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Founding and early history of
The Corinth Christian Church at Foley, Lincoln County, Missouri
From the records of Mrs. Susie Allen Meadows

[ Transcriber's notes:  This is the only list of earliest members of what is now Corinth Christian Church Foley, Mo. Early church history states it was in 1822 at Burr Oak Mo. in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Francis ( Susannah) Riffle. Meetings were held by Stephen Ruddell / Ruddle ( that would eventually become Corinth Christian Church)

This is an early record I had copied off many years ago from Mrs. Susie nee Allen Meadows whose great-grandmother was Susannah McHugh Riffle. It was her 3 brothers who were massacred by Black Hawk and his Warriors.  Prior to his minitsry at Corinth, Stephen Ruddle was captured by the Shawnee Indians at Ruddells Fort in Bourbon Co .Ky. 1780. He became a blood brother of Tecumseh. Stephen also in 1817 established Ramsey Creek Baptist Church Pike Co. Mo. before coming to the Burr Oak Valley in Lincoln County, Mo. Stephen came back to Lincoln Co. Mo. 1834 after being in Adams County, IL.and establishing the Ursa Christian Church 1833 to marry Rachel Woods. I am assuming this is the same Rachel Woods listed as member # 3 below.]

The Church of Christ in Linking Cty. Mo. [sic] on Sandy Creek was constituted July 4th 1830 by Thos. McBride and hath constituted the under names.

1. Francis Riffle
2. Susanah Riffle
3. Rachel Woods
4. Edward Wiet / Wist [perhaps White / West]
5 .Susanna Wiet / Wist
6. Mellon Goodwin
7. Margot Goodwin
8. John McHugh
9. Mary McHugh
10.Rebeccah Ezell

the day and date above the church opened a door and recieved by [ looks like escspe == rience?? jg]
11.Nathan Allone X moved away
12. Mary Brown G/ Mary X wife moved away.

    July the 5th 1830

    .Elizabeth Jane Tilford X
    . Nancy Daniel X moved away Sept. the 11
     John Shelly X ( line drawn thru. it.jg.)
16. Right Ezell
17. Robert Daniel
18. Thomas Weet moved away or left the bounds of this church. [line drawn through & x Weet].

12 Sept the 12

19. Peter Riboatt
20. Elizabeth Riboatt

January 16, 1831

21. Nancy Shelly (line through name jg).moved away.
22. Nancy Daniel
23. William Berry (.X thru. Berry ) moved away
24.........moved away
25. Rebecca Ezell ...Joined


[I think they are organizing again at -----Corinth June]

"We whose names are hereunto subscribed do form ourselves into a Church to be called the Christian Church on Sandy Creek Lincoln County, Missouri: Taking for our only n... and guide the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. Separate and apart from the traditions and inventions of men and acknowledge no name to be of divine authority but the name of " Christian" done at the house of Francis Riffle County and State aforesaid the 2nd Day of October 1842."

Names:                             Names

Francis Riffle                     Martha E. Smith
Susan  Riffle                     Nancy Daniel
Polly Anderson                 Robert Daniel
Louvina Riffle                     Emaline Hines
Casandeu Riffle                 James Hines
Elijah Anderson                 Cornelius Calloway
Mary Plummer July 22,     John S. Riffle
Samuel Ezzell                     Ira   C. Ezzell
Malinda  Sales (Gale?jg)   Daniel McHugh
Rebecca Cummings          E.G.H. Bennett
Manerva McKenney           Cordelia Russele
Emily Ezzell                      Susan F. Robertson
Martha Anderson               Elizabeth Riffle
Cristina  Ezzell                  Thos. R. Ezzell
Relief Riffle                       Rebecca Ezzell
Julian Riffle         July 22 Wm. E.Goodwin excluded
Lucretia Tipton                  Leonard Sales (Gales?jg)
Susanna Riffle                  Benj.   B. Robertson
Mary J. Riffle                    Dinaha Gibson
Elizabeth Fisher                 George W. Jenkins
Malinda Shelborn              Octavo Jinkins
Lucinda Parsons

[Note above: I have seen the name Sales and Gale. Can't remember, but I think in one of the old cemeteries Marion, Loyd and Pete and I copied, there was a tombstone with Gale on it...Jg.]

[Lots of scratching on this one ]


March 8,1843 :


John Keithley         August
William Mc Kenney
Elizabeth Keithley
David Allen
David Cooper
Mary F. Anderson

May ...6, 1843

Mary Gales / Sales ??
Matilda Duffle
Benjamin Fisher     July the 11th 1865
Benjamin Ezzell
John Hubbard
George Potter [not totally sure on the name Potter,
but think I had a query on him jg]

George t atcar?
K i m w/o cantor/ Scanton/???
Wallace Birkhead

Susannah S.

Lincoln County Missouri July 13th, A.D.1856

Articles of agreement made and entered into between the subscribers to this article ; 1st We agree to build a house for public Worship 30 feet square 12 feet high and 2 doors 6 windows. Said house to be of frame with stove 2nd We agree that said house and land for the same shall be deeded to David Allen & John Sitton as trustees to said house and land and their successors in office and in the event of the Death or resignation of either their vacancy to be filled by the qualified voters of the school District. We agree that the said house may be used for schools. We agree that s'd house May be used for any Protestant Denomination of Christians. We further agree that no religious order use it more than 6 days at a time. 4th We further agree that [line through "agree that" jg] bind ourselves to Deliver such building materials on the site of said house as we shall subscribe on or before the 1st Day of October neset said house to be called Liberty and to be Situate at or near Anderson's School house.

Subscriber's Name                          

Wm. L. Carroll     $ 10.00      carried at      $85,00 
Elijah  Anderson       5.00        Wm. Jenkins   5.00
William Frazier        10.00    David S.Jewel   5.00
David Allen             10.00   John Blackamore 2.50
Benjamin P. Smith    5.00    James  Morris    20.00
H.S. Sitton                5.00 G.W, Stonebraker 25.00
John A. Sitton           5.00     B.F. Robertson 10.00
G.W.Porter                5.00     R.S. McIntosh    2.00
Joshua W. Sitton       5.00   James B. Cocke   2.00
James Hines             5.00     John K. Parker   1.00
Wm. Steels                5.00     Barnett Myers     5.00
Thomas Gale            5.00     Thomas Myers    1.00
John N. Gale            5.00     James M.Smith   2.00
John M. Anderson     5.00   James Howard      5.00
                               ------                               ------
                              85.00                            170.50

page 2                 $170.50           
                          Amount brought forward  $227.50

Elijah Blackamore     1.00   Loyd B. Mc gruder 3.00
Isaac Vertrees          5.00   Wm. Britt              3.00
Noah Willis                5.00    John Tiller             1.50
Daniel Hilton             5.00    William Willis        3.00
Wilson Barker            5.00    Marshall Calvin     2.50
George Burns            5.00                             ---------
Jonathan Tipton         1.50            amount $  234.50
F.D.Hardesty             1.50
R.B.Tiller                    3.00
T.H.Admire                 1.00
C.C.Hilton                  2.00
John Gentry                5.00
Joseph A.Stonebraker 2.50
John S.  Morati           5.00
Jacob  Winebrenner    5.00
Wm. Parker                 1.50
       amount             $ 227.50


[I have added and added. I think when they carried $227.50 it looked lke $221.00

Note: G.W.( George Washington Stonebraker was md. to America Hilton. He cut the white oak tree that marked the grave where the 3 Mchugh boys were buried who were killed by Black hawk and his Warriors.

David Allen md. Louvina Riffle d/o Susannah McHugh and Francis Riffle. His son, James Allen was given authority by the officers of the business meeting to give the last and final name Corinth, to this house of Worship June 18,1874.]

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