Thank you for their generosity to the following researchers who contributed to this site. Most have Lincoln County, Missouri, heritage and contributed materials from their research and files. Others have contributed with ideas or with help building web pages.



Louise Adams
Sandy Anderson
Patty Jamerson Archer
Steve Archer
Richard Allen Avner
Willard S. Bacon
Kenneth J. Banner
Beverly (Himes) Barger
Karl Bartlow

Andrew Boyd
Debra Braun
Paul Caldwell
Mary-Margaret Cash
Brenda Coon
William H. Crouch
Donna Moseley Crumb
Betty R. Darnell
Rubyann Thompson Darnell
Gary Davidson
Mike Donaldson
Terri Durning
Carlos W. Earl
Charlene Reeds Ebeling
LecClier Edrich
Sally Eichhorn
Sandie Eisenbath
Mark Etheridge
May Ethridge
Leanna Eversmeyer
Susan M. Eydmann
Carroll Ferguson
Mike Flannigan
Betty Fleener
Glynda Fletcher
Clara M. Hubbard Foster
Will Graham
Wade Grimes
June Groshong
Les Groshong
Betty J. Guthrie
Ruth Anne Goos Halligan
Carl Hampe
Marilyn Harmon
Terry Henderson
Alison Page Hockman
David Hoffman
Tom Howell
Mary Huston
Jessie Lee Hutt
Doris Martin Jablonski
Scott Jameson
Bonnie Pollard Johnson
Roy Juch
Dennis L. Korinek
Betty Lavy Krieg
Phyllis Krieg Lake
Lorraine Llewellyn
Harold Wayne Martin
Sara McBeth
Gene McCallister

M. Kent McMahan
Carol Gehrs Mitchell
Tina Wells
Thomas J. Mudd
Robert D. Mumford
Leonard Myers
Robin Orvis
Michael E. Parker
Linda Peronto
Robyn Lavy Porter
Donna Price
Jane Quade
Russell M. Reid
Theresa M. Reynolds
Mary Jane Rogers
Thomas Rose
Archie Ross
Sheri L. Ross
Linda Schmehl
John Schunk
Kelly Setzer
Shirley Massie Simms
Austin W. Spencer
Patricia SummersSmith
Beth Rengers Talken
Robert W. Taylor
Stuart Tiller

Mike Vollmer
Neal Underwood

Charles Walton
Howard Watts
Stephen L. Watts
Nancy Weller
Laurie Downing Wilcox
Walt Williams
Beth Wilson
Emily Wilson
Lynn C. Hibbits Wilson
Ann Wooten
Karen Zach


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And our thanks and appreciation to the following societies for granting us permission to include reprints of articles which appeared in their publications.



Great River Genealogical Society
Quincy, IL
Kentucky Genealogical Society,
Frankfort, Ky.
Missouri State Genealogical Association,
Columbia, Mo.
St. Louis Genealogical Society,
St. Louis, Mo.

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