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Journal of Davy K. Capps, written 1874-1885

Contributor Comments:  Journal of Davy K. CAPPS, written between 1874-1885 while living in or near Troy Lincoln co. Mo.  David K. CAPPS was born in E. Tennessee on May 19, 1814 to Sampson CAPPS and his wife Esther SMITH. Both natives of N.C.   He came to Lincoln co. Mo. with his father about 1828. Altho he traveled  to other areas, for much of the rest of his life he lived in or around Lincoln co. Mo. He was living with his son when he died in Kanoa, Decatur co. Ka. on Jan. 18, 1898. He is buried in the Kanoa cemetry.  Davy CAPPS was a prolific journal keeper and with that thought in mind the following is extracts of genealogical information from some of his journals. Included are mentions of friends, neighbors and family who he did business. This puts them in a certain place at a specific date, which will hopefully help someone locate a long lost realitve.  I have put (---) when I can’t read a word. If a bracketed [word] follows a phonetically spelled word this is my translation, which may or may not be correct. A word that has a slash between it and the next  word it indicates that I can’t tell whether it is one or the other.  I have not changed the original spelling, however in some cases have to guess at a letter here and there. I have added some punctuation for better understanding of the text.  Copies of the actual journals were sent to me by. Davy’s 3xs great granddaughter, Luanne HENTHORN of N.C and have been transcribed with her permission.  Copied and typed by Clara M. HUBBARD FOSTER Salem, Oregon

Editor's Comment:  Surnames on this page have been changed by the editor to upper-case letters to conform to the convention on this web site.

    T MORDEN work Acount on the Barn Set in Sept the 18th A.D. 1872 Wensday [Wednesday]
    Anderson CAPPS worked on the barn 2 Days @2.50 J. A./C. HOUDASHELL is to pay that on settlement between J.K. CAPPS an J. HOUDSHELL
    D.K. CAPPS, Bessie CAPPS, Alvin CAPPS and Tandy PICKLES cut A bee tree Sept the 19A.D. 1874 got 20 lbs honey

Page 3 of journal

    Samsen CAPPS Senyor [Senior] died (---) 1830 or 31
[Contributor: Can’t read the next line]
    Sampson A. CAPPS Junior was taken Sick January the 9th 1873 and Died the 19 sick 10 days. Burried at farevewe [Fairview] grave yarde on the 21 of the saime month his disease Pneumonia
    William LAY son in law of Samson CAPPS Died March the 28 1872 of Diarrhea
    Joseph YADON son of old Joseph YADON died in 1872 or 73
    Young Joseph YADON son of Prock YADON died at Vicksburg the same day its surrendered
    Lavander [YADON] his brother died at the saim place the day before
    Permelia HUTTON Died July the 1 th {sic} A.D. 1873
    Hiram CAPPS died Sept the 1st 1878
    Joseph UUMPREIS [HUMPHREYS?] hung him self May the 23 About 3 o clock in the evening 1874
    Old Uncle Philip MOSLEY died December the 16 1876 on Saturday knight (--- ---) about 2 o clock in the morning his disseas pneumonia
    Benton MADDON April 18h 1874 Died of brain diseas
    Mold Mr. GROW died the 30 of Mar 1868/1878 [ink blob]
    James S. GILBSEN Died Mar. the 4 1879. He died with galing cansor buried at the SLAVINS grave yard Lincoln county Mo. bedford township

Page 5

    Memorandum with Mr. Poston on page 33
    January the 8 1880 Mr. HUNTS daughters child died fridy the 8 1880? Was burred at the SLAVENS grave yard D. K. made its coffin for $2.00
    Saturday September the 18 A.D. 1880 David CAPPS sone of Willes and Elizabeth CAPPS Died about on for got the hour of that day 1880
    Thomas H. BENTON died Shilo april 15, 1858
    Sarah Ann BAKER died Oct 11 1879 buried oct the 12 1879 at SLAVANS graveyard her sidease typhode fever
    Old uncle Billey Died Nov 1879

Page 6

    Wat [CANNON?] had his log roland June the 7th A.D. 1873
    Uncle Jammi OWENS commensed picring [preaching?]
    Isaiah [possibly son, Isaiah CAPPS] tobacco Sept the 17 1873
    Wat started to Nonesburg afterr T. CAPPSes things Sept the 18 A.D. 1873
    D.K. CAPPS, D. CANNON finished putting on the cornish on I.C. CAPPS house July the 4 AD 1874

Page 7

    A hevay rain May the 1 1875 Cuive river hightes its bin for meney years in D. K. and I. C. CAPPS field
    July 23, 1881 Louis ANDERSON moved my house I bought of Winey down near the Troy Depot on lot No. 6 Block 4 on Woolfolk transfer
    D.K. CAPPS sold his buggy to I.C. CAPPS May the 19 1877 for 31 dollars pad up for the gun he let Amanda KURK hurt? Have (---) to 31 dollars

Page 12

    David K. CAPPS wrote a letter to Cassander HAMILTON May the 11th A.D. 1873 [she lived E. Tenn]
    D.K. went to see J.B. CROPER about his house to bild
    Miss SKIER moved in to Columbus city April the 10 A.d. 1873
    D.K. and I.C. CAPPS lifted thar notes for 1873 May the 2th {sic} 1873 $100 each off Kee NICKLES for land laying in the 16 Section inCuivre Botom, a good shugar orchards on the land thay bought 800 and 50 Dollars

    K.D. CAPPS land lays in the 16 section Township 49 rainy 2 west the land is the SE 4 of the NW quarter 40 acres be the saim mere or less I.C. CAPPS the SW forth of the NW quarter 40 acres be the saim more or less

Page 13

    Ashley DETER to D.K. CAPPS for land $25 pade to gun at 15 balance 10
    Settled up all rite to May the first 1875
    David K. CAPPS and Isaac HOUDASHELL Squar [appears to say all square but not sure]
    D.K. and bganminmon [Benjamin?] commenst J./I CAPPS shed May the 7th AD 1873
    I.C. [CAPPS?] and Wat [CANNON?] started to Ouisan? Oct the 25 AD 1874
    A fish fry at David CANNONs spring June the 14 1874
    Lindsey and Franky [CAPPS]went to see Susen MADON the14 June 1872
    Billey CAPPS came to lincoln Oct the 24 AD 1874
    Gorge [HENDRICKS?] landed in Lincoln Oct the 25 AD 1874

Page 14

    Elizabeth WOMBLE and Susan CAPS was Batitised [Baptized] at the common ford on Cuivre by preacher JONES from Niviva?
    D.K. CAPPS Drempt of his father, brothers Jacob [CAPPS] and [Anderson [CAPPS] on the Knight of May the 17th AD 1873
    T.B. CAPPS made D.K. CAPPS a second deed to the W half of the S W quarter of Section 9 Township 49 Rainy 2W Praray [Prairie] township Lincoln county Mo. June the 17th AD 1873
    D.K. and I.C. CAPPS hawled the paling down to the VERDEAR [?] grave yard to put on Louria? HUTTONs grave June the 21 1873
    Tine HUTTON has bin Sick 41 days up to June the 22 AD 1873 is vary sick yet to the above date
    Bartlet and Nelson came over to the coalt show August the 16 1879 I.C. CAPPS got the preamium sale

Page 15

    D.K. CAPPS bought J. B. CROPERs Shugar orchard March the 5th 1872 give 400 and 50 Dollars for the track 40 acors be the saim more or less the SE 4 of the NW quarter of Section 16 township 49 Rainy 2 West Lincoln co. Mo.

Page 16

    For land J.B. CROPER $400.50 Cr May the 2th (sic) $200.50 Pade up lifted all the notes January the 9 AD 1875
    Several more land transactions follows---no dates---legal description included tho
    D.K to T.B. CAPPS              D.K. to Dock HUTON
    D.K. to Philop MOSLEY             D.K. to W. CANNON

Page 17

    Willis CAPS D.R to D.K. CAPPS January 1th 1875
    I.C. CAPPS to D.K. Wat CANNON, D.R. to D.K. CAPPS

Page 19

    List of payments made by D.K. CAPPS page headed January 1th AD 1875
    D.K. CAPPS, to S. HUTTON
    To Philop MOSBY
    To Amanda BURKHART
    To T.B. CAPPS
    Willis CAPPS to D.K. January the first 1875
    Nelson CAPPS to 1 ax handle
    Willas CAPPS to 1 handle
    Bud ODEN to 1 handle
    (---) boy to 1 handle
    (---) to February the 17, AD 1875
    Death of Milton f. EVANS hidrophobia Kansas city Mo. July 9, 1886.
    Milton F. EVANS young man from St. Clear county Mo. came hear to this city yesterday to be treated with the dickeon mad stone. EVENS had ben biten about 2 weeks ago. He had to be tied tuck. Several men to hold him. He died in (---) agony the mad stone adhered but EVANS to fare gone to save.

Page 21

    D.K. CAPPS pade to Georg SLAVINS for corn $70 Sept the 8 1886
    Feb 1877
    4th Went to church and heard Welley (?) SLAVANS preach
    9th went to see the brown school house
    10th sent to buy the brown school house.
    11th wrote a letter to Mary WALTERS/WATERS
    17th went to Troy with Harriet [his wife] and Allas CAPPS
    25th wrote a letter to G.W. SLAVENS mentions a walnut tree that George SLAVENS set out in the yard at [geald?] SLAVANS farm he was raised on thar

Page 22

    Permillia the 13 AD 1876 [no other information just this date]

Page 23

    April AD 1877
    15th wrote Thomas A CAPPS and Silas YADON a letter
    I am 63 years old, well and harty the day January the 29 1877 David K. CAPPS

Page 24

    ---May 1877
    Sun 20th wrote T.A. and J.M. and S YADON a letter
    Wed 23 plowed for Wat CANNON
    Sun 27 wrote a letter to Thomas and Sile, D.C. VANCE

Page 25

    June [1877?]
    Sat 2 Went to Troy Mill rained in the evening
    Sun 3 Roley MADON went to Hite CAPPSes
    Sun 10 I.C.[CAPPS] and Shelt went to W. parria
    Sun 17 went an heard Uncle Jesseys (---) surmont [sermon]
    29 coverd wats [CANNON] porch
    Sat 30 went to R GARITS it rained

    July 22 crager moved to Mc(---) it rained
    George GIBSON hawled my timber for (---) handles

Page 27

    Nove the 10 1877 I.CAPPS and Abe SUPP had thar triel. Thar law suit at Troy before Justice J? ALLEN. Isaiah gained the suit. D.K. CAPPS, Mark RICE, James MCKEE and –uck POWELL witnesses.

Page 29

    March the 29 AD 1879 D.K. and W. VITTIETO went to Truxton With eggs and 21 handles the day of Allens sail
    Account for borrowed molasses
    BAERE 2 gal George SHELTON 4 gal, B. SHELTON 1 gal, Dan SHELTON 1 gal, Harvy SLAVENS 3 gal, BUSLEY? 1 gal, Jimson DUTCHMAN 1 gal, (---) n> DUTCHMAN 1 gal CAPANIC 1 gal, ELSBERRY 1 gal
    Oct the 22 1879 Dan & George SHELTON 2 gal T WITT 1 gal, Mrs BUREN 1 gal

Page 30

    Aug the 24 changed my male to Linns Mils 187? AD
    Rec’d of Elizabeth T. SLAVANS flours 10 lbs
    July 1 George SHELTON 1 gal molasses Dan SHELTON pd. For handles
    D.K. and I.C. CAPPS swap horses
    Aug the 31 AD 1878 D. K. was 65 years old and I.C. 38

Page 31

    George GIBSON, Harriet and Franky CAPPS went to Truxton with thar chicings [chickens?]taken 5 days got 1.40 cents per doz went December the 9th AD 1879
    Oct the 28 1877 HARRIELS/BARRIELS Six at 81. 10 cents each
    Skimmer of HARPER
    21st pade to CRUSE for hoe
    HARRIELS at waileseg
    25th pade to Tom SLAVEANS 1.30
    December the 11, 1879 Isaiah Columbus CAPPS moved on his farm that he bought of his father, [D.K.] December the 11 AD 1879

Page 32

    A Bill of Acount no date
    Nov the 4 bought 2 barrels of Mr. GROW one dollar and 50 cents
    Nov 5 I. C. [CAPPS] took 1 barriel molasses to Alley eles on A election day got 100 lbs flour at 250 cents first class
    Dick NORTON and PARKER drew thar revolvers on each other
    Ed Crouch acount for rent $10 Ed pade first $8 and 25 cents
    (---) pade the 21 R. BRITTON
    D.K. to POSTEN for articals got at Rusles hardwar [RUSSLES] store
    Sept 19, 1885 me and Louis EDWARDS swapt places my 10 acres to his town property made our Deeds Oct first 1885 George COLBERT wrote the deeds

Page 33

    For the year 1878
    Account with Mr. POSTON
    This deals with sales of honey to POSTON’s store

Page 34

    Oct the first D.K. and Charley GIBSON comensed making molasses made on thousand [jars?]
    In 1879 DK. Comensed making [side of the page pasted over] Making in all 45 days.

Page 40

    D.K. CAPPS Spec. in the Troy Herald of August the 18 AD 1880 in favor of Capt C.M.B. Thurmond WOOLFORK to for handles 25censt ea
    DK pade to D. RUSSLE for revolver Nov 29 1880
    March 31 Joe MAN to D.K. for work on his house 5 days $500 Joe MAN to pla--- 2 horse plow five dollars
    D.R. Clark JONSON requested me to except the agency for his indian blood syrup. June 11 1880 I exccepted the agentcy and sent on for 2 doz bottles and 100 pamplets for them to be shipt to Write citty and thay came. I received the box July 1, 1881 I started the money to pay for the bove I got (---) September the 26 1881. I sent $10.20 cents, .60cents of that for the narative of EXEERMAN and wife Amongst the indians.

Page 41

    Nov 16, 1881
    Rec’d of Mer CAPS of liver and neuraga medison Johnson W. CRIGGER [very faded, unable to read more]
    Acount with Billey GROWE for 1881
    Nov. 16, I got my cain and rod from Collans it lacked 14 days of taking 3 months on the road from Troy to Collans Detained at Clinton by that (---) agent at Clinton

Page 43

    Harry Clinton HULL died April 25, AD 1881 of typhoid pneamonia. He died at the residence of Will T KNOTT form[erly] of Chamois Mo. agent 41 years 2 months and 8 days. The deceased was buried in Troy cemetery. He was a (---) consistent member of the Christian church. He leaves a wife and [ink blot] children daugher 6 years old a son 12 years old (--- --- --- ---) farm 5 miles west of Troy.
    Mrs John OVERALL ? died April the 21 1881 of bronchitis and bilious fevor
    Mrs. J.B. HERY of Millwood died April 24 1881
    James WOMBLES of St. Charles co. Mo. Died April (---) 1881
    Mrs Catharine EVANS who died at Mendota Ill is (---) to have bin 111 years of age. She was born in Philadelphia and has seen Gen. Washington and other leading characters of revolution.
    Grandma LAWSON who lives at Cave Spring, Arigua county Mo. claims to be in her 104th year. Her father lived to the advanced age of 120 years and her grand father 110

Page 44

    March 29, 1881 Deaths role from fare and neare
    Mrs. Martin RICE died March 14, 1881
    Mrs Moses BONDS died March 16, 1881
    Mrs Henrietta HARRIS died at her home yesterday April 24, 1881 Westport Mo. age 77 years. She was the wife of Col. HARRIS who Died about 6 years ago. At Westport Mo.
    Mr Mike CRAIGER died at Washington Mo. January 24, 1882. He died suden, was burried at the SLAVIN grave yard January 29, 1882. He was a medical agint
    Mr. HOUWDYSHELL was stricken with paraly in the office in New Hope, was conveyed to his home that day in a waggon and died that eveneing which was January 26, 1882.
    John JEANES died Jan 3 1882 age 89 years and 5 months. He was a brother in law of Rev. T.I. WRIGHT decea’d he was as I supposes the father of Amanda ARMSTRONG and _amnd JEANS

Page 45

    Shelton L. CAPPS died Nov 26, 1881 aged about 30 years died of pneumonia was buried at Farveiw meeting house
    John WOMBLESs age 21 years died in Nov. 1881
    Miss John ELMORE died April 16, 1881. She died in the morning had a long lingern spell blind most of the time.

Page 46

    Memmoral of Dates of Samson and Esther CAPPS and thar children
    Samson CAPPS Seynor [Senior] was born in chatham County North Carolina in or about the date 1766 or 67
    Esther CAPPS his wife was born in Chatham co. North Carolina in or about 1758 or 9
    Sarah the oldest child was born in Chatham co. Noth Carolina in or near the date 1795 or 6 She married Wm. LAY
    Margret the second daughter was also born in Carolina near 1797 or 8
    Jane the third child was born in N. Carolina in juste? 1800
    Edith the forth was born in N. Carolina near 1802 or 3
    William the oldest son was born in North Carolina near 1804 or 5
    Hiram the second son was born if I mistake not in E. Tennissee in or near 1806 or 7
    Jacob the third son was born in E. Tennissee granger co. 1809 or 10
    Rebecca the fifth daughter was born in E. tennissee graniger co. 18809 or 10
    Samson younger and 4 son was born in E. Tennissee in or near 1811 or 12
    David the fifth son and the youngest and last child was born in grainger county E. Tennissee in the date 1814
    This noted down March 15, AD 1881 by David Kenny CAPPS for the relation to look at after I am no more on earth.

Page 47

    January 15, 1885 Thirsday Mr. BOOLS of Boon Creak Lincoln co. Mo. died sudden supposed from hart disease.

Page 48

    D.R I.M. LEMMON was born in Bolivar Polk county Missouri April 22 nd 1883 [this is obviously an error, DK wrote the current year by mistake.] His collegiate studies ware finished at Springfield Missouri. At the age of 19 commenced the practice of his Profession at Galena Stone county Mo. At the outbreak of our late War when he was commissioned to rank as assistant Surgon in the confederate army which position he held until the end of the war at this last named place. He became acquainted with Miss Suesa F JENNINGS who became his wife and survives him. They married April 19th AD 1861 this marrage was productive of 8 children 3 boys and 5 girls After the war he located in Truxton Lincoln county Missouri whare he remained in activ practice until his Death which occurred April 27th 1883 after only A short illness His death was caused by congestion of the lungs and abdominal viscera. He now returns to mother dust whare adorns race will shere thare will lay in pecefull liliss til the lord from heaven Apear.
    This riten by David Kenny CAPPS May 29, AD 1883

Page 50

    I received the first box of indian blood July the first AD 1881 sold the July 25 188?
    First bottle to T GIBSON
    Aug to Silas CONE            Nov Randolph Merimon LOWERRY   
    Dec I.C. CAPPS
    D.K. CAPPS                 Jan T. GIBSON
    Silas CONE                 James MAN
    W. R. GIBSON                 Dec Thom ELMORE
    Thomas CROUCH                 Johny DYKES
    Sept D K. CAPPS
    James KINION
    Frankey CAPPS                 Feb T.B. CAPPS
    John CONE                 T. GIBSON
    Oct John W. SLAVENS
    CROUCH Thomas

Page 51

    June 6, I received 4 boxes of indian blood syrup fratage [freightage]. Expences by express to troy $1.95
    Fatal Accident Aug 31, 1886 At about 2:30 Tuesday Afternoon Charley COLLBERT son of Capt. COLBERT; Walter DICKENHORST & Marshal PERKENS Col were in Harts elevator at the depot when Charley Jumped in to the bin while the wheat was running in to a carr. He was quickly covered by the mass of wheat & was smothered to Death. He was extricated by cutting a hole in the floor of the gin Dolly HART in his efforts to rescue Charley fainted twice and is utterly prostrated as this goes to press Henry DICKENHORST also exerted him self to the ultmost HART recovered same day
    Aug 31 1886 Elias NORTON & Ben DURR met in frunt Slanzy
(---) store About 4 o clock when some words passed & DURR threw an egg & hit NORTON . NORTON entered the store grabbed tow corn knives and pursude DURR up the Stirway leading to the Herald offic. DURR retreated to the top and turning fired a revolver the ball entering NORTONs left arm near the shoulder.

Page 52

    Troy Lincoln Co Mo. Dec 25 Christmas Day
    Walton PERKINS one of the most highly respected citizines of the county Died at his home in the city Sunday his remains were assigned to the grave.
    Monday after A short illness. Hon Howard S. PARKER’s spirit took its flight. Tuesday his remains were fowled [followed] to the Depot to be conveyed to Lexington Kentucky for interment.
    Monday even—the Christian church bell tolled the death of the infant son of W.T. THURMOND & Tuesday afternoon in the Catholic cemetery its remains were laid to res.
    Mr. Walton PURKINS was born in Lincoln county North Carolina November 26th 1808 and was therefore aged 78 years 28 days at the time of his death He came to Lincoln county with his father in 1818. Came to Troy in 1824 to lern the tanners trade under Mr. WIN--- where he remained till he was 21 years old he then went to Galena ledmies [lead mines]. Returned to Troy. On May the 25 1834 he was married to Miss Louisiana who survives him in 1835 their only child H. PERKINS was born in 1848. Ingaged in the merchantile business with Fred WING. In 1850 he went to California then returned to Troy in 1851 and farmed till 1873 when he was in the Banking bussiness. He was president of the bank till his death.

Page 53

    Died Dec.28th nothing else
    Howard S.PARKER is ded. He was born near Lexington Kentucky in the Russell cave neighborhood September the 7th 1853 and was therefore 32 years 3 months and 21 days old. He came to Lincoln county in July 1876. He represented Lincoln county in the thiry first and thirty second General assemblies and was chairman of the commmittee on constitutional ammendments in the thirty first and of the Judiciary committee and also temprary Speaker: at the last election he was chosen prosecuting Attorney and Died in office. His father W.O. PARKER started to Lexington Kentucky with his son Howard to burry him in Lexington Kentucky on Dec 29, 1885
    Charles P. GRANDFIELD of Washington City and Jennie MCKEE was married Dec 23 1885. Mis Jennie MCKEE was a citizen of Troy. Some say it was for the love of Jennie that caused the death of PARKER.
    June 24, 1887 Miss Roseana EARLEY Departed this life after an illness of some 6 days. She was in her 70th? Year She with her father moved from Simpson county Kentucky in 1826 and located on Spring Creek. She was a member of the missionary Baptist church and held in high esteem.

Page 54

    The Death of Permelia CAPPS
    Nov 18, 1887 I got a letter from my son Isaiah this morning Stating the death of his Daughter Permelia which accured October 3, 1887. She was taken with a saver [severe] pain in the stomac congestion & infermation taken place & she died Monday night about 11 oclock. She went to rest as though She was gone to sleep . She perfesed a hope in the Lord and Died a child of God. She was a granddaughter of D.K. CAPPS hwo [who] is at this date nearley 74 years of age. Isaiah his son is something near 48 years old at this writing Nov. 18, 1887

Page 55

    Uncle Jesse SUTTON preached a powerfull surmond from the book of Job the 22 chapter and 21 verce. Aquaint now theyself with him and he Shall come unto thee. Of Troy June the 27 AD 1877 at the new church 6? Miles west of Troy Lincoln co. Mo.

Page 59

    no date on this
    R.H. PETTIBONE a prominent horseman of Louisana died in his tente at the fair grounds Wednesday morning at 12. He had been Suffering from asthma for years and the excertions on the track of Thursday broung on a tack of such severity as to cause Death. The remains were taken to Louisiana yesterday This in Hannibal Journal.

Page 66

    Nov 21 1885 me & Harriett my wife moved to Troy left the old Tomas SLAVENS farm which my wife was raised on from 7 years old. We Swapt the farm for nine lotts in Troy near the depoe. Lotts valued at $100 each. Welty SMITH, John SLAVENS , Sile COX moved us down to Troy on Saturday
    Nov 21 1885. D.K. CAPPS other [author] of this writing at 71 years of age now building a new (---) for A permint home while on erth [earth] hoping next move will be to my hevenly [heavenly] home fare well.

Page 68

    March 30, 1879
    T.B. CAPPS and wife and children came to pay me and Harriett a visit. Thomas and family came with T.B. also David and Sarah CAPPS with T. B. We all went to I. CAPPS and Visited/witness.
    July 10, 1886 A big fight in Troy in dudley (---) on the one side price & Epp MARTIN Reece & Wm. HARVEY Wesley BRITTON & --- on the other side was Sam & Bill EARNEST & Charley FINE Thay came out about even.  Sam EARNEST was the worst hurt Epp MARTIN thum bit? This makes the Scond battle thay have fought and the general opinion is thay will fight a gain at the old mens reunion picnic which will take place August 30, 1886

Page 69

    June 6 received 4th box of Indian blood syrup by express the frieght Chary ELSBERRY brought out the Box $2.95
    Sketch of Col. Sidney D. JACKMAN who was born in the State of Kentucky March 7, 1826. He was brought to Missouri when very young by his father Porter JACKMAN first settled in Louis C. though finely Settled in Howard county wharre he reaised his family. Sidney D. JACKMAN a Col. in the Suthern cause and was one amonght the bravest and skilfull men in command on the Suthern Side of the war. At the age of 24 in 1849 Feb 15 he married the daughter of a neighbor in Boon County Miss Martha R. SLAVINS who survives him an had bin a faithful and devoted wife and mother of all his children. JACKMAN oposed MONTGOMERY LAIN & GENISON and all the Kansis Jahawkers. He mantained a Strate forward brave heroic corce till his death & leaves behind him a brave heroic life never to be forgoten. O God make heaven A paridice for him in the Praire [prayer] of one of his Southern friends D.K. CAPPS

Page 86

    A Sketch of the death of Sam HILDERBRAND in Missouri Republican of January 29, 1882
    Sam HILDERBRAND was arrested by John S. RAYLAND & William G. GORDON He repressed being arrested made signs of drawing weapons. Gordon Gralid? & Paling and struck HILDERBRAND on the head and fell him to the ground. But soon on his feet again thay taken him and marched him of to the Justices office in the same room as (---) this Newes is writen after the said he was being taken to jail and on the way thare he jerked out a Knife and cut John S. RAYLAND. The instant the cut was inflicted RAYLAND drew his reolver placed it against HILDERBRANDs head and fired and Sam HILDERBRAND fell dead. This can be relied on as certin truth. His trial has been set for hearing in the great court of hereafter. This taken place in Pinckneyville Illinoys on or about the 21st day of march 1872  This news (---) in the Republican of January 29, 1887 page 5 last colam.

Page 88

    I can’t make out much of the faded first 2 lines, but see the names Isaiah Columbus CAPPS and Charley H. GIBSON ---appears to notations regarding subscriptions to some publication
    Harriett CAPPS sent for New American (---) magazine
    Elizzia WOMBLES home and fireside
    Lucinda COX True? Illustrated magazine to home Comapanion
    John BAKER? Same as Lucinda COX
    Helen CAPPS Golden Moments
    Up to this date, already sent of Sept 22, 1883
    Death of Joe Grate BROWN at his home in Kirkewood. Mr. BROWN died at half past 6 Sunday morning of Dec 13, 1885 pneumonia and hart deseas Gov BROWN was born Frankfort Ky in 1826
    Another pioneer gon [gone]. George B. PATTON one of the oldest residents of St. Louis county. Deid at his recidence near Pattonville last knight at 8 o. clock. He was 72 years old and was born in New York.
    D.R. FRANKLIN died suddenly ther at his home at 2048 Olive Street
    Peter FIFER died this morning Dec 11, 1885
    Peoria Ill rangoon beritis burmah [Rangoon --- Burma} Anounce the death thare on Nov. 15, 1885 of Rev C. BENNETT an American Baptist preacher missionery Mr. BENNETT had  bin in cince 18(---) and ws in his 83rd year
    Dec 9, 1885 Bob DIXON? And Bob WELLS had a fight bouth got killed in Seymore Texes

Page 89

    Macon Mo. April 7, 1886 Robert S. GIBSON the oldist man in the United States died last night at the age of 120 years.

Page 90

    Allen G. THURMAN Ded was born Nov 13, 181(---) he was 82 years old at his death He was a great democrat oritor highly esteemed by all.

Page 94

    Edward BALDWIN died on the 17 Jan 1882 in Cape Girardeau Co. age 77 years he lived all his life in 20 miles of his birthplace

Page 95

    Allen JIMESON was born 1797 he was 79 years 10 months and 24 days of
    Miss Allen JIMESON was born April 19, 1800 was 58 years old Deid December 1850
    Ellexisi? JAMISON born July 30, 1845 Deid April 6, 19445

Page 98

    On the 18th Day of December 1884 I David Kenney CAPPS Planted a Cedar bush of each grave of old grandfather and grandmother SLAVENS. Also at the head of each intended grave Whare I expect myself and wife will be buried at the SLAVENS grave yard in Bedford township, Lincoln county, five miles weste of Troy, the county sit of Lincoln County & about one half mile South East of the SLAVENS Chapple, On the Old SLAVENS farme.
    The Above Planted & wrote on the eighth day of December AD 1884 by David K. CAPPS A native of Tennessee. Emagranted to Missouri in the fall of 1828, was born January 29, 1814 at ths writing I lack two months twenty one days of being seventy one years old and I am now stout well & harty and in good sperits. Doing lots of work I am a carpenter and ax handle maker by trade, canvaser and pedler. Living at this writing at our new home on the old pappy SLAVENS farme. I have bin married to Hariett SLAVENS over eight years She is siting by me kniting while I am writing.

Page 99

    St Louis Death of Judg John D. S. DRYDEN the father of Nat C. DRYDEN of Troy Mo. Died December 9 at 11:10 Thursday night at 3121 Washington Avenue at the age of 72 years. He was born Washington county Virginia March the 27 1814. His father was Nathaniel DRYDEN who was in the war of 1812. Thar ware born to Judg DRYDEN 3 sons & one daughter. John W, & Joseph L. reside in St. Louis. Nat C. a resident of Troy Mo.
    James CANNON son of Isaac CANNON died January 5, 1887 aged 69 years 17 days. He was born in this county Lincoln co. Mo. he has bin totally blind for several years
    Jan 9, 1889 Mrs D.R. Henry LOVELACE died
    William OWINGS of Truxton died January 19, 18??

Page 101 no date

    A Strang coincidence is related A bout Walter PERKINS when he retired to his bed the last time before his death. allmost 2 months before his death. In acordance with A life custom he placed his watch under his pillow. It remained thare unmolested untill his lifeless body had bin removed. The watch was handed to his son, H.W. PERKINS who opened it and to his utter astonishment found that it marked the very second of the death of its owner. 3:[blob of ink] He leaves on the shores of time to mourn his loss a devoted life commpanion. A dutiful son H.W. PERKINS, cashier of the farmers and machanies [Mechanics} bank. Two sisters Mrs Judith WHIEHEAD of Clark Township Lincoln co. Mo. and Mrs LINN of Parkville Mo. an only brother Frank PERKINS of San Francisco California aand many friends.

Page 105

    this is very faded but here goes---
    George MAN and Allas CAPPS was married Oct 7th AD 1889 at half past 10 o clock in the morning at the residence of the brides father in Bedford township, Lincoln co. Missoouri  D.K. CAPPS uncle to Allas CAPPS [?] Daughter of Isaiah and Francis CAPPS Isaiah a son of D.K. and Permelia[ARMSTRONG, D.K.’s first wife] CAPPS and D.K. a son of Samson and Easther CAPPS.
    New article
    David Kenney CAPPS was Born in E. Tennessee Grainger county in the Hickory Vally one mile from Clinch river on the road leading from Taswell to Karevill at what was called the little Billey place whare little Billey CAPPS first setted after he married

Page 106

    this was written at Bedford twp Lincoln co. Mo by D.K. CAPPS
    Decatore County Decator P.O. Kansas
    Thomas A. CAPPS and Mary M. YADON was married April the 16th AD 1859
    Thomas A. CAPPS was born April 25AD 1836 in Lincoln county Missouri
    Mary Malinda CAPPS was born February the 4th AD 1837 She was born in E. Tennessee Grainger co.
    Margret L. CAPPS was born May the 18 186? Was born in Adarh [Adair} county Missouri
    Emma L. CAPPS was born January 30 18?? She was born in Adarh County Mo.
    Hettie I CAPPS was born May the 31th 1865 was born in Adarh co. Mo.
    William B. CAPPS was born September 17, 186? Was born in Schuyler co. Mo. I think
    Manila H CAPPS was born January 31th 18871 She was born in Lincoln county Mo.
    Cyrus L. CAPPS was born November 16th 1875 he was born in Adarh co. Mo.
    Willium P. YADON was born May 5th 1791 he was born in E Tennessee grainger co.
    Margret YADON daughter of Samson and Esther CAPPS was born December 25 1798? She was born in North Carolina Chatham co.
    This wrote by D.K. CAPPS May 21, 1882 D.K. going on 69 years old.
    [the last number of some of the birth years is lost in the binding of the pages.]

Page 113

    Mrs Henra? HARPER Died May 21, 1880 of typhoid fever Age [not filled in]
    W. M.T. HOUDYSELL died May 18, 1880 age [ink blob] years
    Mrs Sallie NORTON wife of John H. NORTEN died May 9 18-- probably 1880
    Death of Ann DALTON sed to be 108 years old native of Carolina? Diede in St. Louis January 1884

Page 115

    Mrs Henry HARPER on page 113 her dath
    W.M.T. HOWDYSHELL on page 113 age About 41 or 61 years [smudge]
    Mrs. Sallie NORTON wife of Jon H. NORTEN of Audrain died May 8, 1880 was born in Pike co. Mo. June 11, 1850
    Capt Richard WOMMACK was born in Halifax co. Va. On the 10th of January 1804 and departed this life at his residence in Lincoln county Missouri on the 22nd/ /25th of March 1880
    Mr Bonds MOSES died April the 16th AD 188?. He died out in the field where he was at work cutting corn stalks. He died sudden by himself  though found (---) just about the time the puls seaced to beet. [pulse ceased to beat]
    Old Mrs GARDEN died the day after Bonds which was April the 17 AD 1880 bouth in 80 years
    D. A George Henry MUDD died March 13, 1882 age 35
    Charles PRIEST died mar 11, 1882 age 29 years
    Preacher Isaac JONES Died Sunday morning October 23 1881 age 50 8 or 9 [58 or 59] or Thar about. He was burried at the SLAVENS grave yard Mon 24, 1881 Wesley SLAVENS preached his funeral Mon 24, 1881 at the SLAVENS Chapple at noon
    John Wesley SLAVENS child Died August 21, 1884 buried at the SLAVENS Grave yard August 21, 1884 (--- ---)
    Death of Charley POWEL August 24, 1884 on Sunday at 6 oclock in the morning ,was buried at Fairvew grave yard on west pararay [Prairie]

Page 117

    Miss Mary E. BAKER Mr. Lewis EDWARDS married March 5, 1882 Lincoln co. Mo.
    Mrs Sarah BECK died Dec 18, 1879 aged 89 years 8 months and 27 days. Mrs BECK was born in North Carolina March 19, 1790. At the age of about 17 she was married to Jeremah BECK of South Carolina, soon after moved to Tennessee and lived thar about 7 years. In 1814 thay came to Missouri and Settled on Big Creek whar thay lived about 3 years. In 1817 thay moved to Lincoln county and Settled on Batie Branch whare thay lived meny years with two or three styles of mills. In 1835 Mrs BECK joined the regular Babtist church at Little Bethel whare he kept her membership until her death,. In 1839 her husband died since which time she has bin living with her son A.T. BECK. She raised 11 children 5 sons and 6 daughters. 7 of whom have passed from time to eternity. She folded her hand upon her breast and closed her eyes in death as if going to sleep.
    Dec 26, 1879 in Truxton Charles HOSS aged 88/89 years. He was born in Maryland in the year 1794 and married in 1826. Mr HOSS was , married four times. His first and second wives war sister Nelley and Harriet CHOATE the third and fourth war sisters, Mrs Lettie EIDSON and Mrs. Elizabeth COLBERT. The later Survives in the 76 year of her age. is the mother of Capt. COLBERT.
    James SHANNON died March 12 1882 age 99 years He was born in Williamson county Tennessee. Removed to Mo. in 1830. He had the first brick in Lincoln co.
    Mrs John TUNNER died of Malarial fevor March 13, 1882 age 80 years
    Feb 9, 1882 Mrs. Elizabeth Jane TEASLEY died

Page 119

    On the 5 of April Mrs. W. SHANNON a widow 70 years of age was burned to death in her house near Viroqua Wisconsin, Supposed to be murdered for her money as she was none to allways keep money,

Page 120

    Joseph GIBSON set to work Sept the 2nd 1878 worked a month
    $12 pade 2 months Lee/Kee NICKLES to D.K. CAPPS
    May the 8 AD 1879 to 1 roler 300 to 25 lbs meet 3 cents per lbs 75
    James GIBSON January the 21, 1881 to one ring 3.70
    Allas and Miney CAPPS to one ring and year bobs? [ear bobs] 50
    To sleves buttons ,    J. GIBSON         40
    Janu/June 24 to GIBSON to one locket small and one finger ring large 325
    Janu 28 Franka [CAPPS?] to Jullry                
    For Allas [CAPPS?] to pare er bobs brest nin                 175
    For Permelia eyer holes brest pin finger ring         225
    Dock LOWERY to one finger ring                 50
    Mon 31         T. GIBSON to one ring             75/95
    February 1 1881 Monday
    Wen 2 Charley RUSSEL 1 locket chain             130
    I paid noey [Noah?] JONES for thrashing              1.60
    Dock LAWERY to year holy brest pin              1.75
    To one locket              $11.25
    Dock total due $11.20
    Thru 3 James GIBSON to set yer ring [ear ring?]          1.15
    One locket                          3.25
    Miney LEE to one ring                      75
    Aiddabell to year bobs [ear bobs]                  85

Page Paage 121

    Uncle Jessee SUTON preached Miss MARTINS funeriel at the Methodeste chappel 6 miles west of Troy June the 23 1878
    MODISET preached at the sepson? Meeting house the 23 of June 1878 his first surmont at that house after it was bilt.
    T. GIBSON paid to D.K. CANNON 160 also to Peter KELLAR 530
    Sept 17, 1881 received of T. GIBSON for cole I sold $2.00

Page 122

    Several payments to W SLAVANS by D. K. CAPPS in 1877 [for land?]
    D/K. and W VITTITOE, J COLE and wife and Lue COX and Charly CAPPS all went to Truxton with chickings Harriet taken 7 doz J C sent 1 doz this was Tues the 29 1879
    I begin cuting hen house logs July the 31th 1878/1879?
    I.C. [CAPPS?] begin cuting fraim timber for his new house on his new place July 31, 1879
    James MCKEE got out a load of cole for Bob CHACEN July the 30 1879

Page 123

    D.K. CAPPS rented his place to W. CANNON November the 11 1876 for $160 for ? year
    Mr Levi PETTIBONE who is in the 100th year of his age is living in St. Louis in good helth this May the 29 1879

Page 124

    D.K. & I.C CAPPS set thar tobacco A heavy rain storm June the 17th 1875
    D K. and Wat CANNON crost Cuivre June the 19 1875
    D K set D CANNONS girls over Cuivre June 13? 1875
    D K and I.C set up thar letter boxe Aug the 24 1878 pay $1 per year for the mail
    Frank CROUCE traveled the 2 walnut logs to Lins mill Oct the 12 AD 1878
    I sent eighteen dollars to Mr. A GRANS at Mongomery citty by Thomas SLAVANS and Charley GIBSON to pay for the territory of Lincoln County for the purpos of seling and putting on the botom of doors patented Air Strip for the purpose of keeping out bouth are [air] and water this December 22 AD 1880 D.K. CAPPS

Page 125

    Bud ODEN give up his leace March the 25 1875
    Besser CAPPS give up his leace April the 8 1875
    D.K. and I. C. CAPPS put up the newspaper shelf April the 8 1875

Page 126

    James CROUCH set in to work Nov the 6th 1876 he worked the 6..7..8..9..10..11 at $8 per month
    Silas COCKS worked 9..10..11 November 1876
    Roley MADON set in to make a crop with D K. CAPPS April the 2second
    James GIBSON set in to work Oct the 1th AD 1877 first week 6 days

Page 127

    I.C. CAPPS, W VITTOE started to Schuyler Saturday Sept the 19 AD 1874
    D.K. CAPPS and Gille? ODEN got thar [rest is very faded, can’t read but appears to say the following]
    Tuesday Schuyler made out August the 27th 1876 ??? dede December the 25 AD 1876
    These last 2 pages appear to have had the ink bottle tipped onto them but from what I can tell the following appears---
    J.C. HOUDASHELL and wife and brother came to I.C. CAPPS July the 13th 1873
    I C and Franky went to W Parriie [Prairie] Friday the 20 of July 1877
    rainy went the same to get married or the nexte
    Isaiah and Wat went to mill August the 23 1873
    D K CAPPS, T. GIBSON J. COXE and Till COSE all joined the Evance order February the 15 1879
    J HUMPPHREY too handles 50 cents
    Burt SHELTON got 2 handles March the 20 1871
    Daniel SHELTON 1 handle
    Joseph MAN to 1 handle August the 18
    August the 22
    Mrs. BRAKER and WITHOUSE had thar fiting triel June the 26 1873 moved thar thiel to the Surcuit cort. moved it to Warranton. WITHOUSE lost the suit
    Sawed N. WOMBLES roof Come July the 12 1873
    Picnic at Ben GARDANs July the 17 1878

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