Estate Papers of Albert Gallatin Jameson
Submitted by Patty Jamerson Archer from her collection, July 28,2012.

The estate papers of Albert Gallatin Jameson. File #471 Date of Letters of Administration Nov. 16, 1857. Albert Gallatin Jameson was the son of George W. Jameson and Mary Ida Clay. I believe he was more than likely the 3rd child and born about 1819, died 1857. I don't have any record of marriage for him. His brother John Jameson (m. Catherine Cassidy) was the administrator of his estate. I have been unable to find any other record about Albert Gallatin Jameson. His list of heirs includes his father and his siblings: George Jameson, father, Clay Jameson, Robert Jameson, Thomas Jameson, George W. Jameson, Paulina A. Kidder, Green Jameson and John Jameson. Albert's name is referred to as Jamerson, Jemerson and Jameson, as Albert Gallatin, as A. Gallatin, as Albert Galenton, as Albert G., and as A.G. There is a story in both my line (descended from his brother Clay) and the Green Jameson line that there was a falling out in the family and that is when Clay and Green both added the "r" to Jameson to make it Jamerson. Whether it is true I don't know. But it was about the time that Albert died that Clay decided to pick up and move to Arkansas. Green eventually moved to Kansas after the Civil War. The spelling of the last name has changed througout the years and is spelled many different ways in records. It was often pronounced as "Jimmerson" by people in the area and I think just because of the pronunciation is how the "r" eventually was added into the name. People would spell it as it sounded. Clay appears in the 1860 Scott Co., AR census listed as Clay Jimmerson. I do however believe that in order for the story to have been handed down by two different lines that there was a falling out in the family, that portion of the story is true. We always heard that the family was mad at Clay for marrying an Indian girl, so he moved to AR and changed the spelling. If Clay's 2nd wife, Mary Ann McGuire was Indian, she must've only been partial with a name like McGuire.




Albert Gallatin Jamerson    file # 471        (This is my George's son, bro. to my GG Grandpa Clay.)

Date of Letters: Nov. 16, 1857       (Also listed as G. Jameson and Albert Galloway Jameson in the papers.)

Administrator: John Jamerson (This is his youngest brother, John.)


John Jameson

Letters Administration

A. Gallatin Jameson Decd.

Filed Nov. 16th 1857

Recorded in Book B page 242




                            The State of Missouri to all persons to whom these presents shall come -- Greeting:

Know Ye, that, whereas, Albert Gallatin Jameson late of the county of Lincoln in said State, died intestate, as it is said, having at the time of his death property in this State which may be lost, destroyed or diminished in value, if speedy care be not taken of the same; to the end therefore, that the said property may be collected, preserved and disposed of according to law,

                we do hereby appoint John Jameson

administrator of all and singular, the goods and chattels, rights and credits,

which were of the said Albert Gallatin Jameson

                at the time of his death, with  full

power and authority to secure and dispose of said property, according to law, and collect all moneys due said deceased, and in general to do and perform all other acts and things, which are, or hereafter may be required of him by law.


        In Testimony Whereof, I, Francis C. Cake

        Clerk of the County Court of said County

        have hereunto set my hand, and affixed the seal

        of said Court, at office, in Troy, in said county,

        this Sixteenth day of

        November 1857

        (signed) F.C. Cake  Clerk



December 19th 1857

Bill of Sale of the property of the Estate

of A. Gallatin Jameson Deceased




George W. Jameson     one horse    $85.00

Thos. M. Jameson        one steer    $8.00

Thos. M. Jameson        two suit of clothing    $1.00



(signed) Woodson B. Lester clerk


State of Missouri

County of Lincoln     Woodson B. Lester says that he was the clerk of the sale made by John Jemerson

Administrator of the Estate of Albert Galenton Jemerson Deceased and that the foregoing is a true account of said sale at the time there in specified.

                                                    (signed) Woodson B. Lester

Subscribed and Sworn to Before me

this 19th December 1857        (signed) Lorenzo D. Ogelvie  (this is Bertran Jameson's future father-in-law)

                                                          Justice of the Peace



Inventory By Administrator

Inventory of the Estate of Albert G. Jemerson Deceased


One Horse Bridle and Sadle

One two year old steer

One suite of clothes


(signed) James Wells

(signed) Robert W. Lester

(signed) Robert Ricks                (signed) J. Jimison  Administrator


State of Missouri

County of Lincoln

                John Jamerson Adm of the Estate of Albert G. Jamerson Decd says that the foregoing is a full and complete inventory and discription of all the moneys, goods, chattels and estate, real and personal, books papers and evidences of Debt and of title, of the Deceased, and of all debts due and to become due so far as he can ascertain them and that he is not indebted, or bound in any contract to the Deceased, at the time of his death, except as stated in said Inventory.


Subscribed and sworn to

before me this 23d day of December

1857    (signed) C.W. Martin  J.L.C.C.                (signed) J. Jimison Adm.


Filed Dec. 23rd 1857

Recorded Book A Pages 595 & 6

F.C. Cake, clerk


State of Missouri

County of Lincoln

            Messrs James Wells, Robert Rix & Robert W. Lester Being appointed to appraise the Personal Estate of Albert G. Jemerson Deceased Before Entering on their Duty makes oath and say that they are not Interested nor of Kin to Any person Interested in said Estate as heirs or Devisee and that they will to the Best of their ability view and appraise all the personal Estate to them Produced.

Subscribed and sworn to                    (signed) James Wells

Before me this 30th November            (signed) Robert Ricks

1857                                                    (signed) Robert W. Lester    Appraisers

(signed) Lorenzo D. Ogelvie  JP


Certificate of Appraisement of the Estate of A.G. Jemerson, Decd.

One Horse Bridle & Saddle    125 Dollars        $125.00

One 2 year old steer    8 Dollars                      $  8.00

One suit of clothes    4 Dollars                        $   4.00



(signed) James Wells

(signed) Robert Ricks

(signed) Robert W. Lester    Appraisers

Filed Dec 23rd 1857

F.C. Cake clerk

Recorded Book A page 596

F.C. Cake clerk



Know all men by these presents that we John Jameson as principal, and Thomas M. Jameson, and Robert W. Lester as securities, are here one firmly bound unto the State of Missouri, in the just and full sum of Four Hundred dollars, lawful money of the United States, to the payment whereof well and truly to be made, we and each of us bind ourselves, our respective heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.  Sealed and dated this Sixteenth day of November 1857.


The condition of the above bond is, that if John Jameson Administrator of the estate of Albert Gallatin Jameson deceased, shall faithfully administer said estate, account for, pay and deliver all money and property of said estate, and perform all other things touching said Administration required by law, or the order of decree of any court having jurisdiction, then the above bond to be void, otherwise to remain in full force.


Filed  F.C. Cake –       J. Jimison
                                    Thomas M. Jameson (his x mark)

                                    Robert W. Lester



State of Missouri

County of Lincoln}

John Jameson being duly sworn, upon his oath, says that George Jameson, Father, Clay Jameson, Robert Jameson, Thomas A. Jameson, George W. Jameson, Paulina A. Kidder, Green Jameson, and John Jameson are the only heirs and legal representatives of A. Gallatin Jameson late of said county, deceased, to the best of his knowledge and belief, that the deceased died without a will, that he will make a perfect inventory of and faithfully administer all the estate of the deceased and pay the debts as far as the assets will extend and the law direct and account for and pay according to law all assests which shall come to his possession or knowledge.  (Should be Thomas M. Jameson, not “A.”.)

Subcribed and sworn to before me this

16 day of November 1857

Francis C. Cake, Clerk}                     John Jimison




Submitted to HERITAGE PAGES of  LINCOLN COUNTY, MISSOURI by Patty Jamerson Archer, 28 Jul 2012.

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