin's son to be a good boy, and

                       says he wants to see him very bad.  He also mentions Mary Smith,

                       William Smith Jr,s daughter, and Sarah Howell Kennedy, his sister.

  1862-1864?  William Smith Sr is hiding a favorite grey mare from the Federals

                        Federal troops came by farm and want the corn.  They took the corn

                        Welty and Britton had picked and cribbed.  They came by again and

                        wanted to be fed.  They killed a bunch of chickens, ate them,

                        then cut wood to pay for them.  William Smith Jr is living on a farm

                        down near Winfield.  He is running a threshing machine.

 7 Mar 1862   Union troops break up a rebel camp on Bob's creek, on the southern

                       edge of Lincoln Co.

 9 Mar 1862   Troy is occupied for a time by 400 rebel bushwhackers.  They are

                        robbing union men, and have sworn the clerks of the courts.

10 Mar 1862   Federal troops are brought out of St Charles, Col Krekles regiment,

                        and Warrenton, to retake Troy.  Federal troops

                        will occupy Troy several more times before the war is over.

12 Mar 1862   Two companies of the 5th Mo Cav are ordered to occupy Troy.

                        They are to ferret out and bring to justice the jayhawkers,

                        and insurgents in the area.  They have the power to seize property.

                        They are to put the incorrigible out of the way, either by death or

                        imprisonment.  They are empowered to secure the good conduct

                        of rebels through the use of bonds and oaths.

     June 1862   Col Porter is recruiting rebels, for the 1st Northeast Regiment of       

                        Confederate Cavalry, at Olney.

20 July 1862  General Schofield, commander of the Union, Missouri State Militia, orders

                       all men of military age to join the Enrolled Missouri State Militia.  Many

                       join the rebs instead.

28 July 1862   William Smith Jr enlists as a Sergeant in the 37th Regiment,              

                        Enrolled Missouri Militia." Shirt Tail Militia", "Lincoln Co. Home Guard".                               17 Aug 1862   Col Krekel's Reg, and the Enrolled Militia are the Union forces

                        responsible for Lincoln Co.

22 Sept 1862   Lincoln announces that in 100 days he will issue a Emancipation

                        Proclamation freeing the slaves, in the areas of southern states

                        not under Union occupation..

     Dec 1862   William Smith Jr enlists in the Union Army Company B,

                        of the 32nd Missouri Infantry    Volunteers.

                                  He's taken to Benton Barracks in St Louis, by Major Morris, and sold to

                                  another recruiting Captain.  He and his buddies, which include

                                  Elisha East, and Moses Howell, break out and desert.  Asa East stays,

                                  and is assigned to another Company.

             1 Jan 1863   Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves. 

                                It does not apply to Missouri.  There are 2,500 slaves in Lincoln Co.

           15 Jan 1863   Lincoln County is assessed $5,700, to be paid by disloyal citizens

                                 to Union families that had men killed or wounded, or had property

                                 destroyed by the rebels.

  2 Apr 1863   Sidney and a non-Smith partner, buy two mining      

                       claims on Mores Creek.  Idaho City, Idaho, claims office.                       

Apr. –May 1863  Sixty rebels under Todd, Pulliam, Beckman and Rucker are raiding

                       in Pike and Lincoln County.

     June 1863  Capt McVaden has a battalion of Federal troops in Troy.

     Aug 1863   Every disloyal person in the District of North Missouri was required

                        to take the loyalty oath and post a $1,000 bond to guarantee such loyalty.

10 Sept 1863   William Smith Jr is relieved from duty in the 37th Regiment    

                        Enrolled Missouri Militia.  He is credited with 27 days of service.

                        Call ups were generally for 30 days or less.

   7 Jan 1864   William Appleberry, Bethany’s son dies.  He was unmarried.

11 Feb 1864   John W. Appleberry, Bethany’s husband dies. Both die of

                       disease while in the Union army in Kentucky.  They are buried in

                       the Camp Nelson Cemetery, Jessamine County, Kentucky, in

                        plots A48 and A 49.

 5 May 1864   General Order # 2, requires all southern sympathizers to

                        surrender their arms.

    Sum 1864   Thomas returns to Oregon from Idaho.

 1 Aug 1864   The men of Lincoln Co. are facing the possibility of being

                       drafted into the Federal army.  The County court meets, and

                       borrows money to pay 205 men a $100 bounty each for volunteering

                       to serve.

    Sept 1864   All citizens in Lincoln Co. will be required to take a oath of


   Sept 1864   William Smith Sr, visited by Union troops, and faced with the

                       requirement to take the "Iron Clad Oath of Allegiance,

                       to the Union" collapses.  The Union troops offer to revive him with a

                       few good kicks.  He revives, but we are not told if

                       he took the oath.  In1863 the authorities in St Louis codified the

                       following oath.  "I do solemnly swear that I will bear true allegiance

                       to the United States and support and sustain the Constitution and

                       laws thereof; that I will maintain the national sovereignty paramount

                       to that of all State, county or Confederate powers; that I will

                       discourage, discountenance, and forever oppose secession, rebellion,

                       and the disintegration of the Federal Union; that I disclaim and

                       denounce all faith and fellowship with the so-called Confederate

                       armies, and pledge my honor, my property, and my life to the

                       sacred performance of this oath of allegiance to the government

                       of the United Stated of America."  To remain in Union held

                       counties, often a bond was also required.  Violations of the

                      oath resulted in court martial, fines, prison or a death sentence.

    Fall 1864   Sidney goes to Idaho.  Calvin and Azariah are already there. Azariah

                      has a gold mine claim on Moore's Creek, Calvin has claims on

                      Northern Light and Alabama.                                                          

                      Thomas is left in charge of Sidney's Oregon ranch. He takes a fancy to

                      Rhoda Ann, Sidney's daughter.

 4 Oct 1864   Lincoln Co. is infested with guerrillas.  The Enrolled Militia is called


26 Oct 1864   A Battalion of the 6th Missouri Cavalry is sent to Lincoln Co. to

                      destroy Confederate bands run by Wood and Dorsey.  The Enrolled Militia

                      from Lincoln County are on a scout into Boone and Howard Counties.

            1864  Abraham Welty’s wife Mary dies. Lincoln Co. Mo.  Between 15 Oct

                      and 10 Dec.  She is 77 years old.  She is buried in the Howell Cemetery,

                      Tucker graveyard.

10 Dec 1864  William Smith Jr, in the settlement of the estate, is paid for taking Mary

                       Rowland Welty's slaves, on this date, to Wright City, to sell.

Winter 1864-65  Troy is occupied by Capt Kimpinski's Company of the

                       49th Regt. Mo. Vol.

           1865    Lorean and her husband Mathew Crouch are in Pike County,

                       Illinois.  He is selling his share of his fathers land in Lincoln county,

                       leaving a record of where he's living.  Lorean (Laura Ann) Smith Crouch

                       will die this year, perhaps in Pike County, Illinois.  Mary Applebury,

                       Bethany's daughter dies in Tennessee.  She was unmarried.  Martha 

                       Appleberry Adams information.

      Jan 1865   Missouri abolishes slavery, within the state.

                       William Smith Jr has rented a farm up near Troy.  When the war is over

                        he will return to Winfield area.

     Mar 1865   Lincoln Co. faced with another requirement to draft men, borrows

                        money to pay a $200. total bonus for 103 men to serve in the

                        Missouri Volunteers for 12 months.  They continue to take

                        these actions till the end of the war.

21 Mar 1865   William Smith Jr is prosecuted in Lincoln Co. for selling liquor

                        without a license.  He is fined $20 and court costs.

  Spring 1865   Troy is occupied by the Col Charles W. Parker and the 37th EMM.

 9 April 1865   General Lee surrenders at Appomattox Courthouse.

 4 May 1865    General Taylor surrenders the Confederate forces in Mississippi

                         and Alabama.  Many Missourians are with this force.

26 May 1865   General Kirby Smith surrenders his force in Texas.  The war

                         is over. 

              1865   The following family members, in addition to those mentioned

                         elsewhere, served in the civil war.  Some would become part of the

                         family through marriage after the war.  Some served in more than one

                         organization.  Some were wounded and some did not survive the war.


                         Union:  37th Regt. Enrolled Missouri Militia, [Shirt Tail

                         Militia]  Co. B,  Capt. Seymore Cannon, 2nd Lt Elisha Welty Early,

                         2nd Lt Herman Schaper, 1st Lt Larkin Creech.  

                         2nd Provisional Regt, Enrolled Missouri

                         Militia [Detailed Militia] [Six Month Service]  Co. C,  Moses

                         Howell, Richard East, Elisha Welty "Doc" East.                                  

                         3rd Missouri Militia, Cavalry, Mj James Wilson, 2nd Lt Isaac W.

                        Cannon, John East Co. G,  David Hubbard Cannon, Joseph W.

                        Kallish Jr, John W. East, John Welty Hunter, Thomas Hobbs,

                        Stephen Burdett Claggett, William Henry Claggett, Thomas B. East Jr,

                        Elisha Welty Howell, Francis Marion Howell, Elemuel Kinion,

                        Reuben Presley, Daniel Madden.

                        49th Missouri Infantry  Capt. Joseph Bedford Howell, 1st Lt Allen

                        Howell, Samuel Livingston Howell, John Self East,

                        Richard Henry East, Corporal Joseph Rinaman

                        2nd Missouri Light Artillery Regt.  Henry Welty, Daniel Welty.

                        5th Regt. Iowa Volunteer Cavalry [Curtis Horse] Sgt Logan


                        Phelps Independent Regiment Albis H. East

                        117th Infantry, Ohio Volunteers, John Baughman

                        Unidentified Units:  Warren Howell


                        Confederates:  2nd Missouri Regt. of Infantry,  Pvt John Wilson,

                        10th Mo. Pvt William Carwell


                        Others:  There are numerous distantly related Welty's and Weldy's,

                       from Pike Co., and SE Mo. as well as from eastern states who served,

                       primarily in the Union Army.


   1865 1866   Cholera is present in the county.  No deaths are reported.

      Jan 1866   The Troy Herald publishes its first issue, under Ellis, the publisher who

                        had been run out of the state for his pro south views.  He still has them,

                       and lets all know it.

      Jan 1866   Sidney comes home to Oregon.  Thomas and Azariah are

                       minor partners in Sidney's ranch.  Azariah works out of

                       Union County, Oregon.  Sydney inquires about the affair between

                       Thomas and Rhoda during the cattle roundup.  Thomas denies it. 

                       Thomas moves over to the neighboring Kennedy farm.  Thomas tells

                       Barbara he will kill her if she says anything to Sydney about Rhoda Ann.

    Mar 1866   Barbara tells Sidney, that Thomas has been too familiar with 

                       Rhoda Ann.  Sydney tells Thomas, Rhoda has confessed, and asks

                      Thomas to come over and talk about.  Thomas decides to kill Sydney

                      and Barbara.  Sydney, because he fears he will kill him.  Thomas states

                      that "he would have just took off if he had not had cattle that he could not

                      round up and dispose of quickly"  Thomas's confession.

 9 Mar.1866   Thomas arms himself with a pistol, which he buys or steals from James

                      Kennedy, and a bottle of whiskey and goes to  Sydney's farm. 

                      Sidney confronts Thomas and Rhoda Ann.  Thomas

                       shoots Sydney after he starts whipping Rhoda.  He wounds Barbara, and

                       she and the kids run.  He talks her back to the smokehouse and knifes her

                       to death.  He tells the people who come by that Sydney murdered Barbara

                       then committed suicide.                                                                       

10 Mar 1866   Thomas is arrested for the murders, and a coroner's jury is convened.

12 Mar 1866   Preliminary trial held in Brownsville, Oregon.

26 Mar 1866   Trial in the Circuit Court in Albany, Oregon.  Thomas

                        found guilty and sentenced  to hang.

16 Apr 1866   Azariah attempts suicide At Horseshoe Bend, Idaho, when he hears

                       what's happened.  He borrows a pistol from his companion Elisa Presely,

                       and shoots himself in the left breast. Dr Miner extracts the ball from his

                       back.  Azariah is in a state worrying that the vigilantes will hang him for

                       trying to kill himself.  There is no further explanation of why Azariah was

                       afraid of the vigilantes.  (Salem) Oregon Statesman, May 14 1866.

                       Reprinted from the Idaho Statesman.    

                       Calvin is in Placerville Idaho.

 Spring 1866   Sidney's children, while playing in the yard, find a buried

                        leather pouch containing gold dust.  It is reported to have had $26,000

                        in gold dust in it.

10 May 1866   Thomas hung for the murders in Albany Oregon.

Summer 1866   Sydney's estate is settled.  Azariah's share is bought out for $300. 

                        He uses $100 to buy a horse from the estate.

  2 Aug 1866   Azariah and six non Smith partners file six gold mining            

                        claims on Moores Creek, at the claims office in Idaho

                        City, Idaho.                                                   

25 Aug 1866  Calvin has returned to Lincoln Co. Mo.  He gives Britton a gold nugget

                      on this day, his 16th birthday.  (Charles W. Smith) There

                       is a gold rush in Vermillion Minnesota, north of Duluth.

                       This probably starts him off up the eastern edge of Dakota

                        Territory, in the spring of 1867.

             1867   Calvin's ex wife marries Alexander Kennedy.

29 April 1868  The Sioux have been at war to close the Bozeman trail and

                        close down three Army forts.  They succeed.  The Brule,

                        Ogala, Miniconjou, an Yanktonais bands of the Sioux and

                        the Northern Arapaho sign a treaty giving them South Dakota.

20 Aug 1868   Artilla Smith marries Joseph Rinaman, Lincoln Co. 

                        He calls her Ida.  The marriage takes place at the home place. 

                        They will have seven children, including William, Florence, and Annie. 

                        Welty and Phoenia attend.  Since Joseph

                        fought for the Union Army it must have been an interesting courtship.

6 Nov 1868     Red Cloud signs the treaty for the last band of Sioux. 

                       The Big Horn country is to be unceded Indian territory,

                       forbidden to whites.

  1869   Probable year Calvin dies in the Dakota Territory.  His belongings

             including six dressed antelope skins are shipped to his father COD

             from Sioux City, Iowa.  Family tales say he was killed by Indians.

             Although not definitely identified as Calvin, the story goes that he

             molested an Indian woman, and when the Indians caught him they

             scalped him, skinned him, and then killed him.  He may have been

             one of the casualties of the war with the Sioux, over the Bozeman trail.

10 Aug 1869   Drusilla Smith marries Thomas H. Slavens, Lincoln Co.

             At some point they will move to Laddonia, in Audrain Co. and raise a

             family of twelve? children.  Another source says eleven children.  There

             are eleven in the family photo.

             Her obituary says she had ten children.


10 Jan 1870    The Letters of Administration are signed for Calvin Smiths estate.

            1870  William Smith Sr is 71 years old.

16 Feb 1870  The estate administrator publishes the first notice that Calvin is dead.

23 Feb 1870   William Smith Sr gets paid $15.10 from Calvin's estate, for the

                       COD express charges he paid on the packages of Calvin's things

                       shipped from the Dakota Territory.

24 Feb 1870    Matthew Crouch, Lorean's husband remarries.  The new wife is

                       Mary Francis Mayes.  She will die on 26 Jan 1874.  LDS records.

  1 Mar 1870   Welty Smith marries Margaret A. Rinaman, Lincoln Co.

                        They will raise eleven children.  See the Welty Smith event

                        log, and the James S. Wilson log for details on this family.

10 Mar 1870   Cordelia Smith marries William Franklin Powell, Lincoln Co. 

                        Mr. Powell had served in the Union Army during the Civil

                        war, in Co C, 2nd Provisional Regt, Enrolled Missouri Militia.

                        also known as the "Detailed Militia".

      June 1870  Thomas Slavens and Druscilla are living in Bedford Township.

                        1870 Census

      June 1870   Matthew (Mathew) Crouch, Lorean's husband is remarried and is

                        living in Hurricane? Township, in the Northeast corner

                        of Lincoln County.  1870 Census.

10 June 1870   The census shows Thomas Jefferson "Bud" Smith is living with and

                       working as a farm worker for his grandfather William Smith.  He is

                       William Smith Jrs oldest son.  Welty and Margret are listed as

                        living with them.  Joseph Rinaman and Artilla are shown living next door.

16 June 1870   The census shows Welty and Margret  living with her parents,

                        Peter and Sophia Rinaman.  They have managed to get counted twice.

22 July 1871    Martha Appleberry, Bethany's daughter, marries Aldophus Julian

                        Adams, in Bulls Gap, Green County, Tennessee.  They will have seven


             1873   Cholera hits Troy.  At least 26 people die.  Jay Cooke's railroad

                        goes bankrupt.  The New York Stock Exchange closes for

                        ten days.  The worst depression the country has yet seen starts.

 3 July 1873   William Smith Jr and family, with related Easts and Kinions, arrive

                       on Medicine Creek, Dorr Township, Smith Co. Kansas to homestead.

                       His daughter Sarah, with her husband, Stephen B. Claggett,

                       are also part of the wagon train.  Kinion papers.

14 Oct 1873    Samuel T. Smith, Calvin's son, receives $144.43 from his fathers estate.

26 Jan 1874   Matthew Crouch, Loreans husband, loses his second wife.

16 Mar 1874   The families of Welty, Artilla, and Drusilla leave for Kansas to 

                       homestead.  One wagon says “Kansas or Bust”.  It is not known whether

                       they headed for the Kirwin, Kansas colony of Smith's and Claggett's or

                       somewhere else.

     Oct 1874   William Smith Jr, and family, and the Claggetts,

                       return to Lincoln Co.  His crops were destroyed by grasshoppers.

                       The Kinions and William Smith Jr's son, William Henry Smith

                       have stayed in Kansas, and others will eventually join them.   

                      They form quite a colony of Smith's, Kinions and

                       Claggetts around Kirwin Kansas.

30 Oct 1874   Brittton marries Nancy J. Holcomb, Lincoln Co.  They will raise

                       eight children.

 7 Nov 1874   Welty, Artilla, and Drusilla’s families arrive back in

                       Lincoln Co.  Crops eaten by grasshoppers.

                       Wagon says “Busted.” 


    Jan 1875    William Harrison and Emma Bartlow, bought land in the midst of all our

                      relatives in 1871.  He was in the Union Army with the 6th Minnesota

                     Regiment  Emma's diary begins in Jan 1875, and provides real

                        insight into the social life of the times.  They have several children, some

                     living with them, some in the neighborhood.  Their house is ¼ of a mile E of

                     the J. East house.  J. East is the local postmaster, and appears to also be

                     running a small store.  They are 1 mile Se of the W. F. Powell house.  They

                     are 1 mile SW of the house of the heirs of William Smith Sr.  They are ¾

                     mile N of Mrs. F. Slavens house.  Land belonging to the heirs of W. Slavens

                     is between them.  They are ¾ miles NW of T. M. Slavens house.  They are

                     2 ¾ miles N of Linn's Mill.  Because Emma, simply says she visited Mrs.

                     Slaven's, I cannot be sure which one she is talking about.  There is also a

                    Rice family in the neighborhood, apparently renting land  .At the end of each

                    year recorded in the diary, I will summarize the running around.  Where first

                    names of our family are supplied, I will show the visit during the year.  Travel

                     was by horse, horse and buggy, or shanks mare.

 7 Jan 1875   Bethany's daughter, Martha Adams, husband, daughter Lucinda B.

                     and new son John Proctor are living in Johnson City, Tenn.

 6 Apr 1875  Phiona ? visiting Bartlows.

15 Sept 1875 Aunt Charity East, Asa's wife, and Aggie East visit the Bartlows.  She

                     uses the title Aunt and Uncle for old people.

11 Nov 1875  Matthew Crouch Lorean's husband is married for the third time to

                      Elizabeth A. Sitton, in Lincoln county Mo.  She was Elizabeth Jewell,

                      whose first husband was Hardin Sitton, who she married on 14 Nov 1849.

                      He had died on 2 July 1868.  LDS records, and Arthur Ealy.

31 Dec 1875  The Bartlows have gone to Grange meetings at Linn's Mill 25 times, during

                       the year.  A quorum is needed for a meeting, and there is real

                      disappointment when one is not present.  Meetings are normally Saturday

                      night, with an occasional Thursday night meeting.  Emma reads history, and

                      sometimes writes papers to present at the meeting.  They get the "Journal", a

                      newspaper.  They went to Colton church once.  They have visited school

                      once, gone to two dances, Emma has been to three Circle meetings, her

                      husband to one barn raising, Emma has gone berry picking twice, one sale,

                      three shows, one candy party, and Emma has gone to  two quilting bees.       

                      They put one of the showmen up at their house.  They have played euchre

                      nine times.  Emma  has been to the J. East's sixteen times, the J. East's have

                      returned the visits six times.  Emma has been to Mrs. Slavens ten times, Mrs.

                      Slavens has visited three times.  Emma has been to the Rice's twice, and

                      they have visited once.

                      There have been ninety three times friend or family, other than those

                      mentioned, have come to Emma's house.  Emma has gone to others houses

                      forty five times.  Emma and her husband have gone on seven joint trips to

                     visit, and jointly gone to town four times.  Her husband  has made thirty two

                     visits to locals.  He has gone to town thirty five times.  Most of the time he

                     goes to Troy.  When he gets corn ground he goes to Moscow Mills.  If he's

                     selling cows or pigs, he goes to St Louis.  There are also trips to Truxton and

                     Wright City.  Since Emma's husband is working or gone most of the time,

                     she takes off and visits whenever she pleases.  Emma has gone to Kennedy's

                     store a couple of times.  It's location has not been determined.

                     Emma has a woman to help with the house work.  She takes the wool they

                     shear, picks it, colors it, and spins it.  At some point in the process its sent to

                     town and comes back in "rools".  They have cattle, horses, mules, sheep,

                     chickens, turkeys, and pigs.  They are raising crops, butchering, canning,

                     making clothes, cooking, etc. yet are getting out and around an amazing


 2 Jan 1876    The Bartlows go to hear Mr. Wesley Slavens preach.

15 Jan 1876  Columbus and Henry have come to the Bartlows to play cards.  Columbus


26 Jan 1876   Mr. Bartlow has gone to Jack Powell's to buy oats.  W.F. Powell lives just

                      NW of them.

14 Mar 1876  Mr. Bartlow has gone Allen Howells.

11 Apr 1876   The Bartlows visit Tom Slavens.

 2 May 1876  Mr. J. East and daughter Aggie visit the Bartlows.

15 June 1876  Sarah Slavens visits the Bartlows.

1 Aug 1876   Mary Ann Smith Cannon dies in California.  Tombstone,

                      Fulkerson Cemetery, Santa Rosa, Somoma Co. Calif.

17 Sept 1876  The Bartlows visit Tom Slavens.

17 Oct 1876  The Bartlows host a couple of colored ladies for dinner.

31 Dec 1876  The Bartlows have gone to Grange 15 times during the year.  Emma has       

                      been to circle twice, played card three times, been to two funerals, hickory

                       nutting twice, blackberrying twice, and to the Linn's Mill picnic twice.  She

                       also took the train to Iowa to visit relatives.  Her husband has gone to

                       Heathy School for a political meeting, to Troy for a mass meeting, and to a

                       camp meeting.  He has been to town twenty seven times, and has added

                       Louisville, and Millville to his stops.  They have seen the J. Easts thirty six

                       times, the Slavens ten times, the W. F. Powells, and the Howells

                       five times each.  Most of these visits were by or to Emma.  They have seen

                       a stream of family and friends at their place or gone to them.  The number 

                       seems to be down some from 1986.

           1877   Daniel Appleberry, Bethany's youngest son, vanishes for awhile.

                      He will later turn up in Montana.  Martha Adams

1 May 1877   Emma Barlow goes to Frank Powells.

17 June 1877  The Bartlows go to the "Coal Bank" for the "nigger meeting".  They

                       enjoyed it very much.  It is a Sunday, so it may have been church.

24 June 1877  Emma Bartlow goes to Tom Slavens.

2 July 1877   William Smith Sr dies.  Tombstone.  His obituary states that he had

                      sent his sons over to Captain Howell's to work in the harvest field,

                      and a few hours later he decided to check up on them.  He planned

                      to walk his fences and put up some rails that were down, on the way.

                      That evening he was found dead near the fence with his cane resting

                      against it.  It is supposed he died of heart disease.  He was 78 years

                      old.  Troy Herald 11 July 1877  Captain Howell is apparently

                      Joseph B. Howell who's nearest land was about a mile from

                      William Smith Sr's house.  Captain Howell was Captain of

                      Company A, 37th Regiment Enrolled Missouri Militia.  This was

                      Lincoln Countys home guard reserve unit.  It was also called the

                    "Shirt Tail Militia".  The entire officer corps of Company A

                     consisted of Welty family members.  Allen Howell was the 1st Lt,

                     Elisha Welty Early was the 2nd Lt.  William Smith Jr was the Sgt. 

                     John Self East, Abraham Howell and Thomas B. Brown were also

                     in the unit.  William Smith Sr probably was spared the worst during

                     the last years of the war, because of his being closely related to

                     these men.  The estate inventory showed he owned

                      240 acres.  Livestock consists of two mares, two horse mules,

                      three cows with calves, one heifer, two brood sows, seven hogs,

                      and ten sheep.  The names of the horses used to draw the red and green

                      striped, high spring wagon were Tom and Ribbon. 

                      "The House Of Smith", Troy Free Press, Sept 1937.

                      William Smith Sr wrote his will on 1 Aug. 1865.  He stated that he had

                      already given his children from his first marriage enough, and would

                      leave all to his wife and second family.  All his seven children are to

                      receive a horse, saddle, bridle, and featherbed, plus a share in

                      the land when their mother dies.  He writes one grandson out of

                      the will.  Samual T. Smith, Calvins son.  He has shown him so

                      much disrespect, that he doesn't want him to have any part of his estate.

                      The Bartlows go to William Smith Sr's funeral, which sounds like it may

                      have been in the evening.  He is buried at the Slavens Chapel Cemetery.

                      Slavens Chapel is a Methodist Episcopal Church.  Wesley Slavens was a

                      Methodist minister, and had the church built on a corner of his farm.  It

                      disbanded about 1925 or 1926.

26 Aug 1877  Jack Powell visits the Bartlow's.

24 Oct 1877  Last entry for the year in the Bartlow diary.  Mr. Bartlow has been to town

                      twenty one times.  They have gone to four sales, four funerals, one circle

                      meeting.  and been to church once.  They have gone to Grange twenty one

                      times, including Brown's Grange and County Grange.  They have been to

                      one school meeting.  Emma has visited with the J. Easts nineteen times, Mrs.

                      Slavens four times, the Smiths once, the W. F. Powells three times, and the

                      Howells once.  One of the sons worked in a train trip to Minnisota.  Lots of

                      other visiting with family and other friends also going on.


            1878   Cordelia and her husband William F. Powell are

                       living on a farm one mile SW of home place in 1878.

                       At some point they will move to Audrain Co.  Welty and Britton

                       are renting nearby, or working the home place land.

23 Apr 1878   Aggie East visits the Barlows.

28 May 1878  Emma Bartlow and friend visit the Frank Powell's.  Probably Cordelia's


 1 July 1878    Emma Bartlow's diary for 1878 stops on 1 July.  There have been nineteen

                       trips to town, mostly by her husband.  She has seen the East's eighteen

                       times.  They have been to Grange meetings fourteen times.  She has seen

                       Mrs. Slavens once.  They have been to three dances, one school meeting,

                       one funeral, six Murphy meetings, one quilting bee, one Greenback

                       meeting, and attended two lectures.  They have played checkers once and

                       euchre twice.  There is the usual visiting with family and other friends going

                       on.  Her dairy does not resume until Jan 1882.

  4 Aug 1878  Azariah marries Amelia A. Hohanshelt, at Plumb Creek, Douglas County,

                      Colorado.  They will have a daughter.

14 Oct 1878   Azariah pays $700 for some land from Guy Chaffee, in Douglas

                      County, Colorado.


            1880   A Matthew Crouch is listed as being a hotel or boarding house

                       manager at Foley in the Foley Centennial.  1881-1981, p.6.  This

                       may be Lorean's husband.  Foley is 15 miles east of Troy.                    1880 Census  Azariah is in Precinct 5, Douglas Co. Colorado.  He is 39.  His wife Amelia

                      is 22, and his daughter Leora is 9months old.  He prospects and works as

                      a teamster for many years around the mining camps at Leadville.                             

   June 1880   Artilla and her husband and family are living with his parents,

                      Peter and Sophia Rinaman.  1880 census.

                      John and Lee Annah Creech are living in Monroe Township,

                      just downstream from the junction of Big Creek with Cuivre River.

                      They live on the north bank and own 80 acres. 

                      William Smith Jr and family are living in Burr Oak

                      Township, on 40 acres owned by Moses Bond, adjacent to

                      160 acres owned by the East heirs.  Britton is living

                      on 80 acres he's renting from Moses Bond, in Section 36,

                      Township 49NR2W in Bedford Township.  He is 1 ½ miles

                      WSW of the home place.  Welty appears to be renting the

                      land he will buy as his home place, or he's very close to it, on the

                      Lincoln County Coal Company land.  Orion said they lived on Coal

                      Company land for awhile. 

                      1878 land maps, 1880 census. 

21 Oct 1880   Christopher Columbus Smith marries Permilia Jane Rice,

                       at her family home near Perry, in Ralls Co. Mo.  He will bring her

                       back to Lincoln Co. where they will farm for a few years.  They will

                       have two sons and a daughter.

 2 Feb 1882   Welty buys some wheat from the Bartlows.

 5 Feb 1882   Welty's boys are at the Bartlows, because momma is about to give birth to

                     Theron.  Probably William Peter, and Burton.  Possibly Orion also. 

                      He is six.

10 Feb 1882  The Bartlows go to Welty's to see the babies.

26 Feb 1882  Joc Powell visits the Bartlows.

           1882   Welty buys a "Empire" binder, Britton buys a "Deering" and

                      Columbus buys a "McCormick Deering".  The St Louis and Hannibal

                      Railroad arrives at Troy.

 5 Mar 1882  Mr. Bartlow goes to see Jack Powell.

12 Mar 1882  The Bartlows go to visit Welty Smith family.  It's Sunday.

 2 May 1882  The first train leaves Troy for Hannibal.

28 May 1882  Aggie East and friends visit the Bartlows.

13 July 1882  The Bartlows visit the Britton Smith family.

16 July 1882  The Bartlows go to Frank Powells.

 4 Sept 1882  Britton Smith has a apple peeling party.  The Bartlows go.

 7 Oct 1882  Lizzy Slavens visits the Barlows.

15 Oct 1882  Welty Smith and family visit the Bartlows on a Sunday.

 3 Nov 1882  The Bartlows go visit some of the Smiths.

 1 Dec 1882  Emma Bartlow visits Lizzie Slavens.

 3 Dec 1882  Emma back visiting Lizzie.

10 Dec 1882  Aggie East visits Emma Bartlow.

27 Dec 1883  Phoenia Smith marries Joseph W. Slavens, Lincoln Co.  He

                      owns a farm 1 mile west of the home place.  Land Map.

                      They will have three children.

31 Dec 1882  The Bartlows have been busy.  They have interacted with the Easts 16

                      times the Slavens 6 times, and the Holcombs 11 times, and the Howells, and

                      Powells once.  Some of this is farm work related, or buying or trading

                      produce.  Mr. Holcomb appears to be the new local postmaster.  They went

                      to 6 picnics, to Election day, one funeral, one meeting, one party, one fair,

                      one spelling bee, one school meeting, one singing, one lecture, one dance,

                      one sale, one show, and the races at Troy.  They also got to the fair.  They

                      went to Grange nine times, two apple peelings, and played cards once.

                      They get the Troy Free Press now.  They bought a croquet set and played 12

                      times.  Five domino games are mentioned.  They made two short train trips,

                      and visited with the usual assortment of family and friends.  They went to

                      church six times, mostly in Hawk Point.  Emma has gotten a sewing


13 Jan 1883    Emma Bartlow goes to Tom Slavens for the evening.

14 Jan 1883   The Tom Slavens spend the day with the Bartlows.

10 Feb 1883  Betty Holcomb spends the night at the Bartlows.

19 Feb 1883  Emma Bartlow goes to Tom Slavens.

 2 Mar 1883   Aggie East spends the night with the Bartlows.

15 Mar 1883  The Bartlows go to a wedding at the Slavens.

24 Apr 1883  Mary Welty Smith, and daughter Phoenia spend the day at the Bartlows.

17 May 1883  Emma Bartlow, Lida and Mrs. Slavens, go to Aunt Polly Smiths visiting.

                      (Mary Welty Smith)

22 May 1883  Phoenia Smith and Aggie East visit the Bartlows.

15 July 1883  Joe Powell visits the Bartlows.

Summer 1883  Emma Bartlow is referring to someone as Britt.  He is helping with the

                      wheat and oats.  It may be Britton Smith, playing with his new reaper or

                      Mr. Britton.

20 July 1883  Nannie Smith is at the Bartlows.  This is not Nannie Ethyl, as she will not

                      be born until 1884.

22 July 1883  The Bartlows are at Tom Slavens.

31 Oct 1883  Aggie East is visiting the Bartlows.

3 Nov 1883  Aggie East is at the Bartlows.

24 Nov 1883  W.S. and P. S. at the Bartlows.  Welty Smith, or some of the Slavens?

30 Nov 1883  Aggie East is at the Bartlows.

 9 Dec 1883  W. S. at Bartlows for dinner.  then off to meeting.  Welty?

26 Dec 1883 The Bartlows and J. Easts go to Mrs. H. Holcombs party.

31 De 1883  The Bartlows have interacted with the J. East family, and the Holcomb

                    family 15 times each, the Slavens 13 times, the year.  They have been to

                    Grange 10 times.  They went to 1 spelling bee, played croquet twice, and

                    checkers once.  They went to 1 funeral, 1 party, church 4 times, to Troy

                    for a show once, picnicking twice, Races once, Reunion and barbecue once,

                    Fair 4 times, Dance once, and 3 meetings for lectures.  They split up as usual,

                    and Emma went to Ohio by train, and later her husband went to Iowa. 

                    One has to stay with the farm, when the other one travels.

 6 Jan 1884  Aggie East is at the Bartlows.

30 Jan 1884  Columbus smith visits the Bartlows.

24 Feb 1884  Aggie east is at the Bartlows.

24 Mar 1884  Last entry in Emma's diary for 1884.  There have been 13 trips to town.

                     They have played "Authors 3 times, Euchre once, checkers once, and gone

                     to 2 dances.  They have gone to one meeting.  they have seen the J. Easts

                     3 times, and the Howell's, Holcombs, Slavens, and Powells once each.

            1884  Britton moves family to Audrain Co. Mo, N of Wellsville.

                      He will later move to Laddonia, then Mexico, Mo.  At some point

                      Columbus will also move his family to Audrain Co.


31 Jan 1885  The Bartlows sell out and move to Ohio.

           1885  Smallpox hits the northern part of the county.

22 Oct 1886  Britton and family, come down from Audrain Co. to visit.

                      Troy Free Press.

           1887  Matthew Crouch, Lorean's husband, leaves Lincoln County. 

                     The Troy Free Press says he's back in town after having gone

                     to the South West to buy a farm from David Jewell.  David Jewell

                      is Matthews third wife’s brother.  Matthew was

                      about to leave again for his new home.  Arthur Ealy

1887-1888      Several businesses in Troy burn down.

27 May 1891  Matthew Crouch, Lorean's husband marries for the fourth time,

                      to Mary E. Miller, in Butler County, Missouri..  The fate of his

                      third wife has not been determined.


  5 Feb 1892   Mrs. William Smith Sr, (Mary "Polly" Welty) dies while visiting          

                        relatives in Audrain Co Mo.  The obituary says she was staying

                        with a daughter.

19 Nov 1892   Azariah is divorced.

18 Mar 1893   Azariah returns to Troy, to assign his share of the William Smith Sr

                        estate to Joseph Rinaman, Artilla's husband for a consideration of

                        $157.00.  Azariah declares himself unmarried.  Abstract of title to                           .                       the home place.  When the estate is settled on 17 Oct 1898,

                        Joseph Rhinaman receives $192.00 as Asia's share.

23 Feb 1893   Mrs. William Smith Jr dies, Lincoln Co. Mo.  The Claggetts, David

                      Waddy Smith, Jr's son and others return to Kirwin, Kansas.

            1893   A devastating financial depression starts.  Only one transcontinental

                       railroad survives.

16 Feb 1894   Artilla and husband buy William Smith Sr home place.  The original cabin

                       has been modified, or will be, by adding on two ground floor rooms, a

                       dining room and a kitchen, to the rear, with a bedroom above.  It has a

                       stairway in the SE corner of the kitchen.  The front bedroom becomes a

                       room for the girls, the rear bedroom is for the boys.  There is a cook stove

                       in the kitchen and a potbellied stove in the living room.


28 Jun 1895   Professor W. F. Welty, formerly principal of the Olney Institute,

                       at Olney, Lincoln Co. Mo, currently President of the college at

                       Siloam Springs, Arkansas, marries Emily Gaylord of Sandoval,

                       Ill.  Troy Free Press.  This is a possible distant relative we know

                       nothing about.

            1896   Mrs. Leannah Smith Creech dies. Lincoln Co. Mo.

                       She is buried at Old Alexander.

15 Feb 1898   The battleship Maine is sunk in Havana harbor, Cuba.

21 Apr 1898   The United States declares war on Spain.  No relatives are known

                        to be involved.

    May 1898   Smallpox causes a quarantine of those exposed in Troy..

10 Dec 1898   The war with Spain is over.  The United States is ceded the Philippines,

                        Puerto Rico, and Guam.  Cuba is made independent.

     Dec 1899   The most disastrous stock decline in the history of the New

                       York Stock Exchange hits.  The effect on family members is unknown.

    June 1900    Martha Catherine Adams, Bethany's daughter, her husband, Adolphus

                        Julian, and three daughters, Mary C., Cora V., and Fannie E. are living

                        in Umatilla, Lake County Florida.  Fannie is dumb...Martha has three

                        other daughters, Lucinda B., Julia E, Alice V. and a son, John P.

             1900   Azariah is in Eagle Township, Eagle County, Colorado.   Census                                                              

                       Azariah remarries sometime after 1900.  His wife appears to be

                      Dora E.  Age 37 in 1900. 

 9 May 1902  Martha C. Adams, the daughter of Bethany Smith

                      Applebury, receives $93.70 from William Smith Sr's estate.  She is

                      living in Umatilla Florida.  They will later move to St Petersburg,

                      Florida, then to Texas to live with their son John proctor Adams,

                      then back to St Petersburg where son John buys them a home.

18 June 1902  Mary Catherine Adams, William Smith Sr's great grand daughter,

                      Bethany's granddaughter, Martha's daughter, a

                      schoolteacher, marries William T. Claggett, William Smith Sr's

                      great grandson, of the Lincoln County Claggetts, and ends up in Kirwin

                      Kansas with the Smith/Claggett colony out there.

   1900 1926   Phoenia and her husband J.W. Slavens have a farm 1 mile SSW of

                       the home place where Artilla lives, and ¼ mile NW of Welty's farm.

                       Land maps.


    Nov 1905   Scarlet Fever causes quarantine in Troy.

13 Nov 1905  Troy gets a electrical power plant capable of providing power for lights

                       only, from dusk until midnight.

 8 May 1906   Lewis W. Cannon, Mary’s husband dies in California.

14 July 1906   John Creech, Leannah's husband dies.  Buried at Old Alexander.

            1907   A scarlet fever epidemic hits Troy.

Fall      1907   Artilla and Joseph move to Troy.  Artilla's son William P. Rinaman,

                       moves his family into the William Smith Sr log cabin, which has doubled

                       in size.

10 Jan 1908   William Smith Jr dies Lincoln Co. Mo.  Tombstone

24 Aug 1908  Britton Smith's 58th birthday is celebrated at his farm.  All of his brothers

                       and sisters attend.  Forty one family members have their photo taken.

29 Nov 1908  Daniel Appleberry, Bethany's youngest son, writes his nephew,

                      J. P. Adams, of Rodgers Texas.  Daniel is writing from Phillips, Montana,

                      which is either in Blaine, or Valley County.  It will become Phillips

                      County, in 1916, named after the B. D. Phillips ranch.  Daniel says he is

                     camped out at his ranch, and has been making some money from some

                     mines or land which he is trying to get patented.  He is talking about his will

                     and it sounds like he's unmarried and childless.  In 1941 there was a big

                     sheep ranch in Montana named the Appleberry Ranch.  Daniel would

                     have been over 90 by then, so more research is needed.  There is a

                     family tale that at some point Daniel went back to England.  The date on

                     this letter may be 1918, and it may say he is cooking at the home ranch.


            1910   Cordelia and her family, husband, son William G. and a daughter

                       Lulu, are living in Laddonia, Audrain Co.  Census

13 May 1910  Azariah is in Eagle Township, Eagle County, Colorado. 

                      He is single and makes mistakes about his age, where he was born,

                      and where his parents were born in the census.

18 Nov 1911   Azariah files homestead claim at age 74, near Eagle,Eagle County, Col.

21 Dec 1911   Azariah writes Artilla a letter from Eagle, Col. She has written

                       and sent him some pictures.  He says his daughter and grandson are

                       off to Alaska in the spring.

10 Jan 1912    Cordelia Smith Powell dies.  She is buried in the Laddonia City


24 Jan 1912     Azariah remarries.  His wife appears to be Dora E.  Age 57 in 1920. 

                        1920 Census.  Eagle County, Colorado.

             1913   Drusillia suffers a stroke, from which she will not fully recover.

  7 Mar 1916   Azariah's divorced wife dies, in Alaska.

23 Dec 1916   Welty’s wife, Margaret Rinaman Smith dies, Lincoln Co.

     Apr 1917   The United States enters WW I.

      Jun 1917   Welty goes to Laddonia to be with Drusilla.  He will stay until

                       after the funeral.

18 Jun 1917   Drusilla Smith Slavens dies at her home in Laddonia, Mo. 

                      She had ten children.  Obituary  There are eleven children in the family


20 Aug 1918  Artilla and her husband celebrate their Golden wedding anniversary.

                      Of their seven children, six attended, and of their fifteen grandchildren       

                      fourteen attended.  Welty, and Phoenia attend.

21 Nov 1918  Cordellia's husband William F. Powell dies and is buried in the Laddonia.

                      City Cemetery.  He has been living with his daughter, Mrs. Lulu Moomaw

                       in Laddonia, for the past year.  His son, William G. Powell, lives nearby.

                       Laddonia Herald, 28 Nov 1918.

                       A major flu epidemic sweeps the county.  The flu epidemic hits Troy.

12 Dec 1919   Azariah dies at his ranch on Trail Gulch, near Eagle, Eagle Co.


26 Jan 1920    Aziriahs wife, Dora E. age 57, is at the ranch, and has taken in a boarder,

                       John Kelly, who is 69 years old.  1920 census.

23 Nov 1920   A land patent for 160 acres is granted Arariah A Smith in Eagle Co.


16 Sept 1923   Rinaman relatives from Maryland are in Troy.  The Welty Smith family

                        are all invited to Welty's house for a reunion.  


27 Feb 1929   Drusilla’s husband, Thomas H. Slavens dies, Laddonia, Mo.  Tombstone

           1929   Britton moves from Laddonia, to Mexico, Mo.            

 6 Aug 1929  Martha Caroline Appleberry, Bethany's daughter dies in

                     St Petersburg Florida.  Her husband will die on 16 Nov. 1939 also

                      in St Petersburg.

    Oct 1929    The stock market collapses, and the Great Depression begins.


 1 Feb 1930   Britton Smith dies at his home in Mexico, Audrain Co. Mo.

                      Columbus is living in Laddonia.

April 1930  Census  Welty Smith, age 80. is living with Dick Bennett, age 70 and his

                      daughter Mary E., age 55, in Troy.  Artillia, age 83, is living with her

                      husband Joseph Rinaman, age 82, in Troy.  Phoenia, age 72, is living with

                      her husband Joseph W. Slavens, age 71, on their farm west of Troy, next to

                      Harvey Elbert Smith, Welty's son.

           1930   Some of the Claggett's from the Smith/Claggett colony out in

                      Kirwin Kansas drive in to visit Roland Smith, one of William Smith Jr's

                      descendants, in Old Monroe.

18 Oct 1930   Mrs. Britton Smith dies, Montgomery Co Mo.

            1931   A scarlet fever epidemic hits Troy.  The Depression begins, affecting

                       all in the family.  It lasts until 1941.

20 Nov 1932  Artilla’s husband Joseph Rinaman dies.  Lincoln Co.

 5 Aug 1934   Welty Smith dies Lincoln Co. Mo.  Tombstone  Columbus is living in

                       Perry, Ralls County, Mo. and Phoenia is living in Troy.


19 Nov 1935   Phoenia Smith Slavens dies.

13 May 1936   Artilla Smith Rinaman dies. Lincoln Co. Mo.  Christopher Columbus 

                        Smith is listed as living at Farber, in Audrain Co. in the obituary.

  5 Nov 1936   Mrs. Christopher Columbus Smith dies.  She and Columbus have been

                        living at her family home near Perry, in Ralls County, for some time. 

                        She is buried in  Laddonia.

10 Sept 1937   A final family reunion is held at the William Smith Sr home place.  The

                         William P. Rinaman family were probably the hosts.


  1 Sept 1938   Phoenia’s husband Joseph Slavens dies.

  9 Dec 1938   The William Smith Sr home place is sold to non-family.


  2 Mar 1940   Christopher Columbus Smith dies, at Laddonia, Audrain Co. Mo.


The data in this event log was acquired and shared by the following cousins:  Mr. Kirby Ross, Mrs. Jean Strong, Mrs. Patsy Brown Creech, Mrs. Julia Mozier Hechler, and Mrs. Carolyn Hooton.  Mrs. Jean Strong and Mrs. Patsy Brown Creech have traveled extensively to visit sites and gather material first hand.  Mrs. Carolyn Hooton has

been instrumental in the Smith family reunions that have brought parts of the family together.  Mrs. Audrey Kinion has aided materially with the research.  Mr. Kirby Ross, with his vision of a comprehensive family history, has been the driving force

behind this work.  This log was compiled by Willard Smith Bacon,

120 Beechwood Circle, Manchester Tn 37355, 931 728 7973, willbacon@charter.net

Copyrighted by Willard S. Bacon, 2000.  All rights reserved.