Lincoln Co. MO Marriages (1887)

Transcribed from the Troy Free Press, Friday, Dec. 30, 1887, page 1, columns 2-3 by Rob. Taylor

The following is a list of the marriage licenses issued by Recorder J.H.
Alexander in the past year, with the date of issue of each:



3 E.R. Foley and F.B. Watts
3 F. Mueller and Ella Woolfolk
7 J.S. Casaday and Lizzie Turnbull
8 T.L Anderson and Cora Abbott
10 Richard Pressly and Sarah Pressly
11 W.M. F. Mentze and A. Schwarze
11 J.L. Williams and A. Jones
13 Enoch Cox and Sarah Koster
17 G.A. Palmer and P.L. Verdier


9 R.S. Mudd and Estella Ensor
9 J.B. Janes and Eva Wombles
12 Ben D. Carr and Dona Birch
12 R.C. Magruder and Jennie Carr
12 T.D. Kemper and Cora E. Frink
14 H.M. Thurman and F.W. Carter
16 H.W. Martin and Inez B. Creech
18 W.B. Trescott and M.B. Mattocks
18 I.L. Trescott and M.R. Callaway
21 Craig Samuel and Lizzie Powell
23 R.E. Whiteside and Lizzie Settles


2 H.B. Elder and Lizzie Sheets
4 R.L. Ellis and Mattie Watts
8 J.M. Smith and Louisa Briscoe
14 John Witte and Annie Wehde
16 E. Brinkmann and M. Meyerkort
19 Jno. S. Brown and Martha Wise
24 J.H. Reynolds and Georgia Welch
26 W. Birkhead and Lora Bird (col).
29 Geo. Haddock and Mary Rector
29 Lewis Bauer and Annie Hembrook


13 Henry Wyatt and S.A. Glover
14 H.P. Raney and Susan A. Hines
14 J.H. Barton and Laura F. Hunn
15 G.W. Magruder and Nora Reeds
19 J.S. Wallace and Mary B. Fielder
21 E.F. Trescott and Cary Morris
21 C.W. Talbott and Ludy V. Holmes
25 Simon Pavey and Luada Wuelburn
29 H.B. Cannon and Sarah Craig



5 Edw. Morris and Lizzie Taylor
7 W.W. Hammack and A.R. Elsberry
7 Thos. Murphy and Nancy Craig
18 J.S. Howell and Lizzie B. Perkins
19 Wm. Freese and Mary Bothe
21 A.H. McDonald and G.B. Hatfield



1 E.F. Farrow and Lou E. Kerr
8 Jas. Kelly and Ella Harper
21 E.E. Brother and C.A. Palmer
22 Wm. Russell and Emma Miller
25 D.W. Morris and M.J. Wells


2 J.L. Eveland and Dora L. McCoy
2 Milton M. Keller and S.E. Sears
8 B. Langford and Mary Parsons
13 J.J. Reighley and M.S. Mudd
14 W.E. Leavesey and Ollie M. Graves
22 J.D. Mitchell and Charlotte Sitton
23 H.W. Blanton and A.B. Watts (col)


9 J.T. Meyers and G.E. Witcher
14 M. Koelting and Louisa Kaler
17 C.W. Davis and M.E. Martin
17 H. Florence and L. Morris (col)
18 P.A. Beck and Mattie Ross
19 E.M. Atkins and S.M. Bufford
22 E. Hammond and E. Bolden (col)
24 F. Ferguson and H. Mildenstein
25 F. Martinek and Barbara Marshek
29 W.A. Zimmerman and L. Lanburges
30 J.W. Kitson and C. Thompson
30 Frank Mawby and G.C. Jewell


6 Jno. Kemper and Zarah Holcomb
12 A.E. Damron and L.J. Robson
12 Jno. Hark and G.F. East
15 Wiley Huston and Sallie M. Allen
15 G.H. Knowles and N.V. Wheeler
17 Hugh Geiger and Ida Miller
21 J. Shannon and Mary Green (col)
22 C.W. Fra(?)be(?) and C.F. Olinger
24 J.S. Broyles and Effie Morris
28 Grant Weeks and Belle Morris
28 D.D. McDowell and Bettie Broyles
30 S.M. Bailey and Sophia Banteen


4 J.M. Witt and Callie Kelly
5 C. Snethen and V.T. Hammond (col)
5 W.L. Nierkirk and V. Nierkirk
5 Wm. Cannon and Bird Triplett
5 E.S. Nichols and S.J. Luckett
8 L.P. Browning and Jennie Ward
10 G.W. Marston and Alice J. Smith
12 J.A. Brown and A.E. Skinner
12 H. Camp and N. Bolden (col)
12 M.C. Hoyt and L.L. Long
13 J.E. Cockrell and F.E. Galloway
13 Melvin Crume and Belle Harrell
14 A.C. Hudson and E. Copenhaver
15 W.H. Luckett and Annie Birch
17 G.B. Davis and H.G. Rooks
18 Thos. Riley and O.J. Blakeley
19 H.H. Pieper and L.C. Hemmersmeier
19 Geo. Shannon and M. Overton
20 Thos. Poensalot and L.A. Mayes
20 W.W. Morris and Ida Hammond
20 Jno. R. Witt and Dora O. Slavens
20 H. Briscoe and Ollie Broyles
22 L.D. Price and L. Stirmlinger
26 S.M. Todd and Olivia Owen
26 E.M. Ogden and A.L. Tucker
26 T. Martin and E. Tanter (col)
28 T.D. Dixon and E.J. Porter
31 D.N. Wilson and J.C. Sanders
31 W.F. Chandler and Edna Shuck


1 J.F. Norton and Alice Cooper
1 E.E. Shafer and A.L. Able
2 J.M. Raney and Maggie Hines
3 Robt. Cooley and Cora Bouldin
4 L.P. Thurman and Martha Abbott
10 W.B. Perry and M.A. Harvey
12 L.D. Hill and Amelia Hackman
12 A. Edwards and A. Robinson (col)
14 Thos. Lilly and Annie Maher
15 Wm. Lahr and Ida Dawson
16 Thos. Luckett and A. Inlow
21 E.A. Kinion and M.E. Green
21 E. Bufford and A. Tucker
22 J.H. Jackson and Ella Murphy
22 Chas. Duncan and Carrie Welch
24 A. Garrett and M. Crouch
29 W.P. Tucker and N.L. Stephens
30 S.L. Birkhead and M.E. Simpson
30 W.J. Elliott and N.J. Howell


3 H. Overall and Hattie Ross (col)
7 J.K. Salmons and Kate Ransdell
7 R.C. Smith and S.V. Taylor
8 Eph. Trail and Kate Wilson
10 Jas. Haddock and Sally Christian
10 C. Gladney and Villitta Admire
12 J.H. Ogden and Silamo Wilson
17 D.A. Lanier and S.L. Cochran
17 Jno. Hackman and Lena Schellert
17 R.E. Parker and E.O. Fisher
17 J.F. Kelly and Jennie Hamilton
19 J.A. Overstreet and G.H. Gilbert
19 G.W. Mitchell and Laura Cox
19 H. Galloway and M. Rector
20 J.P. Henry and Ida P. Morris
23 Jno. Withaus and A. Meyerkort
24 H. Britton and N.L. Wolfgram
24 J.E. Reeds and M.E. True
27 H.A. Heck and M.M. Slavens
28 J.M. DeJarnette and R. Linn
28 E.E. Bass and L.N. Dryden
29 W.H. Owen and Bettie Bellas


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