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Cobb Family Bible and Will Records

Contributor Comments:  The information on William C. and Catharine Wray Cobb was obtained from a family Bible in the possesion of a great-granddaughter of Mary Susan Cobb, sister of Selena Margaret Cobb, who is great-great-grandmother of contributor Donna Price. Copy of bible record is in her possession. Wills were transcribed from Lincoln and Pike County will records.

Bible Record of William C. Cobb and Catharine Wray Cobb


Willima C. Cobb & Catherine Wray married November 18th 1819
James A Reed and Emily C. Cobb married Sept 3, 1840
Richard V Keith and Julian Cobb maried August the 17 1843
A. J. Cobb and Elizabeth Jane Cobb was maried October the 24 1844
John C. Pace and Julia Keith maried Oct 24 1849
Zachariah Lovelace and Martha F. Cobb maried May 7 1848
William Lewelin and Mary Cobb married April the 11 1849
Josep I King Catharine J. Cobb was maried April the 24 1851
Isaac Lovlace & Salina M Cobb maried October the 13 1857
Alexander Wade and Sarytha E Cobb was married September 26 1861

William C. Cobb Born April 16th 1796
Cathrine Wray Born March 4 1801
Emily C. Cobb Born August 8th 1820
Elizabeth Jane Cobb Born April 21 1823
July Ann Cobb Born April 21 1825
Mary Susan Cobb Born October 5th 1827
Martha Frances Cobb Born November 7th 1829
Jemima Catherine Cobb Born April 21 1832
Sarah Ellen Cobb Born June 16th 1834
Eliza Ann Cobb Born March 23rd 1836
Selena Margaret Cobb Born October 9th 1837
James A Reed borned no? 16 1822
Richard V Keth Borned August 22 1820
Willam Maclroy Born July 22 1841
Carrey Cobb was born October the 28 1850
Walker Jane Lovelace born February the 11 184?
Misouria Catharine Lovelace bornd June the 27 1850
John Webster Lovelace bornd December the 29 1855
Owen Lewallen born January the 24 1850
William H Lewallen born November the 21 1853
Charles Edwin Lewallen Born July the 5 1855
Catharine Anna Lewallen Born October the 29 1857
James J. Reeds Born October 3 1843
Nathen E. Reeds Born January 22, 1845
Benjaman F. Reed Born April 10 1851
Elizabeth C. Reed Born May ? 185?
Sarah C. Reed Born December 7, 1856
Mary Cath Cobb born February 23
Ja????????Cobb born??????25
Marthey Lewallen borned November 1866

Eliza Ann Cobb Died January 4th 1837
Richard V Kieth Died September the 14 1843 age 23 years
William Macelroy Died 11th October 1843
John ???? Reed Died December 6th 1850
Zachariah Lovelace Died Februry the 26 1858 Age 33 years 2 months
Wm C Cobb Died May the 24 1860
James A Reed Died January the 25 1858
Catharine Anna Lewallen Died September the 8 1859
Catharine Cobb Died July 7 1878 Age 72 yers 4 Mo 16 days
Marselis Pace Died March 13/63
Juia Ann Pace Died Oct 19/66
Sarah Catherine Pace Died March 14/82
Margret L. Pace Died Feb 23/86
John C. Pace Died Dec 18/88
Emily C. Reed Died April 13, 1895
Sarah Ellen Wade Died Nov. 30, 189?
William Lewallen died Aug. 4th 1887
Mary S. Lewallen Died Jan 24, 1902
Marth P. Wade Died Feb. 22, 1902

Last Will and Testament of Wm. C. Cobb (Dated 22 May 1860).
Pike County Missouri Wills, Vol. 5, page 240. 
Copied from the original in box C in the probate office, Pike County Courthouse, Bowling Green, MO.

I William C. Cobb of the County of Pike and state of Missouri being of sound mind and memeory knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, do make and publish this may last will and testament hereby revoking all wills or writing testamentary which heretofore I may have made

1st I will that out of my property all my just debts shall be paid.

2nd To each of my children Emily Caroline Reed Elizabeth Cobb Juby Ann Pace Mary Susan Lewallin Marty F Lovelace Jem King Sarah Cobb Salena Lovelace I bequeath the sum of one dollar.

3rd To my beloved and affectionate wife Catharine I give bequeath and devise all the rest and residue of my property that shall remain both real and personal to wit, the tract of land now owned by me situated the int said Pike County together will all my stock of every kind and description household and kitchen furniture farming utensils corn wheat all bread stuffs All of the said property to be hers and at her disposal for the benefit of herself and family as she may think best

In testimony shereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 22 day of May 1860

Wm C Cobb

John T. Bell
George Bernard

Will of Catherine Cobb (Dated 18 May 1870).
Missouri State Archives, Jefferson City, MO
Lincoln County Wills, Vol. 3, page 206, film C3931.

I Catherine Cobb of the County of Lincoln and Sate of Missouri being of sound mind and memory and knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all wills or writings testamentary which heretofore may have made.

First I will that out of my property all of my just debts shall be paid.
Second, I will that all of my property after paying all just debts be divided into eight equal shares as follows
To Emily C Reed one eight part
Elizabeth Cobb one eight part
To the bodily being of Juby Pace decd one eight part
Mary Susan Lewallen one eight part
Marth F. Wade Walker J. Lovelace Missouri C. Loveland and John W Lovelace one eight part
Jemima E............ one eight part
Sarah Wade one eight part
Salena M. Lovelace one eight part
and I further will that W. W. Shaw take charge of the money that comes to Jno W. Lovelace and keep the same at interest for the use and benefit of said Jno W. Lovelace
I also will that W. W. Shaw be and I hereby appoint W. W. Shaw my lawful executor to carry out the same empowering him to sell and dovey all my real and personal property as the law may direct after my death as he thinks best in testimony whereof I hereby affix my name or mark this 18 day of Feb 1870

Catherine (her mark) Cobb
J. C. Elmore
E. F. Lovell

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