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James Verdier Family - From the collection of Brenda Coon

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[ 1. James Charnold Verdier born 1764 Tharpsburg, Maryland - died 26 Oct 1854 Lincoln County, Missouri.
    m. 23 Apr 1795 Berkley Co., VA. Mary Snodgrass b. 9 Jan 1778 Hedgeville, Virginia - died 4 Aug 1854 Lincoln County, MO.
        d/o Robert Snodgrass and Susannah Rawlings.
        James and Mary are both buried in the Verdier Cemetery, Whiteside, Lincoln County, MO. ]

Federal Land Patents issued for Lincoln County, Missouri by the Bureau Of Land Management - General Land Office Records:

VERDIER, JAMES C MO 11/10/1841 20519 MO2370__.031

Verdier Cemetery

Location: 2-1/2 mi. southeast of Whiteside, Mo, 16 mi. north of Troy on Hwy (61).

Census: Gone But Not Forgotten, Vol. V

1850 U.S. Census Lincoln District 49

Verdier, James 85 farmer Virginia

, Mary 72 wife Virginia

, Warner 46 laborer

(Living next door is James Verdier, Jr.)

[ Children of James C. and Mary (Snodgrass) Verdier:

2. Robert E. F. Verdier 11 May 1796 - ca 1870 Lincoln Co., MO. -

m. Lavina Monin 16 Jun 1827 Kentucky, Mary A. (Temple) Miller 21 Jun 1846 L.C., MO.

2. Paul Verdier 12 Apr 1798 - 12 Apr 1798.

2. Warner Verdier 27 Jul 1801- 21 Feb 1880 L.C., MO. ]

MCCLANAHAN CEMETERY or OLD AUBURN CEMETERY - north of Troy, MO about 12 miles to H-E, go left on E .5 miles to first gravel road on left (Auburn, MO). Go south on gravel road 1.6 miles where road turns sharply left. (Park here) Walk through field gate leading to farm. Graveyard is inside gate to the left under a large tree. Stones are scattered and knocked over.

[ 2. Van Nelson Monin Verdier 6 Apr 1802 - 15 Mar 1855 L. C., MO. Burial in Verdier Cemetery, Whiteside, L.C., MO.

m. 5 Dec 1837 L. C., MO. Frances C. Moore b. 1815 Virginia.

3. Marcus De Lafayette Verdier 1838 L. C., MO. - 25 Jun 1873 L. C., MO. - burial in Sulphur Lick Cemetery, L. C., MO. ]

From the TROY HERALD (Troy, Lincoln Co., MO) Wed., 2 July 1873:

VERDIER - June 25th, 1873, at his residence in Auburn, this county, Cholera Morbus., M. D. L. Verdier.

[ m. 20 Dec 1860 Parry Lee Wommack d/o Capt. Richard Wommack and Elizabeth Hammond. (buried in Sulphur Lick Cemetery)

2. Sarah Jane Verdier 22 Nov 1804 Virginia - 16 Oct 1873 L. C., MO.

m. 4 Nov 1824 Virginia David Lafferty b. ca 1790 Virginia - d. ca 1845 L. C., MO.

3. Pleasant Lafferty 1830/1832 - 6 Feb 1921 L. C., MO.

m. 23 Jul 1848 L. C., MO. Thomas Marshall

m. 8 Aug 1867 L. C., MO. Oliver P. Verdier s/o Robert E. F. Verdier and Lavina Monin.

3. Sarah Jane Lafferty 10 Sept 1833- 10 Mar 1912 L. C., MO. burial St. Alphonsus Catholic Cemetery, Millwood, L. C., MO.

m. 10 Sept 1848 L. C., MO. Joseph Koster.

m. 20 Sept 1888 L. C., MO. Samuel Hall.

3. James Thomas Lafferty 1834- ca 1870

3. David O. Lafferty ca 1839 - ca 1868 L. C., MO.

m. 25 Feb 1861 L. C., MO. Susan Lighter Marce Verdier d/o James Charnold Verdier, Jr. and Mary L. Clark.

3. Rebecca Lafferty ca 1841

3. William A. Lafferty ca 1846 L. C., MO. - after 1920 Pike County, MO.

m. 26 Nov 1869 Pike County, MO. Augusta McGeary

2. James Charnold Verdier, Jr. 15 Mar 1807 Virginia - 21 Oct 1897 L. C., MO.

m. 25 Apr 1839 Mary L. Clark.

3. James Charnold Verdier 23 Apr 1840 L. C., MO. 14 Jun 1850 L. C., MO. burial Verdier Cemetery, Whiteside, L. C., MO.

3. Susan Lighter Marce Verdier 18 Jul 1841 L. C., MO. - 17 Aug 1914 Randolph Co., MO.

m. 28 Feb 1861 L. C., MO. David O. Lafferty s/o David Lafferty and Sarah Jane Verdier.

m. 9 Jun 1869 L. C., MO James Thomas Lafferty s/o David Lafferty and Sarah Jane Verdier.

3. Mary Isabel Verdier 1 May 1846 L. C., MO. after 1860 L. C., MO.

2. Susanna Rawlings Verdier 18 Mar 1809 Virginia - 17 Jun 1839 L. C., MO. burial Verdier Cemetery.

m. 1 May 1838 L. C., MO Frederick Moltimore Morris.

2. Boen West Verdier 8 Mar 1811- 14 Sept 1844

2. Maria Louisa Verdier 22 Sept 1813 Virginia - 12 Mar 1880 L. C., MO burial Mill Creek Cemetery, L. C., MO.

m. 1May1838 Judge Solomon R. Moxley. ]

Obituary for Solomon R. Moxley (1803-1889) No. 093 - Uncited clippings from the "Neva Murphy Hubbard Collection" of Beth Rengers Talken, 1998. (also, see below. ed.)

[ 3. 7 children - James Verdier, John Alexander, Warner Washington, Solomon Robinson, Margaret Isabel, Dayton Jefferson, and Howard M. Moxley.

(James Verdier Moxley 17 Sept 1839 - 22 Jul 1912 married Emma A. Smiley 5 Nov 1862 L. C., MO) ]

Obituary for James Verdier Moxley (d. 1912) No. 092 - Uncited clippings from the "Neva Murphy Hubbard Collection" of Beth Rengers Talken, 1998 (also, see below. ed.)

[ 2. Washington Tiler Verdier 5 Mar 1816 Virginia - ca May 1869 Arkansas

m. 5 Oct 1842 Ralls County, MO. Margaret Stone.

3. 3 children - Mary, Helen, and William Verdier.

2. Jefferson Adams Verdier 29 Jan 1819 Virginia - 6 Mar 1889 St. Joseph, MO.

m. 3 Feb 1852 Margaret Bayshore.

3. 9 children - Washington, Garland, Emma, Alice, John, Mary, Margaret, Sarah, and Jefferson Verdier. ]


History of Lincoln County, Missouri (Chicago: Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1888) pp. 635-636.

Richard WOMMACK was born in Halifax County, Va., in 1804, and when two years old was taken to Tennessee. In 1823 he came with his mother to Lincoln County, and two years later he married Miss Cynthia SMILEY, who bore him three children. After her death he married, in 1831, Mrs. Elizabeth GILMORE, nee HAMMOND, and by her became the father of seven children, two sons and five daughters. She was a native of Kentucky but came to this State in early womanhood, and had one child by a previous marriage. She died in her sixty-fifth year. The father then chose for his third wife Mrs. Fanny MORRIS. He was a man of superior ability, and one of influence in his county. He was chosen to represent Lincoln County in the Legislature during the following years: 1848, 1856, 1858, 1862 and 1866, served as sheriff four terms, and as assessor two terms. He died in his seventy-sixth year.

Obituary for John T. Gilmore (1830-1898) Uncited clipping. From the papers of Mary Omahundro Hutt Walker

GILMORE - At his home near Davis, Lincoln County, Saturday night, Dec. 24, 1898, at 12 o'clock, John T. GILMORE, aged 68 years, 4 months and 23 days. Death was due to Bright's desease of the kidneys and other complications.

John T. GILMORE was the son of James and Elizabeth (HAMMONDS) GILMORE, the former of whom came from his native state of Kentucky to Missouri after reaching man's estate, and was married in Missouri.

Obituary for Solomon R. Moxley (1803-1889) No. 093 - Uncited clippings from the "Neva Murphy Hubbard Collection" of Beth Rengers Talken, 1998.

In Whiteside, Mo., April 2, 1889, at the residence of his son, Dayton J., Judge Solomon R. MOXLEY, in the 86th year of his age.

Thus passeth away another of our most respectable and venerable old citizens and formerable and dignified members of the county and probate courts of Lincoln county.

Judge MOXLEY was born in Virginia, September 2, 1803, and was married to Miss Mary V. BOWLEY, his first wife, in 1830, of whom a son and daughter were born. His first wife died in 1837, and the following year he was married in this county to Miss Mariah L. VERDIER, also a native of Virginia, of whom were born seven children. Five are now living, and also one son by the first wife - six in all - five sons and one daughter, Maggie A., the wife of Mr. Jas. F. POGUE, a merchant at Whiteside. The five sons-James V., John A., Warner W., Dayton J. and Howard M. - are all married and much repected [sic] by all who know them. An elder daughter, Lucy A., grew up and was married many years ago to Dr. Samuel H. MCKAY, the father of Dr. S.R. MCKAY of Mackville.

Judge M. has followed the occupation of a farmer through life; has been a widower for the past ten years, and a citizen of our county since the year 1836, with the exception of three years, and a voter and resident taxpayer here for fifty years.

Elected by the people four times to the office of county and probate judge for different periods of time, he served in all sixteen years, and when the two offices were divided he was elected as probate judge from 1870 to 1874, making in all twenty years; during which time no man of our county has ever filled a public trust with more ability, honesty and care for the best interest of the people than Judge MOXLEY. He was a Democrat through life and gave his last vote to CLEVELAND and THURMAN.

Three of our most venerable and hightly respected old citizens, and former county judges have recently passed away-Judges MARTIN, BASKETT and MOXLEY - all of whom lived to an old age, and have left a name and character that may well be emulated by their children and others after them.

Obituary for James Verdier Moxley (d. 1912) No. 092 - Uncited clippings from the "Neva Murphy Hubbard Collection" of Beth Rengers Talken, 1998.

Judge S. R. MOXLEY came from Virginia to Lincoln county, Mo., in 1835. Here the wife of his youth died. Subsequently he married Miss Maria L. VERDIER. The eldest child of this marriage was James Verdier MOXLEY, who was born in north-central Lincoln county, September 17, 1839. He grew up on the farm and received his education in the schools of the vicinity. In his young manhood, he read medicine under the preceptorship of Dr. S. H. MCKAY, his brother-in-law. The outbreak of the civil war interrupted his plans and he returned to farm life. (Samuel H. McKay married Lucy Moxley15 Feb 1853 L. C., MO. Lucy was the daughter of Solomon Moxley and his first wife Mary V. Bowley)

November 5, 1862, he married Miss Emma A. SMILEY of his home county. To the God [sic] gave eight children and 15 grandchildren. In the early years of their married life Brother and Sister MOXLEY accepted Jesus, the Christ, and were baptized into the fellowship of Mill Creek church.

In 1890, Mr. MOXLEY was a consummate Christian gentleman. His home life was beautiful. He and his children were born in the same house; he was out of Missouri only once; his heart and his best life were in his home. Industry, economy and plenty crowned the farm life. In his service for the commonwealth, painstaking integrity and promptness were his habitual practice. His thoughts were pure, his words were clean, his plans were just and they expressed themselves in clean, pure, just action. His character was symmetrical; there was culture in his bearing towards his fellow-man.

As a Christian, he was a brother beloved. He was gentle, modest, efficient, ready, generous, fraternal. He was firm as Gibraltar, with the simplicity of childhood. I have seen him tried; I never saw him falter.

The parting place was Troy, Missouri, at 7:15 p.m., Monday, July 22, 1912; the next meeting place will be heaven for those who trust the Lord. The sorrowing wife and children may weep in hope, for in the resurrection this man of God will appear in the ransomed throng. May all who loved him love God and be saved by His grace.

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