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NOTE: This Bible and the included documents that follow are in the possession of Russell M. Reid, Louisville, KY.

Alexander Reid was born in Virginia to James Reid and Annes Reid on April 28, 1766. As a young adult he resided with his family in Bedford County Virginia. On March 4, 1790 he married his first cousin, Jane Shannon in Amherst County, Virginia. Jane was born in Virginia on April 22, 1767 to Thomas Shannon and Mary or Polly Reid.

Shortly after their marriage, the couple moved to Shelby County in the new state of Kentucky along with Jane's family. In Shelby County Alexander served a sheriff, and later as a member of the Kentucky Legislature.

In the late 1820's Alexander and Jane, along with most of their children and various members of the Alexander, Finley, Shannon, and Wallace families, migrated from Kentucky to the area around Otete in Lincoln County, Missouri. Graves of many members of the family may be found there in the Reid Cemetery.

In addition to the entries in the Bible, there were inserted into the Bible lists of the birth and death dates of Alexander's parents and their children, and of Alexander's brother Samuel and his family. Transcripts of these are also included here.


Alex' Reid and Jane Shannon Married the fourth of March 1790

Anne Reid married John Alexander the 28th of November 1816

John Reid Married to Matilda Wallace the 29th of March 1827

Elizabeth Reid was Married to Shannon Wallace November the 1st 1827

Alexander Reid Jr was Married to Polly Shannon Oct the 2nd A.D.1828

James Reid was married to Lucy Robinson January 7th 1830

Shannon Reid was Married to Sarah Eliza Shannon August 28th 1834

David Reid was married to Sally Roberts Reid the 19th day of May A.D.

Thomas S Reid was married to Adaline M Reid October the 24 A.D. 1838

Salem Reid was married to Mary Jane Shannon April 1, 1868

Thomas Reid and Elizabeth Shannon were Married October 1st 1876


Alexander Reid born April the 28, 1766

Jane Reid Born April the 22nd 1767

Anne Reid Born August 27th 1791

Polly Born January 25th 1794

Alex' Born April the 6th 1797

Thomas Shannon Born August 24th 1799

James Born 24th of August 1799

John Born December the 18th 1801

Betsy Born October the 7th 1804

Shannon Born August the 20th 1807

David born 29th of May 1811

The ages of Thomas S & Adaline Reid's Children

Salem Reid Born the 5th of August 1841

Jane Reid Born September the 18th 1842

Thomas Reid Born May the 27th 1851

Ages of Salem Reid's children

Montgomery Reid born Feb. the 18, 1869

Annie Elizabeth Reid born July the 29, 1870


Polly Reid Departed this Life the 12th day of October 1795 aged

Alexander Reid Snr. Departed this life the 12th day of August A.D. 1836

Anny Alexander Departed this life the 19th day of January AD 1849

Jane Reid Departed this life the 2nd day of August 1855 in the 89 year of her age

of Thomas S Reid family

Jane Reid Departed this life the 26th of August 1843

Adaline M Reid Departed this life the 19th of January 1854

Thomas S. Reid Departed this life the 8th of January 1883

James Reid died the 14th of April 1804

[NOTE: James was a brother of Alexander and Susan was his wife.]

Susanna Reid Died 17th of May 1811

John N Reid Died 11th of May 1822

Nancy Ann Reid Died the 2nd of December in year 1822


Note: Following is a transcript of very old hand written list of birth and death dates for the family of James Reid and his wife Annes Reid. The list was found inserted in the Family Bible of their eldest son, Alexander Reid and his wife Jane Shannon. The latest entry on the list is the death of Annes on 12 July 1825. Sometime after that date and before 1830, Alexander and Jane moved from Shelby Co., KY to Lincoln Co. MO. I believe that before moving to Missouri they made this copy from the family bible of James and Annes. The contents are as follows:

James Reid Born August 13th 1740 & Departed this life 23rd February 1811

Annes Reid Born September 24th 1745 and departed this life the 12 of July it being the year 1825

and Married 22nd February 1763

Jane Born 20th January 1764 & Departed this life 4th of July 1817

Alexander Born 28th April 1766

John Born 22nd Aprile 1768 & Departed this life 10th July 1772

Mary Born 29th July 1770 & Departed this life 16th August 1815

Annes born 14th January 1773 ----

Sarah Born 23rd May 1774 & Departed this life14 of the June following

James Born 29th May 1775 & Departed this life 14th Aprile 1804

David Born 21 September 1777 ---- Departed this life 6th of Sept. 1824

Samuel Born 7th March 1780 ----

Betsey Born 18th May 1782 & Departed this life 24th September 1813

George Born 6th November 1784 ----

John N. Born 26th January 1787

Melinda Born 13th January 1789

Following is a list of birth dates of Samuel Reid, both his wives (Elizabeth Roberts and Jane Gott) and their ten children. The list was found in the family bible of Samuel's brother, Alexander Reid and his wife Jane Shannon. It is as follows:

The Ages of Samuel Reid's Family, Sept 1835

Samuel Reid born March 7th 1780

Elizabeth Reid born Oct. 14th 1784

James their Son Born Oct the 26th 1807

Nancy Ann Born Feb. 21th 1810

Eliza J. Born Feb. 7th 1815

Sarah & Samuel Born May 20th 1817

David A. Born Aprile11th 1818

Jane Reid, second wife, Born August 9th 1795

Adeline M. Born Aprile 28th 1823

James A. Born May 24th 1825

William M. Born Nov. 1st 1826

Lucinda Jane, Born May the 12th 1830

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