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Eulogy to Professor Scott
Uncited Clipping.

Our community was greatly shocked by the announcement of the death of the Principle of our Normal and Public School, and who was regarded as a most faithful and efficient teacher by our citizens. He had applied himself with great energy and singleness of purpose to the work before him and fell amidst his honorable and successful toils, leaving a void postion in his profession and deep regrets in the hearts of many new friends in his new home.

Education is a noble work and the man who fills the full measure of a skillful and conscientious educator is a most valuable factor in our society and government. Thus our community is particularly unfortunate in the almost sudden departure of Prof. SCOTT, whose memory will be fondly cherished. For the purpose of giving expression to the general sense of misfortune and paying a marked tribute of esteem, a meeting was held at the court house Wednesday afternoon, largely attended by ladies and gentlemen.

The meeting was organized by calling Mr. A. S. BUCHANAN to the chair and selecting J. M. McLeLLAN secretary. On motion of W. J. KNOTT the chair appointed the following as committee on resolutions: E. N. BONFILS, W. J. KNOTT, J. C. ELMORE, F. M. HARLAN and Frederick WING. During the retirement of the committee a number of gentlemen offered remarks of a eulogistic character upon the deceased. Rev. C. R. DUDLEY said he knew him well, he was a Christian gentleman. No one could miss him more, he had won his way to the hearts of the people, of the school children; two hundred and forty hearts beat heavily when the bell tolled this morning. He had done a great work . Business had felt his impluse. He seemed a born teacher. Our children's friend is gone. His widow and little ones are left to weep. Dr. W.S. HUTT spoke in feeling terms of the services and character of the deceased, as did also Squire ALLEN and County Attorney CREECH. Judge BONFILS, chairman of the committee, reported the following resolutions, which were unanimously adopted. In the death of ---------------pal of the High School in Troy in said County, and Whereas so great a misfortune justifies a public expression of this community, therefore be it Resolved, 1. That we deeply lament the untimely death of Prof. SCOTT, cut off suddenly in the midst of life and usefulness 2.That knowing well the high point of excellence to which he had advanced our educational interests, and fully realizing the untiring zeal and devotion to these interests he has always shown, we deem it peculiarly appropriate that we thus publicly give utterance to an appreciation of the man and our grief at his loss. 3. That Prof. SCOTT had so endeared himself to this entire community and especially to the large number of pupils in attendance upon the school, who looked upon and loved him as a father, that they all, from the youngest to the oldest, equally lament with us this great misfortune. 4. That we deeply sympathize with the widow and children of Prof. SCOTT, and with them bewail the loss of their kind and affectionate husband and father and tender to them this heartfelt testimonial of our sorrow at their irreparable loss. 5.That these resolutions be published in the paper of this county and that a copy of same be presented to Mrs. SCOTT.

Mr. W.J. KNOTT on behalf of the committee said their only difficulty was in commanding language adequate to their sense of the calamity that had be fallen the community. He would point the bereaved pupils to the noble example of their honored and beloved teacher. On motion of Jeptha WELLS the school directors were appointed as a committee to make suitable arrangements for escorting the remains to the railroad to be transported to the former home of deceased. Meet ing adjoined.

Mrs. SCOTT's mother, of Kanas, and Dr. J. T. SCOTT and Mrs. Amos POWELL, brother and cousin of deceased, arrived Thursday evening. At nine o'clock Friday morning a large number of citizens and pupils assembled at the Boarding house. The pupils in charge of their teachers were formed in procession in the rear of the house...........[rest is missing ]

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This is very old as Alex Buchanan died 1893. -.j.g.]

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