From The St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, 12:3 (Fall 1979), quarterly publication of the St. Louis Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 43010,  #4 Sunnen Drive, Suite 140, 

St. Louis, Missouri 63143-0010.   St. Louis Genealogical Society. Reprinted in Lincoln County USGenWeb MOGenWeb Cemeteries by permission, 22 October 1998.

Prepared by Patricia SummersSmith.

Hopkins Family Records and Cemetery
St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, 12:3 (Fall 1979), reprinted by permission.

                       HOPKINS FAMILY RECORDS

Contributed to St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly by William L. Douglas, Jr. 

(StLGS) and Merle M. Jackson (StLGS)

                      The Hopkins Family Bible

This Bible is in the possession of Mrs. Josie Hopkins Smith, Winfield, MO. On

the title page: "The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments transla-

ted out of the original tongues. The text conformable to the original edition

of the year of our lord 1610, and the American Bible Societies original stand-

ard of 1810. Philadelphia -- William W. Harding. No. 326 Chestnut Street. 1870"

                          Marriage                     -

George Washington Hopkins and Elizabeth Ann McClelland were married April 5th,

     A.D. 1866 


George Washington Hopkins was born May the 9th A.D. 1844

Elizabeth Ann McClelland was born January the 29th 1844

Mary Armelda Hopkins was born Monday January the 7th 1867

Stephen Wallace Hopkins was born Wednesday November the 30th A.D. 1868

Perlina Cross Hopkins was born Wednesday November the 30th A.D. 1870

Nauncy Elizabeth Hopkins was born Wednesday August the 7th A.D. 1872

Josie (Josa) Irene Hopkins was born Thursday March the 25th 1875

Zerelda Melvin Hopkins was born Saturday August the 10th 1878


Mary Armilda Hopkins died May 13th A.D. 1868 (note Armilda instead of Armelda)

Elizabeth Ann Hopkins died Monday June 11th, 5:30 o'clock A.D. 1894

Stephen Wallace Hopkins died Sept. 21st 1919

George W. Hopkins died Jan. 22, 1921

Perlina Cross Howell died May 10, 1936

Zelda M. Weightman died Jan. 2 1947

Nancy E. Tucker died July 20, 1963 (note under births spelling is Nauncy)

                           Family portraits

The Bible had inserts for portraits and contained the following:

Baby pictures of Stephen W. Hopkins, Perlina C. Hopkins and Nancy E. Hopkins

Two adult pictures of James H. Hopkins (with whiskers), W. W. Tucker, and

James A. McClellan. Picture of Maj. James Wilson 3rd, M.S.M.

Two teenagers, Louise and Fredie Hopkins.

Notation in Bible -- "This Bible is for Florence Holeman"

         On a slip of paper, handwriting very faded, this data:

James Harrison Hopkins was born March 10th, 1841

George Washington Hopkins was born May 9, 1844

William Neel Hopkins was born April 21, 1847

Stephen B. Hopkins was born Oct. 11, 1810

Sally Ann Hopkins was born Jan. 31, 1818

Mary Ann Hopkins born Nov. 22, 1836

Nancy Jane Hopkins born Mar. 22, 1839

William Hopkins was born Jan. 30, 1818 or 1838 (illegible)

Sarah Cunningham was born Feb. 1, 1816

Stephen B. Hopkins and Sarah Cunningham were married Oct. 13, 1831

Sally Ann Hobbs and Stephen B. Hopkins were married March 3, 1836

Sally Ann Hobbs died Dec. 21, 1871  Stephen B. Hopkins died Sept. 10, 1899

William N. Hopkins died June 18, 1915 3:40 P.M. and is buried in Asbury

Methodist Church Cemetery.

Mary Ann Kimbrough died Feb. 2, 1920

On another slip of paper, very faded, were the following data:

Martha A. Ricks was born December 29, 1839

Thomas H. Ricks was born September 8, 1841

Nancy Ricks was born August 6, 1843

Stephen H. Ricks was born July 18, 1845

Jane Ricks was born June 13, 1847

James Ricks was born Jan. 15, 1869

Adaline Ricks was born July 11, 1852

Overton Ricks was born September 28, 1854

Mary L. (or F.) Ricks was born February 23, 1857

Robert L. Ricks was born October 27, 1864

Margaret Melvin Ricks was born October 18, 1867

R. A. Hobbs was born February 14, 1821

J. O. R. -- Rachel A. Hobbs were married March 17, 1839

J. O. R. was born December 4, 1818

   (The initials J.O.R. were almost illegible. Presumably they stand

    for J. O. Ricks. The date of birth is quite legible)

Background on the Hopkins Bible as told to us by Mrs. Josie Smith age 103, on

27 April 1978. This lady was a delight to visit. She had a wonderful memory,

yet she was up to date on current events. She has outlived her first husband,

Ben Smith, and second, Lee Martin; she took the name of her first husband

because she had living children by him. Her father, George Hopkins, was married

to Betty (Elizabeth Ann) McClelland. Her parents came from Kentucky and Mrs.

Smith was born 2-1/2 or 3 miles west of Foley, MO. Her mother knit socks, sold

them, and purchased the Bible for $8. Her father, George Hopkins, was in the

Civil War and came out all right, no harm coming to him. They were all poor but

took care of one another. One thing she notices, though, is that years ago they

respected older people more. Her grandfather was Steven B. Hopkins and her

grandmother was Sally Ann Hobbs. The Bible was given to her niece Florence

Holeman who had it repaired. Florence died and the Bible found its way back to

Mrs. Smith. Her grandfather was a farmer and they used lumber wagons for trans-

portation. "I had a horse to get about." Not many people have a chance to visit

an alert grand old lady of 103!

In the family Bible were five newspaper clippings but no date or name of news-

paper. These give genealogical data and anyone interested could trace the data

back to a newspaper in that vicinity.

George Washington Hopkins was born near Brussels, MO on May 9, 1844 and died on

January 22, 1921 in Troy, MO age 76 years 9 months and 13 days. He was married

to Elizabeth Ann McClelland Aprii 6, 1866 (Bible shows April 5). She died many

years ago. (Bible shows May 13, 1868) To this union were born six children:

Mary who died in childbirth; Stephen Wallace who died Sept. 21, 1919; Pauline

C.g the wife of John H. Howell; Nancy Elizabeth, the wife of Reverend C. B.

Tucker; Josie I. Smith; and Zerelda M., wife of J. W. Lambert, deceased. . .

he also leaves 18 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. Interment at

McClelland Cemetery Tuesday.

Ann Elizabeth Jefferson, nee Hopkins, was born Aug. 6, 1874, to William N. and

Mary (Logan) Hopkins. She passed away on December 29, 1961, at the age of

87 years, 4 months and 23 days. November 18, 1890 she married William F.

Jefferson who preceded her in death in 1934. They had 9 children: two died in

infancy; Mrs. Mary Turnbull; Mrs. Naomi Foster; Mrs. Darline Teasley; Thomas M.;

Clarence Otto; William L.; and Melvin L.  Mrs. Jefferson was one of 8 children,

all preceding her in death except one sister, Mrs. Rena Masons Rocky Ford, MO.

Mrs. Nancy J. Tucker died of pneumonia after an illness of five days at her home

near Troy, MO on Mon. Jan. 1, 1912. She was born in this county March 22, 1839,

and married James M. Tucker in January 1858. He preceded her to the grave seve-

ral years ago. Three children were born to this marriage, W. W. and E. Tucker,

sons, and one daughter. Only the sons are living. Interred in Howell graveyard.

Robert Reynolds Hopkins, son of the late William and Mary Hopkins, was born in

Lincoln Co., MO on June 4. 1885. He passed away on Feb. 11, 1950, at his home

in Troy, MO, his age being 64 years, 8 mos., and 7 days. He married Aletha

Hopkins of the Harmony Grove Community on Sept. 30, 1915. He had two sisters,

Maggie Foster and Inez Watts, and one brother, Herbert.

                             HOPKINS FAMILY CEMETERY

Indexed by Marla M. Jackson and William L. Douglas, Jr. May 25, 1978. located on 

Hwy KK, Lincoln Co. MO,opposite Dodson Family Cemetery. Take Hwy 61 North from 

Troy (MO) about 8 mi.; turn east on KK, continue 3 mi. Hopkiins is on the right, 

Dodson on the left.

1 ---------------- KESSLER

       David L.              Lorene M

       Aug. 10, 1911         Oct. 4, 1899

       July 19,. 1970        Jan. 15, 1963

2 ---------------- HOPKINS

       Stephen B.            Vienna May

       Aug. 15, 1877         July 4, 1879

       Nov. 10, 1936         Sept. 27, 1943

3 ---------------- KIMBROUGH

       Owen J.  d April 18 1895 36y 8m 10 d

       John W.  s/o O.J. and M.A.

          d July 15 1887 12y 1m 6d

       Mary A.  w/o O. J. (illegible)

4 ---------------- HOPKINS

       Margaret    May 18, 1905 --

       Raymond     June 10, 1904 -- Apr. 19 '64

5 ---------------- KIMBROUGH

         Children of O. J. and M.A.

       Marvin C. d Sept. 3 1871, 1m 23d

       Infant son and daughter, no dates

6 ---------------- HOPKINS

       Stephen B. Oct 11 1810 - Sept 10 1899

       "Impatiently waited until the Lord carried me home"

       Sallie A. w/o S. B. d Dec. 23 1871,

           ae 53y 10m 22d

7 ---------------- JEFFERSON

       Thomas Martin Feb 7 1898 - Nov 10 1976

8 ---------------- KESSLER

       Leonard J.   1883-1975

       Bette nee Stephenson 1885-1968

9 ---------------- GROTTS

       Alice Lee d/o W. H. and S. F.

       d Aug 7 1869, ae 5y 1m 23d

10 --- Wm. A. s/o W. H. and S.F.

       d March 4 1873, ae 13d

11 --------------- REEVES

       Henry F. Missouri Pvt Co. 1 19 Inf.

       WW I Oct  22 1897 - July 17 1965

12 --- Cora Oreno d/o W. and L. M.

       d Nov 15 1881, ae 2y 23d

13 --------------- HALL

       Henry d April 6 1881 61y 28d

       Sallie A. w/o H. d Nov 17 1876,

              ae 51y 1m 6d

14 --------------- HALL

       Sarah A. w/o Henry d Nov 17 1876, 51y 1m 6d

       Lenora J. d Aug 1 1858, ae ly 11m 26d

       Mary H. d Sept 10 1864, ae 3yr 8m 9d

       Samuel F. Oct 22 1862 - Oct 22 1862

       Julia B. d Oct 16 1865, ae 10m

       Arthur L. d Sept 16 1872, ae 5y 9m 11d

       (children of H. and S.A.) 

20 --------------- CRENSHAW

       William H. Feb 20 1817-April 9 1879

       "In God We Trust" Masonic emblem

       "This veteran worker, faithful craftsman devoted brother,

       has been collected from labor and is at rest'

(five small footstones for Hall children are shown as numbers 15-19 

but are not listed here)   

21 --------------- NORTON

       Mary Jane Nov 25 1810 - April 18 1871

22 --- Isabella w/o Wm. Sept 15 1784 - March 16 1865

23 --------------- HARRELL

       Ada Lee d/o George and N.J.

       d Aug 18 1869, ae 9m 5d

A Hopkins descendant, C.S. Hopkins, lives to the right of this cemetery and 

through his loving care, it looks like a park. There may be other graves --

there are mounds and ridges -- but due to lack of any markers there is no proof.

The stones are in good shape and most axe easy to read; several graves are

marked with field stones. A slave is buried by an old stump In the lower corner

of the graveyard. The Dodson family refused to let him be buried in or around 

their cemetery. Stephen B. Hopkins heard this and told the other slaves to

bury the dead one in the Hopkins Cemetery and so he was buried there, by the stump. 

This story was told to us by C. S. Hopkins and also by Mrs. Josie Smith.

From The St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, 12:3 (Fall 1979), quarterly publication of the St. Louis Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 43010,  #4 Sunnen Drive, Suite 140, 

St. Louis, Missouri 63143-0010.   St. Louis Genealogical Society. Reprinted in Lincoln County USGenWeb MOGenWeb Cemeteries by permission, 22 October 1998.

Prepared by Patricia SummersSmith.

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