Instructions for subscribing to the Lincoln County Mail List

Its not difficult to subscribe to the Lincoln County Mail List. 

Just send an E-mail to either of the following addresses:

(MOLINCOL-L is for regular, one message at a time delivery, and MOLINCOL-D is for DIGEST mode, where many messages are bundled into one message before being sent.) for regular mode
or for digest mode


The body of the message, should contain the word:


and NOTHING else.

(NOTE:  If you have a signature file that automatically prints, turn it off
or your computer will not subscribe you.)

You are mailing a message to a machine, and "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" is about all the machine can understand.

You can click on one of the two addresses above to subscribe. Thats all there is to it, but if you have problems, please get in touch with me, (I'm the County Coordinator), and I'll get you subscribed as soon as I can. You will receive more detailed instructions on how to submit a mail message to MOLINCOL-L & MOLINCOL-D.

If you subscribe to MOLINCOL-L, the address you use to post messages is

If you subscribe to MOLINCOL-D, the address you use to post messages is


Should you decide to unsubscribe, simply send another E-mail with the word unsubscribe & you will be removed. Thanks!

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