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The Union Revival, Troy Methodist Church ca. 1905
Uncited Clipping.

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The Union Revival
Close of the Meeting and a List of Converts

The largest audience ever seen at divine service in Lincoln County was that which gathered last Sunday evening at the Troy Methodist Church to attend the closing services of the Union Revival conducted by Rev. Lincoln McConnell. Before the hour of 6:30 there was not a vacant seat in the church . A hundred or more stood in the aisles and hundreds listened at open doors and windows. It was the greatest service of the greatest meeting ever held in Lincoln County. We can add but little to what we have heretofore said concerning the meeting. Rev. McConnell is certainly the most successful preacher who ever held a revival in Troy. His preaching is plain, powerful and convincing. The three discourses which he delivered to audiences of men the three Sunday afternoons that he was in Troy were the greatest appeals for right living that the men of Troy ever heard and we believe they have been of incalculable benefit to all who attended.


The results of the meeting are not to be measured alone in number of conversions. The greatest good, we believe, was in the revival of Christian spirit, unity of effort and the determination of church members to live more consecrated lives. The following is a list of those who gave in their names during the meeting, and the church preference expressed by each when their cards were filled.


Willie Jeans, Anna Cunningham, Minnie Gladney, J.W.Jennings, E.H.Chappell, Lillian Kemper, Minnie Dyer, Harry Penn, Georgia Jeans, Lilly Meister, Mrs. F.J. Brackett, Harry Witt, Mrs. Jno. Henry Tenie Cunninham, Marvin Henry, Neva Pendleton, Tullie Gibson, Jennie Elliott, Wesley Schloeman, Henry Brandes, John Jameson, Fannie Ball Harry Kemper, Raymond Worsham, Willie Groshong, Jessie Russell, Will Moore, Mrs. J. L. Shafer, Amos Smith , J.L. Shafer, Flora Schloeman, Joe Thurman, Roy Groshong, Ayers Shafer, F.J. Bracket, Geo. Penn, Mrs. C. Williams, Lelia Worsham, Fayette Pendleton, P.C.L. Jonkers, Jessie Briscoe, Kelly Jenkins, Maggie Clark, Floy Newland, Marvin Jeans, Ollie Jameson Vincil Cooley, Jno. Hasselfield, Buell Sutton, Gilbert Groshong, Dyer Jackson, J.C. Williams, Frank Brown, Bower Moxley, Florence Brown, J.C.Penn, Joe Brown, Grover Copher, Ervin Dickenhorst, Willie Copher, Martha Cropper, W.S.Cottle, Maggie Groshong.


Lillian Bare, Susanna Brown, Hunter Chappell, John Brown, Madge Hayes, Lowell Harrell, Lucile Dudley, Albert Howell, Tice Heady, Geo. W. Leach, Parks Anderson, Jos. N. Creech, Laura Heady, Lola Lee Simpson, David Chappell, Horace Dyer, Harlan Thompson, Elbert Pearl, David Dudley, Mamie Thornhill, Jonas Chappell, Dyer Pearl, Mary Meriwether, Ada Wheatley, Ernest Hechler, Barnum Heady, Russell Pressley, Lucille Heady, Henry Holmes, R.T.Bennett, Douglas Pressley, Harry Chappell, John Dyer.


Clarence Woolfolk, Lou Henkey, Dorothy Mohr, Bessie Fisher, Lillian Fisher, Mazie Wilson, D. Harrell, Alexander Wilson, Wheeler Creech, Forney Wells, Charles S. Martin, Harry Lewis, Marion Scheeley, Camile Bragg, Georgia Richards, Mrs. Annie Creech, Katie Pearce, Mrs. Maude Groves, Richard Witt, George Jones, Mary Henry, Helen Lewis, G.M.Pollard, Mrs. Lee Fisher, B.J.Creech, Sallie Fisher.


Amanda Ward, Will Linahan, Emily Ward, Annie Linahan, Bob Withrow, Jessie Childers, Grover Huston, Lucy Martin, Ray Pollard, Martha Jones, D.M.Haraway, Lizzie Jones, C.P.Ward, Nina Rinaman, Porter Magruder, James Thurman, Walter Britton.

In addition to the above, four converts stated that they had not decided upon the denomination with which they would unite. There were also quite a number who lived in distant parts of the county who will not take membership with the Troy Churches, and it is possible that a few names were misplaced. If any errors appear in this report, we will be glad to report them and are quite certain that any such possible errors are unintentional. Rev. Mr. McConnell and wife and Mr. Boatman left here Tuesday for southeast Missouri and will go from there to Dallas, Tex., where their next meeting is to be held. They are followed by the best wishes of our people.

[Transcriber's Note:

On the back of this article the date 1905 appears: " Ask for the 1905 Kodol Al......" I take it to be almanac. Must have been fall of 1904 because Maggie Clark and Glbert Groshong md. July 1905 and they are included in the list for the Methodist Church. My guess is 1904.

The included picture may be from that same revival or from the big tent meeting held in Troy, Mo. 1914. The title to picture is "Starting the March. 1200 in Line for JESUS " -j.g. ]

File submitted to Lincoln Co., Missouri Heritage pages by June Groshong, 23 October 2003.  Link change or file update: 26 Oct. 2003

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