Estate Papers of Mrs. Gillian S. Jameson
Submitted by Patty Jamerson Archer from her collection, July 28,2012.
Estate Papers of Mrs. Gillian S. Jameson.  File #420 – Letters of Administration June 7, 1856 – Administrator: Bertran Jameson.  Gillian S. Jameson was the widow of William M. Jameson (1786-1831).  Gillian's maiden name was also Jameson.  She was the daughter of William "Will" & Jane Jameson of Barren Co., KY.  She was also the sister of Green B. Jameson that died at the Alamo.  Gillian and William were cousins that married.  An affidavit by one of her nephew's states that she married William M. Jameson, a cousin.  William and Gillian's children were: Berrilla J. Jameson (b. 1821 d.c. 1848, m. Sidney Ensor); Berthier Jameson (b. 1823 d. 1864, m. Cassandria "Cassey Ann" Turnbull); Bertran Jameson (b. 1825 d. aft 1900, m1. Mary Ann Turnbull, m2. Adeline Ogelvie); Burluvetta Ann Jameson (b. 1827 d. bef 1856); Berjerome "Birjy" Jameson (b. 1830 d. bef 1856).  William and Gillian married 16 May 1819 in Barren Co., KY.  William was the son of Robert Jameson (1762-1845) and Isabelle Mahan (1762-1825).

As of now I believe that Gillian's father William (b.c. 1770 d.c. 1835) was the son of John Jameson of Fayette Co., KY (and Barren Co., KY) (b.c. 1750 d.c. 1803).  I believe this John (b.c.  1750) is the son of Robert Jameson (b.c. 1730) of Louisa Co., VA that migrated to Fayette Co., KY and then to Barren Co., KY.  I then feel that this Robert Jameson of Louisa Co., VA must be the son of one of the sons of William & Sarah (Collins?) Jameson of Rockbridge Co., VA, either an unknown Jameson son or the son of John Jameson who is thought to be their oldest son.  It is possible they could've had an older son I suppose and that Robert is from him.  William's will in 1753 only indicates 4 sons though, John, George, Andrew and William.  This is the only way I have been able to explain the cousin connection between William and Gillian.  I know that William's father was Robert Jameson (b. 1762) and that Robert is the son of George Jameson (b. 1728) and that this George is the son of William & Sarah (Collins?) Jameson.  I also know that George already has a son named John that was born in 1763, so the John born 1750 could not be his.  So I'm thinking John has to be his nephew and therefore a first cousin to my Robert b. 1762.

I do know that other sons and daughters of John Jameson b. 1750 migrated to the Lincoln Co., MO area from Barren Co., KY.  John Jameson's children were:  William "Will" Jameson b.c. 1770 (m. Jane) thought to have come to St. Charles Co., MO bef he died in 1835; Robert b. 1785 d. prob 1836 Lincoln Co., MO; Sarah "Sally" Jameson b. 1790 (m. Lowry T. Hampton) they came to St. Charles Co., MO and after he left for Mississippi in 1816 and never returned, she divorced him in 1819; John B. Jameson b. 1794 (m. Susannah "Susan" Hawk), he lived in the Montgomery Co., MO area and was thought to have left for TX, his son Allen Jameson settled there in Grayson Co., TX, whether John made it that far is not known, Susan however died there in 1850; Mary "Polly" Jameson b.c. 1796 KY (m. Samuel Bailey) they lived in St. Charles and Lincoln Counties, MO; Allen  Jameson b.c. 1797 KY d. aft. 1870 (m. Rhoda Kennedy), Allen lived in Lincoln Co., MO and either he or some of his children went to CA for a time and then came back, he was living in Lincoln Co., MO in 1870; Harvey Jameson b. 1799 KY d. 1819 St. Charles Co., MO, Harvey was the son of John Jameson and last wife Rebecca Buchannan





Gilian S. Jameson    File # 420

Date of Letters: June 7, 1856

Administrator: Bertran Jameson


(Note inside of file was left by one of the genealogists, I suppose, stating:  17 Sept. 1982 Elaine Hamm requested will of Gillian Jameson.  Elaine Hamm, P.O. Box 822, Point Road, Sulphur, OK 73086)


May 8, 1856

    The estate of Mrs. G.S. Jameson to a William Wade, Dr. to makeing a coffin.  $10.00

Received in full of Bertran Jameson the administrator.

(signed) William Wade

(It appears that Gillian died by May 8, 1856.)


Bertran Jameson

Administrator's Bond

Gilian S. Jameson


Recorded June 7th 1856

in Book B of Adms. Bonds

N.H. Meriwether, clerk


KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That We Bertrand Jemerson as principal, and James Porter and Edwin Hastings as securities, are held and firmly bound unto the State of Missouri, in the just and full sum of Three hundred dollars, lawful money of the United States, to the payment whereof well and truly to be made, we and each of us bind ourselves, our respective heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.  Sealed and dated this 7th day of June 1856.

THE CONDITION OF THE ABOVE BOND IS, That if Bertrand Jamerson Administrator of the estate of Gillian Jamerson deceased, shall faithfully administer said estate, account for, pay and deliver all money and property of said estate, and perform all other things touching said Administration required by law, or the order or decree of any court having jurisdiction, then the above bond to be void, otherwise to remain in full force.

(signed) Bertran Jameson (note that Bertran always signs his own name as Bertran Jameson)

(signed) James Porter

(signed) Edwin Hastings




Bertrand Jamerson being duly sworn, upon his oath, says that Berthier Jamerson & Bertrand Jamerson - all of this county and, Laura, Ann E. & Frederick R. Ensor - children of Berilla J. Jimerson who intermareed with Sydney R. Ensor of St. Charles Co. are the only heirs and legal representatives of Gillian Jamerson late of said county, deceased, to the best of his knowledge and belief, that the deceased died without a will, that he will make a perfect inventory of and faithfully administer all the estate of the deceased and pay the debts as far as the assests will extend and the law direct and account for and pay according to law all assests which shall come to his possession or knowledge.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this day of 7th day of June 1856

(signed) N.H. Meriwether clerk        (signed) Bertran Jameson


(It appears that by Gillian's death, Bertran and Berthier are the only living children she has, and 3 grandchildren from deceased daughter, Berilla.  So, Burlavista (or Dertevesta Ann) and BerJerome are both dead by 1856 too.)



William Jameson    file # 35

Date of Letters: Nov. 11, 1831

Administrator: Edward Cottle


Administrator's Bond given by Edward Cottle, with Benjamin Cottle & Robert Jameson as securities. (no date listed on the bond at all)


Property Sale Nov. 26, 1831

Mrs. G. Jameson    1 rifle gun    $2.75

B. English              1 rifle gun    $3.75  (Benajah English)

B. English              1 man saddle    $10.50

James Collard       1 Roan mare    $12.56 1/4

Martial Cottle        1 Sorrell horse    $23.00

C. McVay                1 Roan colt    $10.12 1/2

Robt. Jameson        1 Bay horse    $30.50


Totaling    $93.18 3/4



The admin. of the estate of Wm. Jameson deceased to L.S. Clark to one coffin $10.00

Sept. 13th, 1831

                            Jany. Feb. 4th Rec'd the above in

                                     1833 full

                                        (signed) John S. Clark


(William must've died in September 1831)




I Edward Cottle do swear that there are only the following heirs to the Estate of William Jameson decd. to the best of my knowledge & belief, viz. Gilliann Jameson the widow of said decd., Berrilla Jameson, Berthea Jameson, Bertrand Jameson, Bertevesta Ann Jameson & BerJerome Jameson

children of said decd. under the age of 14 years

Sworn & subscribed to before me

this 12th day of November 1831

Francis Parker                            (signed) Edward Cottle

clerk co. ct. L.C. Mo.


(After looking at the handwriting, it appears that Bertevesta's name, although which looks like it is Dertevesta, could in fact be a "B" at the beginning, Bertevesta.)


Submitted to HERITAGE PAGES of  LINCOLN COUNTY, MISSOURI by Patty Jamerson Archer, 28 Jul 2012.

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