Lincoln Co. MO Marriages (1911)

Transcribed from the Troy Free Press, Jan. 19, 1912, page 7, by Rob. Taylor



3 Ben J. Kneubuhler and Emma W. Korth
10 Fred Schnabel and Lottie Spielhagen
16 Will Jennings and Lizzie Smith
17 Jode Stilwill and Mable Whitaker
25 Fred M. Keck and Martha Jones
14 Jesse H. Harrell and Lena Cappel
30 James Overton and Nytle Dimfles
30 L.R. Flynn and Ora Henry


1 Ernest Meyer and Clora Wilkie
2 Lewis E. Stewart and Rose Elizabeth Knollhoff
2 Owen Henry and Stacie Harris
4 Walter Norton and Pluma Fines
6 A.N. Koester and Nannill Nichols
6 Geo. E. O'Hanlon and Nora May Perkins
9 Wm. M. Ender and Birdie Barnes
11 A. Donnely and Annie Scott
14 J.R. Brown and Mamie N. Early
15 Ambro Henry and Florence King
16 Isa Gladney and Bettie Taylor
16 Robert H. Bally and Fannie E. Whitaker
18 Floyd T. Rose and Sallie Mitchell
21 J.L. Lyttle and May M. L. Burns
21 Frank Knizel and Anna Sedlacek
23 Harry Hood and Myrtle M. Hays
23 Fred Schafer and Mattie Kennedy
27 Paul Whiteside and Della Ingram


3 H.A. Tinder and Mary A. Prewitt
6 Geo. H. Weitkamp and Laura E. Eversmeyer
6 J.V. Zeleny and Maggie Cronet
14 Henry S. Beckering and Rose Nettie Hardy
17 Richard H. Crank and Ruby D. Blackmore
17 Henry Justus and Mary Rahmier
22 Frank L. Rogers and Ina M. Bibb.
55 (sic) Wm. A. Achor and Stella L. Clare
30 Wm. Shelton and Bula Clark (col.)


6 Albert Shelton and Rachel Boyd
6 Tom Kuda and Francis Petrzelka
7 Henry Westhoff and Annie Kalman
11 Ross E. Cannon and Claudie Mays
12 Trevey Broyles and Alice De Leal
14 O.B. Cox and L.V. Luckett
15 Willie Hombs and Grace Tucker
15 P.D. Haddock and Ida H. Wilson
22 B.J. Fullenkamp and Adele Mudd
24 Frank S. Burkemper and Aggie Minnemeyer
24 Christ. B. Westhoff and Annie Minnemeyer
27 Robt. A. Cinclare and Alice Held


3 A.L. Burkemper and Mary Dickemeyer
3 R.S. Wilson and L.L. Prewett
4 M.T. Janes and Lucille Heady
6 R.T. Bennett and Mary E. Smith
8 Henry Schellart and Katy Kirckhoff
13 J.R. Hutchens and Floy Bricker
16 R.H. Kennedy and C.H. Schafer
16 T.R. Hennebry and Mary Norton
18 Wm. Robertson and Edna Callaway
23 Fred Cape and Nora Harris
29 Fred Karrenbrock and Emma Schacher
30 Edgar J. Schuchardt and Etta M. Crank
30 Montie Thompson and Willa McCulloch
31 H.Y. Blackwell and Olie A[ ]or


1 Charlie Washington and Lizzie Morris (col.)
3 J.J. DeVereaux and Alice Davis
5 Edgar Ball and Effie Snyder
8 A.D. Hill and Lora Hearn
16 John F. Witt and Dama[ ]as Gibson
17 B.H. Jolly and M.B. Blackwell
20 Walter Mohr Henkey and Emma Ball Hall
26 Thos. D. McDonald and Lena Ruth Lewis
28 Fred Fry and Leona Collins


1 Jos. Kriz and Cassie Schrockengost
8 J.O. Hammitt and Bertha Ives
8 Curry Vaughn and Harriet Cox
17 J.B. Irvings and Nora Bradshaw (col.)
17 Homer Steele and Susie McDonald
20 Don Duey and Louvina East
27 H.E. Laurence and G.V. Wyatt
29 W.M. Montgomery and Effie Boyce
31 John Hutton and Fanny Pollard


2 Peter Ranizels and Cora Marsh
14 William Cox and Ida Dowell
14 Ernest Shaw and Leola Jurgesmeyer
16 Groves Howard and Gertrude Wilson
17 A.H. Gerken and Katye Bruning
21 Frederick Schrader and A.E. Lusby
22 J.W. Pruyn and Cora Wilke
25 Arthur Jameson and Elsie Lester
28 Henry Lee Enlow and Nancy Eddy
29 Jasper Holmes and Grace Douglas


1 Henry Meuth and Annie Robey
1 Luke East and Nancy Wallace
2 Jos. A. Pern and Mollie Asby
2 Eugene White and Mary Thornhill (col.)
2 J.E. Boyce and Ina M. Nichols
4 Ira Lonzo Ketchum and Ida Pauline Ohrmeyer
5 Ralph Little and Maggie Knock
5 S.B. Langford and Maud Larue
11 H. Church Hay and Edith Sledd
12 Jos. J. Lank and Rosa Marshek
13 J.M. Gregory and R.B. Magruder
13 Albert Vaughn and Nancy White
19 Henry Thomas and Allie Alington
20 Permenes Ulery and May Cox
20 J.H. Daugherty and Marie Burges
23 Louis Bouldin and Donie Shelton (col.)
21 Murl Wlulmiller and Florence Fornsworth
23 Gus McIntosh and Veronica Coughlin
28 Will Twellman and Agnes Sullivan
28 Chance Rose and Irene Damron


9 Jos. Crowder and Mary Clark (col.)
10 Richard D. Witt and Caroline Weltkamp
11 Dr. A. J. Pittman and Neva Pendleton
14 Harry Rogers and Kitty Grant (col.)
16 Leslie Tavernier and Aida Sims
18 W.P. Bouldin and Mildred Shelton (col.)
18 Samuel Shields and May E. Boyce
21 Harris Webster and Lena Shelton (col.)
21 Weslie Rose and Martha A. Bates (col.)
23 John Kirpish and Annie Shelharvey
24 Miller Morris and Ama Luckett (col.)
30 Arley Meyer and Permelia Swan
30 Frederick Robertson and Mary Martin (col.)
30 Clarence McMahan and Viola Gordon


7 Edward Stanek and Agnes Shramek
8 R.A. Crank and Leona Wagoner
10 James H. McCallister and Minnie B. Breeding
13 Robt. Brown and Mary Woodson
14 E.E. McNealy and Minnie Goedike
14 Thos. Haden and Lizzie Ashley (col.)
15 Frank Norton and Leota Caneman
17 Samuel Andrews and Sallie McNealy
17 H.O. Weeks and Lottie Weeks
20 Leslie Patton and Flora Bradley
20 George Linear and Corah Thomas (col.)
29 C.H. Coose and Hattie G. Weeks
29 Arnold Keck and Lizzie M. Heck
29 J. Burton Allen and Mary E. Kelley


4 Henry Semore and Lou Wyatt (col.)
6 W.L. Blackmore and Mabel Cunningham
7 Walter Palmer and Belle Harrison
11 J.K. Young and Cora E. Gililland
18 Louis Huchins and Lorene Duey
20 Shap Williams and Laura Taylor
20 Gene Montgomery and Lizzie Suddarth
22 John Potts and Lottie Saunders
23 Julius L. Zeller and Zora Claggett
23 M.L. Taylor and Daisy Basnett
23 Jesse R. Tag and Murlie Parsons
25 Jas. K. Waters and Annie Cannon
26 G.C. Thomas and Roberta E. Williams
27 Theodore Schamma and Lucy Saurs
27 Thos. H. Stone and Jessie Taylor
30 J.T. Hartley and Lena Dunard


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