Excerpts from the Troy Free Press, June 19, 1936
Troy Free Press (Troy, Lincoln County, MO), June 19th, 1936.
Transcribed by June Groshong.

Excerpts from Front Page 6 / 19 / 1936

1. Miss Stockard Resigns

Miss Elizabeth Stockard, who for the past four years has been the home demonstration agent for Lincoln County Farm Bureau, the resignation to become effective July 1.

On Sunday, June 21, she will become the bride of Dr. A. D. Wilkinson, of Troy, the wedding ceremony to take place in the Presbyterian Church in Laddonia, the bride-to-be's home town.

[Transcriber's note:]

Dr. Wilkinson was a Dentist in Troy. My husband and I owned the house where they lived and he had his dentist office at 815 S. Main Street. Dr. Wilkinson's first wife had passed away and had 2 children.(as I understand it) Miss Elizabeth was his 2nd wife and they had a son. Dr. Wilkinson also had a beautiful garden in the back of the house on about 3 acres of ground which we also owned. It was a place where shoppers on Saturday afternoon would go and walk through his garden and Park..Many young folks courted there from what I was told. He had little bridges over the creek which ran through the property. I was told by my chiropractor, back in the 1970s, the reason Dr. Wilkinson had this garden with every kind of flower, flowering bush and tree imaginable, he had lost much money in the stock market during the Great Depression and this was his way of taking sour lemons and making lemonade. My mother told me how the grownup and kids alike loved to go to the Wilkinson's Park. jg]

2. Deters-Miller

Wedding at St. Clements Church Tuesday morning June 9, at 8:00 o'clock, Miss Martha Miller, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Tony Miller of Bowling Green to Mr. Lee Detters, son of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Deters, of Bowling Green.

Miss Dell Miller, sister of the bride, acted as bridesmaid. Clemm Deters, brother of the groom was best man. ...

The young couple will make their home in Jefferson City, where Mr. Deters is employed.....Millwood Corr.

3. Besselman-Smith

( piece missing) sday, June 10, at 2 o'clock .(missing) Priscilla Smith and Mr. William Besselman were united in the holy bonds of matrimony by Rev. Wm. J. Reef.

.......bride was attended by the groom's sister, Miss Rolinda Besselman ....The dinner was served at the house of the groom, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Besselman. ...In the evening a dance was given in the Liberty Opera House....

Mrs. Besselman is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Smith of Winfield. The young couple will make their home in Old Monroe, where Mr. Besselman is employed at the liberty Garage. .... Old Monroe Corr.

4. Pays Tribute to Dr. Lansche

Accompanying the clippings of the death of Dr. W. A. Lansche, of Elkhart, Ind., sent to C. A. Harper of Hawk Point, last week, was a fine letter from Mrs. A. W. (Belle Birkhead) Howell, of Dowagiac, Mich.

" Dear Mr. Harper : I 'm enclosing clippings that I feel will be of interest to Will Lansche's friends.

"Albert and I were with the family today, Helen, the wife is a brave woman, capable in every way. Wayne, the eldest son, is a fine boy and is president of his class in high school, graduating the first of June. Helen, who has been ill for almost two years, is able to be up the greater part of the time and improving each day. The other children are well, and such kind youngsters.

"Will was very popular and had a successful business. We have visited back and forth since we've lived here. It's an hour's drive.

"Fayette is home from Syracuse, N.Y., where he went to school. In fact, all seven are now sitting down to my table. We often related things that happened when our two families were corner neighbors. I used to know everybody and his pets in HAWK POINT, but read of so many strange people in your items now.

"However, we consider ourselves as an early pioneer family, settling when corn ridges and corn stalks stood out all over town like wet pavements on rainy nights; when dust really boiled as the wheat wagons went 'rund our corner, and the big event of the week was to meet the noon train on Sundays.

From the A.W. Howell Family, by Belle Howell."


Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Thurman this week received the news of the marriage of their nephew, Harley Moxley, formerly of Troy, but now of San Francisco, Calif.

Harley was married Wednesday, May 27, to Miss Crystal Drewey, of Mountain View, Calf. For the past two and a half years he has been employed by Dr. T.E. Shumate, as a receiving clerk in the wholesale drug company owned by Dr. Shumate.

Harley is a fine man with many friends in Troy. His parents died when he was quite small, and Mr. & Mrs Thurman took him into their home and reared him as their own son.....

His many Troy friends extend to him and his bride sincere good wishes.

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