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Letters of Alex C. Hope to W.W. Dawkins (Jan. 1894)
Original letters (2) in family files of transcriber Patricia SummersSmith, 1998.

Letterhead:  The Hope Electric Light and Power Co., [looks like] Carterville, Ill.
A.C. Hope, pres. / R.H.H. Hampton, Treas. / F.C. Zimmerman, Sec.
[drawing of a machine labeled "The Heisler System."]

Letter 1:

Jan 18, 1894

Dear Friend Wallace,

Your most welcome letter at hand of the 17 inst.

I can assure you it affords me much pleasure to hear from you.  My heart goes out with much love to those who so kindly took me by the hand, a stranger then in a strange land though I much regrett that doubtless some of my most intimate friends (your Dear Father not the least) have passed away.

I can remember you as if yesterday a fat little Boy whom your father would chaff  you by telling you was no account.  You would answer positively that you was some account.

From your letter I should judge you was, from your master piece of penmanship.   Business Wallace is very dull here also, and from all counts is universal all over this America.  However I trust none of you will suffer materially.  I am pleased to learn of William and Cissie and hope that in the near future I shall find time to pay you the visit I have longed for so long.

I well remember one visit I paid you from St. Louis nearly 20 years ago.  I got off the boat at Cap-au-Gris at Mid Night and wishing to surprise you early in the morning I concluded to walk out to New Salem in the night.  But being a very dark night I got lost.  Hearing a cow bell I made for it or rather followed up the sound untill I reached the cows.  It was cruel but I chased them out of their warm beds laid some fence rails down and went to sleep to await day break as it was a very dark night and sprinkleing rain when I awoke in the morning the sun was just peeping and I was under a wild apple tree not far from where Winfield is now.

You can imagine the Blessing I got from your Mother when I told her my adventure.

Now dear Wallace many ups and downs have happened  to me since.  Yet I am pleased to tell you that I no longer have to work for a living.  I manage the Electric Light Plant having 1/5 interest.  I also have a Farm a Hotel - a fine 3 story residence and sundry interests which bring me monthly over $100.00.

This Wallace is the wages of industry and temperate habits of a Young American of 20 years.  This much is acquired by myself a man in this Grand Country, but very rarely in any other.

Lillie is now nearly 15 years of age is a stout little woman and a good scholar & plays the piano very good.  Jessie is with [__] in this [sic]  She is 13 years old.  H E is Master Mechanic of the [cotton?] Belt R.R. with head quarters at Taylor Texas.  You may not remember him though.  He paid me a visit once while I lived at Tailholt [?].

My wife (Jessie) then Mother died when Jessie was 3 months old.

My present wife is a Farmers Daughter an American by Birth and I am most glad to inform you as a spendid good woman and is Mother to 4 children 3 boys and one girl.  The eldest boy is 10 years the youngest 1 year.

Wallace I feel as though a newspaper would not hold all I have to say, but hope to pay you a visit soon.  I was in Alton last Summer on Bus - but could not spare a minute then.

Give all my [___ening] Friends and acquaintances my Most Kind Love and Regards.

Accepting the same yourself

Your Sincere Friend

Alex Hope

PS  Write me soon again.  Alex

Letter 2:

Jan 26, 1894

Wallace Dawkins

Dear Friend

I have concluded to visit you inside of 2 weeks all being well.  I recd your paper and can but imagine the size of Winfield.

I note that you have a Printers Office in your city, which is one of the best things a young & growing town can have.

Next you need an Electric Light Plant to Light Your streets and Dwellings as well as Your Business Houses.

I shall be most glad to assist You in the matter, the best way is to raise a company of 4 or 5 good citizens.  I can guarentee that it will pay them handsomely for the investment.  I can educate you to run the whole business, during the construction or planting of same, so that it would afford you a nice occupation.

I may just say for the encouragement of any person who may take an interest, that the 4 Business Men who are in the Hope Co. with me all borrowed their capital and cannot be bought out for much less than Double their investment.

Write me what you think the prospect will be, so that should it be [____] I shall come duley[?] prepared to make a contract with  you

With much Regard

Your Sincere Friend

A. Hope

PS I fear to enquire about Friends yet I hope they are living


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