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From A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri : With Numerous Sketches, Anecdotes, Adventures, etc., Relating to Early Days in Missouri; St. Louis, Mo. : Bryan, Brand & Co., 1876; reprint 1977, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore; pages 454-455.

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This town was named from Troy, N. Y., by Mr. Joshua N. Robbins, a native of that city, and who was the first merchant of Troy, Mo. The latter place was founded in 1802, on two Spanish grants, made respectively to Joseph Cottle and Zadock Woods. The dividing line ran through the big spring, giving one-half of it to each of the parties, Woods getting the north and Cottle the south half. During the Indian war a fort was built on Woods' land, and called Woods' Fort, and during the winter of 1813-14 Lieut. Zachary Taylor, who subsequently became a Major-General and then President of the United States, had his headquarters in this fort.

In 1824 Mr. Woods sold his land and removed to Austin, Texas, where he and several of his sons were killed during the war between Mexico and the Lone Star Republic. In 1827 there were four stores in Troy, owned by the following gentlemen, viz.: Joshua N. Robbins, Emanuel Block, R. J. Peers

(page 455)
and H. C. Draper. The place contained one hotel, kept by Rev. Andrew Monroe, and thirty families, none of whom are there now. Troy was not made the county seat until 1829, when it was removed from Old Alexandria and located there.

Many exciting events occurred at and near Troy, then called Woods' Fort, during the Indian war, but as they are given elsewhere we will not repeat them here.

During early days a physician named Linn lived at Troy, and one day he was sent for to see a negro woman named Sall, who belonged to Mr. John Carty. The woman had had a chill, and the doctor inquired what time the chill came on. She replied, "Jes as Isaac cum from de mill." "Well, Isaac," said the doctor, "when did you come from the mill?" "Jes 'fore John cum wid de wood," was the reply. "Well, John, when did you come with the wood?" "Jes 'fore Bill cum home." "And when did Bill come home?" sharply inquired the doctor, whose ire was beginning to rise. "I golly!" said Bill, "jes 'fore Sall had de chill." "And how in thunder am I to find out from you blamed fools when the woman had the chill?" exclaimed the now furious doctor. Bill sighed a melancholy sigh, and replied, "God knows; I want dar."

File prepared and submitted for USGenWeb/MOGenWeb Lincoln County Missouri History Page by Neal Underwood, 2008.  Link change or update: 2 May 2008

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