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Pioneer Taxpayers in 1821
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History of Lincoln County, Chicago: Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1888



The taxpayers in Lincoln County in 1821, as shown on the tax list of that year, it being the earliest one preserved among the records, are as follows: (This probably is a complete list of the heads of the pioneer families at that time, as they should appear on the list. Their names are classified, as indicated by the lands described opposite them, in each of their four municipal townships. )

In Monroe Township, comprising the southeast quarter of the county, there were David BAILEY, Samuel BAILEY, Ira COTTLE, Almond COTTLE, Zachariah CALLAWAY, Ezekiel DOWNING, Abijah M. HIGHSMITH, David LARD, John LINDSEY, Otis PECK, James E. PADDOCK, Thomas RIFFLE, Joseph RUSSELL, Barnabas THORNHILL, James TURNBULL, James WOODS, Martin WOODS, Allen WOOLFOLK, A. C. WOOLFOLK.

In Bedford Township, comprising the southwest quarter of the county, there were John ARMSTRONG, Thomas ARMSTRONG, Seth ALLEN, Frederick AVERY, Jeremiah BECK, John BELL, John BARKER, William BROWN, Sr., William BROWN, Jr., John BLACK, Emanuel BLOCK, Gabriel BROWN, Levi BROWN, Benjamin BLANTON, Thompson BLANTON, David BOYD, John BRUNK, John CANNON, Lambert COLLIER, James COLLARD, Elijah COLLARD, Christopher CLARK, William CANNON, James CHAMBERS, Joseph COTTLE, Sherman COTTLE, Stephen COTTLE, Lee F. T. COTTLE, Benjamin COTTLE, Issac COTTLE, Andrew COTTLE, Samuel CANNON, Benjamin CROCE, James DUNCAN, Cary K. DUNCAN, William S. DUNCAN, John S. DUNCAN, Samuel L. DAVIS, David ERWIN, Terah B. FARNSWORTH, Rufus FULLERTON, John GEIGER, Samuel GROSHONG, Jacob GROSHONG, Thomas GAMMON, George GUINN, Thomas A. GUINN, Willian GUINN, Malcolm HENRY, Sr., Malcolm HENRY, Jr., John HUNTER, Joseph HUNTER, Horace HARDING, Allen JAMESON, Armstrong KENNEDY, David KELLER, Joseph KING, James KNOX, Sr., James KNOX, Jr., David W. McFARLAND, Thomas MANN, Jonathan D. MORRIS, Hiram MILLSAP, John NULL, David PRESSLEY, Jehu PILES, John PARKINSON, Philander POWERS, Elisha PERKINS, Nathan ROSS, William H. ROBINSON, John M. SEYMOUR, James STANLEY, John SHRUM, John THURMAN, John TALBOLT, Winslow TURNER, Sr., Winslow TURNER, Jr., Miles TURNER, Elias TURNER, John WARD, John WAGGONER, Alambe WILLIAMS, Levin WILLIAMS, Thomas WILLIAMS, John WILLIAMS, Morgan WRIGHT, Zadock WOODS, G. W. Zimmerman, Conrad YATER, Peter YATER, and J. M. Zimmerman.

In Union Township, comprising the northwest quarter of the county, there were; Hugh BARNETT, John CANTRIEL, James CANTRIEL, Meredith COX, John COX, Adam COOSE, Daniel DRAPER, Richard FENTON, James GALLOWAY, Sr., James GALLOWAY, Jr., William N. GALLOWAY, John GILILLAND, Mathias GILILLAND, Samuel GIBSON, James GIBSON, Isaac HUDSON, John HUDSON, Thomas HUDSON, Brice HAMMOCK, Martin HAMMOCK, Thomas HAMMOND, William HARRIS, Joseph HOWDESHELL, John HOWDESHELL, Robert Jameson, Sr., Robert JAMESON, Jr., George W. JAMESON, Samuel LEWIS, James LEWIS, Robert McNAIR, Joseph McCOY, David MERIKLE, Thomas MERIKLE, Quinten MOORE, Thomas MOORE, William MOORE, David PORTER, Samuel SMILEY, Joseph SITTON, Sr., Joseph SITTON, Jr., Philip SITTON, William SITTON, Lawrence B. SITTON, Guian SITTON, James SHAW, William TRAIL, Nicholas WELLS, Josiah WILSON.

In Hurricane Township, comprising the northeast quarter of the county, there were the following: Benjamin ALLEN, Rueben ABBOTT, Benjamin BARTON, Thomas BARTON, William BURNES, Jonathan COTTLE, Ezekiel DOWNING, David DIGGS, John EZELL, Samuel GLADNEY, John GALLOWAY, Peter GALLOWAY, Sr., Peter GALLOWAY, Jr., Samuel GALLOWAY, William GALLOWAY, William HAMMOCK, Elijah MYERS, John SAPP, Jesse SITTON, Jehu L. SITTON, James SCONCE, Samuel SCONCE, George TURNBAUGH, Daniel VanBURKLON, Edward WYATT, David WILSON, and Francis WITHINGTON.

The following had no description attached to their lands, and consequently it cannot be determined in which township they resided: Sylvanus ALLISON, Elijah BARTON, Charles BROADWATER, William BEATTY, Joseph BARNETT, James CANNON, John COX, James DOWNING, John H. DOWNING, Silas DAVIS, James EARLY, Walter EMORY, John GRIFFITH, Andrew GILBERT, Benjamin HIGHSMITH, William HIGHSMITH, Lovell HARRISON, William HARLEY, George HARLEY, Martin HARLEY, James HARLEY, Henry HOWDESHELL, Alexander HILL, Jesse LOW, Andrew LOVE, Andrew MILLER, David McCOY, William McCOY, William McLEAN, Reuben NOWELL, Bennet PALMER, Andrew PATTERSON, William O. ROSS, Moses RAINEY, Return STRONG, Samuel SARGENT, Samuel SHAW, Samuel SMITH, Andrew SMITH, George W. SMITH, Charles STEWART, Thomas SPILLMAN, John TURNBAUGH, William TALBERT, Peter TEAGUE, Isaac THURMAN, Joseph THURMAN, Kesiah WOODS, John WALKER, Jacob WILLIAMSON, Thomas WELLS, Severn WALLACE, James WILSON and John WILSON. Of all these it is believed that none are now living in the county. This list, together with the widows and estates of deceased persons, made the number of 276 taxpayers.

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