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News Clips of Servicemen from Troy Free Press, Apr. 21, 1944
The Troy Free Press (Troy, Lincoln Co., MO) Apr. 21, 1944, front page, Vol 66, No. 52

Column 1

IN THE SERVICES How Soldier Ballot Works

The legislature, in special session this month, having facilitated the extending of the ballot to soldiers and other members of the armed forces, it will be of interest to a great many persons to learn just how the new law operates. A member of the armed forces may apply at any time for a ballot, or his wife or a relative may apply for him, either by letter, postcard, telegram or radiogram. Applications may be directed to the county clerk or election board of his home county, but any applications to the Secretary of State will be relayed by him to the proper official. The county clerk will mail the serviceman a ballot with an envelope bearing a return address. The soldier must mark the ballot, sign it in the presence of another serviceman and mail it back so that it will reach the county clerk by the next day after the election.

................................... Dee B. CREECH, 19, son of Mrs. Frank SHELKER, of Troy, is now enrolled as an aviation cadet in the pre-flight school at Maxwell Field, Alabama, an installation of the Army Air Forces Training Command. Here the cadets are receiving nine weeks of intensive military, physical and academic training. Cadet CREECH was graduated from Buchanan High School class of 1943 and has been in the service seven months.

..................... Mr. and Mrs. Jack RICHARDSON and son, Omer, of Troy, entertained with a family dinner Sunday complimenting Mrs. RICHARDSON's son, Raymond CROUCH, who is leaving soon for duty in the armed forces. The guests included: Mr. and Mrs. Raymond CROUCH and son of Hawk Point; Mrs. Edward CROUCH, Mrs. Burton CROUCH and sons, Mrs. Lillard BROWN and Mrs. Raymond BOBEEN and son, of Troy, and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. DEROY and son of St. Charles.

....................... Sgt. Nickson BIRKHEAD, stationed somewhere in Italy, remembered his mother, Mrs. Clint BIRKHEAD of Winfield, and friend Miss Leora CREECH, of Troy, on Easter by telegraphing them each a box of flowers.

...................... Staff Sgt. George WILLIS, enroute from Victorville, Cal., to a camp in North Carolina, spent the week end with his parents, Mr.and Mrs. R.L. WILLIS, of near Davis, and his sisters, Mrs. Alfred COLBERT, Mrs. Leonard COLBERT and Mrs. Charles HUSTON, of near Troy.

..................... Aviation Cadet Walter L. CURT, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. CURT, of Troy, was a member of the class of aviation cadets which recently arrived at Garden City, Kan., for the second phase of its flying instruction at the basic flying school at the Garden City Army Air Field. Upon the completion of an intensive nine-week course of aerial and academic schooling, he will continue his pilot instruction in a single or twin-engine advanced school. From the advanced course they will graduate with the silver wings of a flying officer of the United States Air Force. Young CURT, who was in civilian life a retail salesman in his farther's business, completed his elementary flight training at Corsicana, Texas. His father served in World War I.

................. Sgt. Lewis H. ZUMWALT is now located at Camp Claiborne, La. Following a recent visit to his mother and sister, Mrs. Minnie ZUMWALT and Mrs. W.C. STIER, of Davis, accompanied by his mother, he visited his sister, Mrs. Phillip BRADY, and brother, John D. ZUMWALT, of San Antonio, Texas.

................. Cornelius FASSE, Second Cook 1/c USN, who has spent the past four years on duty in the South Pacific, is now stationed at San Pedro, Cal., where he will spend the next several months before being assigned to a hospital ship, since he has served in as much combat duty as is permitted. He was formerly from Hawk Point.

................. Mr. and Mrs. Carl WEEKS, of Moscow Mills, entertained Sunday, April 9, complimenting their son, Pfc. Ray WEEKS, home on furlough from Orlando, Fla., the following guests; Mr. and Mrs. E.O.WEEKS and daughter, Wanda, of Overland; Pfc. and Mrs. Paul ROSS, of Wellston; Mr. and Mrs. S.B. WEEKS, Dorothy and Quentin, Mr. and Mrs Armand JONES and sons, of Troy; and Mr. and Mrs. Bud HOFF, of Hawk Point.

........... Two Lincoln County boys, Lowell HARRELL, S 1/c USN, and Marion DUDLEY, CM 3/c USN, left together in December 1942 for training in the United States Navy. In February 1943 they were separated by assignments to duty, but in the past week they have met again at Port Hueneme, Cal., where they are enjoying a good visit.

............. Mrs. Ted SCHULTZ, of St. Louis, who spent the week end with her mother, Mrs. Forest BRISCOE, and Mr. BRISCOE, near Troy, was accompanied home Monday by her youngest brother, William B. ULERY, who reported for induction into the Army at Jefferson Barracks, Tuesday morning. Billy celebrated his 18th birthday anniversary in January.

........... Pfc. Margaret L. WILLIAMS from Marine Air Depot at Miramar, Cal., arrived in Silex Wednesday to spend her furlough with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.E. WILLIAMS.

Column 2

-------------- Donald L. CHANDLER, Y 1/c USN, arrived in Troy Monday, April 17, from New York to spend a 15- day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie CHANDLER.

............. Frank KOHL, Jr. S 2/c, left Troy Tuesday after spending a 10-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank KOHL, Sr. to return to the Naval Training School at Farragut, Idaho, for further training.

............... The following very interesting letter, was written by Staff Sgt. Charles E. HENRY, stationed in Sardinia, on March 26, to his mother, Mrs. John F. HENRY, of Moscow Mills, which she received via V-mail on April 8: " Dear Mom, How are all of you? I feel swell! I think I wrote Dad most of the news so will answer some of your questions. First of all here are some of the things we can do for amusement: boxing, baseball, ping-pong, basketball and football right here in the squadron. We can see a movie every night if we wish, either here or nearby. We have our own day room. The latest is a swell hot shower with plenty of hot water. Before we had to drive about twenty miles and were just as dirty when we got back as before. You asked about the Red Cross. They really are doing a lot here. They supply most of our movies, operate large clubs where you can see a show, read, take a shower, and they always give us coffee, doughnuts or cookies. Everyone who comes overseas now gets one or two cartons of cigarettes, a small bag full of cards, books and a sewing kit. Of course there is no charge unless you are someplace where they operate restaurant and a GI can buy a meal for 15c. I don't think any of us can overlook a donation to them after the war. The food here is good now. We have steaks, pork chops or fresh meat of some kind every night. You see, we don't do too bad at all. You asked about toilet articles. We can get all we need here so don't send any. Take care of yourselves and don't worry. Tell all my friends I said, "hello." Love Charles."

........... Capt. and Mrs. T. WALTON were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. M.E. SEIDEL, Friday evening. Capt. WALTON has been spending a week's furlough from Cam McCoy, Mich. with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.H. WALTON, in Hawk Point.

............... Aviation Cadet Fred A. STREET, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. STREET, of north of Silex, is a member of a class of Student Officers and Cadets to be graduated soon from the Army Air Forces Pilot School ( Advanced Two Engine ) at Stockton Field, Cal. He will be made full-fledged pilot and will be given the coveted silver wings. He will be placed on active duty in his rank with the Army Air Forces. Before entering the final and advanced course at Stockton Field, Cadet Street completed 18 weeks of primary and basic training at Phoenix, Arizona and Lemoore, California.

column 3

Douglas, Arizona, April 15- A graduate of advanced pilot training class 44-D Douglas Army Air Field, Herbert M. TWILLMAN, of Foley, Mo., today received his wings and commission as a second lieutenant in the Army air Forces. Lieut. TWILLMAN is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. TWILLMAN, of Foley. He is a graduate of Jennings high School, Jennings, Mo., and was employed as a machinist before entering military service.

( I'm pretty sure this is the Sr. Herbert I spoke with who told me he knew Mr.Charles A. Lindbergh prior to his becoming a famous pilot. Mr. Lindbergh used to be around the air port in St. Louis a lot. Mr Twillman was about 100 yrs old when he passed away. His grandson is related to me through the Turnbull-Robinson line jg.)

..................... Pfc. Geo. N. MOXLEY left Saturday for his camp in California, after a week's furlough spent with relatives here and with his grandmother, Mrs. N.J. MOXLEY, who was a patient in St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Hannibal. Mrs. MOXLEY had improved sufficiently to return to her home in Troy Saturday.

................. Harold KIENTZY of Silex, who enlisted in the Navy some time ago, left Monday by way of St. Louis, for Farragut, Idaho, where he will receive his boot training. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.J. KIENTZY, and sons, Clarence and Dale, entertained Sunday with a family dinner in his honor. Guests included: Mr. and Mrs. Jack TALBOT and son Charles, Mr. and Mrs. Ira LANGFORD and Elmer KIENTZY, and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd HOWDESHELL.

........................ Mr. and Mrs. A.W. HUNTER of Hawk Point, received a letter on thursday from their son, Monty E. HUNTER TM 3/c , who is stationed somewhere in the Pacific, telling them of their ship being commissioned a year ago March 30. They celebrated with a turkey dinner. Monty has been in the Navy a year and four months. He sends his regards to his friends and would like to hear from them.

................... Mr. and Mrs. A.B. FRY, of Silex received official notice that their son, Sgt. Johnny B. FRY, had been transferred from a hospital somewhere in Italy to a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. Sgt. FRY has been ill for several months.

............ The following letter of commendation was recently received by Mr. and Mrs. ZUROWESTE, of Glendale, St. Louis County, formerly of near Troy concerning their son, Sgt. Charles ZUROWESTE, who is located somewhere in England. The ZUROWESTE family is well known in the county and their many friends will be glad to know of the splendid record being made by Sgt. ZUROWESTE. Mr. and Mrs. H.A. ZUROWESTE Kirkwood, Mo. "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Zuroweste: It is with great pleasure that I can inform you of the fine work your son is doing in the Army and particularly in my company. "Zero" is ambitious, works hard, and can be relied upon for those duties requiring technical knowledge. He is a mighty fine soldier - never complains about army assignments or discomforts and maintains a joval disposition. He is in good health, looks fine and has a pleasing personality. Again may I say you can be very proud of him. Sincerely, Capt. Karl.T. Grube 1646 Ord. Sup. & Maint. Co. Commanding Officer".

............ ROBERTS-SHOCKLEE Miss Kathleen SHOCKLEE, daughter of Mrs. Lula SHOCKLEE, of near Silex and Ensign George A. ROBERTS, U.S.Naval Air Force, son of Mrs. Joe ROBERTS, Sr., of near Silex, were married Thursday morning, April 13, at St. Alphonsus Church, Millwood.

column 7

Entertain For Sons - A basket dinner was served Sunday, April 9, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy R. STEPHENS, 3914 Lee Ave. , St. Louis, honoring three of their four sons serving in the U.S. Army and who are home on furloughs. The boys are: Staff Sgt. Marvin E. STEPHENS, who has served for the past 17 months in the Caribbean area; Technical Sgt. Clarence N. STEPHENS, stationed at Berry Field, Nashville, Tenn., and Pvt. Raymond STEPHENS, stationed at Fort Benning, Ga. Pfc William D. STEPHENS stationed at Custus,Va., was unable to obtain a furlough at this time. Others present for the occasion besides the boys and Mr. and Mrs. Roy STEPHENS were: Mr. and Mrs. Norton WATTS and son Joe, Mr.and Mrs. Lowell GIBSON and children, all of Silex; Mrs. Raymond STEPHENS and son of Fort Benning,Ga.; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd STEPHENS and children, Mrs. Ray FARRIS and son, Mr. and Mrs. Larry FAULKNER and daughter, all of St. Louis. Afternoon guests were Mr. and Mrs. Roly STEPHENS and children and Derwood GIBSON, of Peoria, Il.; Miss Vallie STEPHENS of Louisiana; Mr. and Mrs. A.G. BRAINARD and son of East St. Louis, IL. and Mrs. E.B. STEPHENS, Jr. of St. Louis. ( I believe these Stephens were all at one time from the Silex area..probably moved to St. Louis for work .j.g)

page 2 column 1 Winfield Items

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison DUNARD and daughter, Carolyn Joyce, of Troy, spent Sunday with Mrs. DUNARD's parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.F. JEANS. Harrison will leave Tuesday for Jefferson Barracks to enter service.

...... Mrs. Almon BROYLES received word April 12, that her grandson, Vernie SMITH, had been killed in a plane crash in North Africa. Vernie was an aviator machinist mate 2/c on land base, and has been in North Africa since July 1943. His parents Mr. and Mrs. Gilford SMITH live at Durango, Colo.

....... Mr. and Mrs. A.L. RICKS spent from Friday until Sunday in St. Louis and attended a dinner Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Pat MAYBRY in honor of their son-in-law Orval RICKS, who left Saturday evening for his post at St. Petersburg, Fla.

column 2

A birthday and going away party was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry BECKEMEYER Sunday, in honor of their daughters, Miss Dorothy, of East St. Louis and Miss Frances, of the home, and a nephew and cousin, Paul BECKEMEYER, who left Monday evening for the U. S. Navy.

...... Pvt. and Mrs. Cecil CARVER are receiving congratulations over the arrval of a fine 8 1/2 pound baby girl, who arrived Sunday morning April 16. Mrs. CARVER and baby, Sherry Ellen, are at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. CANNON. Pvt CARVER arrived on Monday morning for a 10-day furlough from Nashville, Tenn., to visit his wife and lttle daughter.

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