Lincoln Co. MO Marriages (1917)

Transcribed from the Troy Free Press, Feb. 22, 1918, page 3, columns 3-5, by Rob. Taylor

Marriage Licenses for 1917

One Hundred and Thirty-Two Couples Granted License Last Year

Jan 13, Arthur Laird and Alma Feetke
Jan 26, Robert A. Adams and Mary L. Harbaugh
Jan 30, J.R. Howell and Silvia Hammett
Jan 31, R.U. Trumpour and Evelyn Kollas

Feb 3, William Wheaton and Gertrude Allen
Feb 3, Lee Suddarth and Clara Stewart
Feb 3, Cecil T. Patton and Allie Guy Britt
Feb 10, Robert L. Willis and Beulah M. Broyles
Feb 19, Willie Davis and Dora Dixon
Feb 26, R.T. Elton and Mrs. Laura Oppers
Feb 27, Frank Koster and Rosa Hickman
Feb 28, Ora Bricker and Lola Crane

Mar 5, Efton R. Massie and Osie V. Overall
Mar 7, E.P. Wheatley and Mary Elizabeth White
Mar 10, C.C. Dyer and Sallie A. McCoy
Mar 10, George B. Duche and Ella G. Foster
Mar 20, J.B. Jameson and Mrs. Cora Sherman
Mar 21, Archie O. Tucker and Ludie M. LaRue
Mar 22, N.R. Damron and Minnie Lawson
Mar 24, Ruby Pollard and Myrtle Dixon
Mar 26, Emmett C. Cannon and Elsie Hammack

April, Frank P. Brummell and Ethel Lanier
April 5, William Kuda and Clemma Shelker
April 10, W.A. Archer and Cecelia Kumbera
April 11, William Robinson and Catherine Bray
April 16, Anton Forbeck and Mary Eggering
April 21, W.A. Vivian and Martha L. Coleman
April 28, L.E. Kumbera and Annie May Trail

May 1, Albert Kinion and Alta Alexander
May 7, James A. Luelf and Carrie Lousch
April 28, William J. Stone and Jennie Tucker
May 14, C.R. Dunn and Ada Mary Mudd
May 18, Leo H. Reller and Minnie Hoelting
May 18, Wade H. Admire and Vernon Rieffer
May 19, William W. Steele and Amelia Davis
May 21, Dr. P.S. Diggs and Luvina Thurman
May 21, R.W. Blair and Gretchen Magruder
May 23, Lenly Kent and Laura Jennings

June 5, Merrell A. Taylor and Mary Meriwether
June 9, William E. Bridegroom and Cecelia Wilson
June 11, Raymond Owen and Stella Lee Brown
June 15, Paul Norton and Sybil Williams
June 25, Cecil A. Mulherin and Zelma Lee Watson
June 26, James M. Blackwell and Mary M. Bufford
June 28, Allie Riffle and Ethel Davis Damron
June 30, George McGregor and Pauline Downing

July 3, J. Almus and Carrie Deckmeier
July 12, R.F. Tilker and Neva Murphy
July 13, Alphonsus H. Mudd and Carrie Mattingly
July 17, Harry Scott and Frances M. Cropp
July 20, Joseph A. Finely and Mary Gladys Colaw
July 21, Ira Harrell and Edith Irene Thornhill
July 27, Raymond Crumes and Roma Dixon
July 31, H.G. Gerdeman and Lena Krebs

Aug 4, Clarence Shelton and Polly Bradshaw
Aug 4, David D. Chappel and Winifred Lacy
Aug 8, Claud A. Lester and Lizzie Lou Lester
Aug 4, John Wesley Potts and Gladys A. Pearl
Aug 11, Harry A. Dunford and Fauntene Huckstep
Aug 14, H.S. Baker and Catherine M. Hilker
Aug 14, Nathaniel H. Bueneman and Ora Schmidt
Aug 18, James Roy Snarr and Florence Robertson
Aug 20, W. Smith Brown and Ellen Dameron
Aug 22, Charles Guy Stepanek and Lillie M. Hasselfield
Aug 25, E.C. Martel and Bertie LaMaster
Aug 27, Ottis B. Riddle and Gladys M. Forth
Aug 27, Paul G. Stepanek and Mary F. Hasselfield
Aug 28, William J. Dunn and Ida May Norton
Aug 29, Willie Collins and Lida Smith
Aug 28, Mack Beauchamp and Maggie Jamison
Aug 30, Albert Collins and Mary Edith Ives

Sept 1, Harry E. Renter and Lizzie Amfruster
Sept 3, Bernard J. Miller and Mabel Myers
Sept 6, Jay Omohundro and Alice Hammack
Sept 8, William Leslie Price and Iva Barnes
Sept 8, George A.D. Blair and Nora Harrison
Sept 8, James Dlargy and Rosa E. Stewart
Sept 12, Claud H. Reeves and Pearl L. Vaughn
Sept 13, James M. Turnbull and Lizzie Tartar
Sept 17, John J. Kehoe and Gertrude Green
Sept 17, Harry D. Jameson and Hazel Foster
Sept 19, M.O. Shannon and Iva Eversmeyer
Sept 24, John W. Mudd and Margaret McCarty
Sept 24, Andrew Grimes and Irene Guinn

Oct 2, Roland E. Spires and Clara Rischeck
Oct 9, F.M. Harlan and Louise Jameson
Oct 11, Fred D. Wohler and Annie Sanker
Oct 13, Ralph C. Barrett and Myrtle V. Rogers
Oct 17, Sylvester Heady and Nellie Davis
Oct 24, Fred C. Christiansen and Lena Mae Hill
Oct 26, Guy F. Dyer and Gertrude Dwyer
Oct 27, Clifford Ray Clipman and Lena Muir
Oct 30, A.F. Femmer and Minnie Graham
Oct 31, Henry H. Norton and Ellen Witt
Oct 26, John Knizel and Ada Norton

Nov 6, Clyde Curfman and Augusta Hayes
Nov 7, Irl E. Elliott and Emma Ferrell Cox
Nov 8, Olen Lester and Mary Taylor
Nov 9, Otto Schaper and Lottie Gerdeman
Nov 10, James W. Cochran and Nellie M. Romain
Nov 12, Pete Grossmann and Victoria Meyers
Nov 13, W.T. Koster and Bertha Agnes Mudd
Nov 13, Leslie Mudd and Etta M. Dyer
Nov 21, Sydnor Hutt and Irene Robinson
Nov 21, Orion Long and Lizzie Richards
Nov 23, Hobart Begeman and Floy Woodson
Nov 27, James W. Harding and Willie Humphreys
Nov 27, Willie Wilson and Lucy Parsons
Nov 27, D.E. Williams and Jessie Shaw Childers
Nov 28, Elbert Ingram Donaldson and Elsie Femmer
Nov 30, Claude Martin and Maggie J. Creech

Dec 1, Edward M. Damron and Georgia Davis
Dec 14, Henry C. Hoffman and Olive French
Dec 15, Clem W. Creech and Annie L. Schaper
Dec 19, Rolla L. Hank and Annie Nichols
Dec 20, Henry Herman Holtzman and Ruby Keeton
Dec 20, Harry Charles Foster and Willa J. Huckstep
Dec 22, C.A. Huck and Mabel Schaper
Dec 22, John Leslie Bacon and Annie Laura Brown
Dec 24, Clyde S. Warren and Nora E. Langford

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