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Raney Letter Transcriptions

Orginal letters in family files of Hannah Belle Raney.

Transcribed from the original letters
by Susan M. Eydmann


BATCHELDER, Elizabeth to Felix RANEY dated July 26, 1866.
Orginal letter in family files of Hannah Belle Raney.
Submitted by Susan Eydmann

                                                                        Calhon Co. Ill July 26, 1866


Mrs. Felix Raney

            Dear Uncle I now seat my self to write to you to let you no that I am yet in the land of the living and that we are all well and my wish is that this may find you and all your family the same. Dear Uncle I have ben in hopes you would come to see me before this time we have ben here in Calhoon for most six years I have herd from you too or three times but nothing satisfactory there is a Mr. Creach living a short distance from us Said he seen you a short time ago I have ben trying to come to see you all this Spirng and Sumer but have failed.

            I am determined to come as Soon as I can brothr John is living here he is running Mr. Batchelders Flowring mill hi is married and has got 3 children Pepe is dead he died at Tipton Mo of years last January I have 5 children living and 2 dead I have 3 girls and 2 boys the 2 I lost was boys  would have been grown now if they had of lived I want you to write an tel me where to come to after I crop the river we live about 3 miles from Capogris uncle I hardly no how I should feel if I should see you. Oh the changes there have ben since we have seen each other I was quite young now I am grey headed be sure and write direct you letters to Calhoon Co Monterey

                                                         I remain your Neice

                                                         Elizabeth atchelder



OBRIAN, S.F. to Felix RANEY Feb 4, 1872
Orginal letter in family files of Hannah Belle Raney
Submitted by Susan Eydmann

Loogootee Ind Martin Co.                    letter addressed to Felix Raney

February the 4 1872                             Old Alexandria  Lincoln Co Mo.


Dear Uncle and Aunt


I received your kind letter and was glad to hear you were all well at that time  We are all well and all of our friends is well at present  Mother is well according to her age and Aunt Matilda is well she was here for dinner  She said tell you she could hollow for Tilden and Hendricks and Blue Jeans William too  You wanted to know who was dead and who was married  Old cousin Julia Spalding died last fawl  Captain White eyed Smith died this winter  Felix Cissell is maried and got a little girl ten months old  John Wedding is married the second time and his only daughter Lida maried this last fawl to a man by the name of Graves  all of John Wedings folks is all well and Clarks folks  I seen Curnel James Raney a few days ago they are all well  His youngest son Thomas got maried this day a week ago  Felix Raney and family is well as usal  Cousin Sally Tuell is well  Sumers boys is all living yet and is all well as for me know I have seven children living and two dead  The oldest boy twenty one the 13 of last mounth  I have too girls the youngest is a girl 15 mounths old  We have had cold weather here untill this last week it has been very pleasant  they have been making sugar a round here   producers very low except wheat  its $1.50  corn is from twenty five to thirty cents  oats is frim thirty five  to forty  pork is worth 15 ets gross 61/2 meat good   cows and calf is celling from twenty five to forty dollars   good horses is worth from fifty to seventy five and mules is very low not much demand for them  we are all Titden and Hendricks men here and we expect them to be inaugerated the forth of March and we don’t profose to be bulldosed out of it if times gets better  I think I will come to see you next fall times is very hard here at present but We are in hopes after Tildon takes his seat they will get beter  Mother and Aund Tilda says they widh you would come out to see them once more  I belive I have wrote to you all of importance  so I will bring my letter to a close  I would like to see some of you come out this summer or fall anyhow nothing more at present  love to all still remain your Affectionet Nephew  Write Soon


S.F. O Brian

Loogootee Ind

Martin County



LOOWE, Allie to RANEY, Felix April 29, 1878
Orginal letter in family files of Hannah Belle Raney
Submitted by Susan M. Eydmann

addressed to:   Felix Raney Esq,                     Mouterey, Calhoun Co, Illinois
                        Old Alexandria                        April 29th, 1878
                        Lincoln County


Ever Remembered Uncle,

            It has been such a very long time since I heard from you. I heard by know whether to write or not, but I so much wish to know if you are still living and how you are getting along, and as writing is the only available means I have of acertaining, I will pen you a brief letter trusting it will not be “lover labor lost” but I may receive an early answer.

            There has been such a great change in our house since we heard from each other last that I hardly Know how to write, but will state that I am the only one of our family left in old Calhoun, the rest have all gone to the “Far West” --- Father, Mother, Sister, Brothers all so far away, and I too would be there if an other tie did not bind us here. I have married just fifteen months to-day, and it has been thirteen months since I saw the home folks at their Kansas home, I heard from them a little more than a week ago and they were all well. My sister Mrs. Franklin is a widow, her husband died last Nov. He has five children, - - - but I will write you a more satisfactory letter bye and bye if you get this and answer it - - Uncle John Raney is still here I am quite nervous this evening and will close my letter with much love to all and hope to hear from you soon.

                                                            Affectionately Yours

                                                                                    A. B.


Address, Mrs. Allie Loowe

               Mouterey, Illinois



LOOWE, Allie to RANEY, Felix August 10, 1884
Orginal letter in family files of Hannah Belle Raney
Submitted by Susan M. Eydmann

                                                                        Batchtown, Illinois

                                                                        August 10, 1884

My Dear Cousins:

            I got your welcome letter and was glad to hear from you all once more. I wrote to you some time in May last, but it seems you did not get it. I am anxious to know if you ever got that juncture of Uncle and Aunt that I send about a year ago I beleive I thought it had been registered as I left it at the Office and told my Brother to register it but he told me some time after ward that he sent it with out  I am very sorry if it did not go through. I would like so much to go over there again it is such a short distance that it is too bad we never visit each other. I have so little chance to get away in the summer time as I have no one to leave in charge of the household affairs. Austin was over ot the “Old Sletters Reunion” last year he went to meet our old friend of his Fathers and Mothers. I was vexed to think he did not seek out Uncle Felix. I think he could have found him with out much trouble. I am sorry Aunt has poor health. I wish she and Uncle would come over and visit us a while I believe they would enjoy the trip. I went to visit my home folks this fall or winter when ever I can get off. It is not so much of a trip now since they have moved to Missouri. They live in Camden County near Jefferson City. they like it there much better than Kansas.

I am worry to hear of Anns widowhood. How many children has she? I do hope that Jakes little one got well. I am very sorry for him in their sorrow. Was you daughter Florence regained her health? You wrote me about her having hip disease caused by a fall. Is cousin Alice troubled with her eyes like she used to be? I hope not. Give my love to all the folks. I was at a picnic yesterday and am too tired to go to church today. We had a real nice time. There was some Lincoln County folks over. The B.B. Club of Troy played a match game with the club here. I did not learn the particulars. I will close now hoping this will find you all well as it leaves us the same. Write when convenient.


                                                            Affectionally Yours,


                                                                        Cousin Allie



CISSELL, Oscar to RANEY, Felix February 10, 1885
Orginal letter in family files of Hannah Belle Raney
Submitted by Susan M. Eydman

Loogootee Ind                                                  Addressed to Mr. Felix Raney

Feb. 10th 1885


Dear Aunt and Uncle:


I take the present oppertunity of droping you a few lines. We are all will except Pa he has been sick all winter so that he could hardly go. He has been sick for nearly two year with his lungs and throat. John OBrian gave us a letter that he received from you we was glad to hear from you all.  Pa said to tell you all he was going to come out to see you in the summer if his health got any better. You was making enquirers about Clem. Poor fellow he was so unfortunate as to become intoxicated and was put in the calaboose at North Spring Field, Mo. And the straw was set fire by a negro that they had confined in the same cell with Clem and he became suffocated with the heat so bad that he died next day. It was sad news to us indeed. But I hope to God he has found a better world that this. When he was at your house he wrote me a letter and he said that Aunt Hannah and Uncle Felix was mightly good and kind to him Well you spoke about not having forgot Pa and Ma. They have not forgot you and they send their love and best wishes to all. most all of the old folks have past away and the new generation are coming on I was a small boy when you were out here I just do remember it  Felix was the baby then Will is married and got two children.  One of the children is dead.  Tell the girls and boys that they might write once in awhile and let their kinfolks know that they are living. Well I am going to come out to see some of my relations some of these times as I have never had the pleasure of seeing some of them yet.  And it looks like that they never will come to Indiana to see us. I think some of you might come and spend a few weeks with us and I think it would be a pleasant trip. Uncle Felix and Bob are still living and have got a large family  they are both doing well as could be expected  You was speaking about cold weather it is the coldest day here to day that we have had this winter it is about 25 degrees below zero. and still going down. Well I will have to bring my letter to a close I guess but first I want to tell you again to have the girls and boys to write to me sure as I am anxcius to hear from them and give my love and best wishes to all be sure and answer soon


Yours Most Sincerely


Oscar Cissell

Loogootee Ind.


OBRIAN, John R. to RANEY, Hannah March 12, 1890
Orginal letter in family files of Hannah Belle Raney
Submitted by Susan M. Eydmann

Loogootee Ind. Mar. 12 1890


Dear Aunt Hannah,


Your kind welcome letter come duly to hand, it give me the
first information of Uncle Felix death.  I was greived to
hear it for all of my kins folks, he was my favorite, but he
lived to a good old age as a good example to those who live
after him.  I dont remember his age but must have been over
80 years old at his death.  It dont seem possible that it is
over 23 years since you and he visited us.  but it is so, I
will be 70 years old on April 17 next.  three score and ten.
I feel it, I have had poor health for the last 4 or 5 years.
have not been confined to bed much of the time but feel a
general giving away of the machinery.  Cant get up and go
like I once could.  I have lived a long time and dont expect
to live much longer.  My wife is in her usual health.  Almost
helpless.  She walks across the room and thats all she can
do.  My oldest daughter May, and her husband Mr. Noah Moser
live near us in town.  Her husband is Pension attorney and
Insurance Agent is making money. They only have one child, a
girl, now 18 years old.  her name is Georgie after my wife.
Her Grandmother.  she is a Landscape and Portrait painter and
of course we all think she is smart Our second Daughter
Fannie Lewis, was married about a year ago to Mr. John H.
Wright formerly of Lincoln Nebraska.  before she was married
she was Post Master here and Music Teacher.  but getting
married spoiled all that.  Our son Arthur, our only son, is
writting in the office with Noah Moser.  he is 31 years old
and not married, and no sign of it.  That ends the list of my
own family.  Thomas Cissell is confined to his bed with
Rheumatism and has been for a long time.  suffers a great
deal. his children are all grown and left home.  He and
Lizzie his wife are all alone.  Felix Cissell and Robert
Cissell are all that is left of that family.  Felix has 4 or
5 children and Robert has as many or more then Felix I think
Aunt from your letter that you could come and see us, very
handy and bring your two girls along.  Why its no trip atall
now.  it takes 4 hours from here to St. Louis.  how long from
your place to St. Louis, about 2 or 3 hours, only think you
could make the trip from your home here in 6 or 8 hours.  Why
that is nothing to what used it would take that many days.
We would all be very glad to see you and would make it as
pleasant for you as we could I have been thinking about
spending a month or two at Hot Springs, Ark. for my health
and will pass through St. Louis if can find the time and am
well enough I may run up and see you as I return, that is if
the Springs make me young again.  I guess Aunt you remember
James Raney who was a cousin to Uncle Felix lived in a brick
house some 8 miles from Loogootee.  His son Thomas R. shot
and killed a man and it so worked on his Fathers mind that he
died 8 or 9 years ago.  Tom served 5 years in States Prison
and was repreved by the Gov. and is married again and doing
well.  His Mother is yet living on the farm her children all
left her.  But all live close to her.  Uncle Felix has 2 half
Brothers living near Loogootee, but he never knew much aout
them and I think did not care a great deal.  John R Wedding
who was a favorite nephhew of Uncle Felix died about 2 years
ago.  Ann Clark his neice is living yet in Cannalsbury Ind.
My wife sends her love to you and joins me in requesting you
to come see us.  and all the children sens their love also, I
done as you requested I divided the lock of hair between
Thomas and Felix Cissell and my self.  I wish you could have
some photos taken from the one you have of Uncle Felix and
send me one and I would have Georgie paint one life size from
it, cant you do it.  She would paint you one also if you
like.  Now Aunt I cant think of anything more now that would
be of interest to you at this time.  You must write me a long
letter next time.

I am truly your nephew

John R. OBrian



BENNINGTON, A. to RANEY, Hannah Dec 22,1896
Orginal in family files of Hannah Belle Raney
Submitted by Susan M. Eydmann

Dec 22 1896


Dear Cousin Hannah,

I received your welcome letter to day it sur plesed me and made me glad
I will answr strat off so you can com home Christmas. We have aspecting
an . . . . . a Christmas come then if you can. Mr. Cooper Hall is coming
about that time so he said in a leter from ant Raney  Was cuming
she is well and harty fore a women  she dose all her work  I do not
want you to dis. . . me in coming just let up no and we will meet you
at saturday   I will not right much   I will do like you said you
would tell you when I saw you   and it is the …. will  I hope you
will get to come  I always hope to say Gods will be done
he dose all things well  he raise in his blessed word but all
thing he done for his glory praise his holy name
I hope and pray that we will and do have will to do his glory
This is poor reting but I have lost one of my eyes  it bothers
me but I am thankful I have one left.  Will I must close
it is getting late I have to work next morning if it is the lords will
I am …. to see it good might till I see you  may God bless you
and ade you to do his holy will is the praise of his name

Your Cosin,

A. Bennington

I said you could go and see poor John Brown and till him you
are coming   it will do him good  I am so sorry fore him



MORRIS,  Douglas to RANEY, Hannah   May 9, 1895
Orginal letter in family files of Hannah Belle Raney
Submitted by Susan M. Eydmann

                                Saint Joseph May 9 1895

Dear Aunt

     I received your letter and was glad to hear from you
all.  I would of answered it sooner but I had nothing of any
importance to write.  We are all well as usual  I am still
staying at Uncle Jakes it seems like home to me when I am
with him but not like the one I left, he is good to me and
treats me as well as I could ask.  You wanted to know if I
was better satisfied.  I can't say but what I am although I
had rather be with you all I feel some times as though I
would not care if my time had come to die.  I am living out a
miserable existence what I have done I could not help it.  I
did it for the good of him that is gone and I hope is resting
in a better world than this.  If I could only see my Pa and
more as I saw him the last time we rode by your house.  I
would give anything in this world but I know it is all in
vain he is gone and I only wish I was with him tell my folks
to not weep for me let sadness only come to me my heart seems
broken by the call that bid me turn from home. Many times has
my mind wandered back to you all and the good times that
Jonah and I have had to gether but that is past and gone to
never to return.  I was sorry to hear about Mifses Burnvolt
and could not help laughing when I thought about the time she
made me get up and run like her from seeing me.  When you get
your new teeth come up and see us but you must wait till we
can find a cook we have been doing our own work about 4 weeks
can't get any person to stay with us.  I will close for this
time hoping to hear from you soon. yours

                                      D. Morris

Give my love to all tell them I would like to see them but
don't know when I will be home.
Write soon as you get this and give me all the news you don't
know how glad I am when I hear from home
I haven't went with a woman since I left home I would like to
see Mary Callaway.  Tell me how my folks are satisfied

                                   Good Bye

                           Write soon Douglas M


BROWN, Annie M. to RANEY, Hannah Sep 19, 1904
Orginal letter in family files of Hannah Belle Raney
Submitted by Susan M. Eydmann

Monroe Co.
West Va.
Sept 19, 1904

Mrs. Hannah Raney,

My Dear Cousin,

Your kind welcome letter recieved addressed to the Pack Heirs, I am a daughter of the late Lorenzo Pack.  And a Gran Daughter of Loammii Pack.  My Gran Mother was a Lively.  I have heard my Pa speak of his Aunt Jennie Morris. I am certainly glad we have found each other. for now if we cant see each other, we can write. My Father has been dead 11 years. he was one of ten children and they are all dead. My parents had ten children, and Pa and 7 of the  children are dead  there is only three of us girls and Ma living now.  there was 5 girls and 5 boys. of us my only Brother died with Typhoid fever the 2nd of last month. My sister Jennie and I married Brothers, and sister Lillian married a Green. one of  Jennie’s boys went to the fair and said he was going to see you, I have 3 boys and one girl. my oldest boy married the 3rd of last month, my baby is going on 12 years old. Some of Uncle Anderson Packs boys live in Oklahoma, but I do not know their address. I don’t think there is but 3 of them living. Aunt Rebecca Pack was living a year or so ago.  She is Uncle Anderson’s widow. she is real old, if still living. Mrs Jennie Woodson is a cousin of yours. her Mother was Polly Pack, a neice of your Mothers. I will give you her address and also the address of any two sisters should you wish to write to them.

Mrs. Jennie Woodson
Monroe Co. West Va.

Mrs. Jennie Brown
Monroe Co. West Va.

Mrs. Lillian Green
Wolf Creek
Monroe Co. West Va.

The Pack name will soon be a thing of the past. the old set are all dead and gone. and most all of the boys of the young generation are dead. but I am proud of my Pack kin. and would be so glad to see you and yours, or any one of the Pack decendents. We would like so much to have you all visit us. I live 1 ½ miles from where my Gran Father lived, and died. and from where I was born and raised. I live five miles fro the celebrated Red Sulphur Springs that are so highly recommended for their medicinal qualities.  How long have you been living in Mo. is you Mother living? how many children have you I am the oldest one of Pa’s children living I was 44 years old on the 23rd of last month you ought to come back and visit your Mothers native country, and visit us all here. Would all be so glad to have you come. When I write to you again, I will try to tell you more about your kin here, and give you the address of more of them so you can write to them if you wish, excuse my badly written letter, as my pen is not atall good, be sure to write to me soon as you get this letter  I will enjoy reading a letter from you Much love to you

                                                                        Your cousin

                                                                        Annie M. Brown

                                                                        Orchard West Va.


BROWN, Annie M. to RANEY, Hannah Jan 29, 1905
Orginal letter in family files of Hannah Belle Raney
Submitted by Susan M. Eydmann

                                         Monroe Co.
                                         West Va.
                                  Jan - 29 1905

Mrs. Hannah Raney

     My Dear Cousin

         I will answer your welcome letter received a short
time ago.  Was so glad to hear from you once more, but sorry
to hear your health is no better. I do hope you will soon get
better.  We are all well except my husband, his health is not
good at all.  he has liver and stomache trouble. has been
very poorly for a month or so.  I was so glad to read that
old letter from Aunt Betsy and Uncle Jacob Dickinson. they
sure to come to Pa's often when I was a little girl.  Aunt
Betsy used to come and stay a week at a time. and I used to
ride behind Pa to their house. you are my Father's aunt Jane
Morris'es Daughter. there is no mistake about it now.  you
and I are second cousins. thet letter confirms it all. My
grandfather only had 3 sisters and they were Jane, Betsy and
Pollie. there is only 2 of your aunt Pollies children living.
Elias and Christopher. Lively the last named is her baby. he
will be 76 years old in May next. he is quite an old baby. he
has not walked a step for 7 or 8 years. he has dropsy and
Rhenmatism. his feet and legs are swollen so bad he cant wear
shoe's atall.  Jennie Woodson is a GrandDaughter of your
Mothers Brother Bartley, your Uncle Bartley Pack's daughter
Pollie married Jackson Dunn. and she was Jennie Woodson's
mother, so you are a second cousin to Jennie Woodson. her
Mother is dead. Mr. James Campbell lives on your Grand Father
Pack's old place.  I was born and Raised 3/4 a mile from
where his old house stood.  Uncle Anderson Pack got the old
home place, and my Grand Father's land joined his, was a part
of the home place, but Uncle Anderson got the house.  I was
born and raised in my Grand Father Packs house. he willed it
to my Father.  I now live just two miles from the two old
places.  I am so glad we have found each other. I do wish we
could have found you years ago before Pa died. for it did him
so much good to hear from any of his kin people.  but Dear Pa
is gone. and left us here to mourn the loss of a dear Father.
but we sorrow not as those with our hope. for he died a
triumphant death. and we hope to one day meet him, and all
our loved one's in the Beautiful home of the good.  My Nephew
left home with the intention of going to see you. but he did
not see any one he knew there, and got so home sick he came
back. I send you my Grand Fathers family record. just the
names and date of birth of him and his wife and all his
children, also that of my fathers family.  have the
marriages, and deaths of them all, will send them later on.
I thought you would like to know the names of some of your
kin. you are near and dear to me. for we are blood kin. write
to me often, and I will write you in return. love to you all.

your loving cousin Annie M. Brown


MORRIS, Emma to RANEY, Miss Hannah Mar 17, 1907
Orginal letter in family files of Hannah Belle Raney
Submitted by Susan M. Eydmann

                                                St. Joseph, Mo.
                                                March 17, 1907

Miss Belle Raney
Lincoln Co., Mo.

Dear Cousin Belle,

      Here I have been home actually seven months and have not written to you. I am really ashamed of myself but you know how slow I am about writing.

      How are you and Cousin Alice? Whish I could walk in this morning and have a good long talk with you. I did enjoy my visit so much with you and the next time I come am going to spend more time with you but I don’t know when that will be. Sister has been sick all winter. We had a doctor for her the first of December and should have had one two months before but she would not consent to it. She is much better now, is up and around the house and I think when the weather gets nice so she can be out doors, she will get strong again. The doctor says she is getting along fine, much better than he expected.

      Bertha, my niece that I raised, graduates in June. She received a silver medal for the best essay in “Literature of the Revolution” and I tell her now if she will be valedictorian of her class, I will be satisfied but I think I expect too much of her for she isn’t very strong and I won’t be disappointed if she is not valedictorian.

      How is Aunt Annie? Does her daughter still live with her and how is Aunt Carry and Blackeye? I often think of you and all the nice visit I had.

      Cousin Belle, I want to ask you if you have any old Bible. Dr. A. B. Morris wrote to me and sister copied the record from the only old Bible father had but it was not the one he wanted. It was from greatgrandfather Morris’ Bible. He said there was a John Morris who had fought all through the Revolution and again in the War of 1812. That seems to be the record he is wanting so if you have it would you please copy it and send it to me. He wants to connect the Morris family with the Revolution.

      How is Doug and his family and how is cousin Lou Barnes? Is she and Mr. Briggs married yet?

      It is dinner time so must close my letter. Write soon and tell me all the news. Lots of love to you and Cousin Alice.

                                    Your Loving cousin,

                                    Emma Morris


                                    R. R. #3, Box 19

                                    St. Joseph, Mo.



Monroe Co.

West Va.

Nov. 13th 1904


Mrs. Hannah Raney

My Dear Cousin


I will write you a few lines in answer to your most kind and welcome letter received sometime ago. I was so glad to hear from you. You wrote me such a nice letter. I am sorry to know you are a sufferer from Rheumatis, for that is dreadful. I do hope you yet get so you can walk again. Dear Cousin I will explain to you more fully who I am. My Father and you were first cousins, and you and I are second cousins. My Grand Fathers name was Loammi Pack, and he was your Mothers Brother He only had 3 sisters. They were Aunt Jane who married a Morris. Aunt Betsy who married a Dickison, and Aunt Pollie who married a Lively. She married my Grand Mother Packs Brother. I can remember Aunts Pollie and Betsy. Though I was but a little child when they both died. They were very large fleshy women. My Grand Pa had several Brothers, but I never seen any of them. My Grand Father had ten children, 5 boys and 5 girls, my Pa was next to the youngest child, if he was living he would have been 73 years old, the 3rd day of last July. but he has been dead 11 years last May. His name was Lorenzo he was born in 1831. All my Aunts and Uncles on Pas side are dead. I do wish we had found you before Pa died, for it did him so much good to see or get letters from any of his kin people, and you his own cousin. You spoke of sending Aunt Janes Picture. Oh, I would be so glad to see it, as I never seen any of my Grand Pas people but Aunt Pollie and Aunt Betsy. Grand Pa died before Pa’s was married. Please do send it we will all be so glad to see it. Tell your brothers, Sisters and your children to write to me. I would be so glad to read a letter from any of them. My Sisters son left home to go to your place from the fair, but he did not stay but a day or two, and decided to come home, as he did not see any one that he knew. Aunt Rebecca Pack was living when we heard from her last. I do not know what County she lives in but will give the Post Office and State, direct your letters there and she will get them or some of her family. It is as follows Mrs. Rebecca Pack, Burdes, Kansas, She lives with some of her children or Grand children. Write to me soon and often. Will be glad to hear from you at any time. With much love to you all, I close.


Your anxious Cousin,

Annie M Brown

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