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Second Journal of Davy K. Capps, written 1874-1885

Contributor Comments:  This is from a second journal of Davy K. CAPPS, also sent to me by Luanne HENTHORNE of Durham N.C. and transcribed as written by me, Clara M. HUBBARD FOSTER of Salem, Oregon.  The CAPPS family were early settlers in the Lincoln co. area of Mo. They eventually moved to Adair, Schyler, Cedar, and Pike co. Ill. among other places.

Editor's Comment:  Surnames on this page have been changed by the editor to upper-case letters to conform to the convention on this web site.

By David K. CAPPS
1814 Tenn –1898 Kansas

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    A Sketch or memorandom of old Mr. thomas CAPPS the first CAPPS ever none [known] in america So fare back as my Knowlage extends old thomas CAPPS had 8 children 4 Boys & 4 gerles Jenny the oldist I think maried henry CLARK Polly maried Joshuay WOMBLES Pheby married jacob QUICK Anny married Samuel PERCIFIELD I forgot Mimey she maried Charley HUBARD

    William the olds Boy married Rachal SMITH Jacob maried Sarah SANDERS Sam Samson my father married Esther SMITH Willes marrried Elizabeth YADEN Wwilliam [sic] had 8 children 5 boys & 3 girls Syer [Silas or Josiah ? ] the oldest I cant remember hwo [sic] he married he moved from east tennesse in early days to Kentucky and Died in Kentucky
    Joab and David

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    Bouth moved from tennessee to Schuler county missouri and in time of the rebbelion waar thay went to councel bluff and Died Kinny John as he was jeneraly called he remained near the old homested and died thar in union co. tenn hiram the youngest Son lived with his father & mother and I think all three Died on the old home Sted on Black fox creek. Rachel the oldest daughter she married Jacob YADON thay lived in the hickry vally one mile of whare the writer was born one mile west of CAPPS ford on clinch river Jan 29, 1814 Esther married nathan MCDOWEL he was highley educated master of the english languag he Died A war prisner in caps morten indiana report Say thay fed [feds] Starved him to death because he wouldent take the Devels iron clad oath rebeca She married John MCDOWEL

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A brother to Nathan MCDOWEL thay married Sisters John moved to mo Jackson co. I suppese thay are bouth Dead Liza nathan and Johns mother was A Sister to Johns and nathan wifes She married James MCDOWEL Nathan’s father thay Died in tennesee those includs uncle williams family
    Now comes uncle Jacobs family he had eleven children 6 boys and 5 girls Biddy the oldest Biddy maried Tom PATERSON Liddy married John RICE A colinet {?} Leah married henry BULLARD Mary married Bob STUBLEFIELD rachal married malin SPIRES he and She Died in west prary in Lincoln Co. Mo. Next the boys BenJaman {sic} married Zelphia HAINS thay moved to Springfield mo and died John married betcy COOK thay are bouth dead John dide in alabama Betsy Died in Illinoys pike co. Bill married peggy YADEN Bill Died on ningua river camdon co. has wife maried MCCAUY [could be MC CANYON] move off mo.

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    Daniel maried nancy WAGONER she Died in Lincoln co. mo he married AGain he married A miss BUTLER thay Started to origon [Oregon] he died on the rout Isaac married mimey HUBBORD A daughter of preacher David HUBORD thay went to Californa Supose bouth Dead Jacob the preacher married A miss COOK Sister to John wife his brother Jake moved in Miller co. Mo on the osage river Close tuscumley and Died not long after the war
    now comes in Samson family Samson he maried Esther SMITH hime and Billey married sisters rachel and Esther SMITH Samson my father had 10 children 5 boys 5 girles Sarah the oldest married William lay thay raised a larg family and bouth Died in union co. Tenn peggy She married Prock YADEN in tennesee thay moved to Schiler [Schyler] co. mo thay raised a larg family of chldren and bouth Died Schuyler mistake

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In Adarh [Adair] co. in sted of Schiuyler co. Peggys and my mother died at the Same place and was burried at the Same grave yard Jane She first married Vance EVENES had 2 chldren he died in tenn union co. Jane then married hue VANCE and thay moved with her and my father to Lincoln whare myne [mine] and her father Died he was buried at Jerry BEEKS family grave yard I have A son burried by his side both named Samson  hugh VANCE and Jane moved to wisconsin and a bouth the commencement of the late war thay moved near burlington Iowa hugh take sick and thay started to move to mo hugh got so bad thay had to stop at ft madison and he Died and was burried at ft madison Jane came back to missouri  Settled on niangua river Camdon co. Mo. And died thare Eidieth she married gilbert PERCIFIELD thay moved to Brown co. indania [Indiana] and dide thar rebecca maried

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(Syeer morre) in tennesee thay moved to houred [Howard] co. mo. And Died in houerd or linn next the boys william the oldist he married anny CABAGE in tennessee moved first to Lincoln co. mo. From mo to keokuk co. iowa he raised a larg family mostly girles his wife Died close the commeseing of the war and he Died soon after the close of the rebelion thay Died and was burried close to Virune Ioka? Keokuk co. Iowa Hiram married elizabeth SWEETE in tennesee moved to Lincoln co Mo he moved Lincoln co to adrh [Adair} co Mo then moved to grant co. wisconsin then back to Mo and the to arcansaw [Arkansas] near Vanburen and was living thare in time of the war the rebbles at the time was A little the Strongest hiram was the only fed of our family him and his son was on the Dodg came in out of the brush for A little grub while thay ware taken thar Snack A Scout of rebls

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Run in on them and commensed Shooting them Shot 2 or 3 balls in hiram and 16 in his Son killed him on the spot wounded hiram badly he finely Died from the wounds near Vanburen Ark Jacob married Betsey BELL in lincoln co. mo thay moved to Schuyler co. mo thay raised 6 girles and one boy Jacob died A bouth the close of the war Betsey Died close the beginning of the war thay Died and was burried in Schuyler co. mo  Samson Anderson Jr married Susen EVENS in Lincoln co. mo he moved to cearh [Cedar?] co Mo and was thar in time of the war Old Jahawker Jim LAIN camed at his place and Stole his cattle and corn burned up his fence and made Anderson Board several his thieves till Jeneral PRICE made the old theif get on double quick he brok Anderson up so he came back to Mo

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In time of the war Anderson and his wife Died a few year after the war closed Anderson and wife bouth was buried at the Squire JONES graveyard in west pararie near farevewe [Fairview] church Lincoln co Mo Anderson was taken Sick January the 9 1873 Died the 13 [I think could be 19] 1873 Sick 10 days I stood over him till he breths his last Now comes in my Self the youngest of the of fathers familey and the onley one living out of the foure brothers famileys I am in my 81th year of age my Name is David Kenney CAPPS I was Born in Easte tennessee Granger co. now union co. Carpet bag chang cince the war one mile W. of CAPPS ford on clinch river I came to missouri with my father when I was 14 yeares old we settled in Lincoln co. on quire rive at what was then called the hackbury botom father died thar about 1832

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    Willis CAPPS the youngist of fathers Brothers brothers he married Betesy YADEN in tennessee he moved to missouri with my father he went back twice to tennessee the people raise a joke on uncle Sed he could borrow meal on the road promas to pay on return uncle willis finely moved out on niangua river in Camdon co Mo. I sould him my place I came back to Lincoln co. Mo Uncle willis Die thare him and his wife and was burried at the moulder grave yard or the cave pump grave yard the trave yarde was close the cabe pump post offic Moulders keept the post offis he used the cave for a milk house thare wa it noble Spring run through the cave it was a vary larg cave Sister Jane was buried at that Grave yard and Sevrel of the CAPPS and conections was buried thare I have give a skecch of the four brothers familys May 19 1891 I am 80 years old

Contributor's Note:
I have put some “translations” in [ ] in order assist the reader.  In some cases he used several different spellings of a word, I have tried
to leave all the spellings as they were in the original---also leave out all the punctuation as he did

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