Lincoln Co. MO Marriages (1898)

Transcribed from the Troy Free Press, Friday, Jan. 13, 1899, page 3, by Rob. Taylor

A Considerable Gain is Made in the Number of Marriage Licenses Issued Last
Year The Happy Couples.
Lincoln county points with pride to the record made by sly Dan Cupid
during the year 1898. While most neighboring counties report a falling
off in events matrimonial we are pleased to announce that in old Lincoln
the gain has been most pronounced. The recorder's office, where a record
is kept of all licenses issued, reveals this fact. In 1897 there were
issued 137 marriage licenses, but in 1898 this was increased to 166, a
gain of over 20 per cent. Young men and young women and other folks, too,
who live outside of this county and whose love affairs have not prospered,
are invited to come to the fair land of Lincoln, where Hymen has taken up
his home and where Cupid frisks and frolics from dawn till dewy eve. Now
some of our Republican friends will at once rush to the front and say that
this increase in marriages is a sure sign of prosperity's arrival. Quite
the contrary, though. Sensible people declare that young men usually
marry when their burden of poverty becomes too heavy to be carried alone
that they then hie themselves forth and persuade some brave girl to share
their burden. But be as it may, Lincoln county is proud of its
matrimonial record and proposes to keep up the good work during this
coming year. The parties to whom licenses were issued last year are given
below with the date preceding the names.


1 A.P.W. Palmer and Mollie E. Dempsey
3 Wm. H. Bain and Annie E. Santman
3 W.A. Dudley and Nona Cannon
11 Cuba Bacon and Marzie Day
12 Wm. Donly and Mary A. Norton
13 Geo. A. Hurst and Pearly Twiggs
18 Joseph Burgess and Hattie Holland
26 Geo. T. Kubne and Jessie Grandfield
26 Harry Townson and Annie Koster
28 Allen Pence and Ida Berger
28 Ed Webster and M.J. Davis


2 Levi B. Connelly and Susie Grimmett
2 Frederick Hatcher and M. Sue Nicolson
4 J.S. Bonnel and Maggie Harper
5 Henry Wernex and Minnie Miller
7 Conrad Winter and Katie Anson
7 W.H. Eveland and Mamie Jackson
9 Geo. M. Hall and Susie B. Wilson
15 Geo. B. Kempf and Delia Harrel
16 J.E. Middleton and Cora Eveland
19 Jno. Muck and Lizzie Meister
23 Chas. King and Sarah E. Baker
26 C.M. Wilson and Ida Bray
26 J.E. Downing and Linnie Haines
26 W.D. Bradley and Nellie Wells
26 B.C. Benedict and Nora Hardesty
26 H.H. Welch and Laura Brooking


2 Jno. R. Frink and Sallie M. Dyer
2 Wm. A. Wallace and Lulu S. Finley
3 Samuel O. Starkey and Addie Belle Griffith
4 J.A. Thompson and Marguerite Skurlock
7 J.W. Withaus and Bettie Aspley
7 Francis Marion Cox and Catherine Hall
8 J.J. Hopkins and Ethel Gravens
11 J.P. Reinhardt and Sarah Richtman
12 Geo. Meyers and Mrs. Bessie Livingston
14 P.B. Briscoe and M. Florence Handy
16 Simon D. Pavy and Mary Lee Calvin
22 C.H. Hubbard and Cordia M. Kelly
23 Wm. A. Oden and Julia Groom
23 Wm. Hammer and A.E. Clark
30 O.H. Damron and Mary E. Fortune
30 Lawrence Sinn and Catherine Gladney
31 A.A. Aspley and Nora Oden


6 Geo. W. Colbert and Mary A. Buckner
8 J.D. Segress and Mrs. Susie Sanburg
9 Ed D. Shelker and Mary Peasle
11 Geo. Lank and Mary Stanek
11 Fred Roughcore and Mrs. Lydia Sanders
12 Mark McClellan and Lizzie Kinion
19 Howard L. Bailey and Jennie Shenebarger
21 Peter A. Driesevert and Francis Diedrich
28 S.S. Hall and Rosa Hamlett
30 S.J. Luckett and Martha J. Rogers



2 B.F. Brown and M. Estelle Trail
19 Aug. Brinkmann and Lena Meier
19 W.S. Fristoe and Annie Krebs
19 W.A. Hostetter and Mabel E. Williams
20 J.H. Webb and Liily Jennings
25 Wm. H. Henry and Rena Crume
30 C.R. Archer and Dora Lee Mitchell


20 Chas. A. Cox and Callie L. Robinson
23 Arthur Dowell and Ellen N. Keithley
29 O.A. Gordon and Claudine Sheets


5 Robert Lee Sitton and Jannie Gravens
8 Arthur F. Gray and Myrtle Mitchell
12 Wm. King and Nora Wheeler
20 J.T. Brown and Lizzie Fisher
25 Robert Howdeshell and Lora Watts


3 J.L. Brown and Sophia Pressley
5 Wm. C. Callaway and Irene Crenshaw
8 E.J. Birkhead and Birdie Smith
11 H.R. Fisher and Rosa Fecker
13 E.P. Gasfield and Jennie Patton
13 J.W. Wise and Ella Ash
15 Geo. R. Taylor and Annie E. Johnson
18 A.S. Witt and Alberta Upson
19 Thos. Layhart and Georgie Patton
29 F.F. Meyer and Veda May Jackson
30 H.H. Frazier and Maggie E.E. Parker
30 J.L. Cox and Stella Bickel
31 P.A. Hilton and Mollie Whittaker
31 R. Bradshaw and D.T. Oliver


2 Jesse Baldwin and Edna Perkins
7 W.N. Harrell and Alberta O. Humphrey
11 A.F. Dryden and O.A. Miller
12 H.L. Mershon and Annie Westerman
13 Green Miller and Hettie Camp
13 Mitchell Beck and Ellen Buenemann
14 Geo. Diekmeyer and Amelia Meyer
14 J.H. Standley and Edna Walker
15 Levi Holland and Eveline Starkey
19 Henry Mace and Lizzie Lagime
20 L.B. Young and Mattie Reed
20 E.C. Fackler and Fredonia L. Compton
21 C.D. Howard and Isabella A. Thompson
23 J.E. McNealey and Lovie Hughes
27 David Eddings and Francis E. Owen
27 Lawrence Colwell and Mary E. Miller
28 A.C. Cox and Annie L. Halley
28 Claud C. Cox and Margaret Blair
28 Jonathan Davis and Mary J. Hopkins
29 C.W. Hudson and Ella Walker


4 J.R. Sitton and Sally K. Wilson
4 M.M. Miller and Barbara Kuda
10 H.E. Genteman and Bettie E. Wommack
10 C.A. Thompson and Mary J. Chandler
11 C.S. Hammond and Clara V. Wheeler
11 A.A. Kuhne and Maud M. Copher
18 -- Vaughan and -- Presley
18 O.B. Wells and Louise S. Alexander
19 H.E. Reedy and Lizzie Lovell
19 W.J. Ellis and Mollie Stotler
22 M.L. Palmer and Annie Wagner
25 J.W. East and Myrtle Davis
25 C.M. Gililland and Hattie Giles
27 E.E. McNeeley and Sarah J. Matthews


1 W.R. Hopkins and Hattie Kent
1 J.C. Swan and Georgie Ross
4 Jno. E. Peterson and Cynthia A. Henderson
4 Chase Kelley and Lizzie Hardesty
7 P. Newell and Emma Braxton
11 H.A. Eversmeyer and Pauline Schultze
12 J.W. Cobb and Mary Colbert
14 A. Meyer and Lizzie Wommack
15 L.M. Harris and Hattie Hall
15 Wm. McLellan and Minnie Turner
16 L.T. Baskett and Josephine A. Martin
16 Geo. B. Freese and Caroline Wilke
17 Wm. Capps and Della Kerne
19 G.E. Hammett and Eudena Kowazek
21 R.C. Trail and Beulah E. Singleton
21 A.B. Reed and Ida V. Massie
22 J.S. Zumwalt and Arrie Raney
22 L.G. Anderson and Annie M. Shramek
23 H.T. Briscoe and Lucy B. Satiwhite
23 Gervis Hammond and Nettie Thurman
26 J.W. Kirkhart and Emma Doty


2 Herman Richtman and Fanny Keithley
5 Jno R. Davidson and Lizzie A. Williams
5 Jasper Church and Myrtle Baxter
7 T.T. Whalen and Carry D. Sitton
7 E.E. Farmer and Effie Diggs
10 Henry T. Laird and Rosa Anna Rhoads
13 E. Colbert and Mattie Colbert
15 G.M. Martin and Daisy Taylor
19 T.H. Koehler and Annie Brase
20 Christopher Kolb and Bertha Howell
21 M.V. Willis and Nevada Claggett
21 Chas. Magruder and Jessie Overall
23 S.A. Davis and Nettie G. Whiteside
22 T.M. Kendall and Mrs. M.L. Rosenberger
22 M.L. LaBrash and Janie Huckstep
24 Jno. J. Daniels and Cora Turner
31 E.L. Rush and Cora Conner

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