Describes military activity while stationed in Kentucky. Logan was taken prisioner during the seige of Atlanta and survived 9 months in the notorious Andersonville Prison to return home to Lincoln Co., MO.

Source from Original letter from Logan Howell's great granddaughter, Mrs. Frank J. (Grace) Hampel, Moscow Mills, Missouri.  Original scanned copy of letter may be veiwed at: http://www.howellhistory.com/military_logan.html

This is the transcription of a letter from Logan Howell, 5th Iowa Volunteer Cavalry, to his sister Polly H. Howell of Lincoln County, Missouri. Courtesy of Logan Howell’s great granddaughter, Mrs. Frank J. (Grace) Hampel, Moscow Mills, Missouri. Compiled by Tom Howell, Loveland, CO.


Fort Hyman Kentucky

Sept. 27th, 1862

Dear Sister

I avail myself of this opportunity of writing you a few lines and I sincerely hope these few lines will find you and all the family as they leave me enjoying good health. Polly, I have nothing strange to tell you. I received a letter from you and Allen the other day. I was glad to hear from you and to hear that you was well. Polly, I thought you had forgot me it is the first time that I have heard from you in a long time. I got in off a scout yesterday evening and have to start in the morning again. We are to going up the river and it boat. We was up the river last week sixty miles and scouted the country over. We had a big time. The last scout we was on we took 20 prisoners. We marched till midnight. We had heard were some guerillas has camped. We was after them. There was a union man in the country close where these fellows was camped and he sent word for us to come to his house and get our supper and feed our horses and then he would go with us and show where they was. The commander at Paducah heard of their guerillas and he sent out a hundred and five men. We had only forty men. Them was union men from Paducah dressed in citizens clothes. We did not know they was out. We rode up to this Union mans house just at midnight. He was expecting the Secesh to come & hang him. They had threatened him. I was one of the advance guard. There was four of us. We both rode up to the house at the same time. It was in to long the Sergeant said by god we are right with the Secesh. The broke to run. We took after them to take them prisoners. Me and one more man run them in to there camp. I never had a prettier horse race in my life but there horses out ran ours. They hollared fall in to line. I though I had as well stop. I run back and told the Captain that they fell in to line of battle. Then we all fell in line of battle ready for them. They was so bad scarred that they run back to Paducah there was only twenty stood. Our Sergeant went out close to them and we found out the mistake.

They was bad plagued to think that 105 men would of run from forty. The Commander at Paducah sent word to our colonel that it was no use for him to send out men for him to run back. We had the joke on them Polly. I expect you have heard of the fight that we had at Clarksville. We had a big time to when we took that place. Our regiment has’t fight about twice a week with them.

Polly you shake of getting some letters. If you was to see some letters that I have got you would be ashamed of yours. It would do you good to read them. I wish you could see a girl that I am a setting up to. I tell you she is good looking. She says that she will come home with me but I don’t think she will.

Tell Allen I want him to come an see me this fall if he can. Jim Jones and Jack Yater is a coming this fall. Tell Moses and Elisa to come along to. I would be glad to see them. Tell Samuel Thomas to be a good boy. I want to see him very bad Polly. I have got a very nice present to send you. If I could but be there is no chance. Tell Sarah and Mary Smith I would be glad to hear from them. Tell Sarah that she had as well write to me as Tom Tucker all the time. Polly give my best love to father and mother. Tell father I want him to write to me how to direct my letter to Uncle Jim Howell. Tell me where he lives. If I get near where he lives I want to go and see him. Give my love to Abram & Nancy. Tell Nancy that wrote to here last week. Frank and Jim has forgot me. I wrote to them last. Give my love to all inquiring friends. I must bring my letter to a close for I have to go and feed my horses. Polly wright soon and give me all the news. No more only I remain your affectionate brother until death.

Mr. Logan Howell

To His Sister

Miss Polly H. Howell

Wright Soon


1Secesh, short for Secessionists, were those who believed in secession for the South.
Note: September 9-12, 1861- U.S. Grant, captured Paducah, Ky, 9th and 12th Infantry.


Submitted to HERITAGE PAGES of  LINCOLN COUNTY, MISSOURI by Tom Howell, (Compiled by Tom Howell, Loveland, CO, 2000) 7 Jul 2000.

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