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Power of Attorney, Estate of John Jameson, to David Bailey (1819)
Transcribed from Deed Records from Lincoln County, MO Courthouse in Troy by Patty (Jamerson) Archer, 2005.

Deed Book C pp. 3-5

To all whom it may concern.

Know ye, that we, Allen Jameson and Rhoda Jameson his wife, of the

County of Lincoln in the Territory of Missouri, have constituted, nominated, and appointed, and by these presents do constitute, nominate and appoint David Bailey of the same county and Territory to be our true and lawfull attorney in fact, for us and in our name and to our use, or to that of either of us to act for, demand and receive of and from all persons whosoever in the State of Kentucky, but more especially of and from the administrators, or heirs and legal representatives of John Jameson deceased, formerly of Fayette County in the State of Kentucky aforesaid, or any other person concerned or interested in the settlement or administration of the Estate of the said John Jameson, all such sum, or sums of money, or other property that may belong to the said Allen Jameson, as one of the heirs of the aforesaid John Jameson, or to which he may in any wise be entitled as aforesaid, and for the same when secured, for us and in our names, good and sufficient receipts, acquittances, and discharges, to give, make and execute, either in both of our names, or that of either of us, as may be deemed necessary. We do moreover authorize and empower our said attorney to make partition with the heirs and legal representatives of the said John Jameson deceased, of any tract of land or real estate whereof he died seized and possessed, or to which he had a lawfull claim. Also, to divide and make partitions of the estate both real and personal which did belong to Harvey Jameson late of the county of St. Charles in the Territory aforesaid who died minor under the age of twenty one years, and who was also one of the heirs of the aforesaid John Jameson deceased, and particularly of such tract or tracts of land, or other real estate, whereof the said John Jameson died and possessed, or was lawfully entitled to, situate within the Counties of Fayette and Barren, or any other county or counties in the aforesaid State of Kentucky and to which, or any part of which the aforesaid Harvey Jameson deceased, either as son and heir of the said John Jameson, or in any other manner, might or may be entitled to. And we do hereby fully authorize and empower our said attorney to make a final settlement with any person or persons interested and whom it may concern of and concerning said parts and portions of the estates of both the said John Jameson and Harvey Jameson deceased, as he may be entitled to ask for and claim both of a real and personal nature, and therefore to sign, seal and deliver for us, or either of us, and in our names, or in that of either of us, all such deeds, conveyances, rights, discharges, or other instruments, in writing which our said Attorney may deem proper, or which may be proper and necessary by law, the more completely to effect the object of this power of attorney. And lastly, we do fully authorize and empower our said attorney in order to settle up said estates, and other such portions, thereof, as may legally belong to him, the said Allen Jameson, heir, and representative of said John Jameson deceased, or to which he may in any other manner be entitled, if necessary, to commence and prosecute suits at law, or in chancery, to employ attornies, and to make, depute, and substitute one or more attorney, or attornies under him, on the premises, and generally to do and perform all and singular those acts, and things, in the said premises, in as full, ample, and complete a manner, as we or either of us could or might do, were we personally present, and altho’ the same may not herein and hereby be particularly specified. Hereby ratifying and confirming whatsoever our said attorney may do or cause to be done for us in the premises. In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals at the county of Lincoln aforesaid this Twenty-fifth day of May, one thousand eight hundred and nineteen.

Signed, Sealed & Delivered in presence Allen Jameson

of us, the word “from” in eighth line from} Rhodey Jameson

top, enterlined before signing


Benjn. Cottle

James Duncan } Justices of Lincoln County


Territory of Missouri

Lincoln County } Personally appeared before the undersigned, Two Justices of the peace, within and for the county aforesaid, Allen Jameson, and Rhoda his wife, signers of the above instrument of writing, who acknowledged the same to be their free, voluntary act and deed, for the purposes therein contained – Taken and certified the 25th day of May 1819.

James Duncan } Justices for & within

Benjn. Cottle } the county of Lincoln


Territory of Missouri

County of Lincoln } I, John Ruland, Clerk of the Circuit Court of the county aforesaid, do hereby certify that the above named, James Duncan, and Benjamin Cottle, are at this time acting as justices of the peace, the former being commissioned for the Township of Monroe, and the latter for the Township of Bedford in the county aforesaid.

Given under my hand, and the seal of the Circuit Court of

Lincoln County, at office, this Twenty fifth day of May, one

Thousand Eight hundred & nineteen, and in the Forty third

Year of the Independence of the United States.


Jn. Ruland

Recorded the 26th day of May 1819.

Jn. Ruland, Ex: Office Recorder }

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